Cruising Itinerary for Australia - The Kimberley

A 7-day yacht charter itinerary cruising in Australia, the Kimberley

The Kimberley Yacht Charter Itinerary

The Kimberley (or the Kimberleys as many would refer to this stunning region) in Western Australia is a treasure trove of unique natural beauty and wonders that are relatively unvisited compared to the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays Islands charter grounds.

As such, luxury yacht charter groups have the region virtually to themselves, with myriad white sand beaches on remote islands to choose from, captivating indigenous rock art along the coast, and the Kimberley region itself boasting incredible rock formations in vibrant colours, in addition to shifting tides that create natural wonders and reveal and conceal a whole other world below. This is not just a destination to amaze children - it'll inspire and romance adults through its raw power as well.

There are stark contrasts between the wet and dry seasons, the former running from November to April and displaying dramatic skies and downpours over the southern hemisphere summer, while the dry winter has slightly cooler temperatures from May until October.

Extend your visit and enter the Prince Regent National Park to visit the enchanting Kings Cascade waterfall, encompassed by towering gorge walls and clear blue waters.

To see more of Western Australia's wonders, visitors should head south to Ningaloo Reef, which has long been celebrated humpback whales, whale sharks, manta rays and turtles have all been seen swimming around the reef, which itself is a colourful wonder and worthy of the journey.

Day 1: Cygnet Bay

Boome is considered the most south western point of the Kimberley and the town's international airport is the place where most charter groups fly in to begin their adventures. A transfer will take the group to the gorgeous white sand crescent of Cygnet Bay and its similar surrounding anchorages, which include pearl farms, pristine snorkelling grounds and dramatic rocky coasts set against sapphire blue waters and matching skies.

At the remote Buccaneer Archipelago everyone can observe one of nature's unique and powerful spectacles, the giant tides that vary by up to 12m/39ft. There are plenty of anchorages amongst the nearly 1,000 rocky islands to anchor and savour a freshly prepared dinner on a deserted beach, catching the last rays of sunshine for sunbathing or beach games before sundown.

Location highlights: Cygnet Bay, Buccaneer Archipelago

Day 2: Hidden Island & Silver Gull Creek

Savour breakfast alfresco and admire the changing scenery as your Captain cruises on to Hidden Island, where Silica Beach, the whitest beach amongst the Kimberley, is located. This beautiful spot is like a transported piece of the Whitsundays Islands, and the turquoise waters are just as clear and blue. Use the water toys to explore the coast and come across other fine sand beaches, and visitors from July to October have a chance to see whales on migration.

Have your camera at the ready to capture the beautiful surroundings of Silver Gull Creek, especially as they take on golden hues with the sunset. Settle in for a soak in your on board Jacuzzi or a night of stargazing on the sunbeds, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Location highlights: Silica Beach

Day 3: Talbot Bay

On a cruise to Talbot Bay, pass by on the russet-coloured Cockatoo Island or Koolan Island where iron ore mining gives them their distinctive colour. The narrow gorges of Talbot Bay create the 'Horizontal Falls' with their force and the changing tides, and this is one of the most unique wonders of the natural world. The group can see them up close in the tender before spending the rest of the afternoon swimming, snorkelling above colourful fish and playing on the water toys. Rest on the sandy beaches or enjoy all the comforts aboard your luxury yacht as the intense afternoon sun fades into a cooler evening.

Location highlights: Horizontal Falls

Day 4: Montgomery Reef & Raft Point

Montgomery Reef covers an area of more than 400km² and as the tides dip more than 10m/32.8ft to expose up to 4m/13ft of coral reef. This is Australia's largest inshore reef, and once the tides go out, colourful corals, sandstone islets and a mangrove island at the centre are revealed. Spend the day cruising through the river passageway to see octopi, turtles and crabs in their stunning natural habitat.

After hours of exploring amongst the incredible sights, rest weary feet back on board and watch a film in air conditioned surroundings while your chef serves up a delectable multi-course meal. Your Captain will cruise on to Raft Point - a sight filled with surprises to discover the following day.

Location highlights: Montgomery Reef

Day 5: Raft Point

Awaken to the magnificent rock formations of Raft Point, home to ancient caves filled with rock art from the indigenous Wandjina. A local aboriginal guide will take you through the legends and explain the meanings behind some of the symbolism. Your tender will take you to other scenic spots in the locality, such as the rainforest and lagoons at Scotties Creek.

Location highlights: Raft Point indigenous cave art, Scotties Creek

Day 6: Boondook Bay

As your week-long luxury yacht charter draws to a close, cruise back towards Boome at your leisure and stop off at gorgeous island beaches such as those in the Woninjaba Islands. Make time to snorkel amongst amazing reefs with iconic wildlife before dropping anchor for the night in Boondook Bay.

Location highlights: Woninjaba Islands

Day 7: Cygnet Bay

On your final day, make one last stop on the way at the picturesque James Price Point. This stunning stretch of coast has white sands coloured by the brilliant orange-red cliffs as they crumble with the winds and the tides. Pick up some last-minute souvenirs at the pearl farms before being transported back to the airport to catch your international flight.

Location highlights: James Price Point

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