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Overmarine Group announce sale of Mangusta 165 Motor Yacht Hull no. 11

November 05, 2015

Overmarine Group is thrilled to announce the sale of the Mangusta 165 motor yacht Hull no. 11, destined for the European market and scheduled for completion at the beginning of 2017. Superyacht Mangusta 165 is a striking 50m semi-custom vessel, delivering quality, excellence and wellbeing on board, as well as a great attention on consumption and stability, both at anchor and underway.

Superyacht Mangusta 165 by Overmarine Group

Superyacht Mangusta 165 by Overmarine Group

Mangusta 165 superyacht Hull no. 11 represents the second Mangusta 165 E model sold this year, where ‘E’ stands for ‘Evolution’. In fact, the vessel boasts all the most recent style and technical innovations, including more aggressive, muscular lines, the large windows on the main deck, as well as the longer flybridge, hosting a grill astern.

Mangusta 165 E yacht is powered by four 2600 HP MTU 16V2000 M94 engines with 4 Rolls Royce/Kamewa NP waterjets and 4 Seakeeper stabilisers. The new engines are lighter than the previous ones, resulting in less weight in movement, as well as more efficient, offering a better performance and greater yield.

Mangusta 165 E superyacht also boasts such new features as the dynamic positioning. This makes it possible to keep the yacht still in a selected GPS position without having to anchor her. The system acts on the effect of the tide, the wind and the current by simply combining the direction and thrust.

Francesco Frediani, Group Commercial Director, said: “This is the second Mangusta 165 E we’ve sold this year. This confirms the success of this model, which is unique in terms of her performance and characteristics, thanks to her high technical content, exceptional onboard comfort and ability to stir up emotions in those aboard.”

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On board Striking MANGUSTA Yachts

May 06, 2015

The Overmarine Group Mangusta has released an amazing video below, showing the Mangusta fleet 2015. The video presents very fast and striking luxury open style performance vessels, including Mangusta 72, motor yacht Mangusta 94, Mangusta 105, superyacht Mangusta 110, Mangusta 130, as well as luxury yacht Mangusta 165.

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Successful Debut for Overmarine Group at Singapore Yacht Show 2015

April 29, 2015

As part of the process of strategic development and internalization of the brand, the Overmarine Group | Mangusta was present at this month’s Singapore Yacht Show for the very first time, attending along with Henry Goulding, the Group’s new exclusive dealer for Mangusta and Mangusta Oceano brands in Singapore. During the event, the world leader in the luxury Maxi Open yachts segment presented its brand, range as well as management.

Overmarine Group at SYS 2015

Overmarine Group at SYS 2015

The elegant and refined stand of the Overmarine Group offered visitors a full Mangusta experience through videos, images and scale models. Amongst these, superyacht Mangusta 165, the fastest Maxi-Open vessel in the world, as well as Mangusta Oceano 42 yacht, the new long range vessel, presently in build.

Scale model of Overmarine Group Yacht at SYS 2015

Scale models of Overmarine Group Superyachts on display at SYS 2015

We strongly believe in this area,declared Francesco Frediani, the Group’s Commercial Director.Thanks to its high concentration of wealth, Singapore is a strategic pole for luxury yachting and hence our Group. Singapore is the financial and economic centre of the Asia-Pacific region and its boat show is a clever mixture of luxury, dream yachts and glamorous events, making it an unmissable event for the main players in the area.

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Overmarine Group announces sale of two Maxi Open yachts

March 26, 2015

The Overmarine Group is thrilled to announce the sale of two Maxi Open yachts to the American market. The first is Mangusta 165 motor yacht Hull no. 10, the current flagship of the Mangusta fleet and the third in the series sold to this important market over the past 3 years. The second is Mangusta 94 motor yacht Hull no. 4, a new model recently introduced in Europe, where the first two units were delivered.

Superyacht Mangusta 165 by Overmarine Group

Superyacht Mangusta 165 by Overmarine Group

Mangusta is a world leader in the segment of Maxi Open Yachts, fast large vessels on which to reach a range of destinations quickly whilst enjoying exclusive comfort. This type of yacht is ideal for North America in general, for Florida, where the distance between one destination and another is relatively short hence easy and quick to reach due to the high cruising speed, and for the Hamptons, a resort our reference Clients love, where our yachts’ ability to sail in shallow waters, thanks to hydro-jet propulsion, is essential.

