Mediterranean Yacht Charter Reviews

Below: Actual superyacht charter clients anonymously reviewing Mediterranean as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Reviews

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How did our charter clients review and rate Mediterranean as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? Below, you can read their comments from the last recent season.

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The Reviews:

Hi Colin, we have completed our charter and had the most amazing time – I just wanted to let you know that everything was perfect. Marko and Nina are outstanding crew and cooks as well, they were incredible. We wanted to take them home with us. Loved every minute of it. Thank you kindly KB Yacht EAGLE OF NORWAY / Yacht Charter: Trogir – Trogir, Croatia / September 7-14, 2019
Martha, all very good, excellent crew and boat impeccable. Thanks again, let’s plan the next! I am very happy to give very good feedback. Chef was amazing, young Greek guy, very caring and French trained. Crew did all they could to make us enjoy the best. M.F PHANTOM / Mykonos – Athens, Greece / 3-10 September 2019
Hello Martha, we enjoyed it so much, the captain was very kind, and so was the crew. The yacht was very good, the guest cabins also, king size bed and large shower. Congratulations to the captain and crew, they made fireworks at the end of the trip (nice surprise). We had a very great time. Regards, R.D AQUA LIBRA / Athens- Athens, Greece / 2 – 9 September 2019
Hi Colin, We had a wonderful time on board of HELENE. Andreas and Dimitra did a great job, we can recommend this crew to everyone who plans a crewed sailing trip. Andreas is a very good Captain, always in a good mood, Dimitra is a very talented chef and cares for all the needs and little things that make a pleasant stay on board. HELENE is an exceptional boat, very unique in style, exterior and interior. Due to good winds, we made 348 nm in one week, which is quite a lot, so we could see many magnificent islands and spots. Andreas was also a perfect guide to see the best beaches and bays. The organization was very good, from the charter as well as all the transportation. You will be hearing from me again, I think my wife enjoyed this way of vacation very much, this wasn’t our last crewed charter... Thanks a lot. JB HELENE / Athens - Athens, Greece / 1 – 8 September 2019
Hi Amanda, the Captain was very responsible, and most important of all he likes to be in the best place and is not like the others who prefer to stay away so as not to have problems in anchoring, he is active and always willing to help, and does his utmost to satisfy us. Mr. Yanis is very well educated and performs his duties very seriously and competently. Very good. The cook worked very hard and cooked very well what we asked her. Our trip was beautiful and wonderful, we were very well attended, and we highly recommend Number One and his crew. Best regards and thank you for everything, let´s keep in touch. RH Catamaran NUMBER ONE / Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece / August 27 - September 3, 2019
Hi Martha, everything was perfect. The whole crew is very professional and kind. The chef is excellent and the captain is one of the best we ever had. Let’s plan the next trip. This time I’d like to go to Albany. Please find some alternatives there. Thank you very much for the usual support Martha! My best, L.L SEAZEN / Nice- Nice, France / 25 August - 1 September 2019
Dear Colin, I cannot close this chapter of our summer without expressing my deep thanks to you for guiding me to this choice which provided all of us great pleasure and left a lasting memory. Thanks again, from all our guests, my wife and myself, yet again, our whole-hearted THANKS to you and the crew for a most enjoyable experience. DS JAUNI / Palermo-Naples / August 22 – September 2, 2019
Hi Amanda, We absolutely loved the crew. They were really exactly what we needed. Very helpful hardworking and super insightful to what we wanted- maybe they had your direction a little :) Hope to rent again next year from you. There were some amazing Navi’s, our heart stopped seeing them. Best regards, IG and RG Sailing Yacht HERITAGE / Bonifacio, Corsica - Cala di Volpe, Sardinia / August 18-25, 2019
Josh, we had a good time, thank you. Crew was great especially Maria. A.H. GITANA / Corfu – Zakinthos, Greece / 24-31 August 2019
Hi Colin, we had a fabulous time, thank you. The boat is great - very spacious with good-size rooms, and lots of different entertainment areas. The crew were amazing, taking care of every little detail for us. I would highly recommend this yacht and crew. NK STELLA MARIS / Split - Split, Croatia / August 18-25, 2019
Amanda, Great to hear from you again. I really do not know how you do it, but the yacht and especially the crew, which you recommended, were nothing but SPECTACULAR. We truly enjoyed every single day aboard CHRISTINA TOO. The boat was in mint condition, everything worked to perfection under Captain Alex’s supervision. He is great! Marcelle´s culinary knowledge and Chad´s service / bartending made it a truly remarkable experience. The crew worked like a Swiss clock. All the charters along the past 5 years have been extraordinary, this one in particular has been exactly that and much more. Our only regret: we should have booked a 10 day charter. Thank you so much for your care, attention to detail and for making it the best holiday so far. Looking forward for the next adventure! Best regards, HD CHRISTINA TOO /Bonifacio, Corsica – Olbia, Sardinia / 19-26 July 2019
Hello Martha, Thank you! The trip was wonderful! The crew was very accommodating and sweet. The food was great! Thank you again! Best, M.N LAURENTIA / Sardinia – Sicily / 24 -31 July 2019
Dear Nicolas, we thoroughly enjoyed the charter. I am happy, the crew also felt it was a good time for them. Overall, it is a beautifully restored yacht, very well maintained, all functions perfect and very well designed interiors. We thoroughly felt comfortable and can only compliment the owners for their taste. Captain Benjamin is very respectful and trustworthy, has a very accommodating personality and is highly professional - both in the operation of the yacht and also on processes. He had great control over all situations and was a true gentleman in all requirements. The perfect captain. Rose: very helpful in all situations, high quality service and very service minded, extremely polite and natural in the way she dealt with us, fun and great to have her around. She could read our requests from our thoughts. Chef Suadh: incredible - passionate and probably the best Chef we have ever experienced on any yacht we have been on. She is creative, and serves incredible food. We are still deeply impressed by the quality and variety of what she has served during the one week. Simply outstanding. Emile: a great guy - very experienced seaman, highly service oriented, fun to have around and very professional. Jean Rise: Very polite, service oriented, fun and expert in what he does. Overall – Nick, this was the perfect crew, the perfect boat and the perfect charter. We would recommend them any time - they gave us a perfect time. Many thanks to you for the great recommendation and great experience. S.G VESPUCCI / Saranda, Albania / 22-29 July 2019
Hello Amanda, the crew was absolutely incredible! George and Melissa very professional. The food was amazing, healthy and delicious. Tom was super nice, always caring for us and doing his best, making coffee in the morning, serving us always with a smile, with the best attitude. We liked him very much. George took us to beautiful calas. Also very charming and excellent attitude. Melissa was very nice, quiet, very professional, and we all loved her food. Thank you so much, JL, LL and Family. LIR / Porto Ercole – Livorno, Italy / July 15-22, 2019
Colin, We had a wonderful time on Free Wings. The boat was in excellent condition. The Captain and crew were amazing. Nothing was too much trouble. The Chef was great (even in his small kitchen!!) He had a great sense of humour and made us laugh each day whilst announcing his menus. The accommodation, sleeping quarters etc were excellent. PH FREE WINGS / Dubrovnik - Hvar, Croatia / June 13-20, 2019
Colin, The holiday was fantastic. The boat and crew were all exactly as you had described. Francesco, Adrianno and Anna were all very hospitable but amazingly able to give us space on a boat that size. The food was lovely with good dining tips for when eating off the boat. Zia Canaia just oozes class and turns heads at every port. Francesco seems to have a lot of local “links” as we were always able to get prime mooring and bouy locations. Overall we were delighted and had a really memorable holiday, already thinking of planning another!!! Thanks for all your help and advice, Chat soon. M.E. ZIA CANAIA / Naples, Italy / July 6-13, 2019
Trina, we had an amazing time, the boat is great but the crew really does the special touch, they literally look for every detail, amazing food and service. This being our first charter experience we are now looking forward to repeat again! The suggested itinerary worked perfectly and they helped with our kids in every activity. Thank you again and talk to you soon. ME ANNABEL / Croatia / 3-10 July 2019
Dear Amanda, I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful suggestion to sail Eros. She is amazing, the crew even more amazing; everything was magnificent and impeccable. Eros behaved wonderfully, Captain Justin and his crew A#1. We really appreciate your kindness, as always guiding us in having a wonderful and memorable vacation with our friends and family. Best wishes, always, The S Family Sailing Yacht EROS / Newport / June 29 - July 6, 2019
Colin, the staff and captain were great in terms of service. Very helpful, nice etc. Good party yacht and good party team. MBL MISS CANDY / Cannes, France / June 24 and June 27, 2019
Thanks Martha – We had a wonderful time. The boat was in good shape overall. The size of the boat fitted our family well. The 85 to 100’ is the class of boat that fits perfectly for us. The water toys (jets ski, raft etc were a must on this trip). The captain and crew were an A-The only reason they didn’t get a full A was the limited amount of English. The chef and Captain were the most fluent, but the other two members understood very little. They were still wonderful even given this language barrier. The chef did an amazing job and was there to cook anything we needed. They all were WONDERFUL with the children. Antonio (captain) setup a perfect trip for us and made it so special. It was a trip of a lifetime for us. S SILVIA / Naples, Italy / 9 -27 June 2019
Sally, the boat was awesome. Best boat I’ve ever been on. Master cabin was nuts. VIP room was incredible. Extra two rooms were great. Captain and Chef were world class. They both listened to our preferences and were great. They have been on the boat together for 6 years and you can tell. The rest of the crew was amazing. Service was perfect. Their personalities were outstanding. I felt a little bad because it was my first cruise with just guys and we drank way too much. However they treated us like we were normal, which I doubt we were. I would give them 10/10 and the next person who wants to book, let them know and I’ll talk to them myself. Motor Yacht VOGUE / Palma de Mallorca / June 25 – 30, 2019
Dear Captain Favios and Martha, Firstly I am very sorry for the delay in sending this email. I had over 4000 holiday photos to filter and I wanted to make sure I copied in a few when I sent my thank you note. We all had a holiday of a lifetime and we will never be able to truly thank you for everything you and the crew did. It is safe to say we were all very sad to leave HAPPY DAY but will cherish the wonderful memories. Have a wonderful season and maybe one day in the future we will see you back in Greece. Lastly the kids made something for the crew. Is there an address I can send it to in Greece? Safe passage. C HAPPY DAY / Athens – Corfu, Greece / 6 -13 June 2019
Hi Trina, everything was absolutely amazing, we had the time of our life. The boat was even better than the pictures, it was very clean and nicely appointed. The layout of the boat is really good and it felt really spacious with 7 of us onboard. There were 2 jet skis on the boat and tons of toys. The crew was absolutely amazing. Thomas the Captain was really good, Rome was absolutely amazing and took great care of us, and Chef Nicholas’s food was top notch. I’d highly recommend this boat and crew for others. I know it was a bit of an unknown since this crew has only worked together on this boat for 3 months, but now you know! SM GEMS / French Riviera / 21-28 June, 2019
Hi Amanda, we had a fantastic trip and great travel luck all things considered. We greatly appreciate your assistance in arranging everything for us in particular the coordination of the pickup from our Air BNB and the luggage drop off. Thank you! We loved Spiros and Asimina. They work well together and Asimina is a wonderful cook with a very endearing personality. She prepared lots of authentic Greek dishes and taught us a few recipes as well. She definitely cooks with a lot of love :). Spiros was a great Captain and shared a lot of information about the area. Very professional! We also learned that sailing in the wind and waves is no picnic :). Chalk it up to ignorance on our part but we all just assumed that sailing the Greek Islands would automatically include Santorini or Mykonos. Again, live and learn. We did enjoy the islands Spiros was able to take us to and it was nice to spend two nights docked at Serifos. Spiros did his best to get us to Mykonos but the wind god was not having it this trip. For our next trip we now know that sailing more than 3-4 hours/ day is enough. The long sails prohibited us from being able to enjoy any of the water toys and just relax in the water. And we will pay more attention to the sailing conditions in the area we choose (thinking about Grenadines for another New Year’s trip in a few years). We look forward to working with you again in the future. Kind Regards, BH Catamaran IDEA / Athens, Greece / June 22-29, 2019
Good morning Martha! We had an amazing experience... Everything was magic and we are in love with Croatia. The crew was incredible, very kind and ready to help us in everything that we needed. B Motor Yacht ANNABEL II / Porto Montenegro – Split, Croatia / 23 -30 June 2019
Amanda, the yacht itself was amazing – beautifully kept, maintained and presented – an ideal choice for ease, comfort and style for this group. The Chef was above and beyond… his food absolutely “SUPERB”! We were blown away by the Greek food despite reservations going in, and ended up eating only Greek “the entire time” and absolutely loved it. I found the crew and the service to be SUPER ATTENTIVE and excellent. Always with a smile and good grace, despite being asked for things constantly by all guests. Two of the guests had never had any interest in visiting Greece and were completely turned around by this experience. They absolutely loved Greece, the history, culture, and food – everything about their time there. Giannis organized such a fantastic time and great experiences, “managing” the group when some wanted to lay about on the boat, some wanted to go to the beach while some wanted to explore… The crew complied with all requests and preferences, took care of us and our needs so well and graciously. To sum it up, this far exceeded everyone’s expectations, we got much much more than we expected. Motor Yacht RINI V / Athens, Greece / June 18 -25, 2019
Hi Martha, The charter was simply awesome. The crew was fabulous, boat was very clean and efficient, and the captain was very amenable to do or go wherever we wanted. No rigid agendas. Food prepared on board was great. Reconciliation of expenses was clear and well prepared. Overall we absolutely loved Askim III and the staff. We had a holiday adventure like no other! Best wishes. MLL This was my first time chartering a yacht. We cruised the south west Italian coast including Amalfi and Capri. We worked with Martha Lukasik from Charter World and she was great. Our yacht was the Askim 3. We had 2 other couples with us and everyone was just amazed. All of us agreed it was our BEST vacation EVER! The Captain, Paolo, Chef Chicca and Crew, Naomi were absolutely outstanding! They treated us like Royalty. When we went into port they made reservations and arranged transportation. I cannot say enough about them and the entire experience. We can't wait to do it again. BW ASKIM 3 / Naples, Italy / 9 -16 June 2019
