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Sailing yacht TARA successfully completes expedition in the Mediterranean

November 24, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Saturday, November 22, 2014, the first day of ‘European Waste Reduction Week’, saw sailing yacht Tara return to her home port of Lorient, following the successful completion of an expedition in the Mediterranean from May to November 2014. This expedition comprised scientific research about plastic pollution at sea, as well as educational outreach during stopovers concerning plenty of environmental issues related to the Mediterranean.

Expedition yacht Tara in the port of Lorient on November 22, 2014 - Image credit to Tara Expeditions

Expedition yacht Tara in the port of Lorient on November 22, 2014 - Image credit to Tara Expeditions

The strategy of the Tara Mediterranean expedition was to collect samples offshore, but also along the coasts, near the mouths of rivers, and in harbors, to study influences coming from land. At each sampling station, collection was done at the surface using special nets. The samples will be sent to partner laboratories for chemical identification of the collected plastic, analysis by microscopy, and also for studies of the living organisms colonizing the plastic, and the interaction between zooplankton (the base of the marine food chain) and plastic.

Analyses of samples will begin in December, and the first results will be published in spring 2015. But the initial findings of Tara Mediterranean are highly significant!

According to Tara Mediterranean’s scientific director Gaby Gorsky (CNRS/UPMC), and the expedition’s scientific coordinator Maria Luiza Pedrotti (OOV CNRS/ UPMC), “Plastic fragments were found in every net haul, throughout the entire Mediterranean from west to east. Greater concentrations of plastic were observed near big cities, but there were also significant concentrations in the high seas.” Martin Hertau, one of Tara’s two captains, confirmed, “We thought certain areas very far from big cities would be spared, but even these are affected, for example between Crete and Tunisia.” According to Francois Galgani, researcher at Ifremer, “The Mediterranean Sea has, on average, the world’s highest density of microplastic.”

The Tara Mediterranean expedition, the 10th for expedition yacht Tara since 2003, visited 13 countries with 20 stopovers (in France, Italy, Monaco, Albania, Greece, Lebanon, Cyprus, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Morocco and Portugal). Nearly 12,000 adults and school children from around the Mediterranean were able to visit the schooner.

Five workshops were conducted with local citizens, experts and policy makers in order to foster international cooperation and on-site projects. There is an urgent need to move towards solutions such as water treatment, waste management, innovation for biodegradable plastic, and promoting sustainable tourism, education and the creation of Marine Protected Areas. A “Blue Book” to be released in March will highlight local initiatives and solutions, and will review the exchanges accomplished during the Tara Mediterranean mission.

The Tara Mediterranean expedition in numbers:

– 13 countries

– 20 stopovers

– duration: 7-months

– 8,000 nautical miles (= 15,000 km)

– 2,300 samples collected to study the distribution of micro-plastics and zooplankton; to analyze the chemical composition of micro-plastics and the microbial communities attached to the plastic; to study POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) associated with plastic. Analyses of images, temperature, salinity, turbidity and pigments.

– 350 net hauls (each net was towed at the sea surface for an hour, or 4.5km)

– 14 laboratories involved

– 12,000 adults and school children welcomed on board

– 11 artists-in-residence (An exhibition of their work will be held in Paris in April and May 2015)

– 10 nationalities represented (Algerian, American, Brazilian, French, Israeli, Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Portuguese, Tunisian)

– T° max of air: 34° C; T° max of water: 31° C in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean.

T° max in the engine room: 60° C

– 3 gale force winds (between 7 and 9)

– More than 400 media releases

Plastic in the Mediterranean : BEYOND THE FACTS, WHAT SOLUTIONS?

March 10 – 11, 2015, Tara Expeditions will organize with the Surfrider Association and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation a conference entitled: “Plastic in the Mediterranean: Beyond the Facts, What Solutions?”

The purpose of the conference is to initiate a dialogue between participants (industry, civil society, citizens, scientists and politicians) and to develop actions to curb plastic pollution. This conference, open to the general public, and will take place in Monaco.

Tara in 2015: en route to the Climate Conference: The highlight of 2015 will be Tara’s stay in Paris during November and December. The schooner will be an ambassador for the world ocean, docked alongside the Ocean and Climate Pavilion. Before and during the Climate Conference in Paris (COP21) in December 2015, this pavilion (under the patronage of UNESCO/Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) will shelter dozens of NGOs, scientific institutions and universities, with the aim of bringing greater visibility to issues linking the ocean and climate. A series of exhibitions, screenings, lectures, and workshops for schoolchildren will also be held at the Tara Base in Paris (11 Boulevard Bourdon, 75004) on the theme “Ocean and Climate”. A feature film co-produced by Tara Expeditions is also in preparation, with a planned release in November. Prior to that, beginning in March 2015, Tara will voyage to several cities in France to inform the public about these issues.