For the Overmarine Group, this prestigious result has been achieved through intense strategic planning and investments which involved the entire company, focusing on developing the product but also strengthening production, distribution and their HR.

As far as the product is concerned, greater attention was paid to increasing onboard comfort, especially with the yacht at anchor and/or moored, as well as greater efficiency, or better, maintaining a high performance with increasingly lower consumption, and to the ways in which the yacht can be used and therefore the different functional and operational requirements of North American Clients. These factors have made Mangusta yachts especially welcome and well-appreciated in this area.

Mangusta 94 Yacht

Mangusta 94 Yacht

The structural strengthening was important too: the presence, in Miami, of an Americas Area Manager, Stefano Arlunno, who interacts with Clients and leading figures on the market and has in-depth experience in After Sales, too, has enabled the company to manage this market directly. This guarantees the necessary assistance for achieving these results.

“These investments have now started to bear fruit,” proudly declared Francesco Frediani, Group Commercial Director. “The sale of these 2 Maxi Open yachts confirms that American clients appreciate the technical engineering characteristics and functional setup of our yachts. We can say that, even in the States, the Mangusta brand is increasingly more associated with products of a high technical content and exceptional onboard comfort, able to arouse those feelings only top, renowned Italian brands arouse.”

The yachts that have been sold are: Mangusta 165#10 and Mangusta 94#04.

Superyacht Mangusta 165 is one of the top models in the Maxi Open series and the fastest yacht in her category in the world to date: a 50 metre flagship which, depending on the engines chosen, can even reach a speed of 40 knots! An out and out reference icon on the world panorama with 9 units delivered in less than 7 years.

Hull no. 10 is characterised by the new “evo” aesthetics and propulsion system. Within the sphere of continuous research and innovation, the shipyard introduced this system in order to guarantee quality, excellence and wellbeing on board, with fresh attention being paid to consumption and stability.

The new “evo” aesthetics are expressed in more aggressive, muscular lines and new glazing on the main deck, a single pane of glass in the salon which offers excellent visibility from the inside and allows copious amounts of natural light to enter. The yacht features a more elongated flybridge and an aesthetic grill astern resulting in greater dynamic thrust.

The propulsion packet provides for 4 MTU 16V2000M94 2600 HP engines, 4 Rolls Royce/KameWa NP water-jets and 4 Seakeeper stabilisers. The weight/power ratio is excellent, as the engines are lighter than those used previously so there is less weight in movement. Being last generation, they are also more efficient and have modular functionality. The hydro-jets are stronger too, as they feature renewed design to offer a better performance at lower consumption. The result is that her performance is similar to that which was achieved in the past, but consumption is much lower: 35% lower at 20 and 30 knots. The space in the machine room has been optimised and 4 stabilisers installed for greater stability at anchor and during sailing: 50% less rolling with half metre waves. Moreover, she features increased efficiency so sailing is extremely comfortable even at low speeds.

Mangusta 94 yacht was the very first new model to be introduced on the market two years ago. Her external lines are the distinctive racy, sporty Mangusta ones, defined by many as a timeless contemporary design.

Both aesthetic and structural innovations have been added, like the single glazing, even larger outdoor areas, a bow cockpit in addition to the sunbathing area and a liveable sundeck.

Measuring just under 30 metres in length, the size of this yacht is real, something which is clear in the spacious onboard volumes.

She also features technical innovations: 2600 HP engines supplied as standard, the same propulsion as on larger models and installation of gyroscopic stabilisers.

This sales success derives from the seriousness and solidity of the Balducci family, which has been building yachts for over 30 years, and the ability of the Overmarine Group team to anticipate market demand, creating quality products which correspond perfectly to our Owners’ wishes.

Below is a selection of the striking charter yachts built by Overmarine Group.

Video: 2014 Fleet of Luxury Motor Yachts by Mangusta

October 21, 2014

Overmarine Group Mangusta has just released an amazing video introducing their 2014 fleet of luxury motor yachts. The video shows Mangusta 72, Mangusta 94, Mangusta 105, luxury yacht Mangusta 110, Mangusta 130, Mangusta 165 superyacht, as well as the striking 42-metre superyacht Oceano 42, representing the first Mangusta steel-hulled vessel, due to be launched in 2016.