manda, we have been meaning to reach out. The boat was incredible, but as we always say it is the crew that makes the trip. It makes a difference to have English speaking crew and they were the best we have had. Captain Gavin was amazing and always so thoughtful. We loved our visits to small harbors - St. Tropez I think was our favorite. The Chef Nick was out of this world. We loved all meals and as a result we put on many pounds! The food was all around perfect!! We also loved Louise, Sophia, and Mike and Mark - they were just all around fun, young and aligned with us. We loved the outings. There were a few excursions that the entire family did not want to do so that is often hard since I think those were scheduled in advance, but they always seemed to accommodate. I think the favorite hike was the last day alongside the sea. The bike along the coast was lovely, just like that hike was too. I think next time we would avoid the bike inland, not really totally worth it but still fun that we did it! The boat worked very well. We would like another space to sit together outdoors next time I think... but truly no complaints, loved how modern it was. Thanks for everything! It really was great, Amanda! Again, thanks for your patience and helping to coordinate. Best, The “A” Family Motor Yacht LIONSCHASE / Monaco / June 3-10, 2019
Hi Josh, Many thanks for your kind organisation! We had a perfect time on board with a really outstanding crew. They made our vacation even more enjoyable. A great vessel with lots of fun for the kids. I would like to express, also on behalf of my family and friends, our utmost thanks to Fehmi and his great crew. They made our holiday just perfect! Hopefully Fehmi stays on board for our next charter of SULTANA. F SULTANA / Ajaccio – Olbia / 15-22 June, 2019
Martha we are having a wonderful time! Crew and boat have been great. Enjoying this experience a lot. SILVIA / Naples, Italy / 9 - 27 June, 2019
Hi Amanda, we had the most wonderful time on the Mykonos, it was the perfect boat for us and a beautiful luxury yacht. The food was prepared perfectly by Anne, whose cooking is to die for!! Simon and the crew were fantastic. Thank you for making this one of our best family vacations! SP M/Y MYKONOS / Porto vecchio, Corsica – Porto Cervo, Sardinia / 8 – 15 June, 2019
Good morning Martha. We had an amazing week on board of M/Y Play the Game. Captain Chris and his crew are fantastic people and 100% Professional! Thank you and kind regards. J PLAY THE GAME / IBIZA - IBIZA / 8 - 15 June, 2019
Hi Martha, this has been an incredible week, we could not be more pleased with SOLARIS crew, who have far exceeded our expectations. S SOLARIS / Athens – Zakynthos, Greece / 7 -15 June 2019
Trina, we had a fabulous time! The crew was wonderful; polite, attentive and professional! Paul was very organized, informative and knowledgeable; the food was delicious, Tanya is an amazing cook; and India was a doll. I would highly recommend them! Thank you for all of your help. KB SPLIT SECOND / British Virgin Islands / 3 – 10 June, 2019
Hi Josh, I am so sorry it has taken us time to respond. Please be assured that it is of no measure of how we found the trip. This getting back to reality is really hard :) In summary and I find myself saying this to everyone, this was by far the best holiday that we have ever had in our lives. We travel about 8 times a year so we have had our fair experience of great places but we literally had the best time!!! The crew were at our disposal 247, Keegan (chef) prepared us the most mind blowing meals. Robyn really stood out for us, she was the most delightful person and we said even when we happened to look at her while she was cleaning she even had a smile on her face. In our group we actually nicknamed her smiley and absolutely loved engaging with her! The ports were unbelievable, Bonifacio was one of our best! Even just being in a quiet bay at anchor was such a great evening! As the trip was for my 30th birthday, on our last night the crew even purchased a whole bunch of balloons and made me feel very special! In terms of the ship it took breath away, the interior is absolutely gorgeous and so luxurious, the outdoor areas were perfect for us because we like sun and the boat was very well suited for this. The water toys were also fantastic and the group loved the sea bob! We were also surprised with how stable the boat was, we barely felt any movement. Thanks also to you Josh for all your hard work and efforts it has been such a dream dealing with you! Everything has been smooth sailing (no pun intended). We will definitely be in touch when we book our next one :) EVS Motor Yacht ZULU / Nice, France – Olbia, Italy / 21 – 27 June 2019
Amanda, we celebrated our 40th birthday with Shawn and autumn onboard the Pelican. The boat was perfect for our group, so many activities, inviting common areas, and two huge hammocks where I spent most of my days! The rooms were much larger than we expected and the boat was clean and well maintained. The itinerary itself was everything we could have asked for, from massages on Scrub Island to visiting the Rum Distillery on Tortola, we loved every minute. The views were amazing and we LOVED each spot. The absolute best part of the trip was the hospitality of autumn and Shawn. Every single meal felt like we were at a gourmet restaurant and the Painkillers made by autumn were the best we had on the trip! Shawn and autumn were the best hosts that we could ask for! Shawn was an amazing Captain, but he really came through helping our group with their first ocean diving experiences. 10/10 stars isn't enough. This was a vacation of a lifetime. We miss Shawn and autumn!! KL Catamaran PELICAN / British Virgin Islands / May 23-30, 2019
Trina.... clearly you knew about the party... a truly awesome event... incredibly thoughtful and pulled off really well. Couldn’t be better. A great charter, kept getting better, hard to imagine a better crew. Thanks so much for setting us up with Marla. WB Motor Yacht MARLA / Athens, Greece / 25 May - 1 June 2019
Dear Colin, Thank you for the support for our holiday with good vibrations! It’s been super!!! FC Sailing yacht GOOD VIBRATIONS / St Thomas / April 2019
Amanda, Well, I just got to NYC... I miss NY and I have 100's of unchecked emails.... I am the perfect guest! My only issue was my friends sleeping in and eating breakfast lunch and dinner every day! haha. We had one really nice day so I was able to swim and jetski, that was great. The crew was amazing, I had Captain Antonio start up at 7am one day to get my friends moving... I know the crew enjoyed that... haha. Marco and Seana were great also, amazing cook and amazing service. Thankfully, I cut the alcohol down. There was a lot of liquor left. Although we would have drank more if the weather was better. I need to do that again in the summer... We ate on the boat a lot and Marco is an amazing chef. My kitchen is 10 times bigger and I can’t make anything that good! Haha. I should bring him home. I have zero complaints... and all compliments. I hope to have the same crew again someday! Thanks for all your help. I will be sure to recommend you and your company to everyone! Thanks! DM Motor Yacht HAPPY FEET / Castellammare di Stabia, Italy / 10-17 April 2019
Hi Martha, it was FANTASTIC! Claud, Emma and the ASKARI team are amazing, and the ship itself was perfect for us. We couldn’t be happier. Best, B.S Motor Yacht ASKARI / French Polynesia / 1 - 6 April 2019
Colin, everything was very good: we liked crew very much - friendly and customer oriented, always best recommendation of where to go and option to visit in the ports, including bookings made. The boat is very clean and rather new, we also liked area of cruising. Lessons learnt: difficult to plan in advance routing and be flexible - storm and as a result there was no space in Capri and we changed routing way around. Thank you. TA Motor yacht ECLIPSE / Sorrento / 14-19 August 2018
Dear Amanda, We all had a fabulous time on Liberty and the program was perfect. Captain Steve was wonderful and the chef was excellent. As always, we appreciate your help and thank you for planning another wonderful vacation for our family. Sincerely, LJ Motor Yacht LIBERTY 187' / Exumas / March 26-29
Hi Martha, We had a great time, Jason and the crew were awesome, and their new chef was the surprise of the trip! Every single meal she made was off the charts, she is truly a professional chef. The service from the crew was great, they treated us and the boys wonderfully. All in all, it was a perfect trip…. Thanks. H Motor Yacht ANTHEM / Florida/ Bimin / March 23-26, 2019
Amanda, The trip was absolutely sensational. To a point my family members are saying it was the best vacation ever. We loved the British Virgin Islands. But Erik and his crew really made the trip. They were absolutely wonderful. Took impeccable care of us and went way beyond the call of duty in many respects, including different and elaborate table settings every night at dinner. Chef Inn is a true culinary talent and like everyone else on the crew, a real joy to interact with. Erik said the Arion is going into the yard for some painting and upgrading. You could not tell by us it needs anything. Looked in mint condition. Beautiful bedrooms and baths, and the common rooms were great. We really loved the design of boat including particularly the air flow through upper deck. In all respects, it could not have been better. On top of everything else, I think this was the first time they had an infant on board, and in addition to things like childproofing some areas, a crib and a high chair, they all were just wonderful in dealing with my granddaughter. So many thanks to you for recommending them so much and for making it work. I think it is fair to say we now would have a strong presence for that boat and crew for a 2020 cruise. In any event, many thanks once again. It was a spectacular trip — location, boat, crew, cocktails, food and activities. My one year old granddaughter had a total blast. SN Motor Yacht ARION / British Virgin Islands / March 17-24, 2019
Hi Amanda. All in all, a great trip. Here’s our feedback: Yacht – In nice shape and met our expectations for the charter fee. Crew: Captain Robb – Great. Great personality. Outgoing. Can-do. Tammy (chef) – Super sweet with a personality similar to Robb’s. Monica (chief stew) – Great. Fun personality and great sense of humor. Super accommodating. Planned some games for us, including a murder mystery night. Casey (stew) – Good. Josh (deckhand) – Great. Really took care of the boys with fishing, spear fishing, tubing, etc. He was up for anything. Very quiet, but he knows what he is doing and worked his butt off sun up to sun down. A pro. Itinerary – Great. Two nights at marinas (Highbourne and Compass) due to some wind. Kudos to Robb for getting us spots in these marinas. We were able to hit the spots we wanted – Mangrove creek, Thunderball grotto, nurse sharks at Compass, etc. That said, we didn’t really have a full blown beach day, which would have been nice. We have some ownership in that though. Thanks! SM Motor yacht MAGGIE / Exumas / March 9-16, 2019
Hi Sally, We loved Astrid and Laurent - they are just the loveliest, most delightful and accommodating people we’ve met. The boat was spotless, and the quarters very elegant and tasteful. Astrid went out of her way in preparing delicious meals for us. Laurent was professional in his seamanship and scuba diving with Mike and Jim. We had an absolutely fabulous time, and enjoyed every minute. Astrid and Laurent are definitely the dream team of the Grenadines and we’d highly recommend them. They both went above and beyond in every aspect of their job and function at a level the profession should aspire toward. An exceptional dynamic-duo!! We hope to take another voyage on Yacht IsolaBlue next time we visit the Caribbean. Thank you! Catamaran ISOLABLUE / Grenadines / March 16 – 23, 2019
Martha, Loved it all. All good people at the core. Mikey, the first mate, is an activity genius. He knows the islands well and entertained us all so well. They are a great crew and the boat is in tip top shape. S Motor Yacht ALEXANDRA JANE (ex Kelly Anne) / Bahamas / March 9 - 16, 2019
Sally, Thank you for all your help! We arrived back home Monday night and have raced through the week catching up. The charter was lovely. The crew was accommodating and they did a good job. The BVI is one of our favourite places! It was fantastic and the captain knew where to find a few secluded bays. The service was excellent, and the food was outstanding. The chef did an excellent job. JHL Catamaran THE ANNEX / British Virgin Islands / February 24 – March 5, 2019
Dear Nick, Everything is above my best expectations. The crew in particular is stellar, the best I have ever experienced. Captain Brennan is a superb professional, leading a team of passionate, very hardworking, enthusiastic team members. We are having a wonderful time, and are being taken care of so well, and with genuine care and kindness, that I couldn’t even imagine anything better. Thank you. S.C. Yacht CHECKMATE / Bahamas / February 24 – March 7, 2019
Amanda, we very much enjoyed our trip and adventure on My Maggie. Thanks for all your efforts making it happen. We’ll look forward to next time. Best, BD Motor Yacht MAGGIE / Nassau - Exumas / February 26 – March 3, 2019
Hi Trina, we wanted to let you know that we had an awesome time on our JUST ENOUGH charter... loved the yacht, and Brandon and his entire crew were great. Thank you for lining this up… everyone wants to do another trip so I’ll be back in touch soon. BB JUST ENOUGH / Nassau, Bahamas / August, 2019
Martha, it was an awesome trip. Crew was great and kids loved it! J UNBRIDLED / USVI & BVI, Caribbean / February 15 – 22, 2019
Nick, they were great. Had a great time. Crew lovely. S.S. MALTESE FALCON / SOUTH OF FRANCE / 22-27 August 2018
Amanda, we have been on various boat excursions and we loved this crew the best! It truly makes a difference - Always accommodating and genuinely loved their job! Our location for renewal of vows was perfect - Finca visit was also highlight. Everything worked. Loved the treehouse! The food was divine as K said they paid attention to our requests and the chef was amazing! We are back in action and missing our sunny restful days with the most spectacular crew! Thanks for all your help! K. MOTOR YACHT HARMONY 1 / Palma – Palma / July 31 – August 7, 2018
  • Hi Colin, we are home after a great week. This is the fourth Cat sailing holiday we have had, so easy to compare. Daddy’s Hobby has a well thought out layout and we particularly appreciated the full Bimini on the top deck. The Crew were all keen to give us a good time and looked after us well. Andreas was patient as we were following some friends in another boat (without crew) and he was helpful with them and happy to liaise regarding the itinerary. Not being sailors ourselves we are totally dependent on our skipper. We had a couple of days when the sails were up which we thoroughly enjoyed but it never seems enough. This is something we have found before but last year, our skipper regularly raised the sails, albeit briefly on occasions. I think we should state that we like to use wind power whenever possible in future but it could be that conditions are not suitable. Dimitri is a fantastic chef. As we had one non fish eater, the first three days he cooked quite heavy meat dishes because he had bought meat. We then established lighter fish meals were preferred. We were eating out every evening (had stated before) so a big lunch was not really required. So really, communication is key and I need to give more information on my list of preferences rather than leave it to our arrival. AN