Partners of the Tara Mediterranean expedition

agnès b., Fondation Veolia, IDEC Group, Serge Ferrari, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Lorient Agglomeration, IOC/UNESCO, CNRS, UPMC, University of Maine, University of Michigan, NASA, AFP, Le Monde, RFI, FRANCE 24, MCD, Le Monde Futura Science, MedPAN, European Surfrider Foundation, Oceanographic Observatory of  Villefranche-sur-mer, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Free University of Berlin, IFREMER, Oceanographic Observatory of Banyuls, University of South Brittany, University of South Toulon, Aix Marseille University, University of Corsica.

Video: Refitted Perini Navi Sailing Yacht SPIRIT OF THE C’s (ex Felicita West) under first sea trials

November 21, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Representing the 10th largest sailing superyacht in the world, the impressive 64m (209’) charter yacht Spirit of the C’s (ex Felicita West) has recently undergone the first sea trials, following her extensive refit. Originally launched by Perini Navi in 2003, luxury sailing yacht Spirit of the C’s features naval architecture by Ron Holland and stylish interiors by Nuvolari Lenard. She is available for rent in the Caribbean and Mediterranean yacht charter locations. Below is a video of the first sea trials of the Spirit of the C’s since her major refit, filmed off the coast of South Florida, using a combination of time-lapse photography and custom drones. The video was produced by Pigeon Vision and shared by Perini Navi Group.

Ims 700 site final work in progress video released by Ims Shipyard

November 21, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Positioned at the center of Toulon Bay in the South of France, the IMS Shipyard, set to become the largest yacht repair shipyard in the Mediterranean, is proud to release a fascinating final work in progress video of the Ims 700 site, due to open on December 15, 2014.

2,700 square metres of earth removed and reused, over 6,000 tonnes of asphalt already used, 2,000 tonnes of piles for supporting the constructions in the maritime zone (hauling dock, breakwater and yacht pontoon), 4,500 square metres of paint applied, 80 members of staff working full time, i.e. 20,000 hours of work until completion… these figures illustrate the sheer size of this colossal project, a project the entire profession has been awaiting for years and which will house up to one hundred 20 to 80 metre yachts simultaneously all year round.

During the summer, 80 forty-metre tall piles (of the 143 received) were implanted at the bottom of the maritime area at an impressive rate of 2 metres per minute. The 670 tonne lifting equipment (Travelift) was delivered unassembled at the beginning of July in 17 articulated trucks from Italy. The assembly operation went very smoothly, carried out by a team of 10 IMS colleagues over the whole summer. The impressive 19 metre-high machine that represents an investment of over 2 million Euros for IMS Shipyard is now operational on the IMS 700 site. In September work began on the second phase of the 37,000 square metre central platform: civil engineering work above the implanted piles and transforming the buildings into workshops, offices, reception and recreational areas for crews.

Ims 700 site – IMS Shipyard’s yacht restoration, repair and maintenance extension in Saint-Mandrier’s former naval air base (Toulon bay) will make it possible to increase the shipyards capacity fivefold and broaden its service offer, especially for very large yachts (up to 80-90 metres long) thanks to a water depth of up to 10 metres.

With a total 130,000 square metres of surface area, 4 to 5 times more than other existing shipyards, a large private, protected maritime zone and gigantic sheds with a ceiling height of up to 15 metres for long term work and material storage, IMS Shipyard can now offer the best tools on the Mediterranean coast for vessels of up to 80 metres long.

The work schedule for refitting the site has been followed scrupulously:  the site will be ready to receive the first boats very soon and the first reservations have already been completed.

Royal Huisman sailing yacht WISP successfully completes her maiden voyage

November 21, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Commissioned in the Spring of 2014, luxury sailing yacht WISP (hull 393) is a majestic 48m (156’) classic sloop, beautifully designed by Hoek, with interior design by Rhoades Young. Built by Royal Huisman, superyacht WISP left Holland for her maiden voyage to the fjords of the breath-taking Norway yacht charter destination, before entering the Western Mediterranean for the remaining Summer 2014.

48m Royal Huisman superyacht WISP (hull 393) - Photo by Cory Silken

48m Royal Huisman superyacht WISP (hull 393) - Photo by Cory Silken

Luxury yacht Wisp, a 48m (156ft) classic sloop with a performance that belies her traditional lines, is a magnificent example of revivalist naval architecture from the drawing board of Hoek Design with interior architecture by Rhoades Young Design. Fulfilling the brief as a supremely comfortable cruising yacht more than capable to provide the pleasures of some ‘gentleman’s racing’ on occasion she presented an exciting challenge for the designers and shipyard alike.

The client whilst satisfied to cruise at a leisurely pace, was looking for a decent turn of speed without sailing on the edge. Moreover, as he plans to make long passages he expected the same high level of comfort – both inside and on deck – he had enjoyed on various yachts; and with meticulous attention to detail, he was involved in every aspect of the design and construction of what has become his ‘home away from home’.

