Greece Yacht Charter Reviews

Below: Actual superyacht charter clients anonymously reviewing Greece as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there.

Greece Yacht Charter Reviews

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How did our charter clients review Greece as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? Below, you can read their comments from the last recent season.

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The Reviews:

  • Thanks a lot Amanda, we had an amazing time despite one raining day. The crew has been very involved and dedicated to my children’s entertainment. Thanks again, regards D.B.

Sailing Yacht KAMBOS BLUE / Athens - Athens / October 20 – 27, 2018

  • Martha and the CharterWorld folks are spectacular! They were easy to deal with and made all of the details of our trip go so smoothly. I plan to rely on Martha again and again in the future! D.

Motor Yacht IDEA / Athens – Athens / September 15 – 20, 2018

  • Hi Martha -Everything is perfect. The cat is perfect and the crew is one of the best we ever had. Just three times we had such a good crew, Chris and his wife, a South African couple that I can’t remember the name and now Selene’s crew. The cat is very clean and comfortable, the food is very good and all three members of the crew are very kind. We don’t have any complaints, just compliments. Best, L.L

Sailing Yacht SELENE / A Lefkas to Athens Charter / September 9 – 16, 2018

  • Amanda, we very much enjoyed our journey on Alexia. Captain Dimitris and crew were attentive to our every need. They found very interesting coves and ports for us to visit and continually revised the schedule to fit our needs. The yacht was in very good condition and was luxurious. Thank you so much for all your planning and hand holding during the process. We will certainly give you a call the next time we decide to hit the water on our travels. Thanks, B.

Yacht ALEXIA AV / A Sardonic Gulf Charter / June 18 – 23, 2018

  • Amanda, The yacht, crew, itinerary, and food were all spectacular, we couldn't have been more pleased, thanks for everything.

Yacht RINI / A Athens to Ionian Greece Yacht Charter / August 3-11, 2018

  • Hi, Colin. Thank you - all was fine and we are happy with the support of the captain and crew as well. We liked them very much. T.A.

Yacht ECLIPSE / A Sorrento to Sorrento Charter / July 14-19, 2018

  • Dear Martha, We got back to New York last night and wanted to thank you for finding us such a great boat and crew. A top of the line sailboat, in great condition, between 80 and 90 ft, at the right price ( no more than this year, and less better) is our sweet spot and we may be interested in chartering again next year. It will only be the two of us again so that should be a plus for the charterer. Thanks again! V.H

Sailing Yacht CALISTO / An Athens to Athens Charter / 14 – 21 August 2018

  • Dear Nick, We are all collectively of the view that the PANDION was completely spectacular. We had many yachts to choose from and are absolutely pleased with our choice. We intend yachting every year and will definitely have PANDION in our top 3 choices. In terms of the crew, they were exceptional and gave us continuous service, super-efficient. Chef Tasso, Konstantina, Alexi, Georgia and Giorgios were all phenomenal, our trip would have not been the same if we had had a different crew, as they played a critical role in going beyond their duty of call. Captain Michalis and Giannis were professional, meticulous and ensured our safety came first at all times. In closing, the Captain conveyed to us that we were the best guests that he had ever had the pleasure to yacht with. Thank you and chat next year. Regards, A.C.

Yacht PANDION / An Athens to Limnos Charter / 19 – 29 July 2018

  • Dear Martha, We concluded the charter today and I would like to let you know that myself as well as all guests all enjoyed Skyfall very much. The boat was in excellent condition, crew was fantastic with great Chefs and great service. Captain Shane is also a great person and a great professional. Thank you for arranging all for us and look forward to work again with you next season. Yours Sincerely, P.M

Yacht SKYFALL / A Porto Montenegro to Dubrovnik Charter / 17 -21 August 2018

  • Dear Nicolas, Thank you, all of us are satisfied with everything, overall experience was very good! Regards, O.B.

Yachts PARVATI And PANDION I tandem / An Athens to Ionian Charter / 9 – 16 August 2018

  • Hi Josh, We had a great time, thank you. The crew was fantastic, the Greek islands are incredible, and the boat was beautiful and functional. Time flew. Again, thank you for all your assistance. Best regards, A.M

M/Y TALYNE / Athens – Athens, Greece / 17-30 July 2018

    • Dear Martha, we ended our trip today. Everything was perfect. Our second great experience on the sea. SEA DOG is a perfect boat and Captain George and the crew are worth ten points. All our family is really happy so thank you again for all your advice. For sure, in the future, there will be the chance of a new trip! Regards, L.B

    M/Y SEA DOG / Athens - Athens, Greece / 15 -22 July 2018

      • Hi Nick, The Crew was amazing, we had a great time, the boat was in perfect condition, and the ports beautiful. Thank you again for your help on planning this trip. Looking forward to next year. Best regards, A.P.

