Genoa Boat Show 2011 Brief

Genoa Boat Show 2011 Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News

33 Sea Walker yacht tender by Fiart Mare

May 23, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Dedicated to young public, the 33 Sea Walker yacht tender is an amazing walk-around, developed by the Italian yard Fiart Mare. Officially presented for the very first time at the Milan Fashion Week as well as the Genoa International Boat Show 2011, the 33 Sea Walker boasts open airy spaces, along with a multifunctional cockpit and 4 berths.

33 Sea Walker yacht tender by Fiart Mare

33 Sea Walker yacht tender by Fiart Mare

Outside, the 33 SeaWalker yacht has a generous sun-bathing area on the bow and another on the stern so that everyone can relax. Inside, there is plenty of space for the night, with a convertible double bed and a double berth on the stern.

33 Sea Walker yacht - view from above

33 Sea Walker yacht - view from above

Fiart 33 Sea Walker Interior

Fiart 33 Sea Walker Interior

Fiart yacht 33 Sea Walker

Fiart yacht 33 Sea Walker

Main Characteristics of the Fiart 33 Sea Walker yacht tender:

Overall length (Lmax) 10,9 m
Hull length (Lh) 9,98 m
Max beam (Bmax) 3,72 m
Standing height in cabin 1,95 m
Fuel tanks ~ 590 l
Water tank ~ 230 l
Weight (engines included) ~ 4,7 t
Berths 4
Capacity 10 persons
CE: Design category B

Three types of engines are available:

Petrol engine
2 X 240 HP VOLVO PENTA Duoprop 4.3 Gxi

Turbodiesel engines
2 X 220 HP VOLVO PENTA Duoprop – D3-220 EVC
2 X 260 HP VOLVO PENTA Duoprop – D4-260 EVC

New Besenzoni transom door for superyachts

October 11, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Besenzoni has designed a manual transom door for superyachts that they have introduced at the 2011 Genoa Boat Show.  The new Besenzoni transom door features their trademark minimalist styling and is comprised of a series of self-supporting, frameless windows. The windows are held in place by an upper stainless steel AISI 316 strip, which is corrosion resistant, and a lower sliding track. The door also sports a ‘soft lock’ system that helps the windows to a close, cushioning any sharp blows, minimising damage-inducing impacts that could stress the structure.

New Besenzoni transom door for superyachts

New Besenzoni transom door for superyachts

Privacy is assured by mirrored glass that allows those inside to see out, without the possibility of people on the outside to see in. LED lights can also be installed to preserve the mirror effect in darkness.

The manually sliding panels of the transom door by Besenzoni offers an intelligent solution to optimise space, with the sliding tracks as streamlined as possible requiring a 10cm-wide track for 3 ffglass panels. To improve the installation process on new builds and refits Besenzoni has also designed a counter-frame.

Sanlorenzo SL94 superyacht takes ‘Best Boat of the Year 2011′ award

October 07, 2011

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Sanlorenzo’s new 28.60-metre motor yacht SL94, that enjoyed her debut at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show, has been named the best superyacht at the 2011 Genoa Boat Show. Decision was made by a jury, selected by the well known Vela & Motore magazine (Edisport Publishing), now at it’s 10th edition. The jury awarded Sanlorenzo superyacht SL94 designed by Francesco Paszkowski the ‘Best Boat of the Year 2011′ category.

Francesco Paszkowski designed superyacht SL94 by Sanlorenzo

Francesco Paszkowski designed superyacht SL94 by Sanlorenzo

Members of the jury, including university professors, yacht designers and experts of the yachting world, expressed the following opinion as to why they have chosen the SL94 yacht.

“An innovative yacht produced by a Shipyard that gets us used to the beauty without exaggerations, to the plain elegance applied in a hull of 28.60 meters but rich of innovations also regarding the onboard way of lining. A yacht to enjoy the sea faultlessly and the most strict elegance, with solutions offering more comfort and privacy to the owner and his guests. A praise to the brave entrepreneurial soul and to the interior designer, Francesco Paszkowski at his best creative effort in trend with the tailor made tradition of the Shipyard.”

Francesco Paszkowski designed superyacht SL94 by Sanlorenzo

Francesco Paszkowski designed superyacht SL94 by Sanlorenzo

Owner's suite on board of the 2011 launched Sanlorenzo SL94 yacht

Owner's suite on board of the 2011 launched Sanlorenzo SL94 yacht

Azimut 45 motor yacht wins the award “Barca dell’anno 2011”

October 05, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

The Azimut 45 motor yacht built by Azimut Yachts has won the coveted 2011 Boat of the Year award from the magazine Vela e Motore, which was presented during the gala ceremony in Genoa on the evening of October 5 2011. For ten years, this award has been given to the stars of the new boating season, conferring internationally important recognition on the winners.

Azimut 45 motor yacht wins the award “Barca dell’anno 2011”

Azimut 45 motor yacht wins the award “Barca dell’anno 2011”

Once again, the Azimut brand, a part of the Azimut Benetti Group, has proven to be the market leader through the innovative spirit and unique design distinguishing its boats. In particular, the Azimut 45 motor yacht model stood out for its functionality and design creativity; indeed, the most striking of these aspects are the modular flybridge, the offer of 2- or 3-cabin versions, the extraordinary galley with a length of 3.2 linear metres, and a VIP cabin amidships, whose size and the inclusion of a magnificent panoramic window make it a veritable second master cabin.