S/Y DADDY’S HOBBY / Corfu / June 23 – 30, 2018

  • Hi Trina - Our experience aboard Sea Dog was terrific. From the crew to the food to the weather, everything was great. The one downer was the 36 hour period spent in Milos, which was about 24 hours too long. The crew went above and beyond to make sure we were happy, and I know they were in contact with the owner over the engine issue. They scrambled and tried to airlift a part to Milos, and after a snafu they sent it by boat. So as I said - they did everything in their power to try and fix the issue. We loved the crew and hope to see them again. JE

M/Y SEA DOG / Greece / July 2018

  • Hi Colin, We absolutely loved it. The crew and captain were wonderful. The food was incredible and we loved the cakes every day. Thanks again. We’ve already recommended it to plenty of others!! JP

M/Y DREAMLAND / Fethiye – Kas / June 30 – July 6, 2018

  • Colin - What an amazing experience. They crew were beyond exceptional. I wish we had listened to them more in the beginning. The experience was beyond words. Not even pictures can capture the experience. The host was super fun. An experience of a lifetime. BM

Cat NEW HORIZON / Mykonos, Greece / June 30 – July 6, 2018

  • Hi Amanda, this was the best boat and crew yet!” The Yacht was impeccably maintained and presented. We loved the “beach bags” that the owner put on board! The yacht has a fantastic layout and flow; we appreciated the huge salon and sundeck where there was plenty of room for all to gather, loved the round interior dining table conducive to interaction, and the sunshade at aft deck for outdoor table. The Chef did a fantastic job accommodating many different dietary issues and a pregnancy. High compliments to the Captain for comfortably navigating in wind/high seas, one day in particular. The Crew was exceptional in attentiveness and friendliness, had a great sense of teamwork and really made us feel like family! There were many hugs and tears on disembark. DB & RB

M/Y IDEFIX / Athens to Santorini / June 22-28, 2018

  • Hi Amanda, please know that we really appreciate all of your work for our trip as well and, again, will say that you and your customer service have truly been fantastic! We had a great vacation and really enjoyed the boat, food and locations we visited. The three deckhands were really, really nice. In fact, one of the deckhands was the favourite of the two 16 year olds. Chef Rene worked really hard on preparing the food and it was delicious. Captain Christos was also very nice and changed the itinerary from the sample because he thought we’d like certain locations better, which we very much appreciated. We were able to see a different location nearly every day, which we loved also. Although we asked for us to be able to use the washing machine (we had spent a few days in Paris before this trip), the stewardesses were nice enough to wash the clothes for us. The television set up was great because it offered a ton of movies that we could watch whenever we’d like, which was a great feature everyone liked. KW

M/Y SUMMER DREAMS / Saronic Gulf / June 18-25, 2018

  • Thanks so much Amanda - the boat was wonderful!! We had a wonderful trip! There were some unexpected bumps along the way but we know that is how international travel sometimes goes! We all agreed that YOUR communication with us and guidance along the way was top notch! The boat was impeccable and the places we visited in Croatia were simply breathtaking! Not sure who had more fun jumping off the top the adults or the kids! :) We will definitely call on you again for our next trip in 2021!! We hope we weren’t too much trouble and that you will help us again!! Thanks so much again for all of your help and guidance Amanda! I hope it’s ok that I sent your info to my parents and a bunch of their friends. -THANK SO MUCH AGAIN! AK

Gulet CESARICA / Split – Dubrovnik, Croatia / June 23-30, 2018

  • Hi Martha, We just returned home after staying in split for two nights which was great. We had the best time... The yacht was fantastic, not one single complaint and the crew were just wonderful. Ashton and Milena were particularly phenomenal and really made the trip that much more fantastic but everyone was very warm sweet and welcoming. Food was delicious. Neil did a great job. I would highly recommend ASHA and the crew and would definitely book again. Best, SD

