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Chartering a yacht

What is the maximum number of people able to charter a yacht?
There will be 16 of us in total who would like to reserve a yacht charter in the coming summer but I am unable to find a superyacht that allows more than 12 guests? Is this the rule and if it is, why?
If a superyacht carries more than 12 people, according to International Marine Regulations, even it’s being used as a private yacht, it is considered a passenger ship and must comply with the SOLAS convention. This is Safety of Life at Sea which is set out by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). The introduction of the SOLAS convention is purely for passenger safety. It includes complying with many safety regulations and restrictions that are quite costly to implement. This cost is obviously going to be reflected in the total cost of the charter yacht. There are many vessels that allow more than 12 passengers however the cost will rise dramatically because of these stringent rules.
Is VAT payable?
Although I haven’t seen VAT on any yacht charter websites I was wondering if VAT has to be paid on a yacht charter or not?
Depending on your EU destination, if chartering a superyacht you will have to pay VAT. VAT is also payable in countries on the fuel, the APA and the size of the boat. The rules on VAT are always changing making some of the specifics of the taxes difficult to determine.
It’s advisable to speak to your yacht charter broker who will help with the basics of VAT and which destinations you intend to visit.
Why not read our guide to VAT but remember, some things are subject to change.
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How does a luxury yacht charter compare in value to other types of luxury travel?

A superyacht charter is an expensive treat, but how does it compare in value to other luxury travel? Other comparable holidays might be renting luxury villas, retreats and hotels.


There are many companies that offer yachts online. What makes CharterWorld better?

Everyone online claims to have the best boats. Is this true? What else should be considered when choosing a charter company?


How do you measure a company’s capability before you choose one?

Happy charter guests are a great way to gauge a charter and a charter companies’ success. client satisfaction?


What has the luxury yachting industry grown so fast?

There has been an explosion in investment and superyachts being built and launched over the last few years. What is driving this love of the ocean as a luxury destination?


Is disembarkation flexible - can I choose my departure day and time?

When talking to my broker, can I choose which day, hour and place that my yacht charter will begin and end on or is this non-negotiable?


Is 12 persons the maximum number – or can more than 12 people charter a yacht?

I’ve found it challenging to find a yacht that can carry more than 12 online. We are a big group - 17 in total - but I cannot so far find a yacht that will allow more than 12 guests at a time? Is this a general rule and if so, why? Who can help?


I can’t scuba dive – so far – but can I learn aboard my charter yacht?

As my wife is a keen diver I am also eager to learn on holiday. Will I be able to have lessons and learn whilst on our yacht charter vacation, or do I need to have the certification in advance?


Jet Skis – Do we need any certification?

I’ve noticed most of the yachts provide jet sjis as part of their yacht toy offering. I’ve never ridden one so do I need lessons to use one?


Are yacht charters safe?

The ocean is a big place and I’m not familiar as yet with private yachts. Once I went on a cruise ship vacation. I felt very safe and secure on board the huge cruise ship. Are the comparatively smaller yachts as safe and are there any safety or regulatory guidelines that the boats must professionally follow before they are able to offer yacht charters to the public?


What’s most relaxing? A sailing yacht or motor yacht charter?

I heard that sailing yacht charters more relaxing – is this true? For the first time, we have decided to take our family on a yacht charter but we can’t decide between a motor yacht or a sail yacht. I think a sailing yacht charter will be more laid back than a motor yacht charter and my wife thinks the opposite. Can I have some expert and impartial advice on this point please?


This year I feel like complete relaxation and tranquillity - will we get total privacy?

Are the ship’s crew able to give us complete privacy during our charter?

I'm very keen to book a yacht charter but I’m hoping I have some control and can request that the crew won’t be around the entire time so we can get some quality time to ourselves. Is this true?