The “Barca dell’anno 2011”award comes on the heels of numerous recognitions recently accorded to models of the Azimut Benetti Group. The latest were those received at the Cannes Boat Show at the start of the season as part of the “World Yacht Trophies Award 2011”, which starred the Azimut motor yacht Magellano 50, winner of “Best Innovative Design”, and two models from Benetti, which backed up its moment in the spotlight with yacht Told u So, a Benetti Vision 145’, which took the title for “Best Interior Design”, and superyacht Nataly, a 65-metre Benetti Custom, which was awarded “Best Design for Boats over 50 Metres”.

Azimut-Benetti is the leading and most prestigious builder of mega yachts in the world. Operating in 68 countries worldwide through a network of 138 sales offices, the Group includes the prestigious brands Azimut Yachts, Benetti, Azimut Grande, and Atlantis, with each one catering to a distinct segment of the yacht market.

Sanlorenzo Yachts at the 51st Genoa International Boat Show

October 05, 2011

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Sanlorenzo Yachts jumped into third position in the annual list of orders for international super yacht builders, The Global Order Book 2011 (yachts measuring over 80 feet, or 24 metres). The Genoa International Boat Show is a highest level nautical event, and prominent showcase for the world’s best builders and the best made in Italy craftsmanship, where Sanlorenzo Yachts will present itself, by concentrating on the design world, together with the brands Artemide, Boffi, B&B Italy, Living Divani and Roda.

Sanlorenzo Yachts at the 51st Genoa International Boat Show

Sanlorenzo Yachts at the 51st Genoa International Boat Show

Its yachts are always unique, customised  to suit  the owner’s  requirements and  tastes, with  lines  that  transcend  fad
and fashion, where highly skilled craft and tradition, handed down from father to son, are combined with attention to
detail, an artisanal finish, and luxury materials. Sanlorenzo yachts represents excellence within its sector, an elite among the elite. It comes not as a big group, but as a yacht builder for the seasoned owner, a connoisseur with whom to design and develop the boat of your dreams.

Sanlorenzo Yachts at the 51st Genoa International Boat Show

Sanlorenzo Yachts at the 51st Genoa International Boat Show

With an approach  to boat building  that unquestionably qualifies  as  “design”  in  terms of  technique,  innovation and
experimentation, as well as creativity, value and exclusivity, further confirmed by the prestigious accolade received on 14 June from the President of the  Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, the “The  Italian  Innovation and Design Award 2011″,  awarded  for  the  interiors of  the motor yachts SL 104 (motor yacht Tripple Fun and Mia Rocca IX yacht), designed by the Dordoni Architetti  studio.  The prize  is given  to  designers  and  businesses  commended  by ADI (the  Italian  industrial  design  association),  hence  in  a  purely design-centred context, and Sanlorenzo Yachts has chosen the occasion of the Genoa Boat Show to celebrate this important result, and to explore new and more effective relations and contaminations with the design world.

This is the objective underlying the partnership with Artemide, Boffi, B&B Italy, Living Divani and Roda – some of the
most prestigious names  in  Italian design, represented  in all  its  forms,  from  furniture to kitchens, lighting to outdoor
decor. These are the companies  invited by Sanlorenzo Yachts to collaborate, both  in furnshing  its own 1,000-m² stand, with displays worthy of the Salone del Mobile  including dedicated display areas  for each company, and  in applying these design products to the marine world, in the seven super yachts moored at the entrance.

Yachting casts a knowing wink at design, with contemporary interiors that are every bit as good as those of the finest
villas, where every piece selected  is not only high-quality,  it  is also the fruit of an extraordinary blend of  innovation,
design and craftsmanlike care. For  life at sea,  traditional  furnishings have  to be able to give  that  little bit more: not
only must  they be  custom-made  to meet  the  sophisticated demands of boat owners who  seek perfection  in every
detail, they must also be technically transformed to handle the particularly tough conditions. Sun, salt and the roll of
the waves all  require specially developed solutions, which may mean anything  from simply a special  treatment  to a
more complex re-engineering of a product.

This was indeed the case for the lighting from Artemide, re!engineered to create  a  system  suitable  for  offshore  requirements,  and  for  the  K2  kitchen  from  Boffi.  The  original  home  design, created  in 2000 by Norbert Wangen, was transformed through the  joint efforts of the technical office at Sanlorenzo Yachts and the contract division at Boffi, into an attractive product suitable for use at sea, and for an outdoor position on the flying  bridge of  the super yacht SL104.

While  B&B  Italia  offered  the  fruit  of  its  research  and  experimentation  in  its  outdoor collection to furnish the lounge, flying bridge and main deck of the SL82/588 yacht, Living Divani supplied the Chemise sofa, designed  by  Piero  Lissoni,  in  a  C-shaped  corner  composition  that  is  not  available  on  catalogue,  and  was created especially  to  fit perfectly  into  the  interiors of  the nautical gem  that  is  the SL104 motor yacht.

Finally, Roda’s  contribution  lay  in products  for  the  maritime  sector  using  precious  woods  such  as  solid  teak,  and  materials  offering  great  outdoor performance, such as stainless steel, or cushions with water!repellant fabrics and water-draining filling. Design offers Sanlorenzo Yachts an extra ace to play, offering boat owners top!quality  interiors and the possibility of  freely choosing the furniture that best reflects their character from the catalogues of the most reputable names in the field, just as they would on land.

For design companies, who are used to working with the home and contract markets, the maritime sector is a highly seductive world, a new, stimulating field of operation, and an exciting challenge, because it means working with  incredible  limitations, but also  focusing  their design energy on  finding  innovative solutions and new approaches to interpreting their own products.