Luxury yacht Wisp - Photo by Cory Silken

Luxury yacht Wisp - Photo by Cory Silken

In terms of hull design, the Hoek Design team has revitalized the style and grace of the classic sailing yachts of yesteryear, whilst paying homage to the needs of today’s modern lifestyle on board. Features developed by the team, such as the owner’s aft cockpit, provide a degree of privacy and amenity. Although not typical of the original design period, they help to marry echoes from the past with a thoroughly modern list of creature comforts for today’s expectant guest. The talented Dutch firm of naval architects was tasked with developing a yacht that would sail very well without excessive heel; hence Wisp’s added form stability, Alustar aluminium hull and spoon bow for a gentler ride.

Her cutter rig, moderate draft underbody, carbon composite spars from Rondal, EC6 and Carbo-Link hybrid rigging and efficient sail handling systems are all enhanced for performance, seaworthiness and ease of handling. The cutter-rig sailplan was designed for balance and simple handling while cruising and the possibility of using overlapping genoas for racing, with much thought going into the track positioning and winch sizes to handle the increased loads and speeds during regattas.

Sailing yacht Wisp - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

Sailing yacht Wisp - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

A close collaboration between the Hoek Design office and Rhoades Young Design ensured consistency between the exterior and interior styling details, which were made a reality by Royal Huisman. The deck design reveals a clean and contemporary layout that still respects the classic styling of the striking sheer, spoon bow, traditional counter stern and teak clad low-profile deckhouses.

The result is an uncluttered expanse of teak decking fore and aft with few obstacles to disturb the sense of harmony. Indeed, throughout the yacht the exterior woodwork has been rationalised by examining and simplifying every joint and detail to create calming guest areas with plenty of hidden storage and an efficient navigation cockpit. Instead of the more typical stranded wire, solid stainless steel lifelines linking the deckmounted stanchions provide non-sailors an added sense of security and add an elegant, polished look.

Wisp superyacht - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

Wisp superyacht - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

Super yacht Wisp features traditional waterfal l margins between the teak decking and the superstructures – a detail requiring much thicker pieces of carefully selected timber to provide a consistent grain and perfect fit and finish.

The custom helm stations and steering wheels represent works of art in their own right. Various options were considered, from traditional all-wood to modern wheels in carbon fibre. In the end, a graceful design was chosen with 20 polished stainless steel spokes, rimmed with a delicate bead detail, which radiate from a central hub, itself clad with teak that has been lovingly milled and fitted by hand. In addition, the detailing of day light readable control panels and surrounding seating areas were designed to optimise space and present a visual impression of low volume.

Luxury superyacht Wisp - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

Luxury superyacht Wisp - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

Further deck space has been freed up by placing the Rondal winches for the main halyard, mainsheet and preventer below deck in a separate compartment adjoining the engine room, which can still be quickly accessed from the forward engine room entrance and monitored via CCTV cameras. To ensure the 6.2m (20ft) owner’s tender blends in with the sweeping sheer of the hull, it is partially recessed into a pocket on the foredeck. Another notable deck feature is the crew cockpit just forward of the main mast. With a convertible car-style retractable dodger, protective coamings, storage and direct access below deck to the dinette, it provides a secure assembly point within easy reach of the deck equipment while under sail and a relaxing social area when at anchor.

Despite the timeless simplicity of the deck design and superstructures, trademark Royal Huisman detailing abounds, such as the louvered ventilation grilles made of veneer-clad carbon fibre on the sides of the deckhouses. First introduced on charter yacht Meteor in 2007, the advantage of carbon over aluminium is that it allows for thinner profiles to optimise the airflow around and through the louvers when given a fixed perimeter dimension. These smaller grilles can be elegantly sized to harmonise with the softly arched deckhouse windows.

Royal Huisman yacht Wisp - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

Royal Huisman yacht Wisp - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

The hull shape provided ample room for Rhoades Young Design, renowned for their sophisticated yet understated yacht interiors, to work their magic in creating grand accommodations for six guests in three en-suite cabins and a spacious owner’s suite. The brief was for a light, airy and calming ambience in which to travel the world – a style the owner summed up in the word ‘jolly’ – and this kick-started the process for Rhoades Young to define an interior design that reflected the classic grace of Wisp yacht’s exterior.

To achieve a relaxed, home away from home feel, the designers selected as the principle material a light oak that has been stained a soft, honey amber to perfectly match the owner’s personal tastes. Care was taken to ensure a quiet and continuous flow in the wood’s natural grain so as to ensure a visually pleasing calmness to the interior. In the same manner, the overheads – typically either paneled or clad in leather – have been reinterpreted as simple, unembellished frames with relaxed, linen inserts.

Wisp yacht - aft view - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

Wisp yacht - aft view - Photo by Carlo Baroncini

This neutral background is contrasted with dark wenge inlays and fabrics of the highest quality in courageous colours that range from fresh, leafy greens to rich, duck egg blues and burnt oranges, punctuated with brightly coloured table lamps that have been converted from Murano glass vases. Beautiful handmade carpeting provides the casual charm of Japanese Tatami matting with a softness that only pure wool can achieve.

