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Laraki designed 127m superyacht PRIVILEGE ONE to be launched by Privilege Yard by the end of 2012

August 23, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Measuring impressive 127m in LOA, the luxury motor yacht Privilege One is an exceptional vessel, belonging to the specific line of the Privilege Yard’s mega yachts, measuring from 120 to 160m. Boasting exterior design and styling by Laraki Yacht Design, Privilege One superyacht is the first vessel of the line currently under construction at the company’s new shipyard, situated at the port of Civitavecchia in Italy. She is scheduled for launch by the end of 2012. The yard is aready working on the second vessel of the series, measuring 137 meters in length.

127m megayacht Privilege One by Privilege Yard and Laraki Yacht Design

127m megayacht Privilege One by Privilege Yard and Laraki Yacht Design - Image courtesy of Laraki Yacht Design

Luxury yacht Privilege One embodies unparalleled beauty, technology, comfort as well as luxury. Featuring pure and classic, simple, elegant and contemporary exterior lines, she is often described as the ‘wonder of the sea’.

Privilege One superyacht - rear view

Privilege One superyacht - rear view - Image courtesy of Privilege Yard

The number of the Privilege One superyacht’s special features is endless. She is fitted with six cars, four bikes, eight boats, six jet skis, two helicopters and even one submarine, along with the Beach Club’s pool, sunbathing as well as sushi bar areas and many more.

Privilege One megayacht under construction at Privilege Yard

Privilege One megayacht under construction at Privilege Yard - Image courtesy of Laraki Yacht Design

127m motor yacht Privilege One - side view

127m motor yacht Privilege One - side view - Image courtesy of Laraki Yacht Design

During her construction, the 127m megayacht Privilege One has undergone several modifications. One of them was the decision of the yard to add an additional deck to its first yacht from the Privilege series. Responsible for this modification was the Laraki Yacht Design. The studio managed to add the required deck without changing the overall balance of the original design.

Privilege Yard

Aerial view of the Privilege Yard's facility - Image courtesy of Privilege Yard

Laraki Yacht Design’s New 163m motor yacht PRELUDE

August 23, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Laraki Yacht Design is pleased to announce the recent opening of their new yacht design studio, situated in California, USA. At the occasion of this event, Abdeslam Laraki, a designer and founder of the studio, has created the impressive, nine-deck 163m motor yacht Prelude. With the essence as well as the potential to challenge any other yacht design, Prelude superyacht is a visual overview of the level of creativity and esthetics to expect from the new Laraki Yacht Design studio.

163m megayacht Prelude by Laraki Yacht Design

163m megayacht Prelude by Laraki Yacht Design

To some extent, but with some exceptions, the majority of the world’s largest mega yachts seem to be, at least in appearance, almost just a blowup in size of smaller yachts. Although they are hugely impressive by their sizes and price tags, unfortunately, Abdeslam Laraki thinks most of them don’t seem to pioneer much if not any really new design clues.

What a waste of opportunity when a designer is given the chance to invent and create a one of a kind design for an over 120m yacht and have the final result, after years of continuous efforts and hard work, turns out to be visually and overall so expected and so much in line with other existing yachts.

Prelude superyacht - rear view

Prelude superyacht - rear view

What a waste of opportunity to add a distinct masterpiece to the ultra-exclusive gigayacht world. At this level, Abdeslam Laraki thinks every new entry should be an inspiration to mankind, just like an iconic architectural creation can be. It is even more unfortunate, considering that owners of such yachts typically include in their cahier des charges the will and desire to have an original, unique and recognizable yacht.

Abdeslam Laraki has no intentions to diminish the creative capabilities of his fellow designers, knowing that such projects are always taken in good faith. Especially when keeping in mind how difficult and risky it is to step out and propose something unusual.

His challenge in megayacht Prelude is to invent and create an innovative and true one of a kind yacht, in the deepest meaning of the words. A yacht with its own character, style and looks, as far as possible from the rest. He allowed himself to take risks proposing new shapes that he hopes are still in harmony with the yacht’s natural environment, the ocean.

Laraki designed luxury yacht Prelude - side view

Laraki designed luxury yacht Prelude - side view

Besides its original looks, the 163m superyacht Prelude gives the owner and his guests the ultimate gigayacht experience. She offers much more than what one gets from any equivalent size yacht in the world today. She offers more space, more variety, more dedicated activity areas, stunning views and a good deed of practicality. Everything and more than what the owners of such gigayachts can desire for themselves and their guests.

Opulence, distinction, originality but also feasibility are the main four words he had in mind to guide him through the project during its ideation, research and creation phases.

Here is how Abdeslam Laraki describes Prelude:
Besides the unique huge and unusual lateral glazing surfaces the Prelude yacht has on both sides of the superstructure to enjoy exceptional views, and the large extensions here and there that stretch passed the hull’s width. Prelude is composed of many dedicated areas that Laraki calls modules.