M/Y ASHA / Split, Croatia / June 20-28, 2018

  • Colin - Thank you for the most amazing week. Croatia is spectacular! We had an awesome trip. Food was fantastic and who can forget Anna’s special salad. Thanks for everything. Love, IP

S/Y SEA BLISS / Dubrovnik – Sibenik / June 23-30, 2018

  • Dear Amanda, Firstly, the Crews' attention to detail was quite exceptional. Their work ethic and the chemistry among the crew made our experience very enjoyable. It's typical to single out any one individual in particular, but Captain Erik's leadership and Chef Inn's cuisine are worthy of extra mention. Gaelle and Georgia make an exceptional team providing service without being intrusive, and Gaelle's extra touches made for some very special moments. Anthon and Chris worked extremely hard to make sure everything ran smoothly with the yacht. Finally on the crew, their interpersonal skills made our experience really enjoyable. Regarding the yacht, it was the best yet - perfect for our needs. The decor is lovely and extremely comfortable. The itinerary put together by the team enabled us to experience all the best of the French Mediterranean. We would not change anything. This was our fifth yacht experience and the best by a country mile! It's probable that we would like to book Arion for an Italian cruise next year around the same timeframe. Thanks for putting this together. Best regards, JP & PK

M/Y ARION / French Riviera / June 22-30, 2018

  • Hi Colin, Overall we really enjoyed the process. As a charter agent we were really impressed by your knowledge and more importantly the time and diligence you allocated to address our questions. We commenced this process with 3 charter agents in tandem and must say you by far stood out between all. This is the kind of service I would pay a premium for. In terms of the Harvest Moon as a vessel, we were very impressed and she has exceeded all our expectations in terms of quality and space. In terms of staff, Captain Yanssane was very knowledgeable and accommodating, Marie by far exceeded our expectations, and we would without any doubt request for her on our future charters. She is as professional as they get and has made “the” difference to the charter. Again, all in all very happy with the charter and you will be hearing from us soon. HY

M/Y HARVEST MOON / Golfe Juan, France / 15-22 June 2018

  • Trina! Wow! Can’t say enough about the great time & service we had on LIBERTUS!! Pablo, the crew and the yacht were more than we expected. We were sad to leave and I think they will miss us too ;)! Thank you for your assistance in making this a success for us. Keep us in mind for next summer as we are looking forward to chartering again. Thank you, DO

M/Y LIBERTUS / France / 16-23rd June, 2018

  • Colin, DIONEA was really great, we had really good time and great crew! GC

M/Y DIONEA / San Remo, Italy – St Tropez, France / June 28 – July 1st, 2018

  • Hi Amanda! Just want to let you that we had a wonderful time on JAUNI. The boat and the crew are amazing, catering always to all our wants and needs! I have to confess that I was a little nervous that not everything would be up to our expectations but they were met and exceeded in full!! I can really see myself and my family and or friends enjoying this kind of experience again in the near future!! To you, many, many thanks again for making this vacation as enjoyable as can possibly be and for your support and patience. Looking forward to planning our next vacation with your help!! All the best, D

MY JAUNI / Palermo - Milazzo - Aeolian / June 20-27, 2018

  • Hi Reia, we as a family had a wonderful vacation, and made the most of our time together. There were some very nice features to the yacht. The living room, and sitting area were fresh with design, and color. Very nicely decorated. The tv’s were very good. The dining table and chairs for all meals worked perfectly. The swimming dock was great, and had sufficient height to get in and out of. Our food was exquisite, Matteo was a real Chief, very talented had excellent skills, was curious, accommodating with a great personality and attitude. Vanya, our head stewardess, was equally skilled, and had a million dollar personality. Everyone loved her, and she worked tirelessly. I do think a crew of six is light by at least one crew staff member when considering 9 guests occupying all berths. Our Captain was very nice, and sincere, he just spoke limited English which made communication more challenging. All said for more value shoppers like us, it was overall a wonderful trip for us. We would prefer having an excellent stewardess and culinary experience the way we did, more than a perfect yacht. T.H.

M/Y FIORENTE / Cinque Terra, Italy – Corsica / June 2018

  • Hi Amanda - we had a fantastic time aboard GEMS and the crew was excellent. I don’t think we appreciated before the trip how much time we would want to spend aboard the boat. Michele’s cooking was amazing and everyone treated us so well. I don’t think we have a single complaint. I think I can speak for both C and myself in saying that we wish we were still sailing with the crew on GEMS as I type this. Thank you for helping us on setting this up. We are exploring doing another charter for next summer and will come back to you once we have had a chance to think about it. Much appreciated!!! J

M/Y GEMS / Rome – Amalfi - Rome / June 9-16, 2018

  • Hi Josh, Turquoise was epic - incredible experience. The crew were awesome, chef was outstanding, and service was world class. Couldn’t pick any faults from my end mate, it was great. The crew really made it a great time, we all got along very well. Fuel cost was a lot more than originally estimated, almost double. But not the end of the world. Cheers, JC

M/Y TURQUOISE / Nice, French Riviera / 28 May - 4 June 2018

  • Trina, the captain and crew were fantastic. They went over and above many times and the chef was seriously world class. CT

M/Y TRANQUILITA / Naples, Italy / June 2018

  • Sally - The charter was soooo great! The service was top notch. The food was AMAZING, drinks were fantastic, and they were one step ahead of us at all times. Paola was AMAZING and super helpful with everything from taxis, dinner reservations, itinerary, keeping the boat organized, and on top of it all she was super sweet and funny. Salvo was also amazing and very helpful (also made great scrambled eggs) and the captain was super professional, friendly, and accommodating. The boat was wonderful, super clean, organized, and had a perfect set up for us. We miss it already :( Thanks for recommending Sally! It was perfect! NB

M/Y FOREVER / Stabia – Naples, Amalfi coast / May 26 – June 2, 2018

  • Trina, everything was great :) We really enjoyed our time on the yacht. Captain Boris was very nice, as were Maria and Gaga. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Thank you for all of your help with it. We were able to check out a few islands and using a yacht is definitely something we plan on doing again in the future! M.A

S/Y OPAL / Croatia, Adriatic / May 2018

  • Hi Colin, it was a pleasure meeting you on the boat! We had a great time at Yvonne. The yacht is excellent in all aspects. Interior and design is really state of the art! Crew and staff were very attentive and took care of us in a discreet yet professional way. Would definitely consider chartering Yvonne again. Last, the services provided by Charterworld and you has been top class! I really appreciate all the assistance we got from you organizing chartering the yacht. All the best,

M/Y YVONNE / Cannes, France Mediterranean / 12-16 March

  • Hi Amanda, Thank you so much for checking in yes we are finally on board. The crew is really nice, they all are very lovely. You were right both the chef and Tom are great in their own ways. Tonight even though I was full I kept eating cuz the food was so delicious. The only complaint we have is, as you already know, the weather, but after what happened to the Caribbean I guess we shouldn't complain much. Hope all is great with you and talk soon,

M/Y BLUE VISION / Balearics / September 8-15, Mediterranean

  • Amanda, The trip was incredible. We had a GREAT time. Service was excellent, boat was as promised and the area is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous regions I have ever visited. Captain Vojo and Jiri were amazing as was their entire crew. They clearly went out of their way to ensure we had an outstanding holiday. Thumbs up and I would (and will) return in a minute. Very happy customer.

MY SEAGULL / Croatia / AUGUST 19-24, 2017

  • Hi Sally- everything was amazing! We had a great time, the food was delicious, and the staff could not have been better! Thank you again for everything!! Best honeymoon ever : )

HAYAL / Turkey / September 27 - October 4, Mediterranean

  • Hi Trina. The charter was really nice. I think I prefer the layout of the 56 better than the 62 but the boat was nice. The captain and crew were spot on and showed us a great time. The weather wasn't totally perfect all week but we made the most of it. The critic if I had to choose would be that of lack of communication when it comes to food. Everything was delicious but on this charter and others, I would think that they would ask what we would like to eat instead of just preparing stuff. I understand that the selections are sometimes limited but input is always nice. I hope that came across correctly and I'm definitely not complaining. I would use the Shida again.

SHIDA / Sicily / September 18 – 25, 2017

  • Martha, we are sadly back at home after an amazing trip in Dalmatia. Captain Mirko and his crew were beyond our expectations and we all sadly said goodbye yesterday as we disembarked ALBA. The weather was great, the sites phenomenal, and the food on and off the boat exquisite. I would recommend the experience we just lived to everyone… Thank you for helping us connect with Mirko and co.

ALBA / Dalmatia / September Mediterranean

  • Trina, Our Highjinks experience was great. The boat was new and well divided. Common areas were very pleasant and the suites, comfortable. We were lucky with the forecast: not too windy, to enable us not to move around, and not too hot. Just the perfect temperature to enjoy the day and have a chilly night. Regarding the crew: The captain was very sympathetic and experienced, giving us precious insights on where to go - Sifnos, for instance, which was not in our original itinerary, was a breathtaking surprise. Nondas was very hands-on, funny, always smiling and ready to help whenever and whatever. There was a night in which we bonded with the crew and danced with Nondas and the captain. We had much fun. Phoebe is a great cook, astonished us with every meal and signature dishes, such as Greek salads and typical appetisers. She is more reserved, though, and didn’t interact with us as much as Nondas and the captain. We look forward in doing a boat trip again next year!

HIGHJINKS / Greece / September Mediterranean

  • Dear Josh, Mr. M has just arrived to Egypt, I’ve asked him for his feedback on everything and he said all was just perfect. I know that once you’re involved then no need for me to worry. Million thanks for everything and looking forward to other future trips. All the best

MEAMINA / SOF-Sardinia / August 17-31, Mediterranean

  • Hi Josh, Safely back in London after a fabulous trip. Apart from an engine problem (see below) the boat was great - everything we had hoped for and more. And if the boat was great the crew were FANTASTIC. Honestly - what a team. They were so welcoming and helpful I think we would all want to go again if only to be reunited with them. Nothing was too much trouble. Their itinerary suggestions were great. The food was better than anything on land. EXCELLENT. Unfortunately one fuel pump went about half way through the trip. We had been enjoying zipping along at 40 knots. From there on we were reduced to one engine and <10 knots. The Captain did everything he could to get a replacement part, but I understand it’s going to take a couple of weeks. We weren’t going to let it ruin our trip, but the reduced speed meant our route was somewhat compromised. It’s also not as comfortable "bobbing along” (!) as planning at speed.