“From an architectural point of view, we created an unusual open-plan interior layout that is designed in layers to reveal itself gradually,” says Jonathan Rhoades. “Below deck you are lead from space to space and at each destination the rooms feel resolved and complete. It is only on exploring further that you realise they open onto other spaces, until finally all the layers are peeled back to reveal salons and cabins with huge sightlines through the various deck levels linking the interior and exterior.”

Luxury yacht Wisp - side view - Photo by Cory Silken

Luxury yacht Wisp - side view - Photo by Cory Silken

The owner’s suite is a perfect example of this layering effect. The full-beam cabin has various Japanese shoji screens to bring in a gentle, suffused light into the room. Sliding aside the double doors on the portside reveals a generous bathroom with basins and bath of light green Costa Smeralda marble.

The space develops further when the curved aft doors are slid into their pockets to reveal a charming rotunda with a domed ceiling that leads to the owner’s library on the portside and walk-in wardrobe to starboard.

Super yacht Wisp - side view - Photo by Cory Silken

Super yacht Wisp - side view - Photo by Cory Silken

Flowing aft a sweeping staircase raises the eye to the owner’s aft deckhouse that connects to their private cockpit, which is trimmed with two fixed captain’s chairs integrated into the teak surrounds of the cockpit seating. As a whole, the owner’s suite is a fantastically light and airy retreat that maintains the flexibility of distinct areas for working, relaxing and sleeping.

Hoek Design also worked closely with Rhoades Young Design and Royal Huisman to fine-tune aspects of the exterior styling. They collaborated, for example, on workshop models of the “styled to order” boom to produce one of the most elegant and lightest looking in-boom furling spars on any sailing superyacht.

Wisp superyacht - Exterior - Photo by Cory Silken

Wisp superyacht - Exterior - Photo by Cory Silken

Together with the shipyard, they also developed customised up lighting for the deckhouses, rig and bulwarks to create a gentle halo that highlights the outline of the yacht at anchor, as well the fine marquetry to the boom crutch and cockpit tables. Collaboration and attention to detail has been key to the success of Wisp superyacht and it is clear that the more one looks the more one will see.

Aware that a happy crew makes for a happy boat, the owner was equally anxious that the crew accommodation and workspaces are both comfortable and user-friendly.

Aboard super yacht Wisp - Photo by Cory Silken

Aboard super yacht Wisp - Photo by Cory Silken

So the well-appointed crew cabins all have large portholes, whilst the dual purpose forward cabin appointed for the captain’s use is finished to the same high quality as the guest areas and could easily serve as an additional guest cabin with the added convenience of discretely placed instruments to monitor wind, depth and heading.

Wisp superyacht - Galley - Photo by Cory Silken

Wisp superyacht - Galley - Photo by Cory Silken

48m Wisp yacht - Dining - Photo by Cory Silken

48m Wisp yacht - Dining - Photo by Cory Silken

The engine and control room are not typical for a sailing yacht of this length as the owner requested a full-height engine room with maximised access to machinery. A separate sound-proofed and air-conditioned control room provides a comfortable and efficient working environment for the chief engineer. It also locates the electronics in a dedicated and properly ventilated space away from the guest areas and the disguised navigation station in the deckhouse, which is used primarily for route planning.

Super yacht Wisp - Interior - Photo by Cory Silken

Super yacht Wisp - Interior - Photo by Cory Silken

Wisp Yacht - Lower Saloon - Photo by Cory Silken

Wisp Yacht - Lower Saloon - Photo by Cory Silken

The engine room is every yacht’s beating heart. Here Royal Huisman has turned surgical precision into an art form by designing and engineering the space to the highest standards – and if this cannot be seen by the casual observer, it certainly cannot be heard thanks to Huisman’s famed attention to suppressing noise and vibration. Equipment such as the Hamann black water treatment system that uses micro flotation with ultraviolet light disinfection is now standard on Royal Huisman yachts, but on special request from the owner’s team the Heinen & Hopman Air-Conditioning unit is more powerful than in conventional specifications. Special focus was given to the environmental impact of the vessel by installing exhaust gas scrubbers and soot burners to ensure clean air emissions.

Wisp Yacht - Owners Suite - Photo by Cory Silken

Wisp Yacht - Owners Suite - Photo by Cory Silken

Super yacht Wisp - Owners Bathroom - Photo by Cory Silken

Super yacht Wisp - Owners Bathroom - Photo by Cory Silken

A commitment to the owner’s pure and simple aesthetic by the designers, combined with Royal Huisman’s signature attention to quality construction and seaworthiness, has resulted in a fine gentleman’s sailing yacht with ocean-going capability, comfort and performance.