From the left Pompa RODA-Boffi BOFFI-Pozzoli Bestetti LIVING DIVANI-Bocchietto ADI-Perotti President SANLORENZO-Zaniboni DORDONI ARCHITETTI-Minotti BB ITALIA-Buttiglietri SANLORENZO-Gismondi ARTEMIDE

From the left Pompa RODA-Boffi BOFFI-Pozzoli Bestetti LIVING DIVANI-Bocchietto ADI-Perotti President SANLORENZO-Zaniboni DORDONI ARCHITETTI-Minotti BB ITALIA-Buttiglietri SANLORENZO-Gismondi ARTEMIDE

This  is the spirit of collaboration, which will reach  its climax on Saturday 1 October: an exclusive evening  lit up with
fireworks,  where  the  sea,  boats  and  interiors  will  take  centre  stage,  conveying  a  spirit  of  all-round  quality  and

For  Sanlorenzo Yachts,  this  represents  the  perfect  opportunity  to  toast  the  prestigious  accolade  received  from  President Giorgio  Napolitano,  and  to  reassert  the  strength  of  the  relationship  established  with  the  world  of  design  and designing.

From  the abovementioned collaboration with  the Dordoni Architetti  studio  to design  the  interiors of  the motor  yacht  SL104 (see for example motor yacht Tripple Fun and superyacht Mia Rocca IX),  to  the  new  partnership with  Artemide,  Boffi,  B&B  Italy,  Living  Divani  and  Roda  to  furnish  its various models,  right  up  to  the  cooperation with  architect  Stefano Boeri, who  signed  the development  project  for Cantieri Navali di Ameglia, where Sanlorenzo Yachts has its headquarters, inside the Montemarcello Magra Regional Park. A marvellous project, involving overlaying a series of planted surfaces onto the existing buildings, both horizontally and vertically, delineating  a  cutting-edge  structure  that will  introduce  the  vertical  garden,  a philosophy of interweaving architecture and the environment: the first time this has been done in a place of manufacture.

Azimut Benetti showcases 10 new yacht models in Genoa for the 2011/2012 season

October 04, 2011

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The well known luxury yacht building company, Azimut-Benetti Group is currently presenting 10 new models for the 2011/2012 boating season and announces an important Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification (BS OHSAS 18001) awarded by RINA in Genoa at the 2011 Genoa International Boat Show.

Benetti superyacht Crystal 140

Benetti superyacht Crystal 140

The company pays tribute to the 150th anniversary of Italian unification with a commemorative model, Azimut 62S Italia Yacht, and celebrates the opening of the Genoa Boat Show in the company of Italian rugby champions, symbol of the tenacity and the talent for attaining goals that characterizes the company.

With a fleet of 24 boats, the Azimut-Benetti Group  is in Genoa, site of one of the most important international boat shows that is not to be missed. Today, the company presented a broad range of important innovations, which underscore its dynamism and drive in reaching the most ambitious of goals.

After introducing four new yachts at the last boat  show in Cannes, the company chose this Ligurian city as the stage for the debut of an additional six new models: the Atlantis 38, the Azimut 60, the Azimut 62S Italia, the superyacht Azimut 88 MY 2011, the Azimut Grande 100 superyacht, and the  Benetti Crystal 140 motroyacht, bringing to ten the number of new offerings for the 2011-2012 season.

The  area of megayachts  under the Benetti and Azimut Grande brands is experiencing a period of extraordinary success, as evidenced by an order book of considerable heft.

In this specific market segment, the Group is showing two models in Genoa that are particularly noteworthy: the Azimut Grande 100 Yacht and the Benetti Crystal 140 superyacht.

Motor yacht Azimut Grande 100, the splendid new offering in the eponymous line,  contains all the features of the Group’s planing megayachts. It constitutes a new flybridge, which gives shape to the desires of boat owners for ever more unique, tailor-made products.

Benetti motor yacht Crystal 140

Benetti motor yacht Crystal 140

Maximum versatility, great attention to privacy, and building quality that benefits from Benetti’s decades of experience are the hallmarks of this new boat, which joints the line’s flagship, the Azimut Grande 120SL yacht, presented in Cannes in September.

Light, transparency, and enhancement of spaces, on the other hand, characterise the essence of the superyacht  Benetti Crystal 140, the new boat in the Benetti Class line, which finds the fundamental reasons for its name in the interiors,  where outstanding distribution of spaces guarantee comfort and extreme brightness thanks to the way in which the interior volume of the hull was exploited. The yacht moreover offers advanced technological solutions, such as the integrated wheelhouse and a home-automation system that simultaneously manages music, video, alarms, and climate control.

With regard to  services, the Genoa Boat Show was chosen to announce the forthcoming unveiling of the Group’s second Styling Lounge in Viareggio, which will be the new, essential point of reference for Benetti boat owners. In perfect harmony with the brand’s philosophy, this space contains the best of everything that boat owners could desire when it comes to customising their yachts and enriching them with sophisticated, high-quality details and accessories. Boat owners can browse in a variety of areas in order to make their yachts unique in every detail: from the most sought-after, exclusive on-board linens to the most sophisticated, elegant porcelain and crystal, from the finest fabrics and leathers to the most original, precious decorative objects.

The brands on offer represent the top of the line for their sectors. Among others: Rubelli, Christofle, Missoni Home, Richard Ginori, Versace, Rainaud Limoges, Poltrona Frau, Artemide, Baccarat, Loro Piana, Rosenthal, Nasonmoretti, Ercuis, and Armani Casa.

The Benetti Styling Lounge, the most recent initiative launched by the division responsible for developing and managing boat owner services worldwide, is joined by the recent debut of the Yachtique Concierge Club. Unique in the boating world, the Club is reserved for Azimut-Benetti boat owners, who will be able to avail themselves of 5-star assistance service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. This includes reservations for restaurants, car rentals, and private chefs; purchases and deliveries of food; real-time information about any issue relating to boating; and a broad range of price reductions on boating services, such as fuel purchases, insurance policies for winter storage, engine tune-ups, and the supply of tenders.