The new propulsion system on ninth Mangusta 165 motor yacht PUMPKIN by Overmarine Group

August 07, 2014

Luxury motor yacht Pumpkin by Overmarine Group represents the ninth Mangusta 165 vessel, boasting the new propulsion system. The striking 50-metre maxi open yacht Pumpkin is the first Mangusta 165 to feature four MTU engines.

Mangusta 165 Yacht by Overmarine Group - Running

Mangusta 165 Yacht by Overmarine Group - Running

Today’s clients want the layout of a home on-board their yachts, they want space and light, but also a high performance, giving the word a new meaning: not only energy and stability, but most importantly comfort and efficiency, at all speeds.

This is exactly what the Group has focused on in its work over the past three years,: process control, the type of composite structures used, cutting-edge processing, soundproofing, vibration control, and ergonomic layouts. Everything has been studied in painstaking detail in order to guarantee quality, excellence and well-being on board. The Group has also worked on propulsion systems which satisfy various demands in terms of both speed and comfort, paying greater attention to consumption and stabilisation in order to increase both range and efficiency.

Ninth Mangusta 165 superyacht Pumpkin by Overmarine Group

Ninth Mangusta 165 superyacht Pumpkin by Overmarine Group

The new Mangusta 165 no. 9 is the very latest example of this evolution and of the perfect combination of comfort and speed.

There are a number of important technological innovations on this yacht as well as improvements in performance, including a new propulsion system with 4 MTU 16V 2000 M94 2600hp engines, 4 Rolls Royce/Kamewa NP (new pump) waterjets and 4 Seakeeper stabilisers. This driving system has an excellent weight/power ratio, as the engines are lighter than the previous ones and so there is less weight in movement when the yacht is at sea. These last generation engines are also more efficient and have a modular functionality. The waterjets are also stronger as the design has been renewed in order to offer a better performance at lower consumption. The result is that this yacht can reach similar speeds as in the past but consumes less: 35% less at 20 and 30 knots.The optimised layout in the engine room has provided the space to install 4 stabilisers for improving stabilisation when the yacht is both at anchor and under way: 50% less rolling with half metre waves. Efficiency has also been improved meaning sailing is very comfortable at low speeds, too.

Luxury motor yacht Pumpkin - aft view

Luxury motor yacht Pumpkin - aft view

Each and every owner can really decide whether to sail at high speeds or 20/30 knots with good drive efficiency and greater efficiency of consumption, without however, ever having to renounce to being comfortable on-board.

The Pumpkin yacht is proof of the shipyard’s continuous evolution, but also of its ability to understand the market and anticipate client demand.

Greater opportunities for this successful model, which can now also be proposed in an “E” (evo/evolution) version with a number of external aesthetic features.

Below is a gallery for the stylish charter yachts built by Overmarine.

All-new Mangusta 165 motor yacht PUMPKIN launched and delivered

July 14, 2014

The Overmarine Group has successfully launched and delivered the brand new Mangusta 165 motor yacht PUMPKIN. The first Mangusta 165 to feature four MTU engines, superyacht PUMPKIN (Hull no. 9) bears naval architecture by the yard’s in-house team and sophisticated exterior design by acclaimed Stefano Righini. Below is an image from the launch of the luxury yacht Mangusta 165 E (hull no. 8) – a sister ship to the ninth 50-metre Mangusta 165 maxi open yacht. The official information about the launch and delivery of this superb vessel are still expected to be released by the shipyard.

8th superyacht Mangusta 165 R by Overmarine Group - Photo credit to Reply Story courtesy of the Owner

8th superyacht Mangusta 165 R by Overmarine Group - a sister ship to Mangusta 165 Yacht Pumpkin (Hull no. 9) - Photo credit to Reply Story courtesy of the Owner

Since 2007, when Mangusta 165 was first introduced, this model has lent herself to becoming an icon and reference point on the world panorama: 9 units already in the water in 7 years tell of just how extraordinary and unique these Maxi Open yachts are.

Below is a gallery for the superb charter yachts built by Overmarine.

New Overmarine super yacht MANGUSTA 110 fitted with Seakeeper gyro as option

April 17, 2014

The recent debut of the brand new Overmarine super yacht Mangusta 110 marks the first time the prestigious Italian shipyard has presented a worldwide premiere of a new model in the USA. To offer maximum comfort as well as stability aboard the luxury motor yacht Mangusta 110, Overmarine has chosen Seakeeper gyro stabilization systems.

