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Livewire Connections talks with Captain of 27m Jongert sailing yacht VIVID

April 04, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Celebrating almost 10 years of their service provision, satellite service provider Livewire Connections takes the opportunity to talk with Captain of sailing yacht Vivid, Timothy Forderer. The Captain runs the 27m Jongert superyacht Vivid with an owner who has a passion for cruising in extreme as well as remote areas.

27m Jongert superyacht Vivid cruising remote areas

27m Jongert superyacht Vivid cruising remote areas - Image credit to Captain Timothy Forderer

Luxury yacht Vivid is equipped with the Access Controller FB-10, with FleetBroadband 500, Iridium Open Port, Inmarsat Fleet F77 GSM data, and shore WiFi system. Vivid averages 13,000 sailing miles a year, in amazing scenic areas, yet these are areas with high risks including icebergs and pirates. For this very reason, Vivid is monitored closely through Fleetview Online an Inmarsat C based Tracking Service.

The relationship between Livewire Connections and Vivid yacht started shortly after Captain Timothy Forderer joined the yacht approximately 8 years ago. There was an existing airtime provider in place which Vivid remained with until they reached crisis point with their billing.

Aboard luxury sailing yacht Vivid

Aboard luxury sailing yacht Vivid - Image credit to Captain Timothy Forderer

“I reached out to David Walker at Livewire Connections as they provided the Access Controller on board,” explains Captain Timothy Forderer. “My aim was to reconfigure the hardware limits to try to get control of our communication costs. I was unaware of the full service Livewire Connections offered at the time. David Walker was very welcoming with a non-sales, consultation and supportive approach. He took time to understand our problem, find a solution, and we have subsequently reduced our monthly sat com bills by up to 70%!”

In the past 15 months Vivid superyacht has sailed near both poles, to Svalbard Norway and beyond 80.5°North to the edge of the Artic Polar Ice Cap, Antarctica, Chile and Patagonia. These passage plans have been closely monitored by Itay Singer at Sea Alliance Group, who plays an active and productive role within Vivid’s unique cruising program. Vivid can cruise comfortably and Itay is able to manage this vessel remotely knowing that they are always accessible with full access to satellite communications and the knowledgeable and experienced in-house team at Livewire Connections.

“Our primary role is to work with our customers to make sure they are on the right airtime package for their usage requirements. Where Vivid is chartering in remote areas, it is important their guests can share their amazing experiences with friends and family back home without breaking the bank to do it. We simply make this happen in an affordable way,” explains David Walker Sales Director at Livewire Connections.

Proteksan Turquoise 70m Superyacht Talisman C (ex Talisman II) fitted with Satellite Communications and IT Network by Livewire Connections

February 10, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The new 70m motor yacht Talisman C (ex Talisman II), built by the Turkish shipyard Proteksan Turquoise was fitted with a complete satellite communications and IT network by Livewire Connections. Featuring a sophisticated exterior and a beautiful interior by renowned H2 Yacht Design, the Talisman C superyacht was successfully launched and delivered in Autumn 2011 on time and within budget.

Motor Yacht Talisman C (ex Talisman II) - Image courtesy of Proteksan Turquoise

Motor Yacht Talisman C (ex Talisman II) - Image courtesy of Proteksan Turquoise

Livewire Connections was contracted to provide all satellite communications, TVRO and IT network equipment following on from a good relationship spanning a 5 year period with the owners previous yacht.

Having designed and built the luxury yacht Talisman C (Project NB-53) for world cruising it was essential to have equipment and systems onboard that were able to deliver robust and reliable connectivity anywhere in the world. For this very reason Talisman C is equipped with the very latest Sea Tel VSAT systems allowing the Captain, Owner and Guests to enjoy internet access, email and voice communications around the globe.

Livewire Connections installed two Sea Tel 6004 TVRO systems with an arbitrator to eliminate mast blockage and two Sea Tel 6009 VSAT systems with the latest dual antenna arbitrator to allow a single modem to operate efficiently with two antennas. The larger 1.5m antennas provide the extra gain required for yachts exploring remote parts of the world to ensure a good connection is maintained even on the edge of satellite coverage.