Benetti 140 Crystal superyacht from above

Benetti 140 Crystal superyacht from above

Other new products include the lively  Atlantis 38 yacht, super-dynamic and easy to handle, the comfortable  Azimut 60, a flybridge that superbly captures the strategic  dimensions of 18 metres, and the Azimut 88 MY 2011 Yacht, which, with its character of a large yacht, offers spaces that have been well divided and exploited, a hallmark of maximum privacy.

Last but not least, the Azimut 62S Italia, the commemorative model dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, is, just like its namesake, distinguished by verve, elegance, and class.

The introduction of all of these new models was accompanied by a delightful moment of the show involving several Italian rugby champions, a sport that symbolises the determination to reach the “goal”, which has always been an attitude inspiring the Group.

In this joyful context, Azimut-Benetti is extremely proud to announce that it has received BH OHSAS 18001 Certification from RINA. Azimut-Benetti is the world’s only builder of pleasure boats that to date has received this certification  for multiple sites, having implemented a management system for occupational health and safety at the facilities in Avigliana, Savona, and Viareggio, which by 2013 will cover 100% of the production facilities.

New boats at the Genoa International Boat Show 2011

Azimut 60 Yacht

With this new arrival to the Flybridge Collection, Azimut Yachts offers an optimal expression of the strategic size of 18 meters, borrowing design solutions more common in larger boats.  This boat’s hallmarks are spaces that are separate  between guests and crew, providing virtually limitless privacy, ultimate comfort inside and outside and meticulously-crafted style details.

The lower deck of the new motor yacht Azimut 60 has three cabins. The master cabin, full-beam and full-height, is in the center of the boat, with two large windows with three vertical sections to give constant views of the seascape. A sitting area along the right hand wall  by the window vies for attention with the king-size bed inclined 45 degrees on the opposite side. The en suite bathroom is also fullbeam, large and comfortable. The VIP cabin is in the stern with considerable space and proportions. A third cabin accommodates guests with two twin beds, an ample closet and cabinets.  The crew cabin has a large capacity with two beds,  and an entrance independent from the beach area.

The fly, which is very large, can accommodate two sunbathing areas and includes the option of a fixed hardtop with a central roll bar. Azimut 60’s exterior bears the collection’s distinctive elements, starting from the special fin on the deckhouse that makes the yacht’s profile unmistakable even from a distance, becoming part of the play of the windows’ curved lines.

Azimut 60 Yacht

Azimut 60 Yacht

Azimut 62S Italia Yacht

Italia is the name of this new version of Azimut 62S, dedicated to the hundred and fifty year anniversary of Italian Unity. The shipyard in Avigliana wanted to make its contribution to celebrating this important moment in Italy’s history.

With a compact contour like all the brand’s sporty  boats, its openable hard top and airy interiors are this yacht’s distinctive characteristics. The openable hard top is a genuine masterpiece. It is made with double curved glass, both lengthwise and crossways, covered with UV-resistant film. It is like a window on the sky, which gives full expression to the sporty personality and sense of opening outwards, even with the top closed.

In tune with the market’s latest demands, the stern area is easy to convert from an entertaining or dining area, with chairs and table, into a large sun-bathing platform.

The cockpit’s side stairs of the new Azimut 62S Italia motor yacht go down to the lifting platform, part of its standard features. This is the entrance to the crew cabin, which was completely revamped to comfortably accommodate two crew members and make space to mount the Seakeeper gyro-stabilizer.

The interior has also been revamped to be coordinated with the new decor collection. Zebra wood finishes all the furnishings. Contrasting with steel, it is also used in the kitchen, which can be completely isolated from the rest of the boat with sliding doors. There are three cabins.

In the bow cabin, there is a king-size bed that can be transformed into twin beds set at a V. For the captain, an extraordinary innovation was made, a “birds-eye view”, developed by Azimut-Benetti’s R & D Department. This is a system of three video cameras for mooring that makes high-precision maneuvers possible.

The engines chosen for this new series are 1150 hp. This means that this boat can run at speeds above 36 knots, to the delight of performance seekers.

Azimut 62 S Italia Yacht

Azimut 62 S Italia Yacht

Azimut 88 MY 2011 superyacht

The new motor yacht Azimut 88 was designed by architect Achille Salvagni, working closely with Azimut’s Style Office to redefine the boat’s layout and revamp its decor. One of the most important changes is the new position of the master cabin, with the bathroom moved towards the aft to create an area that better insulates the master cabin from the noise of the engine room. This new layout also creates a better, more private descent and a more practical arrangement of the furnishings. An area was made on the left that is fully lit, with two chairs and dinette table.

At the window on the other side is a vanity area. The cabinets are on the wall with a large space for clothing, luggage and accessories. The second change to the interior layout can be in the saloon where changes to the stairway coming down from the master cabin let a day bathroom be placed lengthwise, with a significant savings of space for the dining area.

Coming aboard the new Azimut 88 yacht, you immediately perceive the new decor, featuring round shapes and curved lines, creating a sense of continuity between ceilings and walls all around. There are also many mirrored surfaces that further increase the perceived space.

The exterior line is unchanged, with the flybridge  that has a net surface area of 55 square meters to become a veritable terrace on the sea. There are still large asymmetrical windows in the hull and enchanting areas like the 10-square-meter area of cockpit and the equipped stern.

Azimut 88 is fitted with two Cat C32 Acert engines of 1825 mhp with a top speed of 29 knots and a cruising speed of 26.