New Overmarine superyacht Mangusta 110 featuring Seakeeper gyro as option

New Overmarine superyacht Mangusta 110 featuring Seakeeper gyro as option

Seakeeper has previously worked with Overmarine Group on highly successful gyro refit projects on a Mangusta 105 (examle is charter yacht Storm 1) and Mangusta 165 (example can be charter yacht Zeus). “Gyro stabilization radically improves the onboard experience,” said Nicola Onori, Overmarine Group chief engineer. “The 110 represents a new generation of Mangusta vessels, for which the term performance refers not only to dynamism, but to overall stability and comfort.”

With a beam of 23.56′, maximum draft of 5.58′ and displacement of 130 tons, the versatile Mangusta 110 yacht exudes opulence and sportiness in equal measure. Powered by two MTU 16V 2000M94 2,600 hp engines and twin Kamewa waterjets, the 110 has a range of 350 nm at cruising speed.

Actively controlled Seakeeper gyro stabilization systems reduce resonant boat roll by up to 90%, greatly enhancing comfort and safety for all aboard. Compact, energy-efficient and virtually silent, the Seakeeper gyro is housed internally, with no drag-producing external appendages.

New Overmarine Yacht Mangusta 165 E to be delivered soon

March 27, 2014

Representing the eighth unit of Maxi Open Mangusta fleet flagship and the first one of the new “E” series, the brand new motor yacht Mangusta 165 E hit the water at the Overmarine Group on February 6, 2014. Compared to her sisterships, superyacht Mangusta 165 E is even more unique, insomuch as she has been called 165 E, where ‘E’ stands for “Evolution”. She will shortly be handed over to her Owner during an official ceremony and will make her world debut at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014 in September.

Mangusta 165 R Yacht - Photo credit to Reply Story courtesy of the Owner

Mangusta 165 R Yacht at launch at Overmarine - Photo credit to Reply Story courtesy of the Owner

There are a number of new aesthetic-structural features, fruit of the Owner’s requests which the shipyard’s design department has interpreted perfectly and integrated into the yacht: a new side window, a large single panel of glass by the main salon, providing excellent visibility from the inside and letting in even more natural light. Moreover, alterations have been made to the flybridge, the superstructure of which has been redesigned in order to house a large U-shaped divan, where a grill gives this yacht more modern, aggressive lines. In addition, there is a ‘top’ performance, where the word “performance” not only describes their dynamism and stability, but is also quality, excellence and wellbeing onboard.

The Mangusta 165 E yacht is also unique because of the wealth and quantity of the materials used onboard: valuable materials, lacquering and chromaticism, more than 10 different kinds of woods, at least 7 different kinds of marble, lots of precious leathers, like ray leather, and much more, glass, mother of pearl, onyx,..

Overmarine Group launches Mangusta 130 motor yacht Hull #18

March 27, 2014

March 4, 2014, saw the Overmarine Group launch the all-new Mangusta 130 motor yacht Hull #18. The ceremony was attended by the Owner, family and friends. The brand new 18th unit of the Mangusta 130 yacht series represents the second Mangusta yacht for this Owner, who was particularly excited and happy, and wished to celebrate with all those people who had worked so passionately to realise his dream.

Mangusta 130 superyacht Hull no. 18 at launch at Overmarine Group

Mangusta 130 superyacht Hull no. 18 at launch at Overmarine Group

The 40-metre Maxi Open superyacht Mangusta 130 Hull #18 stands out for her racy, decisive lines, her performance, 38 knots at top speed, excellent seaworthiness and lack of vibrations and noise which is such a classic on Mangusta yachts.

The interiors design is the result of a perfect balance between the wishes of the owner and the professionalism of the Overmarine Group Designer team. Ebony and pear wood dominate throughout. The main deck houses an elegant, spacious salon. The central part of the roof can be opened up to bring more light and fresh air into this area. On the lower deck, the guest area consists of a full beam owner’s suite astern featuring a large bathroom and an office, of a fitness area with Technogym equipment, of a TV lounge and of 3 cabins – a VIP and 2 guest cabins. The galley and, separated by a door, the area for the crew lies astern too.

The Mangusta 130 luxury yacht Hull no. 18 is also characterized by large exterior spaces at both bow and stern which allow owners and guests to experience life on board to the full.

In addition, the Overmarine Group is expected to deliver the first Mangusta 110 yacht to her Owner at the beginning of April, following the launch of the ninth Mangusta 165 yacht, with new engines and special interiors designed by Vafiadis.