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International SeaKeepers Society honours Wendy Schmidt at SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017

July 12, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

On the 22nd of June the International SeaKeepers Society hosted SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 to celebrate recent achievements, acknowledge the dedication of its members and highlight the importance of recent and ongoing marine conservation projects undertaken by the organisation.

Award for Seakeepers Bermuda 2017 by Xavier Cortada

Award for SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 by Xavier Cortada

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) and at the Harbourfront Restaurant in Hamilton, Bermuda, were the venues for the program, which took place during the America’s Cup.

Michael T. Moore, Wendy Schmidt, and Richard Snow at Seakeepers Bermuda 2017

Michael T. Moore, Wendy Schmidt, and Richard Snow at SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017

During the event, Wendy Schmidt was honored as 2017 Seakeeper of the Year for her outstanding efforts in leading ocean and environmental conservation. Local conservationists Philippe Max Rouja, Judie Clee, Chris Flook, and John Paul Skinner were also honoured as part of the SeaKeepers of the World Program, which recognises the commitment of individual SeaKeepers and the value they bring to local conservation and their community.

Local Seakeepers Chris Flook, Judie Clee, JP Skinner, Michael T. Moore were also recognised at Seakeepers Bermuda 2017

Local Seakeepers Chris Flook, Judie Clee, JP Skinner, Michael T. Moore were also recognised at Seakeepers Bermuda 2017

Among the talks were the highlights of the DISCOVERY Yachts Program, in which the SeaKeepers Society works in conjunction with the yachting community by using vessels for scientific research, deployment of equipment and education.

The next SeaKeepers Event will be Founders 2017, which will take place at Fort Lauderdale on the 2nd of November, 2017.

Seakeepers Bermuda 2017: Honouring the Commitment to Ocean Research

May 19, 2017

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The International SeaKeepers Society will be hosting SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 to recognise the 2017 SeaKeeper of the Year, Wendy Schmidt, and the SeaKeepers of Bermuda, Judie Clee, Chris Flook, Philippe Max Rouja, and John Paul Skinner. At the event, which will take place in Bermuda on June 22nd during America’s Cup, programming with the current DISCOVERY Yacht Fleet will be featured showing how the International SeaKeepers Society partners with the yachting community.

Bermuda Seakeepers 2017

The DISCOVERY Yacht Chair of SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 is Stefano Tositti and the Reception Sponsor is Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residences – Caroline Bay, Bermuda.

Wendy Schmidt is President of The Schmidt Family Foundation, where she works to advance the development of renewable energy and the wiser use of natural resources. The Foundation houses its grant-making operation in The 11th Hour Project, which supports more than 150 non-profit organisations around the world in program areas including renewable energy, ecological agriculture, human rights, and our maritime connection through its 11th Hour Racing program.

SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 to recognise the 2017 SeaKeeper of the Year, Wendy Schmidt

SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 to recognise the 2017 SeaKeeper of the Year, Wendy Schmidt

11th Hour Racing promotes sustainability in the sailing and maritime industries, and serves as the Exclusive Sustainability Partner for Land Rover BAR, the British team competing for the upcoming 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda. 11th Hour Racing also recently signed on as the co-title sponsor with Vestas Wind for the American team in the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race.

In 2009, Wendy Schmidt and her husband, Eric Schmidt, created the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI), and in 2012 launched the research vessel, Falkor, as a mobile platform to advance ocean exploration, discovery, and knowledge, and catalyze the sharing of information about the oceans. Since 2012, Falkor has hosted more than 400 scientists from 29 countries.

To further her commitment to ocean issues, in 2010 Wendy Schmidt partnered with XPRIZE, following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, to sponsor the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup XCHALLENGE, a $1.4 million competition designed to identify efficient and innovative solutions to clean up surface oil spills. She also partnered with XPRIZE in 2012 to design the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE, a $2 million purse, awarded in July 2015, which focused on ocean acidification, one of the harbingers of climate change.

