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Alewijnse’s new superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary at La Ciotat to open soon

November 14, 2014

Following the recent signing of a contract by Dick Alewijnse, CEO of Alewijnse Marine Systems, and Jean-Philippe Mignard, Director General of SEMIDEP CIOTAT, the establishing of the new home for Alewijnse’s latest permanent superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary has been progressing rapidly. This will be located at La Ciotat on the south coast of France.

Alewijnse’s new superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary to be based at La Ciotat, France

Alewijnse’s new superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary to be based at La Ciotat, France

The new resource is located within Chantiers Naval, the largest refit facility on the south of France. All that remains to be done is furnishing the premises and connecting the telecommunications, and they will be open for business.

With its 35 hectares of space, deep water berths and nearly 40 superyacht repair and refit specialist companies on site, La Ciotat is one of the top facilities of its type to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean. As a leading system integrator, Alewijnse brings an additional set of skills that will be valued by owners and project managers that bring their yachts to the yard.

From its offices at La Ciotat, Alewijnse will provide both warranty services for existing customers and full repair and refit packages for electrical systems designed and installed by third-party yards and integrators. Users of Alewijnse services will benefit from rapid analysis and diagnosis of system issues, faster turnaround times and face-to-face coordination with partners in the yard. A team of initially six personnel will be based at La Ciotat under the management of Marcel van Loon, with a mix of Dutch and French Alewijnse engineers and technicians to undertake major projects.

The establishment of a permanent presence in the western Mediterranean has long been a goal of the Alewijnse Group and follows on from the recent opening of a base in Antalya, Turkey, two and a half thousand kilometres further east.

Alewijnse’s new superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary at La Ciotat, France

October 10, 2014

The second day of the Monaco Yacht Show saw Dick Alewijnse, CEO of Alewijnse Marine Systems, and Jean-Philippe Mignard, Director General of SEMIDEP CIOTAT, sign the contract that officially establishes the home of Alewijnse’s new superyacht refit and servicing subsidiary at La Ciotat, France. The new company will be positioned at Chantiers Naval, the largest superyacht refit yard in the South of France.


The new agreement means that Alewijnse will have a permanent presence on-site, from which it will provide both warranty services for existing customers and full repair and refit packages for electrical systems designed and installed by third-party yards and integrators. Clients will benefit from rapid analysis and diagnosis of system issues, faster turnaround times and face-to-face coordination with partners in the yard. A team of initially six personnel will be based at La Ciotat, with Alewijnse engineers and technicians deployed from the Netherlands as before to undertake major projects.

“It has been a long- held wish of mine to have a permanent presence in the Mediterranean,” said Dick Alewijnse, “especially in the neighbourhood of Marseille. We recently established a base in Anatalya, Turkey, and now we are very happy that we can be part of the success of La Ciotat, which has in recent years become the leading location in the Mediterranean for yacht refits.”

Alewijnse welcomes all enquiries regarding refit, repair and maintenance work in La Ciotat with immediate effect, and the new office will be fully operational by the end of the year.

A Strong Superyacht Order Book for Alewijnse Marine Systems in 2013

December 13, 2012

Alewijnse Marine Systems, the top system integrator, is looking forward to 2013 with a strong superyacht order book that represents a demonstration of the significant strength of the best yards in the superyacht industry.

Alewijnse technician at work

Alewijnse technician at work

As a system integrator Alewijnse works with yards around the world, supplying specialist electrical engineering services up to and including the installation and integration of entire electrical systems for the largest megayachts. The business flows that Alewijnse is currently experiencing bears out the general perception that the long-standing, high quality yards continue to win orders, and that orders for new yachts elsewhere are slowly increasing.

Evidence for this comes from the fact that Alewijnse is currently working on seven superyachts at the engineering (design) stage and on a further seven superyacht projects in build across four yards in the Netherlands and Turkey. Refit work also continues to be strong. Recent new launches include superyachts like motor yacht Nirvana and two yachts by Amels, plus the distinctive 36m explorer yacht Lola by Peer Gynt Yachts.