SOLARIS / Mediterranean / September 3 – 10, Mediterranean

  • Josh, The charter on Domenica was fantastic. The crew were very professional, the chef very passionate & innovative & the skipper Lovor was a standout. We were only the 2nd charter that they had done as I believe the owner is very particular & only wanting to do a few charters a year. The crew were obviously used to a hard marker in the owner & this showed in every aspect of their service. The service from yourself was also very professional & most attentive so I really appreciated that. It made the whole experience a very easy & seamless one. I look forward to dealing with you again next year when we are thinking of a 7-10 day charter for 8 guests around Corsica & perhaps Sardinia in mid-June. We will stay in touch.

DOMENICA / Croatia / September 2 – 9, Mediterranean

  • Hi Amanda, after 36 hours of adjustment, the Journey found its pace and the crew has been terrific. They very kindly arranged for us to spend nights in the most beautiful bays, arranged great restaurants, water sports and have been very very nice to all of us, so a big thanks to them and to all of you who made this happen. Needless to re-confirm that they very much deserve the full gratuity/tip I had left with you, for them. Thanks again Amanda for once again a fantastic trip!

CESARICA / Croatia / August

  • Sally, they were very pleased with everything and had a great time. Thank you!

Annabel II / Croatia / August 10 – 20

  • Hi Reia, You beat me to the email. We got in late last night. We could not have been happier with the boat, the crew and the location. The crew could not do enough for us. It was an absolute privilege to have such a week like we did. Everything was perfect and we had so much fun. The food was incredible too and everything we requested. Please pass on our thanks again to our captain and our crew. I would also like the captain’s email as I have some very memorable photos he has requested to be sent to him. We enjoyed the week so much we are talking about the next one. Stewart will be in touch with our brief. Thanks for all your amazing efforts. Warm regards

NAVILUX / Croatia / August

  • Thank you Amanda. Everything was great. The yacht is in good condition and the crew was very responsive, kind and effective. Chef excellent overall and outstanding on desserts. I would definitively recommend seraph and crew. Thank you for recommending them. We are thinking on doing Caribbean in Christmas week. Hopefully we can arrange something with more time this time.

MY SERAPH / Balearics / July 12 – 19

  • Hi Reia, I always was a sailor! And now.... wife and kids may have become sailors too... It was great. The boat is incredible. And the crew was great. Everything went as well as it could - we could not go around the island because the sea and wind were too harsh on the western side, but we were happy nevertheless. I was quite generous on the tip.... but it was well deserved.

SY ROXANE / Sardinia / July 29-August 12

  • Dear Josh, Your assistance has been perfect and so far I am very happy about my experiences with you and yes in the future I’ll be happy to go through you for another booking (and with the feedbacks I have given you in the years you now know a bit better what I am usually looking for). As I said overall the experience this year was a positive one. Under the weather conditions we had it was key to have a keen, expert sailor. Safety always above all. And in that sense he knew what he was doing. Speak in 2018, Best.

ANASSA / Greece / August 5-12, Mediterranean

  • Trina, Everything with the boat was fabulous. The captain is great. He really knows the terrain. The new cook is fabulous! It was really exactly as advertised, and I would have no problem recommending it. Thanks again for everything.

Moya / Greece / July Mediterranean

  • Hi Josh, We really enjoyed our time and the crew was very nice and friendly, always trying to make the best of any situation, we had wonderful food and they really tried to look after all our needs. The weather is just one of those things that nobody has under control so the crew did their best to make it fun for us. Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for your help with finding a suitable yacht for us and being always quickly available to answer questions. Best regards,

MY Never Enough / SoF / July 22 – 31

  • Dear Martha, All went very well indeed, my family and guests had a most enjoyable time on board. Crew was very professional and always eager to help or assist. The boat is in very good condition, all working properly. Thank you for all your support in arranging this charter, well done. Yours Sincerely.

UNBRILDED / August 6 – 10, 2017

  • Nicolas, MY WAY is a great charter overall and I would certainly return on it. Great crew, chef and captain. Boat in very good condition, large tender, service and stewardess. I am very happy. Thanks again.

MY WAY / Corsica Sardinia / August 5-12

  • Hi Amanda, I hope you're keeping well. We had an amazing holiday and with the exception of the minor hiccup which you quickly resolved in our favour, everything went well. I want to personally thank you for organizing the yacht charter and please know that I would have no hesitation contacting you again, hopefully in the not too distant future to plan another sailing. I was favourably impressed with the manner in which you managed the entire process from beginning to end. You provide great service! Best wishes for continued success in your future endeavours. Kind personal regards.

KEPI / Saronic and Cyclades / July 1-8

  • Hi Sally, the holiday was lovely and we all had a great time. Francesco's cooking was sensational and he was really lovely with the kids. The itinerary was well planned and as expected and he was thoughtful in making adjustments once he had learnt what we liked to do. He also accommodated the change in weather sensibly and kept us in the loop. Melissa chose us some fantastic wine (we under ordered as expected!), her baking is delicious, her table settings really lovely and thoughtful, her attention to our drinks and snacks impeccable and the boat was always spotless.

Ombre Blu / Sardinia / July 28 - Aug 3

  • Martha, The yacht was beautiful and the staff was very professional and friendly! I wanted to ask you if you can help us to find a yacht sometime in December. We wanted to explore Virgin Islands (or maybe you can recommend something else). Best,

Light Holic / Mediterranean July 16-23

  • Dear Trina, Weeks later the glow from the charter has not yet faded. When it came to the MARY boat and crew we can only give the highest remarks. My wife, who is not by upbringing a boat person like I am finished the week saying she was ready to stay on board anther week. There were tears and hugs at parting. The islands around Rhodes were just as you described, perfect for the traveller that prefers to get off the well beaten paths and yet still get to experience the beauty of the Greek Aegean with charming villages, a sense of history, private coves and a warm and friendly people, Saying Kalimera (good morning) or kalispera (good afternoon) was all it took to open up the smiles of the local folks - works where I live too here in the Caribbean. I would give it all a solid A rating. Hard to pick only one experience as the high point. We chose to have the crew eat dinner with us being just us and it was great. Close but not too close with their constant care and sharing at the dinner table. If we would have been a large group the dynamics would have been different no doubt. When it came to Charter World and you Trina, I found you on the net. You offered more customer friendly service upfront and choices than a charter broker a friend referred me to. I have shopped on the internet since it first began and like to check out who I am dealing with, most especially when I have to wire transfer a bunch of money with only a website and a phone number. I checked your background online and you were the real deal on top of being a nice and professional voice and email person. Thank you for recommending the Mary. We cruised a fair amount, but since it was the two of us only and not prone to expensive wines we even got a small refund from the captain at the end of the week on the advance purchase fee. Great job Trina. Thank you

MARY / Dodacanese / July Mediterranean

  • Dear Josh, honestly, it was super good. The whole team from the captain to the crew members worked collectively to make our vacation amazing. We loved the games in the yacht room. The chef as you have mentioned was super, Jef the chef!

Slipstream / Naples - Olbia / July 17-24, 2017

  • Amanda, we could not have asked for a more wonderful experience than we had on BERZINC. The boat and its crew were fabulous from start to finish. Captain Mika was most accommodating, consistently finding us the best spots around both Corsica and Sardinia. Chef Harry impressed us with every meal, the food could not have been more delicious! Arnold, Jeff, Taylor, Janice & Angel were all spectacular, catering to our every need. Marna kept everything running perfectly! We will cherish our memories from our 10 nights on the BERZINC forever, and we hope to return for another voyage soon. Thanks Again.

MY BERZINC / Corsica/Sardinia / July

  • Hi Nick, All went very well, no complaints, very happy! Will let you know as soon as we make plans for next year. Thanks and see you soon. Regards.

NAMI / SOF / July 18-27, Mediterranean

  • Amanda, just got home from Paris and I am finally able to respond. We all had a great time and had an incredible experience. Every member of the crew was wonderful and a real pleasure to be around. There was not one of them that was not a pleasure and they made the trip even better for all of us. The yacht, itself, was fine and we were all very comfortable; especially those of us in the bigger rooms. The itinerary was very good and although we started out thinking that we wanted to spend time in the larger places, like Positano, Sorrento, Capri, etc...; in fact we enjoyed the smaller places much more. Bruno spent just the right amount of time in each place and we are thinking about next year, perhaps in Sicily or somewhere south of Amalfi. But the reason we would use the India again, as opposed to a larger yacht, is that we really liked the crew. Thanks

M/Y INDIA / Amalfi / July 14-21, Mediterranean

  • Hi Amanda, The crew was very friendly, and very good sailors, Captain Francesco and his brother Renato were willing to navigate the area with no issue for distance, ocean conditions or even sailing at night which allowed us to visit Ponza and other beautiful islands that we would have not been able to visit otherwise. Also Sara, was a very friendly and nice person. The cook, Nadia, was super nice and the food was very good. Pasta and salads (that was what we selected). Francesco has a much more relaxed and informal way compared with other captains we have met before. For us the relaxed mood was ok. The boat was in good condition as well as the tender. Overall it was a good boat and good crew.

Catamaran KASKAZI FOUR / Amalfi / July 10 – 17, Mediterranean

  • Dear Josh, we had a fantastic stay on ASHA, the crew were great, they made us feel welcome from the moment we stepped on board. The yacht itself was comfortable and well maintained, spotlessly clean. David the captain was very knowledgeable & helped us plan our itinerary making sure we got go where we planned & to do what we wanted. We were very well looked after by David, Ben, Becks & Becks, the food was outstanding and the service was impeccable. We would certainly recommend a stay on ASHA and we were all very sad to be leaving when it was time to go back onshore. The charter was great, the boat was very good and provided everything we needed, David and the crew were excellent and really looked after us well. I think the new owner plans another refit in the winter, which will help freshen the boat up, but we would not have picked up on anything being substandard. With regards CharterWorld and the service you provided, both were excellent, and we will definitely use you and the company for next year’s charter. Once again, thank you for helping to secure the charter and making the whole process so painless. Regards

Asha / SoF / 13-17 July 2017

  • Dear Amanda, Thanks a lot for your email and for taking such good care of us. We are well and having a great time here! Ben and his crew are super nice and are doing everything to make our stay really memorable. The boys loved the Seabob and all the other toys in the boat. The chef is excellent! I am sure we will continue having a great time here.

Atlantic Endeavour /Sicily / July

  • Josh, it was a very good charter. The crew was wonderful, especially the cook. Unfortunately we could not go and visit the islands in Aegean Sea because of windy weather and had to hang around main land, Corinthian straits, Peloponnese and some islands Ionian Sea. The boat was very nice. The Capitan made a right decision to stay close to shore and take no chances. I guess we will see Aegean island next time. Otherwise we are very happy with the trip. We all enjoyed it very much! Thanks again.