Azimut 88 superyacht

Azimut 88 superyacht

Benetti Crystal 140 Yacht

The essence of the Crystal 140 motoryacht is light, transparency and optimal use of space. The new “navetta” in the Benetti Class line, it was designed by Stefano Righini for the exterior layout and François Zuretti for the interiors. In the interiors we see the true reasons behind its name, including the redistribution of the spaces, making full use of the bottom ‘s volume and special attention to light, through new windows that leave the competition and past versions in the dust. There are four decks of living space, with large areas protected, for optimal privacy. Among the major innovations in the stern area is an uncommon reorganization; the usual garage was moved up towards the bow with a side opening that lets the entire bow area be dedicated to a beach area free of all mechanical equipment, with a shower, bathroom, refrigerator, kitchen and chairs. This division of the lower deck is made possible by having a highly streamlined engine room that gives more space for guest cabins. There are a total of four guest cabins, with two master bedrooms and two with twin beds and for the crew area, which is also designed with new volumes for the comfort of the crew.

On the sun deck of the new Benetti motor yacht Crystal 140 is an age-old, reassuring sign of sea and navigation, a funnel, here playing a different role than its familiar one, concealing technical equipment and stowage space.

The interior style is at the discretion of the owner who can customize the spaces to suit his or her tastes and desires. Crystal’s length comes to nearly 42 meters and the full beam width is 9 meters. The engines are two Cat C32 Acer, 1081 kW.  With a fuel reserve of 58,000 liters,

Crystal yacht has an ocean range of 4,000 miles. The maximum speed at half load is 15 knots, and at 85% power, it sails at 14 knots.  The onboard systems are equipped with the state-of-the-art Benetti technologies that allow centralized operation of all electrical and electronic equipment on board, including remotely.

Ferretti Group iPad App for Superyachts

October 04, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

The Italian superyacht brand, the Ferretti Group will present 10 new apps for iPad at the 51st Genoa International Boat Show 2011. Six of the apps are dedicated to the brands of the group, namely Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Riva, Mochi Craft and Ferretti Custom Line brands and four apps dedicated to individual models such as the Ferretti 720, the Navetta 33 by Ferretti Custom Line, the Pershing 74’ and the Itama 45’.

Ferretti Group iPad App for Superyachts - iRiva App

Ferretti Group iPad App for Superyachts - iRiva App

The new ipad apps presented as absolute preview at the stand of the Ferretti Group, will be available for free download from the App Store for all boat lovers worldwide and will be constantly updated with new models of the Ferretti Group range of luxury motor yachts.

The Ferretti Group, one of the world leaders in the design, construction and sale of motor yachts with a unique portfolio of some of the most exclusive, prestigious brands in the nautical world, on the occasion of the 51st Genoa International Boat Show, makes its “great landing” on iPad, presenting 10 new apps for boat lovers worldwide. Six of these applications, designed for the tablet pc by Apple, are dedicated to the prestigious brands of the Group and four to some of the most innovative models launched this year on the international nautical market.

The users will soon have the chance to download for free the new apps from the Apple Store, getting to know the history and the details of the brands Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Riva, Mochi Craft and Ferretti Custom Line.

The description of each model of the six brands will be available from the home page, both in Italian and in English. A rich photo gallery will show the details of interiors and of the outer look of the crafts. The apps will also feature the layouts and the videos of each model.

Furthermore, the apps will feature: a section completely dedicated to the international sales network of the brand and to the customer service centres in Italy and worldwide, and many pages containing constantly updated information about news and events, in order to be always informed about the news from all the brands about their models.

With this same vision, the Ferretti Group has designed 4 new apps specifically dedicated to some of the most innovative models presented on the international nautical market: the Ferretti 720 motor yacht, the latest model by Ferretti Yachts, the Navetta 33 Crescendo, one of the new crafts by Ferretti Custom Line, the Pershing 74’, recently launched in Cannes, and the Itama 45′, one of the new gems by Itama.

The four apps referring to the new models, in addition to the functions available for the brands, allow “going on board” and visit the yacht through the tablet pc, through a virtual tour expressly designed to appreciate any detail of one’s favourite model, simply by touching the display of the device.

After the preview at the Genoa Boat Show at the stand of the Ferretti Group, 1st – 9th October 2011, “iFerrettiYachts”, “iPershing”, “iItama”, “iRiva”, “iMochiCraft” and “iCustomLine”, the six apps dedicated to the brands of the Group, and “iF720”, “iN33”, “iP74” and “iItama45”, the four apps dedicated to individual models, will be available for free on the App Store, allowing all iPad users to be constantly updated, in a very complete and dynamic way, about the news from the Ferretti Group.

In the next few months, with the aim of allowing all boat lovers to get in touch directly with the varied world of Ferretti Group, new apps will be launched referring to the new models of the range of the Group.

Riva shipyard awarded the Barchino d’Oro for 50 years at Genoa Boat Show

October 03, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Riva Shipyard, a brand of the Italian superyacht builder the Ferretti Group, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Barchino d’Oro, an award given to the exhibitors who reach 50 years of presence at the Genoa International Boat Show.

Riva shipyard awarded the Barchino d'Oro for 50 years at Genoa Boat Show

Riva shipyard awarded the Barchino d'Oro for 50 years at Genoa Boat Show

The prize-giving took place on Saturday, 1st October 2011 during the opening party on the terrace of Pavilion B of the venue, with the participation of UCINA’s President, Mr Anton Francesco Albertoni, and of Fiera di Genova SpA’s Chairman, Ms Sara Armella. Mr Giancarlo Galeone, CEO of Ferretti Group, and Alberto Perrone da Zara, Riva Sales Director, attended the awards ceremony, which was followed by the concert of the orchestra of the Theatre Carlo Felice and the great fireworks show at the end of the evening.