36m superyacht LOLA by Peer Gynt Yachts

36m superyacht LOLA by Peer Gynt Yachts

Kees van Doorn, Business Development Manager Yachts, commented, “We have been fortunate to have received a strong inflow of orders over 2012. This reflects a return to the superyacht market of mostly experienced owners who were waiting for greater stability in the global economy before placing their orders for new yachts. The majority of the yachts on which we are working are in the 60 to 110m range, making them very significant projects.”

The demand that Alewijnse is experiencing is also reflected in the continuing expansion of its network of subsidiaries, with Alewijnse Turkey and Alewijnse Qatar the latest additions to the Group. The increased workload has also sharpened demand for experienced engineers. Alewijnse is actively recruiting across a range of disciplines both in the Netherlands and overseas.

The new Transparent Smart Window Screen by Alewijnse to be presented at the MYS 2012

September 18, 2012

Presenting a prototype of the very latest in screen technology to the superyacht industry on stand QD66 Darse Nord, Alewijnse Marine Systems, the top system integrator, will be bringing science fiction to life at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.


Due to go on sale in the coming months, the Transparent Smart Window Screen is set to revolutionise how owners and guests enjoy video entertainment on board their yachts, and open up the possibility of doing away with unsightly monitors altogether by instead transforming simple windows into multi-media platforms.

So how does it work? Quite simply, when it is not operating the Transparent Smart Window Screen looks like a straightforward sheet of glass, making a window frame or an otherwise solid screen separating two living areas the ideal places to mount it. Once it is powered up, that all changes. Individual icons and frames can be selected to give access to applications and computer programs while maintaining a view of the world beyond, or all incoming light can be cut out enabling the Smart Window Screen to act as a black-screen monitor for TV and movies.
Future capabilities now under development will include touchscreen operation and even a virtual blind function that allows the user to control the amount of light coming into the room.

As for those on the other side, even when the screen is operational all they see is clear glass, or a blacked out window if the user prefers.  It is quite remarkable.

Alewijnse has evaluated the Transparent Smart Window Screen from a superyacht perspective and has introduced additional solutions for integration into ship-wide entertainment and IT systems. The screen is initially available in any size up to 46-inches / 117 cm, with larger options undoubtedly not long in coming. Resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels and input is via USB and HDMI. Retrofitting the Transparent Smart Window Screen is also no problem for the engineers at Alewijnse and these screens can be used for other applications such as displaying navigational or situational information.

Alewijnse Marine Systems’ new alternative propulsion system for a 120m luxury yacht

May 16, 2012

With the opening stages of a new contract taking significantly longer than was initially expected, the importance of conceptual design as well as pre-engineering in the design of complex systems such as those for propulsion was recently strengthened for Alewijnse Marine Systems.

AMS propulsion design

AMS propulsion design

The project involves the conversion of a 120m passenger ship into a luxury superyacht that the owner plans to charter extensively. Where the yacht will operate was uncertain, so that the brief required that it be equally suitable for both the Mediterranean and the Arctic Sea. Likewise optimal operating speeds of both 10 and 14 knots were being considered, adding another variable factor to the initial design. This difference was significant as deviating just one knot from the optimum speed can lead to an efficiency loss of around 10 percent, with ever greater consequences as the divergence increases. The client also required that the existing controllable pitch propeller (CPP) and gearbox be retained.

Concept 1 – Diesel electric
Discussions with the client began in mid 2011 and, after first evaluating the possibility of converting the vessel to diesel, at the end of the summer the Alewijnse team proposed a diesel electric variant. This offered easy operation with back-up propulsion at optimum propulsion efficiency, although Alewijnse did recommend that the CPP be changed to a fixed pitch propeller to increase the efficiency still further. The fact that the auxiliary diesel-gen sets would be silent mounted without direct hull contact also guaranteed minimal noise and vibration. Furthermore the converter for the back-up propulsion would also operate as the wide input shore converter. Reaching this stage together with the subsequent engineering with respect to the physical layout and the load and power balance took around 250 man hours excluding a site visit and client meetings, but after much discussion and the supply of a firm quote the client decided that diesel electric was too expensive.

