New Abyss Boards water toy that lets you ‘fly’ underwater

December 14, 2011

Written by Zuzana Bednarova


Abyss Boards LLC, a newly-established watersport company, introduces  a boat towable board that permits its rider to dive and cruise underwater. The Abyss Board presents tricks and maneuvers while exploring beneath the surface. Wakeboarding, waterskiing and other towable watersports are limited to the surface. The Abyss Boards introduces the first board that can be ridden both above, and below the wake.

Abyss Boards´ water toy included parts

Abyss Boards´ water toy included parts

“It combines fighter jet maneuvers with underwater exploration, there’s really nothing like it,” said Eric Healy, aeronautical engineer and Abyss Board inventor. “Cruising on the Abyss Board allows you to explore underwater landscapes and see marine life in a new way”.

The Abyss Board is about the size of a boogie board except it has hand grips and a wing on either side. It’s towed by a boat at about 8-10mph. With simple movements of the controls, the rider can dive, ascend, carve and do barrel rolls. The front of the board deflects water around the rider’s shoulders and arms to decrease water resistance. The board’s design makes it safe and easy to use. When the rider lets go or if the boat stops it floats back to the surface. Since it is designed to be used with a life jacket, the rider floats back up as well. A snorkel is used to take breathes in between dives.

Abyss Boards´ water toy for ´flying´ underwater

Abyss Boards´ water toy for ´flying´ underwater

Abyss Boards was founded by Eric Healy after three years of research and development. Healy, with a background in airplane design, developed the board in Bend Oregon. He made many prototypes by hand and tested them in the clear waters of Cultus Lake, Oregon. The Abyss Board is currently being manufactured from the Seattle Washington facility.

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