The Moorings

The Mooring is a large, professional, and well respected yacht charter company ...

The Moorings

The Mooring is a large, professional, and well respected yacht charter company which has been in business for 35 years. They offer around 28 exotic charter boat destinations worldwide to choose from.  The Moorings is well managed and the charter boats they offer in their fleet are well designed, of high quality and nearly always fairly new.

The Moorings was started in the 1960’s by Charlie and Ginny Cary.  After years of professional corporate careers in America they decided to follow their dream, cruise down to the Virgin Islands, and turn their passion for sailing and adventure into the largest charter business in the world.  Since the early days when yacht chartering was a relatively rare thing The Moorings has grown to such a size that they have a fleet of 288 yachts in Tortola alone.  Over the years the Tortola fleet base expanded out to St. Lucia, Grenada, Mexico, the South Pacific, Australia and most recently New Zealand.

The Moorings have yacht charter locations in The Caribbean, The Mediterranean, The South Pacific, The Americas and The Indian Ocean.  The bases in The Mediterranean include Greece, Athens, Corfu, Corsica, Dubrovnic, Ibiza, Gocek, Hyreres, Kos, Levkas, France, Nice Spain, Palma, Skiathos, Syros and Trogir.  The Caribbean Moorings bases are in The British Virgin Islands Tortola, St. Lucia. St Martin, Martinique, Grenada, Canouan, Belize, and The Grenadines. The South Pacific and Indian Ocean Bases include Auckland, New Zealand, Bay of Islands, Australia, The Whitsundays, Hamilton Island, Tahiti, Tonga, and the Seychelles. The North America fleets are based in Baja, The Bahamas, and The Pacific Northwest.

The Morgan Out Island 41 was the first type of charter boat commissioned. Later in the 1980’s came the Bruce Farr designed Beneteaus. The Moorings now charters their own Moorings inspired yacht charter boats including several catamarans.

The Moorings offers the following yacht charter boats:

5 Cabins bareboat charter yachts:
  Moorings 505 - Exclusive, 505 - Club       
  M SO52.2 - Club       
  M 525 - Signature, 525 - Exclusive 
  M SO55 - Exclusive, SO55 - Club     

4 Cabins bareboat charter yachts::
  Moorings Signature 6200 Catamaran 
  M 4000 - Exclusive, 4000 - Club Catamaran 
  M Signature 554      
  M 474 - Club       
  M 4700 Crewed Catamaran     
  Moorings Lagoon 47-Excl, Lagoon 47-Club Catamaran 
  M Signature 4700  Catamaran 
  M 4700 - Exclusive, 4700 - Club Catamaran 
  M 494 - Exclusive, 494 - Club  
  M 4200 - Exclusive, 4200 - Club Catamaran 
  M SO 43-Exclusive, SO 43 - Club 
  M 4300 - Exclusive, 4300 - Club  Catamaran 
  M SO45 - Exclusive, SO45 - Club   
  M SO45.2 - Club   M Signature 4500  Catamaran 
  M 4500 - Club   Catamaran 
  M 464 - Club M 4600 - Club Catamaran 
  M Lagoon 380-Excl, Lagoon 380-Club  Catamaran 

3 Cabins bareboat charter yachts::
  Moorings 3800 - Exclusive, 3800 - Club Catamaran 
  M SO 40.3 - Excl, SO 40.3 - Club  
  M 403 - Exclusive, 403 - Club  
  M 373 - Exclusive, 373 Club  M 383 - Club  
  Lagoon 380 - Club  Catamaran 
  Moorings 413 - Club  
  M 42.3 - Exclusive, 42.3 - Club  
  M SO35 - Exclusive, SO35 - Club  
  M 363 - Exclusive, 363 - Club  M SO37 - Exclusive, SO37 - Club  M 473 - Exclusive, 473 - Club     3  
  M 463 - Club       M 44.3 - 44.3 - Club     
  M 433 - Exclusive, 433 - Club      
  M SO 40 - Club     

2 Cabins bareboat charter yachts::
  Beneteau 41 2 cab - Club      
  Moorings 372 Exclusive, 372 Club       
  M 362 - Exclusive, 362 - Club       
  M 32.2-Exclusive, 32.2-Club       
  M SO 32-Exclusive, SO 32 - Club     
  M 332 - Exclusive, 332 - Club      
  M34.2 - Exclusive, 34.2 - Club 
  M SO 34.2 - Club       
  M 422CC-Exclusive, 422CC - Club   
  M SO 37 - Club  M 402CC - Club   

If you would like to book a charter boat with The Moorings, or would like more information, please contact a CharterWorld charter consultant.

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