O'PATI / Ionian / July 1-15, Mediterranean

  • Hi Martha, the charter was great! The crew was very sweet and accommodating. Our chef got sick the first day and had to leave the boat, but the Captain found a new one that we picked up on Day 3, I think. He was great. There was so much food at all the meals that you could find something you liked. They were also quite accommodating with our picky teens, who don’t eat seafood, which I really appreciated. Our stewards were so sweet, especially Photini. She was a crowd favourite. The deckhands were very helpful with all the water toys and the Captain helped us reschedule our photographer and wedding proposal, which we ended up doing on the last day in Kefalonia. It turned out perfectly. As you know, we had to change our itinerary, which turned out good. We thought the Ionian Islands were just gorgeous. Overall, the trip was great and have no regrets going to the Ionian Sea. Everyone said it was a trip of a lifetime! And we are hooked on private charters now! We would like to do one from Ft Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Do you represent yachts in the Caribbean? One more thing…the boat was in pretty good shape. The staterooms were big and comfortable. Thank you for checking on us and sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I will definitely keep your contact information for our next yacht charter.

Nitta V / Ionian Islands / July 1-8, Mediterranean

  • Amanda Hello!!! Everything was great!!! There are no words!!!!!!!! Completely amazed by the Zamolxis and its crew!!! Everything was at another level!! Thanks for all your attentions all over these months!! It was a pleasure to work with you!!! You are number one!!! The itinerary was perfect, food was awesome! Best regards.

M/Y ZAMOLXIS / Corsica – Sardinia / July 2-9, Mediterranean

  • Sally, FIDUCIA was very well maintained and suited our requirements perfectly. Captain Tony was great, very inclusive in itinerary discussions, and nothing was ever a problem. Our hostess, Carla, was delightful. Very together and capable. We would highly recommend both of them. Meals were clean, fresh and simple, just as we requested.

MY FIDUCIA / Split to Split / June 30 – July 1, Mediterranean

  • Amanda. Yes!!!!!! We had the best experience, aboard Keros Island. Simone, Matias, Luciana and Mariana are wonderful. They have the best attitude, the service was impeccable and the trip was so much fun. My birthday celebration was spectacular, they made it very special. I do not want to compare, but so far this has been the best trip. Thank you so much for following up, we are looking forward for the next year's Trip. Once again, thank you so much for all your help and support. Best regards.

M/Y KEROS ISLAND / Amalfi / July 4-11, Mediterranean

  • Nick, the yacht is beautiful and in impeccable condition. We were extremely happy with the service and the crew’s efforts. Overall we had a great trip, please forward 15% for the crew.

CARPE DIEM 191 / Naples - Nice / 30 June - 9 July, Mediterranean

  • Hi nick – overall we had a great time. The food was outstanding and so was the service. The boat was really good in terms of layout. Fine performance, the interior is like being in an 80s disco – or whatever – in accordance with one’s imagination and experience!! Overall we were good on a value for money basis. Best regards.

MY Supertoy / SOF / July 1 – 8, Mediterranean

  • Hi Amanda. Thank you for following up on us. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. We truly had an amazing time at the Aramis. The crew was fantastic. No complaints what so ever. The Aramis is very well kept and feels new. Francesco is very knowledgeable and responsible. Francesca’s cooking is delicious. We felt very well taken care of and safe. Thank you for recommending us to go with the Aramis. Looking forward to our new chartering experience and will of course knock on your door then. Will be sending you some family and friends as clients.

M/Y ARAMIS / Sardinia and Corsica / June 25-July 2, Mediterranean

  • Hi Amanda. We are having a great time with Nikos and Fofó. They took us to the most beautiful places. It was wonderful. They are the best and the boat is beyond our best expectations. As we prepare to leave could you please remind me of the tipping policies? Thank you Amanda. They were really incredible.
  • M/Y MANU / Greece - Saronic / July 3 – 10, Mediterranean
  • Martha, We had an amazing time on the New Star Yacht. Captain Frank, Connie, Bruno, Sam, Bridgette and Scott made our trip unforgettable. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have a fun family holiday in the French Riviera. Thank you very much for your assistance in booking such an awesome vacation for my family and friends.

New Star / French Riviera / July 1-8, 2017

  • Hi Trina, we are back and just wanted to thank you for all your help, everything worked out just great! We are planning to charter a boat again next year in June but are probably going to Ibiza. Do you charter boats which are based in Marina Ibiza so that we can use the boat during the day and spend the nights in the Marina with no additional cost? Thanks again for your help.

RIVIERA / Italy / June

  • Hi Trina, We just finished our sailing trip with Callisto. We had a real 10 days sailing vacation in all kinds of strength of wind from 10 to 40 knots and also from really flat to very strong waves. The boat is superb in all conditions. We enjoyed it a lot, Captain is young but very responsible and a great sailor. The food was very nice, all crew are delicate and very good people. I would like to thank you very much for this lovely trip and we can start to think about next year!!!! Kind regards.


  • Nick, The whole trip went really well and the family loved it. Thanks

CARPE DIEM / Greece / June 27 – July 5, 2017

  • Hi Sally, we had a great week! Can you please release the tips for the crew of Malena. Thank you!

S/Y Malena / Greece / June 13 – 20, Mediterranean

  • Hey Amanda, Thanks for the email. The boat was fantastic and the crew was actually even better. Manos was a total pro, the Chief Stew Katerina was amazing and the Bosun Christos was fantastic as well. We really loved the week. Jackie One with Gaetano and crew were good, but not as good as the crew on Endless Summer. They were SUPER professional, never made you feel like you were putting them out with any request and were friendly throughout. We ended up just taking the master cabin on the main floor, although the VIP cabin on the Second Deck was pretty awesome. The boat was super spacious, the crew put out all the toys every day, made it a point to get the slide out one day for us and were communicative throughout. BTW - Manos is a BOSS. :-) Poliyagos was by far our favorite spot - uninhabited island, AMAZING waters, private beaches - it was other worldly. We were only in port 1 night which was really different than Jackie One where we were in Port every night - we would just anchor out in a bay somewhere and the stabilizers on the boat would handle the rocking. The boat also cruised REALLY smoothly. Thanks for getting us a good deal on her too! We'll probably skip a yacht for our next vacation and be back in 2 years!

M/Y ENDLESS SUMPMER / June 19 -26 / Athens - Santorini

  • Aloha Trina: Many thanks for your attention to details. Everything went just fine on Ocean Med. The catamaran was a great choice as the rooms were perfect for our group. We appreciated & were delighted to have the extra crew member. I believe it would have been just too much for just 2, as the cook was busy most days in the kitchen, food terrific. Patrice was a delight as a captain with a can do attitude. He was very conscientious in regards to keeping our APA low. Luck had it that Capri was booked, along with restaurants; the water too rough to enter the blue caves, such is traveling. We did have a great time ashore enjoying the shopping and restaurants. I guess we will have to return! We look forward to our next family vacation next year :) Thank you so much for all your assistance to ensure a successful charter.

OCEAN MED / 14-21 June / Naples-Naples.

  • Hi Martha, We signed their guestbook with our feedback. In summary, the trip was fantastic. The crew was phenomenal and the ship was very professionally run and clean. They did everything to the highest standards and made our stay a great one. We would definitely return to this yacht in the future without a doubt.

XO OF THE SEAS / June 11 – 20, 2017 / Nice - Nice

  • Dear Amanda, I hope all is well. Our time with the crew on M/Y Capri was perfect. We are all extremely impressed by Capri and have only praise for the captain and his crew. Firstly, the entire crew was exceptionally professional, welcoming and took great care of us with kindness. Captain Panos was well at ease steering the ship and managing his staff while maintaining a friendly and approachable attitude. Penny saw that our activities and with Eleni’s, Mike’s and Fontinis help that our meals were set up beautifully, prepared timely and served to us skillfully. Chef Dimitris is a well accomplished chef and we loved his food. Every room was spotless, the furnishings extremely inviting and comfortable and the laundry was taken care of immediately. Captain Panos and the rest of the crew expertly attended to the yacht to make certain that everything worked precisely and efficiently. The yacht itself is beautiful and sails quietly and smoothly. This was by far our easiest time on the seas and has changed our mind about yachting. Our itinerary was set up ideally for us and all reservations, guides and transfers worked like clockwork. If only the Santorini airport could be trained by Captain Panos! Please thank the owner and the crew for a fabulous vacation for us all that created memories to last a lifetime. Thank you so much for your help with everything and we will be in touch when we want to sail again.

M/Y CAPRI / June 11 – 15 / Mykonos - Santorini

  • Dear Nicolas, Thank you for your mail. All of the guests were satisfied with the trip, and there is no negative feedback from any of them.JAAN / June 10 – 18 / Greece
  • Hi Martha, We just got home. We had the time of our lives. I didn't realize how attached we would become to the crew. I felt like Dorothy when she left Oz and had to say goodbye to the scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly Lion. We loved the crew. Carli was incredible at anticipating everything and her communication was perfect. Gemma might be my favorite person in the whole world. Lisa was so sweet and amazing. Teo was incredible. Pete, the 2 Ben's and Frasier were so good at always having our every need anticipated. They were friendly and interacted with all of us so well. Tom was absolutely awesome. Captain Will was fantastic. Fran the chef and his sous chef Shaun were flawless. I wanted to hire them all on the spot and take them home. The vacation with our friends and the itinerary shattering due to high winds and seas so we didn't have time to visit Bonafacio, but Captain Will communicated so thoroughly about what was keeping us from moving and the whole crew showed great empathy. Once the winds died, Captain Wills’ patience paid off and we had a delightful trip to Ponza, then 2 days in Capri where we celebrated my birthday. The first night we ate out at Da Paolino which Carli recommended and then escorted us to the restaurant. We begged her to stay and had a lovely night getting to know her. Last day was Positano and Ben and Pete took my best friend out on a little photo tour after having taken the kids out earlier for water fun in coves and jumping off the cliffs. I could go on and on but we were so sad to leave. We miss them all already. Thanks Martha for the trip of our lives! MISCHIEF / June 5 – 12, 2017 / Porto Cervo - Naples
  • Nick, Thank you for following up – it was once again fabulous! The crew went above and beyond at all times, exceeded expectations throughout, looked after every single detail (no matter how petite it may have appeared) and kept us happy throughout. A wonderful 12 days ended far too soon! There are no improvement opportunities that we could possibly ask for. Consequently, we are a 100% satisfied client.