Wendy Schmidt is the lead philanthropic partner of the New Plastics Economy Initiative (NPEC) and a founding board member of Climate Central.

The SeaKeepers of Bermuda Awardees

The SeaKeepers of Bermuda Awardees have been chosen because of their commitment to ocean research in Bermuda. Judie Clee has contributed much to our understanding of the oceans.  She introduced the REEF program to Bermuda in 2000 and as Principal Investigator, has engaged hundreds of divers to survey fish on our reefs.  Judie was named REEF Volunteer of the Year in 2005.

Judie Clee

Judie Clee

Judie has been an active volunteer for the Bermuda Zoological Society, Ocean Support Foundation, Bermuda’s Reef Ecosystem Assessment and Mapping Program, the Humpback Whale Project, the National Trust’s Marine Environment Committee, the Marine Debris Taskforce, BUEI and more.  For the last ten years, Judie has helped curate the Bermuda Humpback Whale ID Catalogue consisting of over 1,400 individual whale IDs.

In 2007, Chris Flook started the Bermuda Lionfish Project; bringing together the Bermuda Government, REEF, NOAA and domestic NGOs to adopt policies and protocols. The Lionfish Project in Bermuda has since been used as a management model by several Caribbean Countries. The initiative continues today through the Ocean Support Foundation and Chris is a member of the Board. From 2011–2014 Chris was the Director of the Blue Halo project through the Pew Charitable Trust. Currently, Chris works at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and is a founding member and sits on the Advisory Board ofRISE (Robots in Service of the Environment

Chris Flook

Chris Flook

Philippe Max Rouja is a cultural and medical anthropologist specialising in maritime communities, currently focusing his research on Polynesia, Australia, Bermuda and the Arctic. He is the Principal Scientist of Marine Heritage and Ocean Human Health at the Department of Conservation Services, where he oversees public health studies related to the use of marine resources in Bermuda and serves as Custodian of Historic Wrecks.

Philippe Max Rouja

Philippe Max Rouja

JP Skinner was born and raised in Bermuda where he developed a genuine passion for the ocean.  He pursued a degree in anthropology at the University of California, San Diego, before returning home to teach for several years in a local primary school.  A keen water-sports enthusiast and environmentalist, he eventually combined his interests in education and the outdoors by launching Waterstart Ltd., an ocean exploration program for teens.  After several successful summers of marine education, JP began work at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and began building a suite of outreach programs which included Waterstart as the summer focus.  These programs eventually coalesced into BIOS’s “Ocean Academy” and reached thousands of local students each year.

JP Skinner

JP Skinner

Engaging 29th MYBA Charter Show for CharterWorld’s senior brokers and management in Barcelona

May 12, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

From the 24th – 27th April Barcelona, Spain hosted the 29th MYBA Charter Show, a trade-only event attended by all levels of the professional yachting industry with continuing improvements in safety and services at the core of the conference.

CharterWorld Senior Brokers Nicolas Benazeth, Martha Lukasik, Josh Burdett, Reia Stannard, Trina Howes and Amanda Brilliante attending the MYBA Yacht SHow

CharterWorld Senior Brokers Nicolas Benazeth, Martha Lukasik, Josh Burdett, Reia Stannard, Trina Howes and Amanda Brilliante attending the MYBA Yacht Show

The show is perhaps the most important event on any professional charter broker’s agenda, offering valuable opportunity to meet fellow industry colleagues, discuss business opportunities and new trends and most importantly provides a possibility to view the latest charter yachts on the market, assessing various aspects as well as meeting the crew on board.

CharterWorld’s Charter Director, Reia Stannard and senior brokers Nick Benazeth, Josh Burdett, Amanda Brillante, Martha Lukasik and Trina Howes attended the four-day event and had the opportunity to board some of the most popular Mediterranean charter yachts and experience life on board, savour the mouthwatering dishes prepared by talented Chefs and served by the crew in order to demonstrate their ability and level of service future charter clients will receive during their vacation.

