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Three world renowned designers presented at the Superyacht Design Summit

April 04, 2012

On the 13th March at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour (DCCH), Andrew Winch was invited by the Superyacht Design Summit, to speak together with Terence Disdale as well as Tim Heywood at this year’s London Design Week.

The Superyacht Design Summit 2012

The Superyacht Design Summit 2012

To a knowledgeable audience of 200 Owner’s Representatives, suppliers and fellow designers, the three world renowned designers delivered a fun and fascinating insight into the experiences they have gained whilst designing for the Superyacht industry over the last 35 years!

Chaired by the Martin H Redmayne, Chairman of The Superyacht Group, the talk covered a diverse array of topics including, the foundations of their experience, maintaining Client relationships, sourcing and working with suppliers, and pushing the boundaries of design.

Having all started their careers together at the late Jon Bannenburg’s studio, the three friends have all established their own design studios; each offering unique services to their Clients. Founded in 1987, Andrew Winch Designs consists of a talented team of 50 colleagues, dedicated to creating the dreams of their Clients whether it is an aircraft, yacht or architectural project.

Attractive pricing initiatives at the 2013 Tullett Prebon London Boat Show

April 03, 2012

Yachts will be the stars of the Show at the 2013 Tullett Prebon London Boat Show. It will become a must see exhibition and will provide a world-beating experience that mixes up all the best bits of years gone by into one extraordinary Show.

Tullett Prebon London Boat Show

Tullett Prebon London Boat Show

The 2013 Show will bring some really exciting new plans and some fundamental changes, all aimed at creating a world-leading spectacle and showcase. And importantly addressing the lack of boats – particularly sail boats, product mix, costs, atmosphere and visitor experience.

NEW – attractive pricing initiatives

In order to attract a full range of boats and companies – which have been lacking from the Show – there has been implemented attractive pricing initiatives of up to 50% off the headline price.

NEW – Shorter opening hours, discounted early week day tickets and one price all day parking

To help the quieter Monday to Wednesday and the atmosphere at the Show, discounted visitor tickets will be introduced, from just £10; the Show will also close at 6pm on weekdays (excluding Late Night Thursday). Visitors will also be offered a ‘one price all day parking’, if they book in advance, to encourage them to stay in the venue longer and spend more time with exhibitors.

NEW – Layout

There will also be an exciting new layout which will look very different to the 2012 Show and is designed to deliver more visitors to the exhibitors´ stands – boats spread throughout the Show; two main floor boardwalks for power and sail; OEMs, equipment, holidays and electronics exhibiting among the boat stand; a dedicated area for starter boats and dinghies; better access to the marina; and restricted access to the boulevard.

PLUS – Used Boats Marina and additional shows continue…

All of this will be in addition to the much welcomed elements of the Show introduced over the last few years: the ever popular Used Boats Marina was a success with 11% of visitors in 2012 looking to buy a used boat and is back for 2013; the London Bike, Outdoors and Active Travel Show, will again co-locate, a benefit to us as 42% of their visitors (more than 12,500 people) were interested in the Boat Show; the Luxury Lifestyle and Supercar Showcase, planned to be larger in 2013, delivered new customers to marine exhibitors stands and promoted the show to more than one million people; and free space for exhibitors will again be offered to those who run a visitor attraction on their stand.

The 2013 Show is being designed to help achieve one´s objectives; the sales platform will not only help make sales but also gain new leads, offer networking and help raise your brand awareness. With special packages for boat companies, affordable rates for exhibiting and free space for those offering something interactive, it really will offer return on investment.  Can one afford to not be there – and miss out on a great selling opportunity in January?

Many companies are already confirming their interest for the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show, with the new plans and pricing options proving very attractive. Just some of the names already confirmed include: Fairline; Flexisail; Key Yachting with their sail and power brands J Boats, Grand Soleil and MJM Yachts; Mersea Trailers (MacGregor Yachts); Northshore; Princess Yachts; Roche Marine (Sea Bob); and Sunseeker.

Superyacht Fiscal Summit 2012

March 30, 2012

The 2012 Superyacht Fiscal Summit, taking place at London’s Glaziers Hall, got underway with a keynote address from The Superyacht Group’s Chairman Martin H Redmayne, who was joined on stage by Floating Life’s general manager Andrea Pezzini as well as Chairman Barbara Tambani. The trio spoke about the driver for all fiscal matters – the superyacht owner.

