Top 10 Greece Yacht Charter Spots

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Best Top 10 Superyacht Charter Spots in Greece

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The Mediterranean is the place to be seen in the summer and there's no better way to experience the high life while exploring Greece's paradisaical Dodecanese, Cyclades or Ionian Islands than on a luxury yacht charter.

The transparent waters couldn't be better for families with young children and the soft sandy beaches hidden away in coves can usually only be accessed by boat. Arts, culture and entertainment are highly prized in the region and the warm hospitality from genuine locals solidifies the reputation of this Eastern Mediterranean yacht charter grounds. If you've never been on a luxury yacht holiday to Greece before, here are our top picks to plan your itinerary:

1. Athens

The international airport makes Athens a convenient destination to begin or end a luxury charter and while the city has a couple of beaches close to the marinas, guests mainly come here for the countless ancient temples, art galleries and museums. There is always the opportunity to fit in a bit of high-end shopping before heading off on your next big adventure.

The Cyclades

2. Santorini

Santorini is the model of the perfect Grecian holiday: Amazing beaches, active nightlife and friendly locals, all surrounded by crystal blue waters. The summer holidays bring the crowds to the island, however you can make your escape overnight and wake up to another spectacular destination without losing any time.

3. Paros

Compared to Santorini, Paros has a more laid-back atmosphere and its numerous bays are ideal as anchorages and sheltered areas for guests to practise on the jet skis and Seabobs. Dive sites in the area offer a great variety with caves and reefs filled with amazing sea life and windsurfing is a popular summer pastime along the more open beaches. Should you want to move on, Naxos and Antiparos are a quick cruise away for even more stunning scenery next to topaz blue seas.

4. Mykonos

If it's the party lifestyle that you're after then consider an itinerary based around summer in Mykonos, when the bars and night clubs come alive along the beaches and down the narrow white-washed streets of Mykonos town. Be sure to stop off for some photos of the iconic windmills before heading out fishing for lunch or flying through the water on the towable toys.

The Dodecanese

5. Rhodes

As the largest and most popular island in the Dodecanese, Rhodes certainly sees its share of tourists during the summer. Most holidaymakers stay on land however, giving you the advantage of following up a day of boutique shopping and sightseeing in the Old Town - one of Europe's best preserved medieval settlements - with a cruise to a secluded beach while you eat your lunch on board.

6. Kalymnos

Kalymnos is an island of two sides: the developed southern side catering to tourists with water sports, museums and bars, restaurants and cafes close to the main port, and the tranquil northern side untouched by time. The winding coastline produces many beautiful sandy coves where couples can spend the afternoon together playing on the water toys, or watching the sunset from the foredeck love-seat with a nightcap.

7. Lipsi

When you want an island escape with living culture to explore, Lipsi provides the perfect balance: The town is developed yet easy to walk in a day, several small uninhabited islands are nearby and other main Dodecanese destinations such as Patmos and Kalymnos are a short cruise away.

Young children can paddle in the shallow water and play in the rock pools while older children and adults swim, sunbathe or discover the coast on paddleboards and jet skis. Anchor in the harbour or a bay and watch the vivid sunset while dining alfresco or enjoying a cocktail from your sundeck Jacuzzi.

The Ionian Islands

8. Zakynthos

Bursting with energy for the young and young at heart, Zakynthos is known for its lively nightlife and magnificent beaches where sand almost as white as the cliffs sinks down into pastel blue water. From natural wonders to spectacular architecture, the towns are filled with incredible churches, ambient tavernas, while the countryside has plenty of wineries for a holiday sampling the region's finest food and drink.

Logger-head sea turtles come to the soft sand beaches to nest, so there is a solid opportunity for adults and children alike to spot one while snorkelling.

9. Corfu

Visitors love the unique atmosphere on Corfu that seamlessly brings together modern activities, shops and marina amenities with traditional character in both the Venetian surroundings and the friendly locals.

Scuba dive sites to suit beginners through to advanced pepper the coast around Paleokastritsa Beach to the south west, and the high visibility in Eastern Mediterranean waters makes it an ideal place to take a luxury yacht with dive certification capabilities.

10. Ithaca

The verdant island of Ithaca was home to Odysseus in Greek mythology yet despite its fame tourism has been carefully controlled to prevent crowds from eroding its wonders. As such, sailing yachts and motor boats are excellent for discovering the region's wonders and natural anchorages or marinas such as those around the main port of Vathy are easy to come by.

Guests looking for summer sun and privacy will find one secret bay after another completely inaccessible by land: Take advantage of your superyacht's top speed to explore the undeveloped southern part of Ithaca. Once you find your paradise, snorkel with the fish, play on the water toys or savour a tranquil and distraction-free afternoon soaking in the sunshine.

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