“We saw some yachts at the show that are normally in the Balearics so it was a good chance to inspect vessels we would not normally see in Genoa, such as DIANE and MENORCA (a superb newly-refitted classic with Edmiston that was probably my favourite boat this year).”

Superyachts in attendance at Port Vell, Barcelona, for the MYBA Yacht Show

Superyachts in attendance at Port Vell, Barcelona, for the MYBA Yacht Show

Previously hosted by Genoa, Barcelona is the new home for the MYBA Show until 2020. The change of location has brought a new set of benefits and challenges, as Josh Burdett commented on the event:

“The layout of the OneOcean Port Vell lends itself really well to the show, allowing a lot of yachts to be shown along one continuous dock and ending the need to be ferried from one side to the other as it was in Genoa. I think from a yacht owner and Broker perspective, everything ran smoothly and was well organised.

“Although poor weather and the travelling distance for some superyachts in the Eastern Mediterranean does mean there were a few no shows – and it may prevent some yachts from attending in future – overall the quality was very high and there was a particularly strong showing of the bigger yachts at the upper end of the fleet.”

Of the largest and most popular yachts currently for charter in the Mediterranean, the event showcased superyachts JOY, ICON, NERO, INDIAN EMPRESS and TALISMAN MAITON.

Sundeck spa pool aboard luxury yacht TALISMAN MAITON at the MYBA Yacht Show 2017. Photo credit CharterWorld

Sundeck spa pool aboard luxury yacht TALISMAN MAITON at the MYBA Yacht Show 2017. Photo credit CharterWorld

“We saw some yachts at the show that are normally in the Balearics so it was a good chance to inspect vessels we would not normally see in Genoa, such as DIANE and MENORCA (a superb newly-refitted classic with Edmiston that was probably my favourite boat this year),” Josh Burdett adds further.

Amanda Brilliante sampled the cuisine on board M/Y INDIAN EMPRESS and M/Y CD TWO and commented on the variety of cuisine on each:

“There was an amazing Indian buffet lunch aboard INDIAN EMPRESS: It was a very very cold rainy day on the 26th of April and lunch was set indoors in main dining room. There must have been an assortment of at least 25 dishes both hot and cold. Approximately 20 guests attended, so quite a warm, congenial atmosphere and an amazing spread of items to choose from.

“Also an excellent lunch the next day on luxury yacht CD TWO – a most innovative Chef Lorenzo created excellent fish dishes, but also a bit of molecular gastronomy going on as well which added a bit of flash to things. The palate cleanser was a fun treat (electric sorbet – it really felt electric on the tongue and lips!) as well as the ice cream cigars which were served under glass with real cigar smoke.”

Motor yacht ELENI at the MYBA Yacht Show. Photo credit CharterWorld

Motor yacht ELENI at the MYBA Yacht Show. Photo credit CharterWorld

During the MYBA charter show the chefs of each vessel competed in two different competitions: the best cocktail as ‘Art in a Glass’, the MYBA Superyacht Chefs’ Competition and the table-scaping competition with the theme: ‘Spring in Barcelona’. Kate Barnett of motor yacht CHEETAH MOON won the first event, impressing the judges with her stylised presentation and creativity with ingredients. The full results for the other competitions are as follows:

2017 MYBA Superyacht Chefs’ Competition results:

Yachts 56 and over

  • 1st place – Dean Conbeer (ICON)
  • 2nd place – Lee Easdon (NERO)
  • 3rd place – Simon Phillips (DOUBLE DOWN)

Yachts from 40 to 54m

  • 1st place – Mikeldi Corcuera (MQ2)
  • 2nd place – James Perry (NASSIMA)
  • 3rd place – Spiro Pavlic (PRIDE)

