Bermuda Yacht Charter Fact File

Yacht Charter Holidays in Bermuda: A Fact File

This charming collection of islands is less developed than its Bahamas and Caribbean counterparts, resulting in quieter luxury yacht charter grounds and a more authentic encounter with the friendly and open locals. The stunning natural beauty along the coast includes numerous pink sand beaches and enclosed rocky paddling pools form an ideal environment for young swimmers and snorkelers for the ultimate holiday with family and friends.

Things to Consider:

Yachting Seasons & Climate:

The sub-tropical climate sees temperatures ranging from the low to high 20s°C/70s°F with moderate winds from the gulf throughout the year.

Rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the months and as a result Bermuda is ideal to visit year-round, however hurricane season takes place around June-July and visitors may want to avoid this period.

Clothing to Pack for Your Charter:

Breezy in the evenings and off-season, visitors are recommended to take a lightweight jacket in the summer. Temperatures in the summer reach the mid-twenties and loose, light clothing is preferable. Trousers are recommended for breezy autumn evenings and the cooler temperatures in the winter, with waterproof clothing for rainy and snowy conditions. For religious sites, shoulders and knees should be covered.

Main Ports and Marinas:

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Captain Smokes Marina, Marina at Hotel Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, Dockyard Marina, Cross Island Marina

Famous Restaurants & Clubs:

Ascot Restaurant, Waterlot Inn Restaurant, Tamarisk Restaurant and Terrace, Beau Rivage Restaurant

A Must See Attraction:

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, Fort Hamilton, National Museum of Bermuda, The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Fort Catherine

Best beaches to visit in your superyacht:

Horseshoe Bay, Pink Sand Beach (East and West), Tobacco Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay Beach, Elbow Beach, Jobson's Cove, Astwood Cove, Shelley Bay Beach, Clearwater Beach, John Smith's Bay

Local Yacht Events:

Antigua-Bermuda Race, Newport-Bermuda Race, Bermuda International Invitational Race Week

Best time to go

Early and late summer are the best times to visit Bermuda, avoiding the hurricane season in the middle of summer while ensuring guests still experience the warm weather on the beaches.

Further Charter Information

Yacht Rentals Available:

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Full Bermuda Yacht Charter Guide:

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Basic Holiday Info Summary

Capital: Hamilton

Currency: Bermudian Dollar ($/BMD)

Official languages: English

Main religions: Christianity

Area: 53.2 km² (20.5 sq mi)

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