Sailing yacht Wisp - Guest Cabin - Photo by Cory Silken

Sailing yacht Wisp - Guest Cabin - Photo by Cory Silken

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the Huisman family, and a dynamic and focused project team,” wrote the owner’s representative, following delivery of the yacht. “Together we have exceeded the expectations of the client with exceptional standards and we can all be duly proud of the beautiful vessel Wisp. “

Wisp superyacht - Crew Cabin - Photo by Cory Silken

Wisp superyacht - Crew Cabin - Photo by Cory Silken

Technical Specifications of luxury superyacht WISP (hull 393):


Yard no. 393

Type Cutter-rigged Classic Sloop

Naval architect Hoek Design Naval Architects BV

Interior design Rhoades Young Ltd

Project management Nigel Ingram, MCM

Builder Royal Huisman

Year of delivery 2014


Owner 1 suite with king-size bed

Guests 3 cabins; 2 doubles & 1 twin

(forward guest cabin is currently being used as captain’s cabin)

Crew 3 twin cabins

Principal dimensions


Length Over All (l.o.a.) 47.65 m / 156.33 ft

Length Waterline (l.w.l.) 33.62 m / 110.30 ft

Beam max. 9.50 m / 31.17 ft

Draft 4.45 m / 14.60 ft

Displacement 235 tons / 518,086 lbs

Gross tonnage 252 GT

Hull speed 14 knots

Rig dimensions

I = 54.10 m / 177.49 ft

P = 50.80 m / 166.66 ft

E = 19.60 m / 64.30 ft

J = 17.60 m / 57.74 ft

Mast height: 57.5 m / 189 ft above CWL

Sail area

Mainsail 577 m² / 6211 ft²

Yankee 527 m² / 5673 ft²

Blade 457 m² / 4919 ft²

Staysail 236 m² / 2540 ft²

MPS 1252 m² / 13476 ft²

Technical Information


Built according to the requirements of Lloyd’s Register EMEA and MCA (Cayman Islands LY-2 compliant) <500 GT  100A1, SSC, Yacht, Mono, G6, []LMC, UMS. Flag of registry and administration in charge of compliance: Cayman Islands


“Alustar” Temper H321 (AA 5059-H321) aluminum for hull plating and “Alustar” Temper H112 (AA 5059-H112) for extrusions

Steering system

Manual and power steering system

Segatron autopilot system

2x outside steering positions

Main engine

1x Caterpillar C18 Acert / 533 kW (715 HP) @2100 rpm


Mekanord, reduction 4,14:1

Propeller installation

Korsør VP8 controllable pitch propeller system

propeller diameter 1300 mm four blades


2x Northern Lights, M1064 A, 67 kW, 50 Hz

Tank capacities

Fuel 22,000 l / 5811.785 USG (in 4 tanks)

Fresh water 8,000 l / 2113.376 USG (in 2 tanks)

Holding 4,000 l / 1056.688 USG (in 3 tanks)

Range at cruising speed

5570 nm @ 10 knots

Bilge system

Royal Huisman central bilge system:

1x RWO oily water separator


OYS retractable bow thruster 75 kW (100 HP)

OYS retractable stern thruster 75 kW (100 HP)


1X HEM 30/3400, capacity 0.54 m3/hr

Fire fighting system

Royal Huisman seawater fire extinguishing system

Ajax Kidde engine room fire extinguishing system

Portable fire extinguishers

Fuel system

Royal Huisman fuel system with trimming capability

1x Facet fuel separator

Tender fill system

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic power provided by main engine and generator driven pumps

Pneumatic system

1x Hydrovane working air compressor

1x Bauer diving compressor

Waste water system

1 x Hamann Cont 02 Plus system,

capacity 5,000 l (1320.860 USG) / day

Refrigerating and freezing system

Fridge/freezer system with semi custom made fridge/

freezer boxes, Foster

Household equipment

Appliances from Miele, Gaggenau, Liebherr, Sub-Zero

and Hoshizaki


Heinen & Hopman climate control system

(360.000 BTU) with fancoils and fresh air units

Electrical system

230/400 VAC – 50Hz parallel, 3 phase electrical system

Main switchboard with power management

& paralleling system

1x battery power system / 2x starting battery system /

1x radio battery system / 1x shore converter 80 kVA

Navigation equipment

Navigation system | B&G H3000

Radar/sea charts system | Furuno/MaxSea

GPS/AIS | Furuno

Gyro compass | Alpha Minicourse

Magnetic compass | C.Plath

Navtex egc receiver | Furuno

Satcom C | Thrane & Thrane

Communication equipment

VHF | Furuno

VSAT system | Seatel

Iridium | Open Port

Telephone system | Cisco VoIP


1x Seatel satellite TV/radio system

Apple-based entertainment systems

Control network

PLC network based on TCP/IP 100 MB/s

and Beckhoff CX series PLCs

PC network

Computer network based on TCP/IP 1 GB/s and Cisco switches, wireless access points.

Internet access by WiFi and/or satellite communication

Alarm system

RH Alarm & Monitoring System; Eltek Fire alarm system

General / Abandon ship and MOB alarm system

Steward call system

Interior styling

Stained oak joinery style by Rhoades Young Designs Ltd.