Yachts up to 39m

  • 1st place – Jean Mathee (TWILIGHT)
  • 2nd place – Daniel Wilbor (TAKARA)
  • 3rd place – Mark Rostant (CHEETAH MOON)

‘Spring in Barcelona’ Tablescaping results:

Yachts 56 and over

  • 1st place – Aly Merill & Cairine Whyte (DOUBLE DOWN)
  • 2nd place – Daniel Wellman (SILVER ANGEL)
  • Special mention: The Stewardesses of luxury yacht NERO for their table setting

Yachts from 40 to 54m

  • 1st place – Malcolm Bowers (TALISMAN MAITON)
  • 2nd place – Megan Rutty (MIRAGE)

Yachts up to 39m

  • 1st place – Holly Eccleson (CHEETAH MOON)
  • 2nd place – Christine Snyder (TWILIGHT)

The attending yachts will be available for charter in the Mediterranean throughout the summer months. For more information on individual availability and on board facilities, contact CharterWorld.

Exclusive: Asia Pacific Rendezvous Wrap Up Interview with Gordon Fernandes of Asia Pacific Superyachts

January 24, 2017

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The 16th annual Asia Superyacht Rendezvous in Phuket, organised and co-sponsored by Asia Pacific Superyachts has come to close. CharterWorld has spoken to one of the organisers, Mr Gordon Fernandes of Asia Pacific Superyachts to find out who took home the first ever ASR Winner’s Cup and just how much fun everyone had during this prestigious boutique event organised each year in Thailand.

DUNIA BARU sailing yacht racing

DUNIA BARU sailing yacht racing

Let’s start with the overall feeling that an event like this can create for everyone. What was the atmosphere like during the entire event?

Fun, fun, fun … is what we wanted and this is what we got! People who own these fantastic yachts want to have a good time and mix with other like-minded people and it is great for them to get out for a sail and enjoy their magnificent vessels.

The opening night was held aboard the beautiful luxury phinisi-style superyacht DUNIA BARU. How did the evening go?

Every year the opening party gets better and this was no exception, the owners of Dunia Baru went to amazing lengths to make guests feel welcome and they wanted them to party. The DJ and lighting system made people feel like dancing on the tables and the crew went to amazing lengths to pamper each guest on board. The owner of Dunia Baru has built a stunning yacht for his family to use. The lighting and layout of the yacht are exceptional. I’ve never been on board a yacht which has a breakfast bar in the galley where guests can watch the chef cooking delightful mouth-watering treats.

DUNIA BARU - Anchored

DUNIA BARU – Anchored

The next day saw the start of the race. How many yachts participated and who took the brand new ASR Winner’s Cup home for the very first time?

Four yachts participated in the race and there was some intense sailing during the racing with very close line honours so everybody had fun. The first winners of the ASR Cup were APHRODITE.

ASR 2016 Celebrations

ASR 2016 Celebrations

What is your overall feeling about the ASR?

The event is gaining momentum and people around the region are starting to recognise that this established event is fun for the owners and guests, this is a boutique style event, so sponsors are also limited thus giving the owners a relaxed environment where they can enjoy themselves. The resort is stunning and the food is world class, this makes it easy for guests to enjoy the Rendezvous. The captain of TIARA, Pascal Pellat-Finet has been to many events like the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous and his comments were that this is a well organised great event which will grow in stature like similar events which are already held in the Caribbean.

Fun Activities during ASR 2016

Fun Activities during ASR 2016

What benefits does it bring to the luxury superyacht tourism in this area?

Owners and managers are realising that they can bring their yachts to Asia and they will be safe. They see that other yachts are joining in on the Rendezvous and ask their captains to bring their yacht to Asia for next season. Some of the owners then decide to do a world cruise and head further East while some cruise around Thailand, Myanmar, Andaman Islands, the Seychelles and the Maldives before going back to the Med for the summer season.