      M/Y SOLE DI MARE / Athens – Athens, Greece / 9 - 16 July 2018

      • Hi Colin, we are home after a great week. This is the fourth Cat sailing holiday we have had, so easy to compare. Daddy’s Hobby has a well thought out layout and we particularly appreciated the full Bimini on the top deck. The Crew were all keen to give us a good time and looked after us well. Andreas was patient as we were following some friends in another boat (without crew) and he was helpful with them and happy to liaise regarding the itinerary. Not being sailors ourselves we are totally dependent on our skipper. We had a couple of days when the sails were up which we thoroughly enjoyed but it never seems enough. This is something we have found before but last year, our skipper regularly raised the sails, albeit briefly on occasions. I think we should state that we like to use wind power whenever possible in future but it could be that conditions are not suitable. Dimitri is a fantastic chef. As we had one non fish eater, the first three days he cooked quite heavy meat dishes because he had bought meat. We then established lighter fish meals were preferred. We were eating out every evening (had stated before) so a big lunch was not really required. So really, communication is key and I need to give more information on my list of preferences rather than leave it to our arrival. AN

      S/Y DADDY’S HOBBY / Corfu / June 23 – 30, 2018

      • Hi Trina - Our experience aboard Sea Dog was terrific. From the crew to the food to the weather, everything was great. The one downer was the 36 hour period spent in Milos, which was about 24 hours too long. The crew went above and beyond to make sure we were happy, and I know they were in contact with the owner over the engine issue. They scrambled and tried to airlift a part to Milos, and after a snafu they sent it by boat. So as I said - they did everything in their power to try and fix the issue. We loved the crew and hope to see them again. JE

      M/Y SEA DOG / Greece / July 2018

      • Hi Colin, We absolutely loved it. The crew and captain were wonderful. The food was incredible and we loved the cakes every day. Thanks again. We’ve already recommended it to plenty of others!! JP

      M/Y DREAMLAND / Fethiye – Kas / June 30 – July 6, 2018

      • Colin - What an amazing experience. They crew were beyond exceptional. I wish we had listened to them more in the beginning. The experience was beyond words. Not even pictures can capture the experience. The host was super fun. An experience of a lifetime. BM

      Cat NEW HORIZON / Mykonos, Greece / June 30 – July 6, 2018

      Hi Amanda, this was the best boat and crew yet!” The Yacht was impeccably maintained and presented. We loved the “beach bags” that the owner put on board! The yacht has a fantastic layout and flow; we appreciated the huge salon and sundeck where there was plenty of room for all to gather, loved the round interior dining table conducive to interaction, and the sunshade at aft deck for outdoor table. The Chef did a fantastic job accommodating many different dietary issues and a pregnancy. High compliments to the Captain for comfortably navigating in wind/high seas, one day in particular. The Crew was exceptional in attentiveness and friendliness, had a great sense of teamwork and really made us feel like family! There were many hugs and tears on disembark. DB & RB

      M/Y IDEFIX / Athens to Santorini / June 22-28, 2018

      • Hi Amanda, please know that we really appreciate all of your work for our trip as well and, again, will say that you and your customer service have truly been fantastic! We had a great vacation and really enjoyed the boat, food and locations we visited. The three deckhands were really, really nice. In fact, one of the deckhands was the favourite of the two 16 year olds. Chef Rene worked really hard on preparing the food and it was delicious. Captain Christos was also very nice and changed the itinerary from the sample because he thought we’d like certain locations better, which we very much appreciated. We were able to see a different location nearly every day, which we loved also. Although we asked for us to be able to use the washing machine (we had spent a few days in Paris before this trip), the stewardesses were nice enough to wash the clothes for us. The television set up was great because it offered a ton of movies that we could watch whenever we’d like, which was a great feature everyone liked. KW

      M/Y SUMMER DREAMS / Saronic Gulf / June 18-25, 2018

      • Trina, Our Highjinks experience was great. The boat was new and well divided. Common areas were very pleasant and the suites, comfortable. We were lucky with the forecast: not too windy, to enable us not to move around, and not too hot. Just the perfect temperature to enjoy the day and have a chilly night. Regarding the crew: The captain was very sympathetic and experienced, giving us precious insights on where to go - Sifnos, for instance, which was not in our original itinerary, was a breathtaking surprise. Nondas was very hands-on, funny, always smiling and ready to help whenever and whatever. There was a night in which we bonded with the crew and danced with Nondas and the captain. We had much fun. Phoebe is a great cook, astonished us with every meal and signature dishes, such as Greek salads and typical appetisers. She is more reserved, though, and didn’t interact with us as much as Nondas and the captain. We look forward in doing a boat trip again next year!