Sofas, walls and headboards by Jim Thompson, Dedar,

Zimmer & Rhode. Blinds & curtains by Dedar, Lewis &


Interior lights

Custom converted Murano glass vases: Venini. Walls lights: Besselink & Jones. Spot lights: John Cullen

Natural stone

Basins and bath by Costa Smeralda. Bathroom floors by

Perlino. Galley counters by Emerald Pearl

Interior specials

Hand painted marble by Mason & Mason Interiors.

Rice paper panels by 3Form. Floor inlays / marquetry by


Interior hardware

Custom door handles by Turnstyle


Synthetic foam and mineral wool insulation package against fire, environment temperatures, noise and condensation according to the requirements of the Classification Society

Anchor system

2x Lewmar hydraulic anchor winch, type V12

Main anchors: 2x Manson stainless steel High-Holding

Power Plough 500 lbs. (225kg)

Secondary anchor: 1x Fortress FX-125 69 lbs. (37kg)

Deck hardware

Rondal custom deck hardware


Rondal custom flush deck hatches


Lewmar hydraulic drum winches

Rondal hydraulic reel winches & feeders

Passerelle / Boarding platform / Side gangway

1x Multiplex passerelle

1x Royal Huisman boarding platform with Cramm side



1x Williams 565 Tender Diesel Jet

1x Bombard commando C3 sports boat 15HP

(Principal supplied)

Safety equipment

4x Zodiac 10 person life rafts

Man overboard module

Paint system

Awlgrip paint system


Rondal carbon fiber main mast with batten car system

and style-to-order rollaway slab reef boom

Standing rigging

EC6 hybrid rigging system

Carbo-Link fore and staysail stays

Running rigging

Gleistein Dyneema and ropes from Dyneema, Dyna One and Gemini X

Rigging hydraulics

Navtech cylinders / Reckmann furlers


North Sails (Principal supplied)

Below is a selection of the exquisite charter yachts built by Royal Huisman.

21 confirmed participants for Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2015 so far

November 17, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

This year’s Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup came to an end just 4 months ago and already 21 teams have registered for the second edition of the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2015, running from July 9 to 11. Registration is still open, and more international teams can be expected in the upcoming months.

Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014 - Image credit to Franck Terlin

Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014 - Image credit to Franck Terlin

The 21 confirmed participants so far, shall be coming in from all around the globe; Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Italy, USA, Monaco and Russia. Several of the 2014 teams have already confirmed their attendance; CLAFIS Private Energy, Laguna Creek High School GETA, Dutch Solar Boat Team and many more.

Solar1 had a fantastic inauguration into the world of solar boat racing and are so pleased to have received amazing feedback, support and great media coverage in response to the event.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to demonstrate this innovative technology, and highlight the creations and advances that universities, their students and also private organisations bring to us in a very new world of racing,” said Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Solar 1.

Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014 - Image by Franck Terlin

Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014 - Image by Franck Terlin

Predominantly the participants of the Solar1 Cup have been that of the student variety. These young adults have chosen to take part in this, as part of their studies or in many cases, as extra curricular activities truly demonstrating their passion. These intricately designed vessels are astonishing, and could be easily perceived to be the works of well established technological designers and professors with years of experience.

“If this is what these young students can design and achieve now, I am very excited to see what our future holds with them at the helm,” said Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Solar 1.

Since the 2014 event in July, Solar1 has been in the media all over the world; from Europe, the Middle East, and USA and even as far as Brazil. Thanks to this, Solar1 has been able to attract and encourage several new teams like; iD Design, YTU (Yildiz Technical University) and many more. Not only are there several new teams, but Solar1 have also attracted a new international collaborative partner with a Brazilian solar powered boat competition, Desafio Solar Brasil.

Desafio Solar Brasil, held an event not dissimilar to that of Solar1’s, but in the glorious city of Búzio, Rio de Janeiro from the 12th to 16th November 2014.

Solar1 will be granting Vento Sul Team, B class winners of Desafio Solar Brasil, the opportunity to come and compete in the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2015, open class. Vento Sul Team, will receive a paid trip to the wonderfully sunny Monaco, for three days of exhilarating racing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Alewijnse’s new superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary at La Ciotat to open soon

November 14, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Following the recent signing of a contract by Dick Alewijnse, CEO of Alewijnse Marine Systems, and Jean-Philippe Mignard, Director General of SEMIDEP CIOTAT, the establishing of the new home for Alewijnse’s latest permanent superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary has been progressing rapidly. This will be located at La Ciotat on the south coast of France.

Alewijnse’s new superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary to be based at La Ciotat, France

Alewijnse’s new superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary to be based at La Ciotat, France

The new resource is located within Chantiers Naval, the largest refit facility on the south of France. All that remains to be done is furnishing the premises and connecting the telecommunications, and they will be open for business.