Luxury motor yacht Prelude - view from above

Luxury motor yacht Prelude - view from above

Towards the top, on the eighth deck is the Aqua-module, consisting of two pools. The wellness and water treatments pool is located in the front section, to be enjoyed by the owner and his guests. While the pool located on the back section of the module is dedicated to play and fun. Two water slides go to the aft pool, taking start two decks higher. In the shallow water part of the fun and play pool, between the waterslides is located an indoor tropical forest like environment, along with an automated sushi bar for 20 guests, where one can enjoy the view on the pool and ocean on one side and the dense tropical vegetation on the other side. On the same deck, near the wellness pool in the front section, there is a dining area protected by cylindrical glass walls all around. While on both sides of the module, there are located wide promenades that stretch the full length.

Above the Aqua module, there is the Flying-module. The name describes its aeronautical, detached and autonomous appearance, standing on the top of the gigayacht. The Flying-module consists of a glass covered lounge area, located at the front, while on both sides of the module, we have a bar, pool tables, comfortable seating, and card play areas that lead to two large terraces, located in the back and overlooking the waterslides and the play pool on the eighth deck.

The roof of the Flying module holds the radar and satellite receiver arch, along with the start area of the waterslides that go throw the module and all the way to the play and fun pool. Besides its dynamic looks, and thanks to its large glazing surfaces, the Flying module offers unbeatable and exceptional all around high rise views.

Prelude superyacht - Decks

Prelude superyacht - Decks

Bellow the Flying and Aqua module, there is the seventh deck that offers, both in the front and rear, a large lounge and entertainment area, fitted with large sunbeds, sectional sofas, a water fountain, flat screens and bars. All overlooking the ocean.

The sixth deck is exclusively dedicated to the owner, the Owner-module. Besides the impressive size of such space, the owner can enjoy a large pool terrace looking forward, along with two large general use terrace spaces located on both sides. At the rear of the Owner-module, is located the private reception area, consisting of a large circular living area, fitted with large sofas of different shapes and seating configurations, a dining area and more. All with a large walk around path and full glazing.

The wheelhouse is located on the fifth deck. Other than the distinctive futuristic look the command room has, the fifth deck offers a huge surface that holds numerous living and entertainment areas to host large events and receptions, almost entirely boarded by glazing. All leading to the fifth deck’s aft section, where we have a large open space with a helipad, a fish pond, a bar and a variety of comfortable seating configurations and relaxation areas.

163m gigayacht Prelude - Exterior

163m gigayacht Prelude - Exterior

In the front part of the forth deck, there is the Beach-pool-module. A unique open sky space that includes a helipad on its front section, a large pool with a Spa Pool and a wet bar, a variety of comfortable seating areas, large size sunbeds and two bars, one on each side of the pool. All leading under the wheelhouse, where there are even more commodities.

The forth deck is also where six 160 square meter VIP guest suites are located. Three on each side. They all have 28 square meter of furnished private terrace space, full ocean view bath space, each equipped with an individual sauna, steam bath and other wellness equipment. On the rear part of the forth deck, we have the restaurant area that leads to a large open space fitted with round shaped seating and dining areas that extent passed the width of the Prelude yacht for a unique unobstructed view.

There is also the Ocean-access-module which is in fact what could mistakably be taken for exhausts that run at the bottom rear of the hull. In reality, the module holds two 13 by 4m pools, one on each side. When both huge lateral doors of the module are opened, both pool areas have direct access and full view on the ocean. The module is fitted with all the necessary equipment for leisure, fun and relaxation.

Finally, although Laraki took risks proposing unusual shapes and looks through his project, he hopes to have managed to keep the integrity, good proportion and balance that a well thought gigayacht design ought to have.

Prelude superyacht providing the maximum comfort

Prelude superyacht providing the maximum comfort

Laraki’s Designs Under Construction:
For the past few years, Abdeslam Laraki has been actively involved in various yacht design projects.

In fact in 2006, he has been contracted by Privilege Yacht Company, Privilege Yard s.p.a today, to design a specific line of mega yachts, ranging from 120 to 160m, to be constructed at the company’s recently built shipyard in the port of Civitavecchia, Italy.

Superyacht Privilege One, the first mega yacht of the series for which Laraki has created her exterior design and styling, is currently under construction at the Italian yard. The 127m Privilege One yacht is expected to launch by the end of 2012. Meanwhile, the second yacht of the series, a 137m yacht has recently entered her construction phase on May 26. A ceremony was held on the same date at the shipyard to commemorate the event.

127m megayacht Privilege One currently in build at the Privilege Yard

127m megayacht Privilege One currently in build at the Privilege Yard

From the start of the collaboration, Laraki was given the brief and mission to create a specific yacht design. A distinctive, esthetic, harmonious, recognizable design, yet classical enough to withstand time. A design, made to suite a range of yachts for Privilege. A design with enough personal character and distinctive esthetic features that even when built in different sizes, will still convey its affiliation to the ship yard. In that aspect, the challenge is met, since he was able to give dimension and matter to Privilege’s written wish for style, distinction and stance.

During Laraki’s collaboration with Privilege Yacht Company as their lead designer, he delivered the yacht’s design with its respective CAD files, all according to the cahier des charges submitted at the time. But his collaboration with Privilege did not stop there. In addition to the design, he was in charge of the development of the yacht’s initial metal structure in 3D, integrating all its technical and construction aspects and details.