      HIGHJINKS / Greece / September

      • Dear Josh, Everything is just perfect. The crew at O’Neiro are just better than any I have experienced so far which were already extraordinary. The yacht itself is fantastic. I would also like to let you know that our latest trip in regards to my husbands’ birthday had been wonderful in all matters. Thank you for helping my daughter to organize and make it a super special journey for my husband. Indeed it had been and I will always be more than happy to recommend this ship as a best reference on to friends. The Crew of O'Neiro was super professional and always friendly, there was never anything to complain about. A wonderful chef and fantastic Captain!! I would be more than happy to go back to this extraordinary team with this boat!! Unfortunately the captain told us they are fully booked through August what is always our holiday season. M/Y O’NEIRO / April 17 - 22 / Greece
      • Dear Josh, Your assistance has been perfect and so far I am very happy about my experiences with you and yes in the future I’ll be happy to go through you for another booking (and with the feedbacks I have given you in the years you now know a bit better what I am usually looking for). As I said overall the experience this year was a positive one. Under the weather conditions we had it was key to have a keen, expert sailor. Safety always above all. And in that sense he knew what he was doing. Speak in 2018, Best.

      ANASSA / Greece / August 5-12

      • Trina, Everything with the boat was fabulous. The captain is great. He really knows the terrain. The new cook is fabulous! It was really exactly as advertised, and I would have no problem recommending it. Thanks again for everything.

      Moya / Greece / July

      • Hi Amanda, I hope you're keeping well. We had an amazing holiday and with the exception of the minor hiccup which you quickly resolved in our favour, everything went well. I want to personally thank you for organizing the yacht charter and please know that I would have no hesitation contacting you again, hopefully in the not too distant future to plan another sailing. I was favourably impressed with the manner in which you managed the entire process from beginning to end. You provide great service! Best wishes for continued success in your future endeavours. Kind personal regards.

      KEPI / Saronic and Cyclades / July 1-8

      • Dear Trina, Weeks later the glow from the charter has not yet faded. When it came to the MARY boat and crew we can only give the highest remarks. My wife, who is not by upbringing a boat person like I am finished the week saying she was ready to stay on board anther week. There were tears and hugs at parting. The islands around Rhodes were just as you described, perfect for the traveller that prefers to get off the well beaten paths and yet still get to experience the beauty of the Greek Aegean with charming villages, a sense of history, private coves and a warm and friendly people, Saying Kalimera (good morning) or kalispera (good afternoon) was all it took to open up the smiles of the local folks - works where I live too here in the Caribbean. I would give it all a solid A rating. Hard to pick only one experience as the high point. We chose to have the crew eat dinner with us being just us and it was great. Close but not too close with their constant care and sharing at the dinner table. If we would have been a large group the dynamics would have been different no doubt. When it came to Charter World and you Trina, I found you on the net. You offered more customer friendly service upfront and choices than a charter broker a friend referred me to. I have shopped on the internet since it first began and like to check out who I am dealing with, most especially when I have to wire transfer a bunch of money with only a website and a phone number. I checked your background online and you were the real deal on top of being a nice and professional voice and email person. Thank you for recommending the Mary. We cruised a fair amount, but since it was the two of us only and not prone to expensive wines we even got a small refund from the captain at the end of the week on the advance purchase fee. Great job Trina. Thank you

      MARY / Dodacanese / July

      • Josh, it was a very good charter. The crew was wonderful, especially the cook. Unfortunately we could not go and visit the islands in Aegean Sea because of windy weather and had to hang around main land, Corinthian straits, Peloponnese and some islands Ionian Sea. The boat was very nice. The Capitan made a right decision to stay close to shore and take no chances. I guess we will see Aegean island next time. Otherwise we are very happy with the trip. We all enjoyed it very much! Thanks again.