Superyacht Fiscal Summit 2012

Superyacht Fiscal Summit 2012

Redmayne opened by outlining the key aim that all corporate and fiscal service providers should grasp – the retention of owners in yachting. This is achievable he said, through the conveyance of clear, honest and consistent information and advice, the lack of which, Pezzini said, is a major problem facing the superyacht industry in 2012.

Tambani identified the regulatory minefield that comes with cruising European waters as a further source of discouragement for owners, many of whom are opting to build their vessel for private use to “avoid the headache”. Redmayne agreed, predicting that this trend could be reflected by a quieter summer season for the Mediterranean this year.

As Pezzini said, the fundamental way of retaining a broad base of clients, and expanding the number of clients who want to own superyachts is “to change our mentality.” “It’s our problem not theirs. They don’t want to have to learn about every change in tax legislation; they want the best advice,” he added.

Pezzini then went on to explain that there will be monetary issues and challenges wherever a commercial vessel chooses to cruise – the only safe place being “in the middle of the sea” – and it is the job of a well run management company to overcome these challenges by being well informed and well organised. He cited one example of a client whose captain was left to discuss discrepancies with the local port authority for 48 hours, by which time all manner of unnecessary information on the owner and his family had been leaked. This sort of scenario must be avoided.

The floor was then opened to questions, with Quentin Bargate and Adrian Jones saying that, on the whole, there are a lot of very good practices, a point that Tambani expanded upon, saying, “it’s about dealing with people who are honest, and don’t just say ‘yes’.”

Both Alex McBarnet and Carlo Galli then said that owners needed to be aware from the start that they would have to pay tax on transactions. Once that was negotiated they said, the service providers could work towards more achievable exceptions and caveats, on the assumption that owners understood what was expected of them. This led Redmayne to close the session by returning to a recurrent theme: our role as an industry is to realistically manage the expectations of owners and we do this by performing our duties well and asking the right questions.

The day continued with the very aptly titled ‘Taxing Times”  session in which the complex but highly contemporary subject of tax laws in Europe, with France, Italy and Spain the main focus, was broached. The panel comprised Patricia Bullock, director of Altius Yacht Services, speaking on behalf of the Spanish situation, Thierry Voisin, ex MYBA president who shed light on France and Carlo Galli head of the Italian tax department at Clifford Chance. Joining these country representatives were Freddy Desplanques at Ince & Co and Adrian Jones, Director of VAT at Blackstar.

Bullock started the session off with an update on the matriculation tax in Spain, which has proved somewhat crippling to the prosperity of its yachting industry. The tax as it stands requires all yachts with a Spanish flag and, most contentiously, all yachts over 15m chartering in Spanish waters to pay a 12% matriculation tax. Bullock has called on the government to “get rid of the 15m limit” and simply say “no matriculation tax on charter vessels.” It is hoped the government will include this new legislation in the 2012 Budget, being formalised in the next few days. Bolstering hopes is the fact of the new right leaning government. “A socialist government can’t be seen to eliminate tax” for the rich said Bullock, adding that the current government had been “totally in agreement” with illogical fact of the calculated 600 million euro loss to Spain through the tax on charter.

The alarming measures imposed by the Spanish tax authorities continued with revelations on how yachts are valued in order to calculate the amount paid in tax ( 12% of the yacht’s value for matriculation and 18% of its value for VAT). Authorities are reportedly browsing brokers websites to calculate this value where prices are notorioulsy highly inflated and not a reflection of their true value. Bullock said “we are disputing this and it will be taken to the Supreme Court.”

Moving onto the tax situation in France, Voisin prefaced his thoughts by saying, “We have a unique situation in France, we have people who are in favour of yachts.”  Voisin’s talk hinged on the limbo that france is in, having flouted the EU directive to impose VAT on all commercial vessels in French waters, exempting yachts in the high seas. Currently, France is waiting for the verdict to be delivered early next year – until then it is operating as per normal at the 0% VAT rate. It was urged that the French tax authority should “write a letter” to explain the situation to superyacht owners. However Voisin said this was unlikely because a French authority that wants to remain popular with the industry  “doesn’t want to cause [them] difficulties.”

In Italy, where the recent tax on yacht owners in Italian waters has just been repealed to target Italian yacht owners only, Galli said crunch time had come. “Filthy rich having fun should pay taxes” is the approach in Italy now, adding “we have a  more VAT able system coming on.” Galli said that new aspects of VAT included a rise in to 21- 23% by the end of the year and more scrutiny on charter vessels. The latter would result in “no questions asked” for commercial operations where more than 50% of the profits went to non shareholders, but any less than this figure would require proof of charter – “proof is key”, Galli concluded.