With 50 years of presence at the Genoa Boat Show, Riva can state to have interwoven its history, more than 160 year long, with that of the famous show, a must of the nautical year. During the Genoa Boat Show, Riva has always proudly shown to the Italian and international public its innovations and the most successful models of its fleet.

This year the shipyard presented in Genoa the Iseo, the great new 27 feet runabout. The Iseo, which is intended to become an actual must for boat and design lovers, is the smallest model of the fleet, perfect for anyone wishing to enhance their yacht with an exclusive tender that will never go unnoticed. The Iseo is a cutting edge craft in all its aspects. It is equipped with infotainment and GPS systems based on the Apple iPad platform and, upon request, can be provided with hybrid propulsion system, allowing to use it even where navigation is forbidden.

“This important award makes us proud”, declarer Giancarlo Galeone, Chief Executive Officer of the Ferretti Group, “because it highlights the relevance of this show in the past and in the present of Riva and of the whole boating industry. The Genoa Boat Show to us is the occasion to put on display every year, within a unique framework, the new models and the successes of the shipyard”.

Tognum to present its new MTU Series 2000 marine engine at the Genoa Boat Show

September 30, 2011

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Tognum will be showcasing its latest MTU Series 2000 marine engine at “Salone Nautico Internazionale” – the Genoa Boat Show, which will start tomorrow the 1st October and will be held through to 9th October (Pavillon C, booth T30). Also featuring at the show will be MTU’s automation and service solutions for the yacht sector.

MTU 16V 2000 M94 yacht engine with a power output up to 1940 kW

MTU 16V 2000 M94 yacht engine with a power output up to 1940 kW

The Series 2000 M94 marine engine boasts the highest performance values in its class and an improved power-to-weight ratio. An increase of up to 8 percent in power output has been achieved over the previous model. Available in 8, 10, 12 and 16-cylinder versions, the engine covers the 930 to 1,940 kW (1,250 to 2,600 bhp) range at 2,450 rpm.

With respect to fuel consumption at cruising speed and generation of higher charge pressures at lower rpms, turbocharger performance has been enhanced – key to shortening acceleration time on seagoing vessels. On top of that, the unit meets all emissions standards applying to marine engines worldwide and comes automatically equipped with a

SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) certificate. To ensure that the surface temperature of the engine never exceeds 220 °C, the M94 also features double-walled fuel lines and triple-walled, water-cooled turbocharger and exhaust gas lines. That helps keep the temperature in the engine room relatively low, which in turn enhances comfort and safety. The M94 is also an exceptionally quiet engine, boasting extremely low sound pressure levels when idle or at low speeds.

Also featuring in MTU’s tradeshow presentation is “Smartline” and “Blueline” – the standard ship automation systems for monitoring and control of MTU’s Series 2000 and 4000 propulsion systems. The system is suitable for different propulsion configurations such as fixed pitch propeller (FPP) or water jets.

Not only its engines, but also its service makes MTU a partner that the customer can count upon. The MTU ValueCare package includes a longer warranty (EPC: Extended Propulsion Coverage). Other service offerings include tailor-made maintenance agreements, remote services and swift, reliable supply of high-quality, genuine MTU-brand spares.

51st Genoa International Boat Show opens its doors this Saturday

September 27, 2011

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The 51st Genoa International Boat Show is just around the corner. Taking place from the 1st to 9th October, 2011 and thanks to its late opening hours, shows and special events:  GenoaInBlu will light up the city for nine days.  The main contents and features of the Show, which will be held at Fiera di Genova (Genoa Fair & Exhibition Centre) from 1 to 9 October 2011, were illustrated today at Genoa City Hall by Fiera di Genova SpA’s President, Sara Armella, and the President of UCINA-Confindustria Nautica (the Italian Boating Industry Confederation), Anton Francesco Albertoni, during a press conference in which Genoa Mayor, Marta Vincenzi, the President of Genoa Chamber of Commerce, Paolo Odone, and Genoa Harbour Master and Liguria Maritime Director, Admiral Felicio Angrisano also took the floor.

Genoa International Boat Show 2011 will take place from the 1st to 9th October

Genoa International Boat Show 2011 will take place from the 1st to 9th October

Genoa Boat Show has always been able to combine the best international production and the excellence of typical Made-in-Italy design, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. This year, more than ever, it aims to be a flywheel for the entire boating sector and it will open up new horizons to involve the city and all visitors through a very special welcoming programme.

The 2011 Show

The Boat Show will be officially opened on Saturday 1 October by the Italian Minister for Transport and Infrastructures, Altero Matteoli.

With its 1,300 exhibitors and 2,000 boats on display – 450 of which will be berthed in the fascinating floating part of the Show – including 450 premieres, Genoa Boat Show is currently the most complete boat show in the world, featuring a wide range of products and solutions encompassing all boating industry sectors and meeting any possible customer needs. The 51st edition’s flagships will be the CBI 50 motor yacht “Aifos”, a 50-metre yacht by Cbi Navi (Fipa Group), among power boats, and the 31-metre-long Comet 100 rs, built by Comar Yachts, among sailing boats.

As regards small boats – which account for 60% of all crafts on display –, Genoa Boat Show will propose canoes and inflatable boats, rowing boats and package crafts, all allowing to enjoy one’s passion for the sea to the fullest. With the aim of meeting all the needs and requirements of the Show’s public, the area devoted to mega-yachts (a market segment in which Italy is the world leader and can boast unrivalled know-how and incredibly successful exports) will host 30 boats up to fifty metres in length – real pearls of shipbuilding.

At the end of the mega-yacht quay a helipad will ensure easy connections by helicopter. 160 sailing boats will be on display this year, 124 of which in the water. The sailing boats section will work as the docks’ barycentre, and the entirely renovated Mondoinvela pavilion will be the first to welcome all visitors reaching the Show by sea.