Concept 2 – Hybrid drive
At the end of 2011 the customer then asked Alewijnse to look at the feasibility of a hybrid drive in the expectation that it would require less space and be less expensive than the original diesel electric option. Additional information was required regarding the gearbox, and the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid systems relating to speed ratios and efficiencies were discussed in detail.

After another 100 man hours a new quotation with a new asynchronous electrical machine and variable speed drive was completed at the start of 2012. This concept provided a big reduction in costs without any loss of functionality. A hybrid propulsion solution with variable speed drive would provide high propulsion efficiency over a large range of speeds due to the variable speed drive eliminating the need to reduce pitch on the CPP and so maintaining its efficiency. The converter for the hybrid system would also fulfil the wide input shore converter function.

The electric component of the propulsion system would provide electric propulsion at slow speed and then generate electricity at cruising speeds with optimum pitch on the CPP. This proposal had good potential for satisfying the client, but the costs were still too high and during the subsequent negotiations he requested that Alewijnse look at additional approaches.

Engine Control Room Layout

Engine Control Room Layout

The third option
This time the client asked Alewijnse to evaluate a solution based on a synchronous assembly without a variable speed drive. Although with this technology the operational profile is limited to two optimal operating speeds the initial cost savings that it would deliver were expected to more than compensate for that loss of flexibility. It is also offered appreciable weight savings. The development work required to price and prove the feasibility of this option involved a change in propeller and to maintain the efficiency of the propulsion train the existing gearbox also had to replaced with a two-stage alternative.

The resulting system would provide electrical propulsion for slow speeds and power generation at the two optimal operating speeds, although the efficiency at slow speed sailing would not be as good as would have been obtained with the hybrid solution. This solution was presented recently to the client who decided that the loss in operational flexibility was more than compensated for by the other benefits and, after a total of 450 man hours of development work, Alewijnse has now obtained a verbal order.

Despite the time it has taken to reach this stage, the expense and time lost by making these changes once the conversion was underway would have been much greater. By building a strong relationship with the customer and his representatives, and undertaking highly detailed design and engineering work at the beginning of the project, Alewijnse was able to take the client through a process that enabled both parties to discover exactly what it was that was required. Perhaps more time could have spent at the beginning on establishing the overall costs, weight and size of the various options so that a final solution could have been identified earlier. But while pre-order engineering represents a significant commitment of resources by the supplier before a contract is signed this case demonstrated once again that it is the best possible method to ensure that a conversion or new build satisfies the customer’s needs, budget and timeline.

Amels 199 Superyachts to feature Synapsis Bridge Controls

October 28, 2011

Raytheon Anschütz has been selected as the supplier of the integrated navigation system to new Limited Editions Amels 199 superyachts. Amels first introduced the new Amels 199 yacht at the 2009 Monaco Yacht Show and is currently constructing the first ship in its Vlissingen shipyard in Holland.

Amels 199 Superyachts to feature Synapsis Bridge Controls - Credit Raytheon Anschütz

Amels 199 Superyachts to feature Synapsis Bridge Controls - Credit Raytheon Anschütz

The Dutch system integrator Alewijnse Marine Systems B.V. is responsible for the complete electrical system design and outfitting of the AMELS 199 motor yachts. Based on a cooperation agreement, which has been entered in 2008, Alewijnse teams with Raytheon Anschütz and integrates the INS as seamless part of their larger electrical systems onboard.