With its 35 hectares of space, deep water berths and nearly 40 superyacht repair and refit specialist companies on site, La Ciotat is one of the top facilities of its type to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean. As a leading system integrator, Alewijnse brings an additional set of skills that will be valued by owners and project managers that bring their yachts to the yard.

From its offices at La Ciotat, Alewijnse will provide both warranty services for existing customers and full repair and refit packages for electrical systems designed and installed by third-party yards and integrators. Users of Alewijnse services will benefit from rapid analysis and diagnosis of system issues, faster turnaround times and face-to-face coordination with partners in the yard. A team of initially six personnel will be based at La Ciotat under the management of Marcel van Loon, with a mix of Dutch and French Alewijnse engineers and technicians to undertake major projects.

The establishment of a permanent presence in the western Mediterranean has long been a goal of the Alewijnse Group and follows on from the recent opening of a base in Antalya, Turkey, two and a half thousand kilometres further east.

The 87th UIM Annual General Assembly hosted by Ibiza, Spain

November 11, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Sunday, October 26, 2014, in the glamorous Ibiza yacht charter location, nestled in Spain, was marked by the 87th UIM General Assembly, which crowned the annual meeting week. This was attended by the members of all UIM Commissions, Committees, Working Groups, Council and Executive Committee The UIM President, Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, along with newly appointed Secretary General Thomas Kurth, who welcomed the Member Federations’ delegates, who had travelled to Ibiza from around the world, and expressed his thanks to hosts RFEM as well as IWC on behalf of the General Assembly.

The 87th UIM Annual General Assembly hosted by the lovely Ibiza yacht holiday destination in Spain

The 87th UIM Annual General Assembly hosted by the lovely Ibiza yacht holiday destination in Spain

In his opening address, Raffaele Chiulli reviewed the 2014 achievements and outlined the progress of the UIM in the areas of Environment, Youth Development, Formula Future and Safety. Speaking of UIM’s strong commitment regarding Equality and Athletes related matters he warmly welcomed the members of these two newly created committees and he reaffirmed his willingness “to put the Sport at the centre” by emphasizing the importance for the UIM to provide on-going support to the National Authorities and to further strengthen the relationships with the athletes “No one of us individually can achieve what we, as a Team, can achieve” Raffaele Chiulli said at the end of the UIM General Assembly meeting.

The following decisions were taken during the meeting:

The UIM General Assembly accepted applications for full membership by the Bulgarian Powerboat Federation, the Lebanese Motorboat Federation (LMF) and the Croatian Jet Ski Association (JSSH) and approved the applications of Cyprus and Canada to become UIM Corresponding Members.

Messrs Jean-Marc Giraldi (MON), Jean-Marie Van Lancker (BEL) and Christer Gustafsson (SWE – Treasurer) were re-elected as UIM Administrators and Mr Luis Miguel Ribeiro (POR) was elected to the vacant position. Mr. Fred Hauenstein (USA) was appointed UIM Vice-President.

The UIM General Assembly ratified the unanimous decision taken by the Executive Committee and the Council to appoint Mr. Riccardo La Cognata as Head of UIM President’s Office.

Mr Jerzy Czeszko, UIM Vice-President 2008 – 2014 was nominated as UIM Member of Honor.

During the General Assembly, important amendments to the UIM Statutes have been made, in order to assure the highest standards of conduct in sport administration and competitions.. To meet this commitment, the UIM has adopted the updated Code of Ethics which comprises five pillars: Equality, Fair Play, Respect, Integrity and Environment. It imposes clear ethical obligations to competitors, teams, promoters, officials and all other UIM accredited persons.

After the first meeting of the Athletes Committee Chairwoman Marit Stromoy, a great powerboating Athlete, stressed the importance of creating a bridge between the athletes and the UIM National Authorities: “We are the reality, we are on the races, your decisions really affect us!”

The 87th General Assembly was also the stage of the first meeting of the Equality Committee. Inspired by the UIM “Yes we care” principle, Michela Lauta, chairing the Equality Committee, appreciated the enthusiasm of the members during the constructive and fruitful meeting.

The UIM President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, at the conclusion of the UIM General Assembly, stated: “I am very happy about the many significant steps forward we have done together here in Ibiza. We faced several challenges, we have had some good successes so far, there is still much to do…however, by working together we will succeed! Thanks for your support and commitment!”

Porto Montenegro – A host venue for launch of new motor yacht by Kormaran

November 10, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

A premium partner of Kormaran, Porto Montenegro, a beautiful Montenegro yacht charter destination, will play a host to the launch of its new motor yacht. Whilst Kormaran’s prototype is still in build, it is expected to showcase next year at a variety of locations globally, comprising the Mediterranean’s leading luxury superyacht marina. This striking motor yacht is designed to transform across six different configurations.