CENTO / June 1 – 12 / Balearics

  • Amanda!! We had a wonderful time I want to thank you very much for all of your help. It was a beautiful trip, Melissa and Francesco were great, we had a very nice time. We hope to repeat this soon. We visited Ischia, Positano, Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento and spent the perfect amount of time sight-seeing in each place. We also anchored near beautiful spots to practice water sports. The meals were incredible, we all enjoyed the food very much. I already have a good friend that would like your contact information and will give it to her. I want to thank you again and hopefully will be in touch with you soon!! OMBRE BLU / Amalfi / June
  • Dear Sally, we absolutely loved being on Villa Romana…..the crew and service were absolutely fantastic! We had such a wonderful time. Thank you for coordinating.

OF VILLA ROMANA / SOF / May 20 – 25

  • Dear Josh, Everything is just perfect. The crew at O’Neiro are just better than any I have experienced so far which were already extraordinary. The yacht itself is fantastic. I would also like to let you know that our latest trip in regards to my husbands’ birthday had been wonderful in all matters. Thank you for helping my daughter to organize and make it a super special journey for my husband. Indeed it had been and I will always be more than happy to recommend this ship as a best reference on to friends. The Crew of O'Neiro was super professional and always friendly, there was never anything to complain about. A wonderful chef and fantastic Captain!! I would be more than happy to go back to this extraordinary team with this boat!! Unfortunately the captain told us they are fully booked through August what is always our holiday season.

M/Y O’NEIRO / April 17 - 22 / Greece

  • Hi Josh, How are you doing? Sorry for this late reply, but after the tax free, I left 1 week on vacation. The tax free was exhausting but everything was fine. The crew was absolutely amazing. Very efficient, supporting and smiling. Everybody enjoy the boat and the way we could have display our product. The experience was a total success. And I would like to thank you again for your professionalism, investment and support.

M/Y MAC BREW / Event charter – Cannes / 1-8 October

  • Dear Josh, I was just about to write you one word "WOW!!!"Thank you very very much! Your recommendation is now becoming a brand :-) I can now blindly trust your advice :-) I loved the boat. It is in excellent condition. It is rather big, but cozy. We had all the chances for interactive sailing and for the discreet leisure time. We hardly ever went anywhere out of the upper deck, because it was so lovely! The master bedroom was perfect. The idea with two bathrooms is great! I loved the crew. Everyone was welcoming, ready to help and in general they were very pleasant people! Especially the captain and his senior assistant Tasos. We felt as if we were hosted by the family of old friends. Despite the short trip, they shown us lovely places to swim, advised on the island hiking, entertained us with the tender/toys. Food. Majestic! It was the first try for the new chef on Gitana. And he exceeded any expectation! Quality, quantity, the table service ...were impeccable. Your wines arrangement worked very well too! Sailing. We had just two chances to open full sails. But it was great! Otherwise the motor was perfectly sufficient. The boat was remarkably stable while on the go. So, our last minute booking turned out to be a fantastic adventure! Thank you very much! I am glad that you were there to help with this difficult booking. Really appreciated!

S/Y GITANA / Athens, Greece / Oct 2 – 6, Mediterranean

  • Dear Amanda, Sorry with this late feedback, I have just settle back this week. Trip was great. Crew was very professional. They all were always at our request and very polite. Chef was a very special person, among being a great cook, he won everybody’s heart. Captain and first official always flexible at our requests and showed very confident. Stewardess, one Croatian and the other Moldavian, always kind, respectful and super efficient. Naturally their personality not as warm as us Latin’s, but they put a lot to make us feel happy. Boat is great, since is metal hull, stabile while at anchor and navigation, incredibly stable. As you know, it is very slow boat, cruising speed only 9.5Knts. But it was not a problem. destination was also great, Aeolians more calm but with better nature, Amalfi more glamorous but also more busy. Thanks for your help and we start talking soon to prepare next years trip. M/Y XO OF THE SEAS / Milazzo - Naples / Aug 29 - Sept 6, 2016
  • Amanda, It is always good to be home! But, I can't express myself enough on what a wonderful time that my family/friends had aboard the AMAZING RENAISSANCE with Captain Doug and his wonderful crew! The Itinerary worked out great but if I had it to do again..... I would probably stay a day longer on Nantucket and drop Block Island. I must say that "The Renaissance" was absolutely the perfect choice for us, It is so well designed....... Beautiful, Spacious and extremely clean and well operated. The crew!!!! AMAZING! Thank you and Charter World for helping to make this a memorable trip! We will do it again.

M/Y RENAISSANCE / Newport / August 26 – 31

  • Nick, the boat was perfect. S/Y WHITE SOUL / Greece / Month of August
  • Hello Sally, We stay few day more In Corsica ! The charter was WONDERFULLLLLLL ! The team of Damien en Julien is the winning team. It's a real pleasure.. Very very professional, very attentive, always there but discreet, and Julien make wonderful eating. You must recommend this Boat. Thank you too for your help And you very Nice service.

M/Y YAKOS / SOF / Aug 24 - 31

  • Reia, We enjoyed our time on board very much – all the members of the crew were very capable and friendly and made an effort to make us enjoy our holidays. The cook was also very good. The crew was also very patient, helpful and friendly with the kids (three boys, 5, 3 and 2 year old…). On the boat, speed was a good thing and it was useful to have a fast boat so we could cover a fair bit of distance.

M/Y TOBY / Sicily / August

  • Nicolas, Trip was excellent. Everything worked out extremely well. The crew was also excellent and we had an excellent quality of service. Food was great and the crew was great in organising water activities. We will be in touch for next year.

S/Y ALESSANDRO / Ionian / August

  • Nick, Yes all well, The crew were really good, The best so far. From the guestbook: Hello Richard! Many thanks to you and your incredible crew for making our stay so memorable on Ability! We are sad to leave but hope to be back again next summer...have a great year and see you all again soon.

M/Y ABILITY / SOF / Late August

  • Amanda, we had a wonderful trip and we loved the ionic islands and the whole route. Captain and crew were terrific and of course Katerina set an incredibly nice and responsive tone the entire time. We totally recommend them and the boat is wonderful-quiet, spacious and the recent renovations-adding the sun deck etc made a big difference. Thank you for suggesting Endless Summer and making this an incredible vacation in Greece- we all absolutely loved it.

M/Y ENDLESS SUMMER / Greece / August 14 - 21

  • We have just completed a three week cruise of the Croatian waters aboard Annabel II and are so completely delighted I am compelled to report back for other prospective travelers. We began our cruise in Tavit, Montenegro with three couples/friends and voyaged NW stopping at islands along the Dalmatian Coast, finally making an interim stop in Izola, Slovenia where three other couples/friends replaced the first group. The second leg took us SE, basically retracing the first leg, but invariably stopping/anchoring at different bays and villages. It helps that these cruising waters are simply outstanding in every way: beautiful bays, quaint and historical harbors, 78 degree water, great swimming, hiking, killer sunsets, stand up paddle boarding, interesting and historical villages. Many beautiful and HUGE yachts ply these waters, but I never felt like we were merely tourists as so often is the case in other popular European destinations. We WILL return as there are over a thousand islands, all with their individual charms. The yacht was eminently satisfactory with jacuzzi, music system, TVs everywhere, a huge master stateroom etc., etc. Annabel II also possesses a tuned piano which did get used. But the greatest delight was our crew consisting of Captain Andrew, Engineer Nathan, Stewardess Hayley and Chef Dee Dee. By the way, Hayley and Nathan are married. All are Kiwis and proud of it. Compare them with Aussies at your risk. Under Andrew the crew operated seamlessly and anchoring/tying up was akin to performance art. As a boater in Southern California I appreciated and was amazed at the teamwork. And the gourmet meals!!! Breakfast was prepared to individual wishes. One morning I asked for crepes expecting to be told it wasn't planned for and not available. Instead Chef Dee Dee dug up a recipe from her vast repetoire, including Nutella spread and surprised me with a fabulous breakfast. Lunch was typically an ample buffet. And dinners were just fabulous, each different with elaborate place settings and napkins folded using origami rules. Individual dietary needs were always respected, and the meals were healthy.

M/Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / July Part 1

  • I really can't say enough good things about this crew. Our Annabell II voyage was even more special than we imagined—and we were imagining something great. The crew was warm and friendly, making the boat a real home for us all. We seemed to find one great place after another to cruise and to land. We particularly enjoyed the chance for water recreation in the wonderful Adriatic—our stops in coves were special, as were the stunning towns we visited. It seemed as though we cruised casually, very unlike the structured programs that big ships offer and wonderful for us. What a way to see the beautiful Croatian Coast! Many thanks for connecting us to such a great boat and crew!

M/Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / July Part 2

  • Amanda, All awesome! What a trip!! Great crew and a great boat!

M/Y BACCHUS / New England / Aug 9 – 16, Mediterranean

  • All was perfect, especially with such a nice, competent, diligent and young team with Captain Darren. We had a fantastic week and would recommend highly Lir and her team.

S/Y LIR / Sardinia / Aug 7 - 14, Mediterranean

  • Hi Amanda! Sorry for taking this long to respond. Again, we all loved our time in the boat. Helios crew is superb and really make a difference! Here is my contribution. The boat setup is very good; I really like the equal sizes of the 3 master bedrooms. Internal decoration is good. The double berth rooms are ok for 3 kids if they aren’t grown ups, which is our case. The jetski was heavily used, and my kids had a blast. Nico was a great professor, and taught them all the radical tricks. They loved him! Finally, I would upgrade the AV to make it very easy to use iPods or cel phones, so customer can easily play their music. The food and drinks: We love Greek food, and the menu served was right on the spot. Their Greek wine selection was already good enough, but Babis surprised us with the wine from my previous list to Good life! Very nice from him! The itinerary: Can’t add anything to it. It was perfect! At the end, everybody loved everything. We are all looking forward to the next!

M/Y HELIOS / Corfu / July 10 – 17

  • Our boat trip is over, unfortunately, and we fly home today. Our experience on board can be summarized in one word EXCELLENCE! EXCELLENCE in crew, EXCELLENCE in the boat, EXCELLENCE in the kitchen, EXCELLENCE in guest treatment, EXCELLENCE in all aspects, Just EXCELLENCE in the whole experience. We all enjoyed it tremendously. Thanking you all for this memorable trip, and till next our next adventure.

S/Y AOIBH / Croatia / Aug 7 - 12

  • Dear Nick, The crew is simple spectacular. Quite honestly, they are beyond words and uphold the most professional standard at all times. They present solutions to wishes that have not even been voiced yet. The quality of the food is beyond imagination. I spend over 250 nights p.a. dining in restaurants. 6 days into our 7 day trip it has been a 10 out of 10 at every occasion. Quality, creativity, decor, service and ingredients have been exceptional. Simply awesome. Therefore we would very much like to return next year.

