Feadship’s Breathe Yacht Concept

The 2010 Monaco Yacht Show saw the unveiling of the latest Feadship design ...

Feadship’s Breathe Yacht Concept

October 07, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The 2010 Monaco Yacht Show saw the unveiling of the latest Feadship design concept, the new Breathe Yacht. This revolutionary and in certain aspects the most radical to date design by the renowned in-house design team De Voogt Naval Architects enters into the Feadship record books for forward thinking and innovation. Taking the science of biomimicry as a starting point, the new Feadship Breathe motoryacht design imitates some of nature’s finest ideas in superyacht form for the very first time.

Feadship Breathe Superyacht Concept - The exterior profile of Breathe radiates a sense of peace and dispenses with all unnecessary design elements

Biomimicry studies the best creations in nature then copies and processes the designs in order to tackle human challenges. Feadship has taken this approach to heart in many ways with the Breathe superyacht concept. Examples include the natural ventilation and cooling, the ultra-efficient wedge-like hull shape with a slender bow and wave damping aft body, the use of exterior paint that reduces resistance, the way the stabilizer blades generate more lift, the deployment of solar cells based on natural materials, and the application of light tubes for daylight.

Feadship Breathe Superyacht Concept - spreads 62 metres of innovation over four spacious decks

Savings across the board

The 2009 ‘Future Feadship’ Aeon proved that a motoryacht with a minimal effect on the environment is possible. Breathe yacht goes further by showing how sustainable development can also reduce costs. With its intelligent propulsion concept with minimal components and reduced energy consumption for both propulsion and hotel loads, motoryacht Breathe demonstrates that eco-consciousness and economic benefits can easily go hand in hand. Studies show that this combination is a vital aspect in encouraging yacht owners to go ‘green’.

Feadship Breathe Yacht Concept - Instead of using precious space on rarely used main saloon the yacht has a small but eminently comfortable entrance lounge

The early sketches of Breathe were based on the simple and repetitive shapes found in nature. Her designers specifically sought a look that radiates unity and peace while dispensing with unnecessary elements. The glass shells on the motoryacht Breathe serve as an animal skin to protect the yacht and her guests against the weather. They regulate temperature, absorb sunlight, and offer the transparency required to stay in contact with the surroundings.

Feadship Breathe Yacht Concept - The main dining room is situated forward on the main deck and can easily be converted into a conference room

Breathe easy

The name Breathe superyacht refers to the natural ventilation on board, which take the black and white stripes of a zebra as a reference point. These stripes create variations in air temperature just above the surface of the skin, which in turn creates an air current and natural cooling system that surrounds zebras as they swelter on the savannah. On Breathe the light hull and dark shells and funnels create a natural flow of air on the outside decks. This generates a comfortable al fresco climate and reduces the use of air conditioning.

Feadship Breathe Yacht Concept - Natural air flows on the outside decks make for a comfortable al fresco climate and reduce the need for air conditioning

Just like animals use their fur as insulation, Breathe motor yacht uses the air between the shells as an insulation layer between the warm surrounding air and cool climate inside. And just like in nature, many functions are combined. The shells have an additional role as solar cells to capture and use the energy of the sun. They also offer protection against sun, rain and wind.

Feadship Breathe Yacht Concept - The spectacular sun deck has a Spa Pool placed forward and a bar located aft beneath the shade of the uppermost shell

The propulsion system on the Motor Yacht Breathe is characterised by simplicity and a minimum of components. In contrast to the two main engines and propeller shaft installations found on conventional yachts, Breathe requires only one of each. And while yachts usually have three generators as standard, Breathe S/Y only requires two. At the same time the concept guarantees a higher level of reliability and a better engine load.

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