      O'PATI / Ionian / July 1-15

      • Hi Martha, the charter was great! The crew was very sweet and accommodating. Our chef got sick the first day and had to leave the boat, but the Captain found a new one that we picked up on Day 3, I think. He was great. There was so much food at all the meals that you could find something you liked. They were also quite accommodating with our picky teens, who don’t eat seafood, which I really appreciated. Our stewards were so sweet, especially Photini. She was a crowd favourite. The deckhands were very helpful with all the water toys and the Captain helped us reschedule our photographer and wedding proposal, which we ended up doing on the last day in Kefalonia. It turned out perfectly. As you know, we had to change our itinerary, which turned out good. We thought the Ionian Islands were just gorgeous. Overall, the trip was great and have no regrets going to the Ionian Sea. Everyone said it was a trip of a lifetime! And we are hooked on private charters now! We would like to do one from Ft Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Do you represent yachts in the Caribbean? One more thing…the boat was in pretty good shape. The staterooms were big and comfortable. Thank you for checking on us and sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I will definitely keep your contact information for our next yacht charter.

      Nitta V / Ionian Islands / July 1-8

      • Hi Amanda. We are having a great time with Nikos and Fofó. They took us to the most beautiful places. It was wonderful. They are the best and the boat is beyond our best expectations. As we prepare to leave could you please remind me of the tipping policies? Thank you Amanda. They were really incredible.

      M/Y MANU / Greece - Saronic / July 3 – 10

      • Hi Trina, We just finished our sailing trip with Callisto. We had a real 10 days sailing vacation in all kinds of strength of wind from 10 to 40 knots and also from really flat to very strong waves. The boat is superb in all conditions. We enjoyed it a lot, Captain is young but very responsible and a great sailor. The food was very nice, all crew are delicate and very good people. I would like to thank you very much for this lovely trip and we can start to think about next year!!!! Kind regards.


      • Nick, The whole trip went really well and the family loved it. Thanks

      CARPE DIEM / Greece / June 27 – July 5

      • Hi Sally, we had a great week! Can you please release the tips for the crew of Malena. Thank you!

      S/Y Malena / Greece / June 13 – 20

      • Hey Amanda, Thanks for the email. The boat was fantastic and the crew was actually even better. Manos was a total pro, the Chief Stew Katerina was amazing and the Bosun Christos was fantastic as well. We really loved the week. Jackie One with Gaetano and crew were good, but not as good as the crew on Endless Summer. They were SUPER professional, never made you feel like you were putting them out with any request and were friendly throughout. We ended up just taking the master cabin on the main floor, although the VIP cabin on the Second Deck was pretty awesome. The boat was super spacious, the crew put out all the toys every day, made it a point to get the slide out one day for us and were communicative throughout. BTW - Manos is a BOSS. :-) Poliyagos was by far our favorite spot - uninhabited island, AMAZING waters, private beaches - it was other worldly. We were only in port 1 night which was really different than Jackie One where we were in Port every night - we would just anchor out in a bay somewhere and the stabilizers on the boat would handle the rocking. The boat also cruised REALLY smoothly. Thanks for getting us a good deal on her too! We'll probably skip a yacht for our next vacation and be back in 2 years! M/Y ENDLESS SUMPMER / June 19 -26 / Athens - Santorini


      • Dear Amanda, I hope all is well. Our time with the crew on M/Y Capri was perfect. We are all extremely impressed by Capri and have only praise for the captain and his crew. Firstly, the entire crew was exceptionally professional, welcoming and took great care of us with kindness. Captain Panos was well at ease steering the ship and managing his staff while maintaining a friendly and approachable attitude. Penny saw that our activities and with Eleni’s, Mike’s and Fontinis help that our meals were set up beautifully, prepared timely and served to us skillfully. Chef Dimitris is a well accomplished chef and we loved his food. Every room was spotless, the furnishings extremely inviting and comfortable and the laundry was taken care of immediately. Captain Panos and the rest of the crew expertly attended to the yacht to make certain that everything worked precisely and efficiently. The yacht itself is beautiful and sails quietly and smoothly. This was by far our easiest time on the seas and has changed our mind about yachting. Our itinerary was set up ideally for us and all reservations, guides and transfers worked like clockwork. If only the Santorini airport could be trained by Captain Panos! Please thank the owner and the crew for a fabulous vacation for us all that created memories to last a lifetime. Thank you so much for your help with everything and we will be in touch when we want to sail again. M/Y CAPRI / June 11 – 15 / Mykonos - Santorini


      • Dear Nicolas, Thank you for your mail. All of the guests were satisfied with the trip, and there is no negative feedback from any of them. JAAN / June 10 – 18 / Greece


