Cagliari Yacht Charters

A selection of Sardinia charter yachts is here. A Cagliari yacht charter in Sardinia will take you to a meeting place of culture, folklore, cuisine, and friendly people. A crewed luxury yacht is the ideal way to see this part of the Mediterranean - plus you’ll get plenty of surrounding natural beauty. Cagliari is the main town and gateway of Sardinia, on the southern coast in the Gulf of the Angels.

The colourful historical festivals, Grand Prix, and beautiful beaches of Cagliari
On a Cagliari yacht charter boat, you’ll be amazed at the extraordinary transparency of the sea in every shade from green to blue. Also stunning rock formations, attractive little inlets, and gorgeous beaches will captivate you.

Cagliari has excellent local facilities, and the inviting little bars and restaurants create an enjoyable atmosphere with an aroma of spices and delicious cuisine. Little wonder it’s a place well known for attracting private superyachts.

The city is an important cultural, educational, political, and artistic centre, known for its diverse Art Nouveau architecture and monuments.
“Cagliari” in Sardinian language means “the castle”. It has nearly 500,000 inhabitants including outlying townships. It is an ancient city that’s seen the rule of several civilizations and is one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean.

Spread out over seven hills, Cagliari has important Roman ruins such as the Amphitheatre, the Viper's cave and Tigellio's villa.
For 400 years it has hosted the popular Saint Efisio festival with thousands of believers in procession behind this saint and town's protector. "Sa Die de sa Sardigna" (Sardinia Day) recalls the people's insurrection and expulsion of the Piedmonts in 1794.

Today, Cagliari is an important centre for motor boating, Formula One and Grand Prix racing as well as the women's beach volleyball world championship.

A Cagliari yacht charter vacation will treat you to a feast of culture and nature. There is a wide selection of luxury charter yachts available here in Sardinia. There are motor yachts, sailing yachts and superyachts, in other words there are all types of luxury yachts.

Some Cagliari Yacht News

US Broadcast Rights for 35th America’s Cup acquired by NBC
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NBC has acquired the US broadcast rights for the upcoming 35th America's Cup. The first event of the America’s Cup World Series will take place on June 6 to 7 in the fabulous Cagliari yacht vacation destination, nestled in Sardinia, Italy.
Convention UCINA SATEC 2013 aimed to relaunch Sardinia’s leisure boating
Convention UCINA SATEC 2013
Hosted by the popular Italian yacht charter location - Sardinia's Cagliari, the recently concluded Convention UCINA SATEC was marked by two important provisions to boost pleasure boat tourism in Sardinia.