Where would you want the event to be in 5 to 10 years time?

We would like to see more yachts attend the event but we recognise that this is a boutique style event and our main aim is to make sure that all the guests have a great time. There are already a lot more sailing and motor yachts in the area and we want to encourage others to visit this special place in the world.

Mr Gordon Fernandes of Asia Pacific Superyachts

Mr Gordon Fernandes of Asia Pacific Superyachts

Many thanks to Gordon for taking the time to answer our questions and we look forward to the next year’s Asia Superyacht Rendezvous. Keep following our news to find out the dates in 2017. 

Upcoming Event: Founders’ 2016 by International SeaKeepers Society at Fort Lauderdale

October 31, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

The International SeaKeepers Society is to host its annual Founders’ 2016, kicking off the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show on the 3rd of November. The event will recognise the work of DISCOVERY Yacht Members and showcase a selection of research projects that SeaKeepers has undertaken this year.

Shark Tagging with University of Miamis Shark Research and Conservation aboard Fleet Miamis D/Y Shredder- Photo Credit Frank Gibson

Shark Tagging with University of Miami’s Shark Research and Conservation aboard Fleet Miami’s D/Y Shredder- Photo Credit Frank Gibson

In conjunction with the international yachting community, The International SeaKeepers Society has developed and implemented key research and conservation programmes throughout 2016 as well as providing educational trips for children and teenagers across the world. As of March 2016, SeaKeepers has extended its educational programme to the Asia region, giving participants in Singapore the chance to take part in real-life research expeditions and ‘floating classroom experiences’ outside the traditional teaching environment.

Educational Outreach Program aboard D/Y Lady Jo with the National University of Singapore

Educational Outreach Program aboard D/Y Lady Jo with the National University of Singapore

About SeaKeepers

The International SeaKeepers Society was established in 1998 to promote oceanographic research, conservation and education. Now in its 18th year, the society has evolved thanks to the support it has received from individuals and organisations across the world and currently activates a fleet of discovery yachts which it uses to carry out its key programming.

In recent months, a number of projects have been successfully carried out providing valuable research and insight into the changing oceanic conditions:

September 2016

  • DISCOVERY yacht Final Final and her crew collected water samples from two sites in the Intracostal waterway around Delray Beach in Florida. The samples will be used as part of a research for the ASC Global Microplastics Project into the environmental and human health risk they pose.
  • A DISCOVERY Yacht from Insetta Boatworks was used by both SeaKeepers and University of Miami researchers from The Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbons in the Environment (CARTHE). Together, they deployed biodegradable drifter cards with attached GPS devices across multiple locations within Biscayne Bay. The drifter cards will be tracked to study the flow of currents within the bay, which affects how oil and other pollutants migrate and accumulate in the marine environment.
  • DISCOVERY Yacht Silver Cloud deployed two SeaKeeper Drifters while en route to Iceland. Drifters are data collection devices. The collection of consistent and accurate data is extremely important for oil spills and marine debris accumulation analyses; weather and hurricane prediction models; quality control tests on satellites; and an overall better understanding of the marine environment. It is vital that the global instrument arrays are well distributed; private vessels achieve this along routes which are not typically traveled.

    eDNA Research with UCLA aboard the D/Y Valkyrie in the Channel Islands, California

    eDNA Research with UCLA aboard the D/Y Valkyrie in the Channel Islands, California

August 2016

  • DISCOVERY Yacht Valkyrie took scientists from  the Barber Lab of UCLA to study eDNA (environmental DNA) along the coasts of Anacapa and Santa Cruz in California. Water samples were collected and analyzed to determine which marine species had recently passed through the area, providing valuable data on the region’s biodiversity.

The International SeaKeepers Society is a not-for-profit organisation.