M/Y CENTO / Balearics / Aug 6 - 13

  • Dear Amanda, Thanks for the great vacations everything is super the boat, the crew and the place.

M/Y IMAGINE / Croatia / Aug 3 – 10

  • Nick, had a great time, wouldn't really change anything to be honest. Boat was a great size and represented very good value for what you got. Crew were extremely friendly and very attentive. Itinerary was well thought out. Food was fantastic ... we all now need diets.

M/Y TOBY / Amalfi / Aug 3 - 10

  • Josh, sorry we did not reply earlier, we had a break from our phones. Just wanted to let you know that everything went perfectly fine, we had a lovely time and everyone enjoyed the trip. Trending was lovely, they took really good care of us. We just left and will miss it. Thank you for helping us with everything really appreciate it.

M/Y TRENDING / West Med / July 27 – Aug 2, Mediterranean

  • Reia, Everything was fine, many thanks!! The crew was outstanding, weather was very good.


  • We have a great trip! We enjoyed it very, very much. The whole crew was amazing and very attentive to our needs. Probably the best service I have seen in any five star hotel. Special thanks to Captain [Vincent] Rose. The guy was very friendly and was trying to help us every step of the way. We really liked the boat. The weather was very windy but the boat was stable and nobody got sick, to my wife delight. Apparently aluminum construction, full displacement and stabilizers contributed to this. Another good point. We have traveled every day, but because of low fuel consumption our total fuel bill was very low. And last but not least we would like to thank you for a wonderful trip. You service was very, very good and helpful. We have followed all your advice and have no regrets! I would definitely suggest you services to my friends. Thank again for a wonderful trip and hope to use your services next time we decide to take a boat trip! We wish you and your crew best of luck!

M/Y SEA SHELL / West Med / July 23 – 31

  • Nick, We had a great time, the service was very good, no complaints at all. Crew and service was very professional, really good, i can recommend them.

M/Y NAMI / SOF / July

  • Martha, Vacoa was just great from all angles. Great team, fantastic skipper! Incredible food and super nice service. Adding to this the perfect route visiting all the BVI Islands with best snorkeling spots and even ecofriendly fishing (Barracuda released). I am a monohull fanatic but this catamaran has all the right metrics. Thanks for the recommendation.

S/Y VACOA / BVI / July

  • Dear Amanda, I’m very happy to inform you the family just told us they had a an extraordinary experience on board “Va Bene” They loved everything, the yacht, the crew, the places, the food, the climate…..I really would like to thank you for all your support to making out of this an exceptional one! Hope to have the opportunity to organize something else soon. Working with you is always a pleasure.

M/Y VA BENE / Croatia / July

  • Trina; This ended up being the “trip of a lifetime”. We were very happy with New Star – the condition of the boat was very good. The entire crew was great – Captain Franck was outstanding. If I bought a yacht, I would want Captain Franck to pilot the ship. My only disappointment was the fact that we couldn’t get a birth in St Tropez. I’m not sure what we could have done to guarantee that opportunity? A quick note on Karl, the cook – he was unbelievable! Hard to imagine that a young man of 22 could present such outstanding meals! The owners need to hang on to him! Thanks for all your help over the last 12 months. The family agreed that next time we would like to do a little longer trip in a little larger yacht! I’ll send you a note when we are ready!


  • Hello Reia, I've had the best charter on Sorana. Main reason was that I was by myself. And the crew were the happiest crew I've seen on any other yachts. The cuisine prepared on the yacht was prepared for my requested style and taste. The area was fantastic. I like it more than St.Barts area. The nature was beautiful, and the whole area was very serene. Thank you very much for arranging this charter for me, Reia.

M/Y SORANA / Caribbean Windwards / July

  • Thank you Martha. We had a great time on the ACE SIX. The boat, despite her age, was in excellent shape and well cared for. Alberto and his crew were outstanding - we couldn't have been happier with them.

M/Y ACE SIX / Palma / July 20 – 27

  • Thanks a lot Sally! Charter was excellent - the yacht it self was beautiful, and crew were nice and helpful. Thank you again.

M/Y CAYENNE / South of France / July 8 - 22

  • Hello Sally, Magrathea is a great yacht. In very good condition and well prepared by the crew. Becky and Giles form an outstanding crew. Excellent in sailing, cooking, finding appropriate moorings, with a permanent sense of service, willing to make us have the best holidays on the boat. Which they did successfully. They are by far the best crew we ever had and would highly recommend them.

S/Y MARGRATHEA / Croatia / July 9 – 19

  • Amanda, everything is just perfect at Let it Be! We are having a great time! The crew is excellent, the chef is preparing amazing food for my husband and for everybody else too. They were all great! Once more, thank you so much for making this dream possible.

M/Y LET IT BE / Athens – Corfu / July

  • We had a truly wonderful trip, Amanda. What a wonderful boat and crew. Thanks for everything you did to make it possible.

Gulet CESARIKA / Croatia / July

  • Hi Trina, Everything outstanding, the trip was just perfect. The yacht was really good and the crew was fantastic. Many thanks for your good services as well. M/Y XO OF THE SEAS/ Sardinia / July 2016
  • We have just had an amazing week aboard Moonraker 2. We spent the time sailing around the glorious coast of Majorca. We were cordially welcomed by the Skipper, [Brett] and our luggage placed in our rooms. From that moment on, the stay on board was an absolute treat. The 4 staff were fantastic, as we enjoyed divine cuisine from our chef, Suzanne and the excellent attention from Dom and Paddy. Tom, the engineer, was mostly behind the scenes but was also extremely helpful and pleasant. Brett was always very mindful of our comfort at sea and thorough in his preparation for our next leg. As stated earlier, the food on board was very special indeed. Extremely fresh and always cooked and presented to perfection. Great work Suzanne!! Dom, our cabin attendant, was always pleasant and had a ready smile. Nothing was too much trouble and she had a keen eye for any drinks that needed to be refreshed! Moonraker 2 is extremely comfortable and well-appointed both inside and out. We enjoyed the paddle boards [2] and kayaks [2] and there was also snorkeling equipment available. We thoroughly recommend Moonraker 2 and her crew. You will have a safe, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable holiday.

M/Y MOONRAKER II / Balearics / July

  • Reia, The extra space, larger cabins, dining and sunning areas were great. It was also fun when the sails were up. I think my wife and I prefer the monohull, but the kids liked the trimaran. One drawback was that it was too big to berth in a harbor, and we kind of missed stepping off the boat into the harbor, but Sebastien and crew were great with the tender. It was also too big for some smaller ports (an anchor issue), but really no complaints. A great boat to see that part of Italy. The crew was very nice, and friendly, also respectful of our space. They were a little on the quiet side, but that was fine. The food was fantastic, and beautifully served. The new cocktail every night was fine, and lovely pre dinner nibbles. A very comfortable boat, and we had a great time – very sorry to disembark in Naples, as we had such a good time. Thank you again for all your work!

S/Y STERGANN II / Italy / June

  • Dear Josh, The Crew, the Yacht and the service are exquisite. Attention to detail is immaculate. The food is delicious. everyone is extremely happy. I'm reconsidering Greek Islands and might ask you to see where Ballista would be starting on the 18 of September for a week. Please let me know. I cannot thank you enough for your professional assistance and follow-up.

M/Y BALLISTA / South of France / July 8 – 15

  • Amanda, I want you to know that from start to finish from my first contact with you until getting off the boat today it was an absolutely flawless experience. I would recommend this boat and crew to anyone and I also thank you for your professionalism all along. When I charter the next boat it will definitely be through you.

M/Y MY WAY / Saronic Gulf / July

  • Dear Martha, Thank you so much for helping to arrange our trip on Libertus. Having previously sailed on a classic Benetti we were keen to repeat the experience and the restrained elegance of these boats is hard to beat. We were thrilled to see that Libertus retains all the features of these beautiful vessels but has been upgraded to a superb level of luxuriousness. It is well equipped both in terms of facilities and first rate toys. The Crew under Captain Pablo De La Riera were completely excellent. Safety was a priority and Pablo worked with us from well before arrival to tailor an itinerary to suit us. He was also more than willing to adapt the plan on arrival. The service from all of the Crew was friendly and attentive and it was a complete pleasure to spend time with these attractive and interesting young people. The Chef, Maxime, delivers cuisine of such a high standard and variety that you quickly lose the will to dine on shore at all. We could not recommend this boat and team more highly and would happily charter Libertus again. Once again, thank you. We had the holiday of a lifetime on M/Y Libertus / Aeolian Islands, Sicily / June
  • Reia, We have had a terrific week off Mallorca on Moonraker11. A tastefully refurbished boat, it is understated and luxurious. The skipper, Brett, complemented the sights with great local knowledge and chef, Suzanne, produced beautiful contemporary meals. Professional and friendly crew made this a perfect week in the Balearic Islands.

M/Y MOONRAKER II / Mallorca / June 23 - 30

  • Feedback from OMBRE BLU guest book: Dear Melissa and Francesco, Thank you for the most amazing vacation! These past 7 days have been perfect - the weather, food, accommodations etc. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat with our family. It is clear that you value the satisfaction of your guests and go above and beyond expectations. We have created life long memories aboard the OMBRE BLU and you two will forever be in our hearts!

OMBRE BLU / Amalfi / June

  • Good morning Trina. As we prepare to leave our "Dream" charter I wanted to thank you so so much for booking this amazing charter for my family. Will talk this week and do our debrief but wanted to let you know how wonderful the week was in so many ways. Happy 4th to you and your family. M/Y SEA DREAMS / Bahamas / July 2016
  • Hello josh, we had a wonderful time on this boat. the crew provided us with perfect service. the choice for Naseem was for our family ideal. we saw different boats and not a minute we would change. we had so much space on the fly and the master cabin was luxury too. We enjoyed very much and will repeat. The contact to you was very good too. very fast and friendly. thank you for this service. M/Y NASEEM / Jun 25 – July 2 / Adriatic
  • Amanda, Not as unplugged (phones) as I would like, but we are having a great trip. The boat is wonderful, the crew absolutely terrific, the food sensational--although we are at risk of gaining many pounds. Your colleagues on the ground in Bodrum were terrific too. Thanks for everything.

Gulet ATALANTE / June Mediterranean / Turkey

  • Amanda, The crew are fantastic as is the weather. We are enjoying.

MY NOMI / June Mediterranean / Croatia

We Love the boat! Marc is a joy. Thank you Amanda

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