Top Bahamas Yacht Charter Spots

Ranked: Experts list the top luxury yacht charter holiday spots to visit around the Bahamas.

10 Best Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations

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How did our charter clients review The Bahamas as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? Below, you can read their comments from the last recent Bahamas season.

Caribbean and Bahamas yacht charters are great for romantic escapes and celebrating special occasions during the festive season, and while motor yachts might be packed with amenities, it's the sailing yachts with shallow drafts that can get up close to the best beaches and sheltered anchorages.

Florida is close by for connecting flights and for incorporating into multi-destination charters, and once you've picked out which type of superyacht best suits your group, there are thousands of fantastic islands to choose from in the Bahamas. Take a look at the selection below to find out what activities are available at these 10 best spots.

1. Paradise Island

The most built-up of the Bahamas islands, visitors have an abundance of high-end shopping, golf courses, casinos and restaurants to choose from all beneath a tropical sun.

2. Nassau

Nassau is larger than Paradise Islands and boats just as much modern day entertainment to fill your days and nights. The western side of the island is less developed for those wanting 'the best of both worlds' and snorkelling and scuba diving sites are plentiful, particularly around Clifton Bay.

3. Exumas

Head to the outer islands for the best water sports, quieter beaches and serenity among nature. Both Great Exuma and Little Exuma have pristine white sand beaches, some sheltered by reefs and coves while others are open to the Atlantic for larger waves excellent for surfing and other adrenaline sports.

4. Shroud Cay

Honeycombed with mangroves, Shroud Cay is the ideal spot for a languid afternoon gently cruising along in kayaks or on paddleboards. The crystal clear shallow water is perfect for young families and the numerous beaches ensure that your family can have privacy while dining alfresco under a brilliant red sunset.

5. Abacos Islands

There is plenty of winding coastline to explore and without the nightlife of the most well-known islands, luxury yacht charter groups visiting the Abacos will have the coral reefs and verdant anchorages all to themselves.

6. Eluthera

This earthly paradise is a treat to explore through snorkelling, scuba diving or zooming about by water skis and jet skis, and sea turtles and manta rays are often spotted swimming in the glassy blue seas. Romantic white and pink sand beaches throng the shores and these deserted locations have set the scene for many unforgettable marriage proposals.

7. Long Island

The Bahamas is excellent for fishing expeditions and Long Island has a great variety of sizeable fish close to the powdery white beaches: While the children play on the water toys or sunbathe on the sand, spend a relaxing afternoon with friends and have a meal to show for it, cooked on your sundeck barbeque. Add Dean's Blue Hole and the Crooked Caves to fill your itinerary and get another taste of Long Island at its finest.

8. Elbow Cay

If your children are hoping for a pirate-like paradise riddled with caves and coral reefs, then head to Elbow Cay. The eastern side of the island is nothing but one long stretch of beach and the interior Tiloo National Park has kept the island blessedly underdeveloped. The Candy cane-striped lighthouse in Hope Town is another memorable addition to this excellent charter ground.

9. Green Turtle Cay

You'll forget about your life back home with a visit to Green Turtle Cay, a spectacular island for fishing, snorkelling and Scuba diving catering to family and friends charter groups. Quiet and seclusion are easy to come by and visitors could easily spend days swimming with sting rays or soaking up the sun shine from a beach-side hammock.

10. Harbour Island

Harbour Island has a health and fitness vibe, and on offer are an abundance of activities, classes and spa facilities beside the beaches. Charming historical settlements close to the coastline will satisfy the group away from the sea; travelling around on golf carts is all part of the fun and your superyacht can meet you in the next bay.

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