The navigation systems supplied to the Amels 199 yachts are of Raytheon Anschütz’ new Synapsis Bridge Control series. The mega yachts will be equipped with four scalable multifunctional workstations which allow central access to the nautical functions of (chart-) radar, ECDIS and conning from any workplace on the bridge as needed by the owner. Furthermore, Raytheon Anschütz provides the navigation alert management which interfaces with the Alewijnse alarm monitoring system.

All Synapsis workstations provide a consistent and simple operating philosophy. To contribute to an intelligent use of sensor information, Raytheon Anschütz has fitted the navigation system with an integrated data quality management that only provides the most reliable set of sensor data to all the bridge workstations. The workstations store relevant data independently to ensure highest availability of functions, but share information such as targets, tracks or charts automatically.

The Conning as part of the workstations features a central page with graphical sensor data indications. This allows saving installations of indication units on the bridge desk and contributes to a seamless bridge design. For the bridge wings, two further conning stations are configured to support the Captain with all needed ship information while manoeuvring.

lewijnse to outfit Amels LIMITED EDITIONS 199 Superyacht- Image by AMELS

lewijnse to outfit Amels LIMITED EDITIONS 199 Superyacht- Image by AMELS

All ship’s steering positions are fitted with comfortable take-over function and alarm reset button. Together with the multifunctional workstations this empowers the crew to have full control from all over the bridge system. Raytheon Anschütz will deliver NautoSteer AS steering controls, which include advanced features for safe steering, such as integrated wire-break and steering failure monitoring. For automatic steering, Raytheon Anschütz provides the new NautoPilot 5000. NP 5000 not only forms the track control system together with ECDIS, but is also an eye-catcher thanks to its large graphical touch display.

Raytheon Anschütz offers a live demonstrate the Synapsis Bridge Control system together with the new generation steering control systems at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show. The Raytheon Anschütz exhibit is located at stand QP66 / Parvis Piscine

Alewijnse showcases energy efficiency for superyachts at the Monaco yacht Show

September 25, 2011

Alewijnse Marine Systems, the leading superyacht systems integrator, is once again exhibiting at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show. Alewijnse is a global pioneer in the design and installation of the integrated electrical systems that form the heart of every superyacht. In an age where automation and the need for different systems to communicate and interact with each other are paramount, Alewijnse supplies its knowledge and expertise to yards all over the world.

Alewijnse showcases energy efficiency for superyachts at the Monaco yacht Show

Alewijnse showcases energy efficiency for superyachts at the Monaco yacht Show

At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show Alewijnse is showcasing its ability to design tailor-made electro-technical solutions for superyachts, covering everything from navigation and bridge systems to ICT and entertainment networks, along with the full transmission systems for power, lighting and control. However the company’s strengths extend beyond that with its proven track-record in the identification and adoption of the new technologies that meet the requirements of the most demanding superyacht owners. In this era of oil at over $110 a barrel and ever more stringent environmental regulation, this means working with owners and yards to create superyachts that use less fossil fuels, conserve and recycle what energy they do generate and create as few emissions as possible.

Over the past year Alewijnse has worked with many yards, designers and suppliers as an integral part of each project including leading names such as Amels, Oceanco and Royal Huisman. One notable example in 2011 is the role that the company is playing in a new Oceanco superyacht which will be built under the new PYC (Passenger Yacht Code); a new code for yachts carrying 13-36 passengers and no cargo.

The new code demands a greater level of sophistication in the electrical systems than is demanded on smaller yachts, not least for the fire and safety systems where the vessel has to be divided into several fire zones separated by watertight bulkheads. Alewijnse will also be specifying and installing a specialist public address system along with super-secured watertight cable penetrations.

Visitors to the Alewijnse stand (QD64) will find expert staff on hand to discuss the design, installation and integration of every kind of onboard electrical system. A Lantic Entertainment System will also be on show, running a range of content through mirror TVs especially developed and designed for superyachts. Lantic, which led the way in integrating smart phones into its control systems some years ago, now offers full control via the iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as any other device capable of accessing a web browser. With full, two-way functionality a Lantic system can now both be accessed and controlled from anywhere onboard via a wireless network. Below is a short video of the new GUI and iPadcontrol  by Lantic Entertainment System.