Other new features of the 51st edition of the Show will be the opportunity to perform sea trials in front of quay “G”, where shipyards will have the chance to let their customers test 25 boats ranging between 12 and 24 metres in length.

To its more-than-aware public and to professional operators, Genoa International Boat Show will offer TechTrade, the section devoted to components and accessories for pleasure boating. Monday, 3 and Tuesday, 4 will be the b2b preferential days.

In order to enhance b2b meetings with foreign operators during the Show, missions from the main strategic markets have been organised as part of the sector agreement for the support and promotion of exports subscribed by UCINA and the Italian Ministry for Economic Development. Within the same framework, SMART2011 is an initiative promoted by Enterprise Europe Network Italia and organised by Unioncamere Liguria and La Spezia Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with UCINA and Fiera di Genova, whereby one-to-one business meetings at an international level will be organised, having commercial, technological and research goals.

Late opening hours on Saturday 1 October and the GenovaInblu project

On Saturday 1 October, its opening day, the Show will be open until 10.30 pm and a great evening party will be held at the fairground, featuring a concert by Theatre Carlo Felice’s symphony orchestra, other music events, street performances, many special initiatives at the exhibitors’ stands and some magnificent final fireworks. This will be a unique opportunity to enjoy the fair & exhibition centre by night, with wonderfully illuminated marinas and the reflections of the boats on the water. A special ticket (€ 12) will be on sale starting at 6.30 pm; children up to the age of 10 accompanied by an adult will be admitted free. Buses will run until 11.00 pm; the latest ferry boat will leave the Show at 10.30 pm.

The opening Blue Night will be the first of a long series of initiatives that will unravel throughout the nine days of the Show in various strategic locations in town, i.e. the zero-edition of GenovaInBlu. This new logo ‘contains’ all the events taking place outside the fairground and making up a sort of ‘Fringe’ to the Boat Show: an ideal itinerary that will allow the Show to ‘talk’ to Genoa’s throbbing heart – from Via Garibaldi to Palazzo Ducale, from the Aquarium to Via Roma, all the way to Bolzaneto fruit and vegetable market. The project has been developed and implemented under the coordination of UCINA Confindustria Nautica and Fiera di Genova, under the aegis of Genoa Provincial Council, and with the direct involvement of various local institutions, particularly Genoa Chamber of Commerce (the promoter and main sponsor of this initiative), the City Promotion Board, Genoa City Council’s Department for the Economy, and the Liguria Regional Council. Various professional associations, local authorities, and companies operating in and around Genoa and representing the excellence of Made-in-Italy production have also taken an active part in the project’s organisation.

Fireworks at the Genoa International Boat Show

Fireworks at the Genoa International Boat Show

Conferences, meetings, and other events

The Show will propose a rich calendar of conferences and side events. The institutional conferences, organised by UCINA Confindustria Nautica, will revolve around important subjects and will aim to provide an overview of the Italian boating industry and to offer some food for thought on the most topical issues in this sector. This year the programme will include the first edition of Genoa International Boating Forum, a round table chaired by a journalist from the Financial Times that will be held on Tuesday 4 October and will represent a unique opportunity for the leading players worldwide to meet and share ideas.

Navigar m’è dolce

Genoa Boat Show will also include a large number of side events devoted to the younger generations. Children will have a chance to try out several water sports as part of the Navigar M’è Dolce programme, promoted by UCINA-Confindustria Nautica, and thus experience the great thrill of sailing. Every day in the new basin children will be able to safely try sailing for the first time in their life.


Thanks to the successful partnership with Rolex, for the third consecutive year Rolex will be the Boat Show’s “official watch”. On the 51st edition, Rolex will set up a large exhibition area devoted to its new watch collections, with a special focus on sporty watches and watches devoted to the sea, like Submariner and Yacth Master. Besides Rolex, other prestigious sponsors will include Banca Carige, Genoa Chamber of Commerce, the Liguria Region, Italian Ministry for Transport and Infrastructures, Marina d’Arechi, Seamax, Autostrade per l’Italia, Banchero & Costa, Ca’ del Bosco, Jaguar, Valle d’Aosta Region, the Italian Register of Engineers, Selex-Elsag, Serravalle Outlet, Ignazio Messina, Consorzio Italia –Bagni Baia San Giuliano, Agenzia Marittima Pesto, Amico & Co., Enercore. The technical sponsors will be Antique Mirror and Ingemar.

The digital Boat Show

The Boat Show would not be the Boat Show without some digital innovation. In line with the current need for increasingly fast and far-reaching information sharing tools, Genoa Boat Show too has decided to “turn 2.0″ by renovating its official website and opening up to the world of social networks and smart phones.

Indeed, the Show’s official website has a brand-new graphic layout which plays with blue and light-blue shades and ensures faster navigation through the various pages thanks to user-friendly menus and buttons. Approximately 214 thousand people have accessed the site so far. The home page also includes the social networks on which the Show can now be found. Last August the Boat Show opened its official Fanpage on Facebook – which now boasts more than 2,100 “Likes” -, as well as a Twitter profile where all the latest news on the event are constantly posted. The Show’s YouTube channel was also recently opened and will soon host all the videos from the Boat Show.

On the occasion of the Boat Show, CircleCap – a company specialising in process consultancy, innovative technologies and digital marketing – has developed, in cooperation with the communication agency Pbcom, iNautico – a mobile application for iPhone devoted to the Boat Show’s visitors. The App is already available and can be downloaded for free from iTunes’ Apple Store.