Other tax issues affecting the Mediterranean generally were broached by Desplanques and Jones. The temporary Admission Regime (TA) was a hotly debated subject, which in broad terms means any yacht can stay for 18 months maximum in the Med at a reduced VAT rate. There were problems cited by Jones in proving a yacht has been in the Med for this time limit, with no formal paperwork system in operation and citing instances of having to trek back to marinas or countries visited to gain the necessary proof. Jones said that in Holland there were no loopholes to be found, such as going out of EU waters to Algerian Ports (an example found by Bullock) and back again to re set the 18-month clock. Jones added that the TA law is the same across all 27-member states but with “different interpretations.”

Whether charter yachts could be classed as for passenger transport and thereby have more favourable VAT benefit was another subject discussed, but with no easy solutions.

The session was summed up neatly by Jones, “The yacht industry is not a cottage industry as it once was. It’s got bigger. The law needs to grow up, to catch up with where the industry is now.”  Growth and improvement is never a smooth process so it is no wonder yacht tax in Europe is a minefield and rather messy even at the very top of the legal and judicial processes. The industry is indeed in the midst of very taxing, but not boring (if this can ever be said of tax) times.

The day concluded with a broad and candid discussions of all matters fiscal, entitled, ‘A Question of Money Matters’. Paddy Behan of Behan & Co., opened the discussion with a retrospective look at some of the most pertinent tax issues raised in the previous session. He said that, contrary to popular opinion, “sometimes [an owner] wants what they didn’t think they’d want – VAT registration in a benign country, which can practically bypass all HMRC ‘anti-avoidance zones.’”

Behan said that, in a “science fiction mode”, an ‘Authorised Economic Operator’ voluntary system of tax compliance that could be carried on board and presented on demand. Adrian Jones concurred from the audience, saying that it could be a good tool for furthering the collective cause of the industry, although the prospects of popular uptake were slim.

The talk then turned to banking, with Bob Atkinson of Barclays Wealth, the industry’s biggest institutional lender acknowledging that banks had had to “hugely” readjust their targets. Now, unfortunately, it is not the clients who need finance who will secure loans, but those who can present a healthy portfolio, diverse assets and a longstanding banking relationship. In short, today banks follow “more cautious lending schemes”.

Redmayne asked what had happened to the toxic loans that have accrued during the bleak years. Atkinson said that they are still covertly marketed and have been substantially written down, although they will not be disposed of and there have been audacious offers to buy entire books of ‘distressed’ vessels. CRS Insurance’s Simon Ballard thought that this was a superb opportunity for those prepared to take the plunge. Shipyards too must demonstrate greater transparency and a more secure business model in order to secure a loan. As Atkinson said, “that’s never an easy conversation!”

He concluded, “the asset is what it is and the scrutiny remains on the client. If they don’t play ball and bring other business to the table, then sorry, it’s a no. And unfortunately it’s not those who need it that are driving the industry.”

For insurance, Ballard conceded it had been a “very drastic year”, and the worst ever for the wider insurance industry. With the high profile sinkings of Costa Concordia and Yogi, premiums are set to rise somewhat, although an overcrowded underwriter’s market and a larger fleet means that premiums remain lower than insurers would like. The risk has undoubtedly risen in the eyes of underwriters but yachts are still seen as safer to cover than commercial vessels. In the case of Yogi, he predicted the process of paying out would be a protracted one, and could take as long as six months, with the investigation’s stalled conclusion delaying the process.

The talk turned back to the need to manage owners’ expectations and ask the telling questions that exposed the best service provisions. Ballard cited a genuine case where a client opted for a cheaper premium that turned out not to offer machinery failure cover. “This problem has always been there but it seems to be getting worse [in light of the recession],” he added. Ince & Co’s Albert Levy said that, from a lawyer’s perspective it would be negligent to recommend insurance services without the relevant knowledge, and this ideology should pervade the industry.

Rob Tobin, of Dohle Private Clients, neatly rounded off the session with the management perspective. “It’s a relationship industry,” he said, “but that often leads to poor purchasing practice.” Broadly speaking he said, he was happy with the state of yacht management and highlighted the “well resourced” business models of the ‘big five’ as blueprints for other management companies. However, for smaller service providers he said too many were “good administrators dressed up as yacht managers”, and that they should place a greater emphasis on recruiting taskmasters.