It was a demanding task that paid at the end, since it allowed naval architects and engineers collaborating on the project to precisely visualize the full yacht and ultimately make all the necessary adjustments at an early stage. During his collaboration with Privilege, he also stayed long periods in Rome, to initiate a few members of Privilege’s team to the skills of professional and industrial CAD work for a better communication between them, and to give Privilege team a better autonomy for the future, when working in 3D.

160m superyacht S-Cape by Laraki Yacht Design

160m superyacht S-Cape by Laraki Yacht Design

One of the particularities of yacht building is the fact that in most cases, the yacht undergoes modifications during her construction period. Modifications often required by the owner himself. And Privilege One yacht is no exception, in fact in September 2011, Privilege decided to add an additional deck to its first yacht already in construction from the Privilege series.

The design of such important modification was naturally given to Laraki, even if he was quite skeptical at the time to the idea of adding a deck to the top of the original superstructure. Finally, the result turned out to be quite satisfactory, since Laraki has managed to add the required deck while preserving the overall balance of his original design.

In addition to Privilege’s announcement of the construction of nine yachts and Laraki’s feeling of fulfillment of mission as Privilege’s lead designer, Laraki would like to point out that the six year exclusivity aspect he has had with the company is now coming to its term, opening horizons for new collaborations, projects and possibilities. He still has the strong drive he has always had as a designer to imagine and design the next mega yachts. A drive that is still intact.

128m motor yacht PRIVILEGE ONE under construction at Privilege yard

August 03, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Measuring an impressive 128 meters in length, motor yacht Privilege One is a spectacular and highly innovative luxury vessel, currently in build at the Italian shipyard Privilege and designed by Laraki Yacht Design. Scheduled for delivery in 2013, the Privilege One superyacht represents unmatched beauty, technology, comfort and luxury.

128m megayacht Privilege One under construction at Privilege yard

128m megayacht Privilege One under construction at Privilege yard - Image courtesy of Privilege Yard

Described as the ‘wonder of the sea’, the Privilege One megayacht has been described as a sea mansion. The ship’s pitch, roll and noise, which make the main difference between boats and houses, have been totally eliminated by extremely sophisticated and efficient devices that extend their control also to fire fighting, accidents and security, that no villa can claim.

Superyacht Privilege One boasts extremely broad living quarters and great outdoor spaces, with a swimming pool and courts, while the beautiful interiors provide her guests with plenty of fun, from dining rooms, bars and lounges to a movie theatre, an auditorium as well as a ballroom.

Six cars, four bikes, eight boats, six jet ski, two helicopters and even one submarine fulfil all land, water and air transport requirements, removing the eventual boat-land gap in any weather condition or boat location.

Luxury yacht Privilege One features pure and classic, simple, elegant and contemporary exterior lines. Together with the slender bow, kept free from the aerodynamic superstructures, the lines give the impression of a fast and streamlined object.

The suite themes, soft and styled, create a luxurious but exuberant environment. All public areas include every possible kind of comfort, resulting in a highly coagulant effect among the themes with an elegant but minimalist style.

The fabrics and furniture are in perfect harmony with the suite themes and with the public area style. Each piece represents a unique creation. Several ceilings and walls are made in hand-decorated glass and each one is a work of art that goes with the style of its location.

Internal and external lighting is devised in order to blend with the Privilege One yacht concept, distinguishable by modern but sophisticated details.

Several ornaments aboard the 128m megayacht Privilege One are made of crystal with golden inserts, of precious stone or marble and are in harmony with the environment.

The artistic painted panels are inspired from the Florentine 4th Century and thus create an extremely evocative contrast with the background.

The mosaics of the 5 swimming pools, of the spa pools and of the bath areas, are made of glass and of gold micro tile and are all styled and inspired from the sea and its inhabitants.

Thanks to the cooperation among the PININFARINA, ROLLS ROYCE and MTU automation departments, Privilege One yacht’s Wheelhouse, the four Control Stations and the Control Room match the Star Trek Enterprise style.

Superyacht Privilege One’s space distribution has been organized to provide maximum comfort to guests, while hundreds of clever devices give her remarkable flexibility.

Deck 6 is reserved for the Master just as Deck 7, hosting the Wellness & Bathing Resort. Boaring entrances allow boarding in any mooring condition, where guests & crew are separate.

All guests reach lounges, dining rooms, entertainment areas from their quarters, through horizontal and vertical pathways never encountering crew & staff members. Set routes allow crew members to reach service and technical areas without ever crossing guests.

Guest areas are provided with dedicated entrances which allow crew members to clean and serve without disturbing guests, such as the suites’ breakfast and intimate dining rooms as well as lounges’ several corners.

The Beach Club’s pool, sunbathing and sushi bar areas are distributed to enjoy maximum pleasure & relaxation.

All public areas on board the Privilege One superyacht are provided with restrooms, just as swimming pools are equipped with changing rooms and showers in their immediate vicinity.

Dining rooms and main bars are connected directly with service pantries, in turn connected with galleys.