Live broadcasting from the Show

Genoa International Boat Show will be given extensive TV coverage, confirming it is a great media event. More specifically, on the opening day, Liguria TGR will start a long live broadcast at 11.00 am on Italian channel RAI 3; at 2.30 pm on RAI 1, Lineablu’s traditional episode devoted to the Show will begin. Reporters from the leading Italian News will be present at the Show, while sports channel Raisport will broadcast live from the Show every day. All main local TV channels will cover the Show, confirming its significance for the local community.

The “Welcoming Project”

Shuttle buses from the airport, the railway stations and the main hotels in town (including three-star hotels) and in the Golfo del Tigullio & a large information stand inside the Show devoted in particular to the promotion of GenovaInBlu: this is the “Welcoming Project” developed by Fiera di Genova and UCINA in cooperation with the City Promotion Board (consisting of Genoa City Council, Provincial Council, Chamber of Comemrce, and Port Authority) and the Liguria Regional Council. Available services will also include a bus connecting the Show to the city centre, where visitors will be able to enjoy shopping or take a tour. More specifically, this year the transfers from the fairground to the city centre will be scheduled in such a way as to allow the public to attend GenovaInBlu initiatives.

Opening hours, admissions

The Show will be open every day from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm. On the first Saturday, 1 October, it will exceptionally remain open until 10.30 pm. Starting at 6.30 pm, evening tickets (€ 12) will be on sale at the ticket counters: children up to the age of 10 (if accompanied by an adult) will be admitted free. This special offer cannot be combined with other concessions or promotions. Every ticket sold will include a coupon allowing to take part in the special competition with prizes “Visit the Show in the evening and win an MSC cruise”: a fantastic cruise for two in the Mediterranean Sea onboard the MSC Splendida is to be won. On Saturday 1 October, when the Show is open until 10.30 pm, the special bus lines KA, 10 and Lido-Kennedy will operate until 11.00 pm.

The ferry boats of the Liguria Via Mare Consortium will also operate till late: the last ferry boat will leave the Show at 10.30 pm.

During the standard day opening hours (October 1-9 from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm) the ticket will cost € 15; concessions: € 12 for groups of at least 30 people, military personnel, disabled people, and children aged between 6 and 10 years; admission free for children up to the age of 5. Concessions may not be combined with any other offers or pre-sale promotions. Reduced tickets can only be purchased at the Show’s ticket counters, located at the main entrance of Genoa Fair & Exhibition centre, while every ticket sold will include a coupon allowing to take part in the special competition with prizes “Visit the Show and win an MSC cruise!”: four fantastic cruises for two in the Mediterranean Sea onboard the MSC Splendida are to be won.

Full-price tickets can also be bought on-line through the Genoa International Boat Show website.

The Boat Show will be accessible from the eastern entrance on Piazzale Kennedy and from the quay reserved to the Liguria Via Mare Consortium ferry boats.

Dogs, obviously on the leash and muzzled, will be admitted to the Show.

Parking in town

More than 6,000 parking spots will be available in town and will be marked by dedicated signs with the Boat Show logo. The sea-side lane of Corso Italian between via Piave and via Don Minzoni will be converted into a parking area throughout the Show. Moreover, Corso Italia will be closed to traffic in the night between October 1 and 2, allowing the public visiting the Show in the evening to park more easily.

Camper vans will have available 100 parking spots in Mura delle Cappuccine and 60 in Viale Caviglia.

Flat-rate prices have remained unchanged from last year: € 12 for cars, € 18 for camper vans. Hourly-rates will be € 2.50 in the city centre and the Foce district (near the Show), € 2 in the Albaro area.

Parking tickets + Bus

All those parking their car in:

·        the Blue Areas in the Foce district (zones A and B), Albaro (zones L and M between Corso Italia, via Cavallotti, via Albaro, via Ricci, via Boselli, via Pisa, via Caprera), Carignano (zones D and E), and the city centre (zone F);

·        the Light-Blue islands (Isole Azzurre) in the areas listed above;

·        the parking areas in Corso Italia and Viale Caviglia specifically created for the Boat Show

will be able to use the daily parking receipts as tickets for bus transfers to and from the Boat Show on AMT buses.

The flat-rate daily receipts (€ 12.00 receipt for cars, € 18.00 for camper vans) issued by the dedicated Blu Area parking meters and by the Isole Azzurre (light-blue islands) personnel will indeed consist of two parts: the first will have to be placed on the vehicle’s windscreen; the second can be used on AMT buses for up to three people as a valid return ticket to the Boat Show. It will have to be shown to ticket inspectors upon request.

Ferry boat and helicopter transfers

The Liguria Viamare Consortium will ensure the traditional ferry boat service connecting the Show to important parking and tourist areas: the Old Port, the Maritime Station-Ponte Colombo, the Sestri Ponente Marina, and Molo Archetti in Pegli. On Saturday 1 October the last departure from the fairground will be at 10.30 pm. Info: tel. +39 010.265712.

The most demanding customers will be able to rely on Novaris, which, in cooperation with Sea Yachts, will offer a helicopter transfer service to and from the Boat Show. Information and reservations: tel. +39 349.8173415 – +39 02.40700545 – +39 06.83393088

Moving freely around the fairground

For those who have difficulties in walking, this year too Fiera di Genova – in cooperation with Terre di Mare (Genoa Provincial centre for accessibility and tourism for the disabled) and with the technical-operating support of the social cooperative La Cruna – will set up a dedicated ticket counter and accessway in Piazzale Kennedy as well as a welcoming service making available four-wheel electrical scooters and wheelchairs to ensure everyone can visit the Show freely. An ad-hoc map showing the recommended routes will be distributed, while an on-demand shuttle service will connect nearby parking areas to the Show. Reservations and information: +39 339.1309249 – +39 010.542098

More info call Genoa Boat Show : tel. + 39 010 53911