The Superyacht Fiscal Summit concluded with Redmayne calling on superyacht professionals to balance the cost of enjoying a yacht by providing value for money. We as an industry need owners to stay in the market and must not question their expenditure because it has not afforded them value.

“We have a huge a potential client base and a healthy future if we can get owners to tell their friends about how enjoyable yacht ownership is. We must protect that process or our client base will decrease.

“Empty promises from service providers are biting us. We need to grow up; the cream of the industry, who attend these conferences, must work together and build a better industry.”

London 2012 Olympics: Superyachts hosted by Portland Port and Weymouth Bay

March 12, 2012

In June 2005 London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games. One of the few events to be held outside the Capital City will be the sailing competitions. Portland Port and Weymouth Bay will be the venue for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic sailing events.

Portland Port - view from above

Portland Port - view from above

About Weymouth and Portland

The venue comprises the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) and the adjoining commercial marina.

It has kick-started the regeneration of the former Naval Air Station at Portland, now known as Osprey Quay, where new residential, commercial and marina facilities are already underway.

Weymouth and Portland provides some of the best natural sailing waters in the UK, with facilities on land to match. The site has already hosted numerous international sailing events, including the 2006 ISAF World Youth Championships attended by over 60 nations.

Work to enhance the sailing facilities at Weymouth and Portland has been completed. The enhancements to the existing WPNSA facilities include a new permanent 250m slipway and new lifting and mooring facilities.

The project was completed on budget and ahead of schedule, providing world-class facilities for elite athletes and the local community more than three years before the Games.

Weymouth Bay

Weymouth Bay

During the Games

Weymouth and Portland Bay is a natural amphitheatre and there are several vantage points to watch the Sailing events from if one does not have a ticket. The Local Authority will be also providing a big screen to watch the Games coverage on Weymouth beach, and putting on a range of free sporting and cultural activities.

After the Games

The National Sailing Academy will benefit from the improved facilities that the Olympic Games will leave behind, providing a state-of-the-art facility for elite training, competition and local community use.

This use has already started: from a community programme through to hosting the Olympic Windsurfing discipline, RS:X class World Championship in 2009, and the IFDS (Paralympic Sailing) World Championship in 2011.

The Olympic Games are taking place between the 29th July 2012 – 11th August 2012. The Paralympic Games are taking place between the 31st August 2012 – 5th September 2012.

Williams Performance Tenders to take part in an industry exhibition

March 09, 2012

Williams Performance Tenders, the world’s top jet yacht tender specialist, is pleased to have been chosen to participate at an industry exhibition at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) in London from Monday 16th – Friday 27th April.

Williams T505 yacht tender

Williams T505 yacht tender

Award-winning Williams has been invited to showcase its range and promote its success and capabilities as part of an exhibit to highlight sector growth. The company has been selected alongside leading brands from all aspects of the marine industry – commercial, leisure, naval, marine sciences and renewables. The exhibition will be officially launched by Mark Prisk and enjoyed by ministers, senior civil servants and the general public throughout the two weeks.

Williams Performance Tenders is owned by brothers, Mathew and John Hornsby and Roy Parker. It has experienced astounding success since the entrepreneurs founded the company in 2004 and today, just eight years later, Williams is recognised as the world’s leading jet tender specialist, with its high-quality performance tenders being demanded by discerning boat owners throughout the world. The company was honoured with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the 2010 International Trade category in recognition of its growing export sales and increased overseas distribution.

Commenting on why Williams was selected to take part, Brian Clark, Environmental and External Relations Manager at the British Marine Federation, said: “It was an easy decision to select William Performance Tenders as one of the leisure marine industry representatives for the BIS showcase. From humble beginnings, they have grown into one of the world leaders.  They epitomise everything good about our industry and are truly a British manufacturing success story.”

Mathew Hornsby, co-managing director at Williams, commented: ”We are incredibly proud to have been asked to take part in this exhibition and are really looking forward to seeing one of our tenders as part of the showcase. The marine industry is a vital contributor to the UK economy and exhibitions such as this do a lot to build the industry’s strength and capabilities – showcasing all that’s great about British manufacturing and the marine leisure industry.”

The exhibition will take place from Monday 16th – Friday 27th April at 1 Victoria Street, London.

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant attended by MDL’s berth holders

February 22, 2012

River Thames in London will see more than thousand boats in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, held on Sunday 3rd June, 2012. The largest flotilla in modern times, expected to stretch over 12 and a half miles, will be joined by the berth holders from MDL‘s Thames marinas – Bray, Windsor and Penton Hook.