Can I learn to scuba dive?
With my husband being a keen diver I am eager to give it a try. When on our yacht charter vacation, will I be able to take lessons?
How safe are yacht charters?
A couple of years ago my friends and I went on a cruise. We felt safe on board the huge cruise ship. As we would like to try something a little different next summer and charter a yacht, I am a little worried about the safety aspect. Can you tell me if there are guidelines and regulations in place before yacht charters are offered to the public?
How relaxing are sailing yacht charters?
Next year we have decided to take our family on a yacht charter vacation. We’re in two minds whether to go for a sailing yacht or motor yacht. A close friend has said that a sailing yacht charter is much more relaxing than a motor yacht charter, how true is this?
Is there plenty of privacy on board?
Just wondering how much privacy we can expect from the crew during our yacht charter vacation. I would like to book a yacht charter but think the crew might be around us throughout the time on board and won’t give us any privacy.
Can I use the water toys and other equipment on board?
I have taken out Curtailment and Cancellation Insurance. Could you let me know if I should take any further insurances out to use the water toys and other equipment that are onboard the superyacht?
Can we go ashore?
Is it possible to go ashore at a time that suits us or do we have to stick to the itinerary? While we are away from the superyacht are there lots of things to do and see?
Why hasn’t my travel agent suggested a yacht charter vacation?
Recently I have been into a travel agents on numerous occasions to book a vacation. Not one member of staff has suggested a yacht charter vacation I should try. They have mentioned a cruise ship holiday but never a yacht charter holiday. What is the reason for this?
What’s the difference between a yacht charter vacation and a cruise ship holiday?
Last year I went on a cruise ship holiday. My partner has however been talking about booking a yacht charter vacation for our next trip abroad. Can you tell me the difference between a yacht charter and a cruise ship vacation please?
What do I need to take with me?
I am off on a yacht charter holiday next month. As I’ve never had this type of vacation before I have no idea of what to pack. What essentials do you think I should take with me? Is there a limit to the amount of luggage I can take onboard a superyacht?
Is it possible for me to choose the departure day?
Can I choose the day of the week my yacht charter vacation will begin and end? Is it non-negotiable?
How do I secure my yacht?
We have decided to go on a yacht charter holiday but aren’t quite sure what the next step is. What’s involved in booking a yacht charter and the holiday itinerary?
Are children allowed to travel?
Can you take children on a yacht charter or are there certain limitations?
Are dogs allowed?
Will I be able to take my dog with me on a luxury yacht charter next summer?
Can I benefit from special offers?
Are there certain times in the year when yacht charters are offered at low rates? Where can I look to find a yacht which is currently available to book at a special rate?
How do I choose a suitable yacht?
With so many superyachts to choose from, how can I find a vessel to suit my requirements?
What facilities on board can I expect?
When on a luxury charter yacht vacation, what amenities and facilities can I expect? For instance, will there be laundry services on board for me and my family? 
Should I inform the chef of any food allergies we have?
Unfortunately my son is allergic to peanuts. During our yacht charter vacation how can I make sure he will not come into contact with peanuts? Should I inform the chef of this?
Will strangers be on our charter?
Will I have to share a yacht charter with strangers? Is it possible to book a private yacht charter for just myself, family and friends?
Are yacht charters really that expensive?
From what I have read, heard and seen, a yacht charter vacation can be very expensive. Is booking a cruise holiday a cheaper option?
What experience do I need?
Do you need to have any boating experience to go on a yacht charter voyage?
Can you cancel a yacht charter trip?
What happens if I need to cancel a yacht charter trip? My sister has booked her wedding during the same week that we had booked a yacht charter vacation. Is it possible therefore to get a full refund?
What kind of activities are available for young children?
I have three young children who will need to be kept entertained. My husband and I are also looking to try out different types of water sports. What kind of activities can we expect to keep everyone happy?
What is a bareboat yacht charter and a crewed yacht charter?
I have read about bareboat yacht charters and crewed yacht charters, what is the difference please? I have seen both kinds of yacht charters but do not understand what the difference is, can you tell me?
Do I need a diving licence?
When going on a yacht charter vacation will I need a licence for diving and fishing?
If I get seasick, what happens?
My husband has arranged for us to go on a yacht charter holiday for my birthday. I am getting a little worried about being seasick. What advice can you give me to prevent seasickness or any medication I should take with me to help?
What type of shoes should I bring?
I would like to wear high heeled shoes in the evenings and flip flops during the day. Are these types of footwear allowed on board a superyacht?
Are guests expected to tip the crew?
On a luxury yacht charter vacation, how does tipping work? Is it the done thing to tip the captain and crew? If so, how much should I give?
If I need to go to hospital, what happens?
In the unlikely event of needing medical attention, what happens if I need to go to hospital? How is this type of scenario arranged when on board a yacht charter vessel?
Can I bring my own crew with me?
I am the kind of person who likes to know who I am travelling with. Is it possible to bring my own crew on a yacht charter?
Luggage – which type should I bring?
Next month I am going on a yacht charter for the first time. I’ve got absolutely no idea of which type of luggage to bring. Should I take a solid case or a hold-all? 
Do you need to be able to swim?
I am the only one who cannot swim but the rest of my family can. Will this be an issue?


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