Drifter deployment aboard D/Y Forget About It into the Gulf Stream near Miami FL

Drifter deployment aboard D/Y Forget About It into the Gulf Stream near Miami FL

Founders’ 2016

Thursday, November 3rd
7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Private Residence, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Gill@seakeepers.org | 305.448.7089


Cocktail Attire

WPNSA to host 2016 SAP 505 championships

July 11, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

The location has been selected for the upcoming SAP 505 World Championships: Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, UK. From the 27th July to the 5th August, the venue will play host to both national and world championships.  The following is a press release from WPNSA.

Press Release:
2016 SAP 505 World Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

SAP 505 World Championships

SAP 505 World Championships

The International 505 Class Association has selected the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) to host the 2016 SAP 505 World Championships and Classic Championships running from the 27th July – 5th August.

Attracting some of the best dinghy sailors in the world, the 505 Class will tune up at the Academy during 2 days of Pre-Worlds / UK National Championships racing on the 27/28th July. The main action will kick off with the start of both the World and Classic Championships on the 30th July.

505 UK Class President, Roger Deane, looked ahead to the competition:
“The 505 Class represents the very best in dinghy racing and is deserving of the best venue available which is why we chose the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Sponsored by SAP, GUL and Allen the 2016 SAP 505 World Championships is going to offer ferocious competition between multiple contenders. Current and double World Title holder, US sailor Mike Holt, will be chasing 3 in a row at Weymouth and Portland, whilst Michael Quirk from Australia and Andy Smith from the UK will try to prevent it”.

Competitors at Weymouth and Portland as well as online spectators will be able to track and analyse racing using SAP Sailing solutions. With top contenders also entered from the UK, Germany and France, data for post-race debriefs will be essential to stay at the front of this highly experienced fleet which includes 5-time World Champion, Wolfgang Hunger.

Facilities expand to meet demand in Dutch superyacht market

June 27, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

25 luxury yacht deliveries are expected from Dutch yacht builders in 2016. In 2015, Dutch shipyards launched 22 superyachts – six more than the year before – and totalling a worth of €1.18 billion. On top of the 22 launches in 2015, members of the HISWA Holland Yachting Group also received 24 new superyacht orders, which was an increase of more than a quarter compared to 2014.

Feadship - New Amsterdam facility location

Feadship – New Amsterdam facility location

The recent increase in demand for superyachts has created an atmosphere for expansion in the Netherlands. Feadship has recently announced it will open a fourth manufacturing and refit facility in Amsterdam, and fellow members of HISWA Holland Yachting Group are finding creative solutions to the escalation in orders and deliveries.

“There are a number of key reasons why the superyacht industry in the Netherlands has come through the global downturn in rude health,” Jeroen Sirag, export director for the HISWA Holland Yachting Group, comments. “One critical factor has been a longstanding commitment to investing in the future during both good times and lean, with Dutch yards keen to ensure they retain their globally recognised lead in quality and innovation. The same applies to the Dutch equipment suppliers who consistently seek new ways to ensure their first-class products and technologies adorn the finest superyacht builds both in the Netherlands and further afield.”

Heesen Yachts has expanded to meet growing demand from clients for larger superyachts by constructing a new 85 metre dry dock in Oss. The facility is expected to be operational by October this year. The sailing yacht sector has also seen expansion: Royal Huisman and Holland Jachtbouw have both increased their build hall capacity.

Heesen Yachts - GALACTICA STAR, launched May 2015

Heesen Yachts – GALACTICA STAR, launched May 2015

Dutch marine equipment supply companies are also making significant changes. Hydromar Marine Equipment moved to a new production facility during 2015 to strengthen its relationship with Cramm Yachting Systems as they continue to make and market superyacht hydraulics. Van Berge Henegouwen has not only moved into Amsterdam offices which include a professional workshop and testing facilities, they have also opened a new office in Antibes, France to be ‘closer to the yachts and… improve support and service for our customers’.