Pageant Route

Pageant Route

The lucky boaters were picked from thousands of applicants to sit alongside the beautifully dressed rowing boats, working boats and pleasure vessels of all shapes and sizes. Pageant organisers and representatives from the river community were involved in the selection process, which included considering safety, fitness-for-purpose and range of vessel type, as well as exploring whether the vessel was of historical significance or had an interesting story to tell.

One of the private boats travelling in the flotilla is Dandy Regent, a Solar 32 motor cruiser. Berthed at Bray Marina and owned by Peter and Dot Hasler of Bracknell, Berkshire, she was built 1975 by Carr & West in Brundell. Representing The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Bray Cruiser Club, the craft is bright green and is one of only 20 that were ever made in bright colours.

Flotilla Illustration - Credit to Josh Knowles

Flotilla Illustration - Credit to Josh Knowles

Peter Hasler said: “I am thrilled to have been selected to participate in this pageant. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are delighted that our boat has been chosen to take part in this glorious historical moment. We are looking forward to decorating the boat and having representatives from the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award on board.”

Bob Smith, Vice Commodore of Penton Hook Yacht Club, is a berth holder from Penton Hook Marina. Bob is the owner of Sea Symphony, a 37ft Dutch steel boat, which has also been selected. He is really looking forward to the event, commenting: “I am absolutely over the moon to have been selected. It’s certainly something I wouldn’t get the chance to do in my lifetime again and I am very proud to play a part in this momentous occasion with Sea Symphony.”

Bob will be representing The Royal Society of Saint George Yachting Association which is a branch of The Royal Society of Saint George. The Society is a patriotic society and is honoured to have as its Patron Her Majesty the Queen.

Also selected is a special boat called Islay, an immaculately restored wooden gentleman’s launch which is berthed at MDL’s Windsor Marina. Built in 1922 by Camper and Nicholson for Brigadier General Woodroffe, current owner Adam Toop discovered her in an Italian museum and lovingly restored her to the stunning boat she is today.

Adam is delighted to be involved, commenting: “Many hours of hard work and love have gone into restoring Islay and we are absolutely delighted she will part of the Jubilee Pageant. It’s great that a boat with such heritage has been selected to take part in this momentous occasion and we are really looking forward to celebrating with everyone on the water.”

Every vessel will proudly take its place in the flotilla alongside Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the Royal Family aboard the Royal Barge, The Spirit of Chartwell. It will be a once in a lifetime moment for everyone on board their boats as part of this glorious moment in our rich royal history.

Royal Southern Yacht Club 175th Anniversary Luncheon at Buckingham Palace

February 22, 2012

This year´s Royal Southern Yacht Club’s 175th Anniversary was formally recognized by a private luncheon organised yesterday for 150 members of the Hamble-based Club invited by its Patron, H.R.H. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh K.G. K.T. In an exciting and pleasant coincidence, Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns for 175 years.

150 members of the Royal Southern Yacht Club toast its Patron H.R.H. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh at yesterday’s Patron’s Lunch held at Buckingham Palace. Credit M. Austen

150 members of the Royal Southern Yacht Club toast its Patron H.R.H. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh at yesterday’s Patron’s Lunch held at Buckingham Palace. Credit: M. Austen

A pre-luncheon champagne reception was held in the Picture Gallery, during which guests were presented to His Royal Highness by the Commodore of the Royal Southern Yacht Club, Mr. Mark Inkster, prior to luncheon in the State Ballroom.

His Royal Highness is celebrating 64 years of Club membership and the Royal Southern Yacht Club has enjoyed Royal patronage since its formation. His Royal Highness was gracious enough to accept the invitation to become Admiral of the Club in 1952 and became its Patron in 2002.

Sunseeker London and Sunseeker Poole to host the 23rd annual Sunseeker Open Weekend, March 24-25, 2012

February 17, 2012

To start the forthcoming boating season, Sunseeker London and Sunseeker Poole in partnership with MTU engines as well as Harwoods Group are pleased to announce the dates of their 23rd annual Sunseeker Open Weekend, held in March 24-25, 2012.

Sunseeker Open Weekend

Sunseeker Open Weekend

The Sunseeker Open Weekend will be an opportunity for clients of Sunseeker London, Poole and group to attend the weekend, view the range of new and pre-owned boats on display at the Sunseeker Poole facilities, speak to MTU engines about their current range of engines available and suitable for a particular Sunseeker motoryacht and view a range of Bentley and Aston Martin cars from the Harwoods Group.