Alewijnse Marine Systems to boost superyacht yards competitiveness.

October 28, 2010

Leading electrical system integrator Alewijnse is launching a major initiative that will see it working with superyacht yards around the world to lower their production costs without any loss of build quality. The key to the success of this program is Alewijnse’s unique global network of subsidiary companies that allows it to offer skilled labour at competitive prices, yet trained to Dutch standards of delivery and finish.

Dick Alewijnse & Kees van Doorn Sep10 - Credit Alewijnse Marine Systems

Dick Alewijnse & Kees van Doorn Sep10 - Credit Alewijnse Marine Systems

The initiative will be headed by Kees van Doorn in his new role of Business Development Manager Yachts. An experienced member of the Alewijnse team, he will lead the drive to demonstrate to superyacht yards across Europe and beyond how Alewijnse can provide comprehensive electrical installation packages staffed by skilled technicians from Alewijnse subsidiaries in Romania, Turkey, China and elsewhere, overseen by Dutch project managers. The combination of major savings on labour costs and assured quality has already proved attractive to existing Alewijnse clients, and this move will now make it available to the wider market.

Kees and his team will also act as advisors to superyacht yards on the technological options available to their clients. Alewijnse has long been at the forefront of integrating emerging electro-mechanical technologies into the superyacht sector, aided in part by its extensive experience in the commercial sector where environmental standards have intensified dramatically in recent years. Work on ground-breaking projects such as the E3 harbour tug with its diesel-electric hybrid drive, the fuel cell canal boat now operating in Amsterdam and the renowned eco-sailing yacht Ethereal place Alewijnse at the forefront of the sector and ensure that it has unrivalled links with the companies and institutions developing the next generation of products.

Sailing yacht Ethereal - Credit Alewijnse Marine Systems

Sailing yacht Ethereal - Credit Alewijnse Marine Systems

Key markets in the immediate future will be Germany, Turkey and Italy, where reducing costs without compromising quality is a particular priority in the face of Asian competition, but Kees van Doorn sees potential for further growth.

“European quality is particularly attractive to superyacht clients, wherever their yachts are constructed,” he comments, “and with the increasing complexity of onboard electronics these individuals seek the reliability and peace of mind that comes with a first-class installation.”

That complexity has been one of the key factors in the rapid growth that Alewijnse has seen in demand for its services in recent years. “It’s been driven partly by the increase in the volume and variety of equipment that owners are specifying for their yachts,” continues Van Doorn, “but the real advance has been in automation. As the yachts get larger and the systems – particularly those associated with energy conservation and reclamation – more sophisticated, automation becomes a necessity for the yacht to operate effectively. Much of the technology is just too advanced for the average superyacht crewmember to maintain and, as on commercial and military vessels, the systems are now designed to manage themselves and be remotely configured and adjusted by qualified technicians.”

With superyachts set to become even more complex in the future these trends are likely to work to the advantage of electrical integrators like Alewijnse, but few if any have its ability to offer all the benefits of out-sourcing to lower-cost economies while maintaining rigorous quality-control and access to the most advanced design techniques and products. It is this set of capabilities that leaves Alewijnse well placed to take advantage of the winds of change that are currently blowing through the sector.

About Alewijnse Marine Systems

As a leading systems integrator in the commercial, naval and superyacht sectors, the range of services offered by Alewijnse covers all aspects of marine electrical engineering. In-house capabilities include the design and installation of systems for propulsion, power management, navigation and communications, integrated IT networks, alarm monitoring and control systems, entertainment, environmental management and much more. Engineers and other specialists from the company can be found working on projects underway at many top yards across Europe and beyond

The Alewijnse group of companies was founded in Nijmegen over 100 years ago and is controlled and managed by members of the Alewijnse family to this day.