Superyacht Toy and Tender KORMARAN

Superyacht Toy and Tender KORMARAN

Kormoran’s original and innovative design has been led by the company’s founder and CEO, Dr Oliver Kormann, whilst Mr Daniell Porsche, of the famous Porsche family, is the project’s main investor. The boat’s six configurations, including Mono Hull, Katamaran, Trimaran, Night Mode, Flying Mode and Bathing Mode, give owners the opportunity to adapt the boat according to their mood or situation. Built from a combination of carbon fibre, titanium, stainless steel, teak wood and Boxmark Xtreme Leather, it is as stylish as it is practical. The Kormoran’s main feature, however, is its hydrofoils, an advanced technology that reduces water resistance by up to 80% resulting in higher speeds with lower energy consumption.

Kormaran yacht tender

Kormaran yacht tender

Porto Montenegro’s Marina Business Development Manager, Billy Canellas, comments on the boats launch, “It’s an honour to be working with such an innovative brand as Kormoran, especially as host venue for the launch of this new and exciting boat concept. This transformational boat will challenge the future of yacht design and we are looking forward to welcoming the prototype in the marina. What better location than the beautiful Bay of Kotor to trial the boat’s multiple configurations?”

Kormaran superyacht toy

Kormaran superyacht toy

Porto Montenegro will host the Kormaran prototype in the marina throughout next summer, which will be available for test drives. Kormaran will also be present at Porto Montenegro’s big summer events, including The Superyacht Owners’ Summit (3-4 June) and the Superyacht Rendezvous Montenegro (2-5 July).

Photos: The impressive 90m motor yacht NERO by Corsair Yachts

October 31, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Launched by Corsair Yachts within the Chinese Yantai Raffles shipyard in 2007, the impressive 90m (295’) charter yacht NERO is an outstanding vessel, entirely designed by Neil Taylor. Available for rent in the Mediterranean and Caribbean yacht charter locations, luxury mega yacht NERO boasts sleek lines and classic style to resemble J. Pierpont Morgan´s famous yacht Corsair. Below are the photos of this jewel of the sea, while anchored in the port of Livorno in Italy, taken by Roberto Malfatti.

90m Corsair charter yacht NERO - Photo credit to Roberto Malfatti

90m Corsair charter yacht NERO - Photo credit to Roberto Malfatti

Accommodation aboard Corsair luxury yacht NERO is provided to 12 charter guests in one Master cabin, two VIP cabins and two double cabins. The Master suite is a duplex apartment with full beam living quarters on the main deck. Aft of this is a large study with windows on three sides, a relaxation area with a writing desk, a private dining area and a sixty-five inch plasma TV. There is also accommodation for a numerous crew of 21 professionals.

Luxury mega yacht NERO - Photo by Roberto Malfatti

Luxury mega yacht NERO - Photo by Roberto Malfatti

Superyacht NERO

Superyacht NERO - Photo by Roberto Malfatti

The main deck of the breath-taking 90m super yacht NERO represents the principal entertaining area for large gathering with the aft deck table, a spacious main salon, a library and a dining salon. Other onboard facilities include a gym, a Spa Pool, a five meter pool on the foredeck and an amazing eighteen foot side hatch, used as a beach platform for swimming, diving and yacht access.

Luxury motor yacht NERO

Luxury motor yacht NERO - Photo by Roberto Malfatti

NERO superyacht

NERO superyacht - Photo by Roberto Malfatti

Luxury charter yacht NERO

Luxury charter yacht NERO - Photo by Roberto Malfatti

Boasting a generous promenade deck, numerous exterior seating and dining areas and a plenty of luxurious amenities and amazing water toys as well as yacht tenders, the 90m mega yacht NERO is a premier charter yacht for those wishing to entertain or just bask in the luxurious atmosphere of a truly elegant yacht.

New UIM Secretary General

October 30, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) have selected Thomas Kurth (SUI) as its new Secretary General at its Council Meeting. This took place in the enchanting Ibiza yacht charter location on 25th October, a day ahead of the 87th UIM General Assembly.

UIM Council Meeting

UIM Council Meeting

Thomas Kurth joined UIM as Special Commissioner after the departure of the previous Secretary General in July 2014 and has been in charge of staff and operations at the UIM Headquarters in Monaco since then.

The new UIM Secretary General brings with him sound experience and understanding of International Federations, having been Head of Competitions at the European Football Union UEFA for ten years, prior to setting up and heading for eight years the G14 Grouping of major European Football Clubs.

A multi-linguist and father of three, he has also worked as an independent consultant in the international Sport industry dealing with Sport Federations’ governance issues at large, competition organization, project & event management as well as strategic advice.

UIM President, Dr. Chiulli, said of this appointment: “I am delighted to welcome Thomas Kurth as our new Secretary General. In the few months he has been conducting the affairs of the UIM Office as a Commissioner he has achieved excellent results. His leadership and extensive skillset will be an asset for UIM and its Head Office on our way to take this Federation to greater heights.”

“I would like to thank the UIM President and the Council members for their confidence”, said new UIM Secretary General, Thomas Kurth. “I am looking forward to leading the UIM staff and the Federation’s operations and will spare no efforts in offering the Powerboating Community the quality services they expect and deserve.”