Christopher Head, Sales Director, Sunseeker London comments, “Our annual Sunseeker Open Weekend here at our facilities in Poole is a fantastic opportunity for our clients and guests from the surrounding areas to meet with us and truly understand more about Sunseeker and its heritage here in Poole. With kind permission of Sunseeker International we can offer exclusive tours of the shipyards, plus there is availability to view finished boats just before they are due to be shipped to their prospective owners. We very much enjoy working with the local partners to Poole and Dorset and anticipate a successful and positive weekend of sales enquiries.”

The Sunseeker Open Weekend has gained momentum over the last 3 years with partner and client numbers increasing year on year.

Superyacht Security Summit and Superyacht Fiscal Summit, March 28-29, 2012

February 17, 2012

The programmes for the Superyacht Security Summit and the Superyacht Fiscal Summit back to back events, held on 28 and 29 March respectively, at Glaziers Hall in the centre of London have been presented by the organisers of Superyacht Events, part of the Superyacht Group. They have also confirmed the exciting schedule of sessions as well as the first collection of top industry names as speakers of these events.

Superyacht Security and Fiscal Summit

Superyacht Security and Fiscal Summit

Taxation, financial control, operational safety, piracy and on board security are some of the major issues that are high on the agenda of everyone in 2012, from governments, shipping organisations, flag and port authorities, to brokers, captains and, of course, superyacht owners.

Tackling issues including the worldwide piracy situation and international security, the Superyacht Security Summit’s session on ‘risks’ will be a must attend event. Speakers, Elinor Dautlich from Holman Fenwick Willan and Paul Miller at R&Q Marine Services Ltd are two speakers confirmed so far, covering subjects such as recent attacks, the latest defensive tactics and new danger hot spots. This session is designed to draw on the combined knowledge of legal, management and insurance experts generating an educational and informative session.

The Superyacht Security Summit has also devoted a special slot to the essential area of ‘technology’ and its effective application in the field of contemporary superyacht security. Delegates will hear from speakers at leading edge companies in security technology, including world leader in long rangenon-lethal laser technology, Lasersec and imaging solutions company for the paramilitary, commercial and leisure sectors, Vector Developments Ltd.

International security, personal protection, cyber crime and design integration are the topics covered in the final session. Here, five experts in five distinct and crucial areas of security will take to the stage and answer delegates’ questions. Four names have been confirmed so far with Rhys Clift at Hill Dickinson, Dan Hooton at Spearfish, Oscar O’Connor from Selex and Simon Rowland at Veritas International all taking to the stage.

A number of sessions from the Superyacht Fiscal Summit programme have also been revealed. These include ‘Taxing Times’, an opportunity to address the salient issues in the tax world under the guidance of speakers, Carlo Galli from Clifford Chance and Adrian Jones at Blackstar.

Other highlights of the Superyacht Fiscal Summit include ‘A Question of Money Matters’ in which Paddy Behan from Behan & Co. Ltd and Rob Tobin of Dohle Private Clients Ltd head up the panel. They will address future regulations that the industry should prepare for and answer questions in what promises to be an interactive and dynamic debate. Taking guidance from the Owner Keynote earlier in the day, this session will provide guidance and advice for the myriad official issues in the superyacht industry today.

To register for the Superyacht Security Summit and/or the Superyacht Fiscal Summit, please, use the following link:

Superyacht UK Technical Seminar 2012

February 10, 2012

118 delegates were present at the Superyacht UK Technical Seminar, held at the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show in the South Gallery Rooms 29 & 30 on Thursday 12th January. With over 90 delegates attending the January 2011 seminar, there was overwhelming interest in organising another event at the January 2012 Tullett Prebon London Boat Show.

2nd Superyacht UK Technical Seminar 2012

2nd Superyacht UK Technical Seminar 2012

The 2012 programme included discussions on Passenger Yacht Design and the Passenger Yacht Code; MARPOL Annex VI; Changes and Publication to The Large Yacht Code — LY3; Maritime Labour Convention 2006; UK Superyacht Build Projects; and the Superyacht UK Design Competition Winner Announcement.

The 2nd Superyacht UK Technical Seminar was dedicated to all those parties interested in learning about the latest code development, wider issues facing the industry and those who would like to take this excellent opportunity to network.