Van Berge Henegouwen isn’t the only company expanding abroad as Huisman Maritiem, Heinen & Hopman add offices and facilities across the Mediterranean and De Keizer opens its seventh location in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“All these new initiatives and investments showcase how the members of the HISWA Holland Yachting Group are looking to continue offering the best possible services to their clients,” concludes Sirag. “Equally important, of course, is the industry-leading experience and skills of the workforce at the various yards and supply companies. This remains the backbone of the Dutch superyacht cluster and the number one reason why Holland continues to rule the waves.”

ISS celebrates innovative builders with new award

June 27, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

The International Superyacht Society has created an award to recognise and celebrate the innovation and achievement of luxury yacht designers and builders that adhere to the Passenger Yacht Code.



“The purpose of the 13-36 Passenger Yacht Code (PYC)… is to provide design criteria, construction standards and other safety measures for yachts carrying 13 to 36 passengers so as to minimise the risk to such ships, to the personnel on board and to the environment.” – The Red Ensign Group (Passenger Yacht Code Fifth Edition – January 2015)


The PYC Design Award will be judged based upon criteria from one of the authors of the Passenger Yacht Code and it will become a permanent addition to the ISS’s other respected design awards:

  • 20-40m power
  • 40-65m power
  • 65+ power
  • 24-40 sail
  • 40m+ sail
  • Best interior
  • Best refit

Derik Wagner, ISS President, commented, “We believe that building a yacht to any code is challenging and remarkable. We also believe that those professionals and owners that have designed and built a PYC yacht should be identified and encouraged to continue in the development of technologies and design solutions that meet the most challenging yacht building codes while meeting the highest living environment and aesthetic achievement.”

Since only a few yachts have currently been built to the Passenger Yacht Code and this is the first year of issuing the award, the International Superyacht Society has decided to include all PYC yachts delivered up to and including 2016. For 2017 onwards, the award will select eligibility using the same time frame as the other design awards: yachts built from the 1st of May until the 30th of April in the following year.

Press Release: Announcing the new host venue for the MYBA Charter Show

June 15, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

As the MYBA’s time in Genoa, Italy comes to an end, a new venue has been selected to host all MYBA Charter Shows and events for the next three years. The following is a Press Release for the MYBA.

Press Release



OneOcean Port Vell, Barcelona

OneOcean Port Vell, Barcelona

After careful and methodical deliberation, MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association has reached a decision regarding the venue that will host the MYBA Charter Show for the next three consecutive years. Barcelona has been awarded the Show ahead of its shortlisted competitor cities, Nice and Genoa, in what was a tight race. Congratulations to OneOcean Port Vell and a warm thank you to all the contenders.

It was a difficult decision and, in order to reach it, a large number of parameters needed to be taken into consideration. To begin with, the opinions of MYBA Members and influencers within the superyacht industry were collected through a series of surveys and were studied in depth. The insights that were gained from these surveys were actually the basis for the shortlist that was drawn up by the MYBA Charter Shows Panel and submitted to the Board.

President of MYBA, Fiona Maureso, said, “we would like to take this opportunity to thank Pesto Sea Group and the city of Genoa for having hosted the MYBA Charter Show so successfully over the past 16 years. We are naturally very excited about this opportunity to discover OOPV and the city of Barcelona but we will, of course, miss our friends in Italy.”

In the words of the Chair of the MYBA Charter Shows Panel, James Graham-Cloete, “The decision to award the MYBA Charter Show to Barcelona was the result of a comprehensive survey across our members & the previous attendees of the Show, followed by an in depth review of the myriad of factors which contribute to the overall success of the Show, both financially and from the perspective of all attendees. From the short-list of venues, OneOcean Port Vell came out on top. Furthermore, MYBA hope that bringing the Show to Barcelona, will further speed up and enhance any progress in opening up the charter market & regulations in these attractive cruising grounds.”
One of the deciding factors was the fact that OneOcean Port Vell is capable of berthing 68 yachts ranging from 22m – 190m. Accessibility and availability of suitable accommodations were also of great significance. Barcelona’s international airport operates daily direct flights from 182 destinations and is only a 25 minute drive away from the marina. Over 600 hotel rooms are within a 3km radius of the marina and the famous Las Ramblas is only a ten minute walk away.