      • Dear Josh, I was just about to write you one word "WOW!!!"Thank you very very much! Your recommendation is now becoming a brand :-) I can now blindly trust your advice :-) I loved the boat. It is in excellent condition. It is rather big, but cozy. We had all the chances for interactive sailing and for the discreet leisure time. We hardly ever went anywhere out of the upper deck, because it was so lovely! The master bedroom was perfect. The idea with two bathrooms is great! I loved the crew. Everyone was welcoming, ready to help and in general they were very pleasant people! Especially the captain and his senior assistant Tasos. We felt as if we were hosted by the family of old friends. Despite the short trip, they shown us lovely places to swim, advised on the island hiking, entertained us with the tender/toys. Food. Majestic! It was the first try for the new chef on Gitana. And he exceeded any expectation! Quality, quantity, the table service ...were impeccable. Your wines arrangement worked very well too! Sailing. We had just two chances to open full sails. But it was great! Otherwise the motor was perfectly sufficient. The boat was remarkably stable while on the go. So, our last minute booking turned out to be a fantastic adventure! Thank you very much! I am glad that you were there to help with this difficult booking. Really appreciated!

      S/Y GITANA / Athens, Greece / Oct 2 – 6

      • Nicolas, Trip was excellent. Everything worked out extremely well. The crew was also excellent and we had an excellent quality of service. Food was great and the crew was great in organising water activities. We will be in touch for next year.

      S/Y ALESSANDRO / Ionian / August

      • Amanda, we had a wonderful trip and we loved the ionic islands and the whole route. Captain and crew were terrific and of course Katerina set an incredibly nice and responsive tone the entire time. We totally recommend them and the boat is wonderful-quiet, spacious and the recent renovations-adding the sun deck etc made a big difference. Thank you for suggesting Endless Summer and making this an incredible vacation in Greece- we all absolutely loved it.

      M/Y ENDLESS SUMMER / Greece / August 14 - 21

      • Hi Amanda! Sorry for taking this long to respond. Again, we all loved our time in the boat. Helios crew is superb and really make a difference! Here is my contribution. The boat setup is very good; I really like the equal sizes of the 3 master bedrooms. Internal decoration is good. The double berth rooms are ok for 3 kids if they aren’t grown ups, which is our case. The jetski was heavily used, and my kids had a blast. Nico was a great professor, and taught them all the radical tricks. They loved him! Finally, I would upgrade the AV to make it very easy to use iPods or cel phones, so customer can easily play their music. The food and drinks: We love Greek food, and the menu served was right on the spot. Their Greek wine selection was already good enough, but Babis surprised us with the wine from my previous list to Good life! Very nice from him! The itinerary: Can’t add anything to it. It was perfect! At the end, everybody loved everything. We are all looking forward to the next!

      M/Y HELIOS / Corfu / July 10 – 17

      • Amanda, everything is just perfect at Let it Be! We are having a great time! The crew is excellent, the chef is preparing amazing food for my husband and for everybody else too. They were all great! Once more, thank you so much for making this dream possible.

      M/Y LET IT BE / Athens – Corfu / July

      • Amanda, I want you to know that from start to finish from my first contact with you until getting off the boat today it was an absolutely flawless experience. I would recommend this boat and crew to anyone and I also thank you for your professionalism all along. When I charter the next boat it will definitely be through you.

      M/Y MY WAY / Saronic Gulf / July

      • Sally, It could not have possibly been better. The crew, captain and cook were the best I have ever seen. Truly the A team. Everything was so amazing. Thanks Sally! We will remain in touch.

      S/Y LA FINALE / Kos Greece / June

      • Hi Sally, we were extremely happy with the whole package. We feel that we were very lucky to have the crew we did, one can choose the Gulet but cannot guarantee what the crew will be like. Captain Ayhan is one of the safest and most conscientious I have come across, as a sailor myself it was important that I felt comfortable, Ayhan achieved this with ease. Chef Mehmet was fantastic we still look back in awe at the quality of food he managed to produce, however we now all need to shed more than a few pounds! Bahar was simply gorgeous, chief translator, taxi booker, internet sorceress and truly princess of Akana. Engineer Goksel sorted the very few problems we had with consummate skill and ease and at all times keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. Huseyin was a perfect dynamo, I am convinced that our ship could not have functioned without him, the list of tasks he undertook is far too great to list. The itinerary was very flexible and fitted our requirements perfectly, although some of our party weren't too keen on the isolated bays we visited the majority of us felt the balance was ideal.


      • All in all I would rate the experience as 11 out of 10. We miss them all immensely. And Akana, well, hard to explain but perfection is the word that springs to mind. Thank you for putting us all together. -- Regards Andy

      S/Y AKANA / 3 week Sept/Oct charter / Greece

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      How did our charter clients review and rate Greece as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? See Above where you can read their comments from the last recent season.

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