Even when VSAT service is unavailable the super yacht Talisman C (ex Talisman II) can simply select a variety of back-up communications via the Livewire Access Controller FB-10, which then provides access to the internet via Inmarsat Fleet Broadband, 3G, shore connection or port Wi-Fi. The Access Controller FB-10 also allows the vessel to manage the internet bandwidth by dynamically prioritising owners and guests over the crew as well as monitoring each user’s throughput to ensure the connection is not unnecessarily abused.

Proteksan Turquoise Talisman C megayacht was fitted with the latest Dell PowerEdge and PowerVault Servers running a full domain environment with Livewire Mail and a managed internal WLAN system allowing users to seamlessly
roam with their laptops, iPads and iPods around the yacht without losing internet connectivity.

Livewire Connections undertook the complete equipment installation with a team of dedicated inhouse engineers and a Project Manager throughout the design and build phase. By working closely with both the shipyard and the owner’s team to ensure the project was delivered to specification and on time. All works including design drawings, cable terminations and hardware installation and antenna commissioning were performed by Livewire Connections engineers.

“From the start of the project to the finish, Livewire Connections have been very competent and successful at the design and installation of our onboard IT and VSAT communications. We have not been without internet since the day we launched and the owners are extremely happy.” – Captain Chris Russell, MY Talisman C.

Tom Cecil, Livewire Connections Project Manager for the build process said, “This installation project has gone extremely smoothly with excellent co-operation with the shipyard and owners build team. It is very pleasing to see all the hard work and effort result in such an elegant and well equipped yacht.”

This care and attention to detail is all part of the turnkey satellite and communications services Livewire Connections offers its customers on a daily basis.

Livewire Connections launches “Spend Control” and “DNS Blocking”

June 09, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Customer focused, Livewire Connections is pleased to announce “Spend Control” and “DNS Blocking” as part of their latest software upgrade.

“Users can be unaware that they are roaming or have an open data session and can soon find themselves using high volumes of data. Charges can accumulate rapidly, with no knowledge to the user until the invoice is received. We developed the Spend Control feature to directly tackle this and allow the user to control their off vessel communication costs,” Comments James Ashworth, Commercial Director of Livewire Connections.

Until now, there has been no simple method available to give the user the tools to effectively manage these costs on board. By setting alerts, limits and firewalls, costs can now be managed to meet the vessels onboard requirements. In conjunction with this is “DNS blocking”, which also offers additional security and can prevent heavy data use. This restricts the use of “bandwidth hungry” websites such as Facebook, You Tube and windows updates, which will run in the
background unless firewalled.

David Walker, Sales Director for Livewire Connections Ltd, talks about the latest development for the Access Controller and why it can save you money, “By enabling the user to set a limit, either financial or per MB, for off vessel connections through our new “Spend Control” feature, we are putting the control firmly in their hands. These limits can be set either per call, per day or per month and you can alert, block or drop the call as required. This feature comes as a free of charge upgrade on existing Access Controllers and as a standard feature on all new units.”

The system can manage up to 10 off vessel communications devices including Fleet Broadband, VSAT, Ir

Summer Offerings from Livewire Connections Ltd

June 07, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Livewire Connections Limited has unveiled its summer offerings. Summer is just around the corner, yachts are preparing for the season ahead, and attention now turns to budgets and how to get the most from them.  Livewire Connections supports customers in the management of their budgets by helping them reduce their costs through visibility and control with their summer offerings 2010.

“Providing the best possible service to our customers is the primary focus of our organisation,” comments David Walker, Sales Director at Livewire Connections Ltd, “We do more than sell our customers airtime, we tailor packages to meet the end users’ requirements, and our summer offerings is simply and extension of that. Our customers don’t want to be tied into long contracts and now they don’t have to be.”

Ancillary services are key to the experience of the Super Yacht user and as such Livewire Connections have packaged some short–term summer bundles.  Available in this offering are short term SKY, Newspapers Direct and European GSM contracts.   This gives customer the flexibility to either renew or suspend depending on the vessels winter plans, without paying monthly charges for services that are not in use.

In addition to this Livewire Connections are pleased to offer Shore to Ship calling.  This gives yacht managers and companies a reduced rate call from either their office or mobile phone to the vessels Inmarsat terminal.  These latest developments from Livewire Connections Ltd come immediately after the announcement of their Spend Control and DNS Blocking software upgrade on their Access Controller range.