The 2017 MYBA Charter Show will be held across OneOcean Port Vell’s four Quays, Spanish Quay and Barceloneta Quay, Deposit Quay and Sota Muralla Quay. The entire marina’s 930 linear metres of quay will be used to house exhibitor tents, with the majority located directly in front of where the yachts will be berthed.

General Manager of OneOcean Port Vell, Paul Cook, said: “It is a great honour for OneOcean Port Vell to be appointed as host of the prestigious MYBA Charter Show from 2017 and we would like to thank MYBA for their confidence in us. Barcelona is one of the world’s leading cities and with OOPV, it is now a prominent superyacht destination with unrivalled marina facilities and infrastructure. This, combined with the easing of legislation on Spanish charters, which has had a positive impact on the demand for chartering and cruising in the region, ensures that OOPV and MYBA are optimally positioned to deliver the next evolution of this event in 2017 and beyond.”

Martin Bellamy, Chairman of OneOcean Ventures added: “OneOcean Port Vell has been widely supported by local authorities, including the APB and Barcelona Nautical Cluster and their contribution has been instrumental in enabling the MYBA Charter Show to come to Barcelona. We are committed partners to MYBA and look forward to working together to support the growth and future development of this key industry event.”

Successful Inaugural Thailand Yacht Show and Forum reported by Asia Pacific Superyachts

February 19, 2016

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Asia Pacific Superyachts have announced a great success for the recently held inaugural Thailand Yacht Show and Forum. Gordon Fernandes and co-owner JoJo of Asia Pacific Superyachts expressed his satisfaction with the first show, which took place at the Ao Po Marina in Phuket, from 10th to 14th February, 2016: “What a fantastic response to the country’s inaugural Thailand Yacht Show in Phuket.”

Gordon Fernandes Asia Pacific Superyachts at Thailand Yacht Forum

Gordon Fernandes Asia Pacific Superyachts at Thailand Yacht Forum

APS Phuket & Myanmar were present at the show and Gordon Fernandes was panelist at the Thailand Yachting Forum on 10th February at the Indigo Pearl Hotel in Phuket.

The Forum’s afternoon session of ‘Leisure Marine Infrastructure in Thailand” included an experienced panel of experts speaking about these topics: – New sites for Marina developments; – Haul out / dry dock facilities; – Supporting Industries (supply chain); and – Yacht management and agencies. Other panel titles of the afternoon included ‘Thailand Marina Hub of ASEAN’ and ‘Superyacht Charter Industry in Thailand’.

Perhaps the most important subject at the event was the status of the superyacht charter licences between government officials and members of the marine industry, facilitated by the Thailand Yacht Show at the Yachting Forum.

APS Phuket Jojo & Mr Anuchat Thong-Aporn - Acting in Capacity of Director of planning bureau

APS Phuket Jojo & Mr Anuchat Thong-Aporn – Acting in Capacity of Director of planning bureau

Though the regulations and rules with regards to the actual superyacht charter licence were hammered out on August 10, 2015 – a number of related issues remain as hurdles for superyacht owners, explained Somchai Sumanuskajonkul, deputy director-general for the Thailand Marine Department.

“The two major remaining issues deal directly with immigration law and value-added tax [VAT],” said Mr. Somchai. “The relevant government agencies are working to create one-year-permission-to-stay approvals for superyacht crew members – linking their stays in the country with the ship’s stay. Additionally, progress is being made to create a VAT exception for superyachts.”

“The immigration issues are awaiting final approval by the Immigration Bureau commissioner, while the VAT exception needs to be enacted by royal decree”, Mr. Somchai said.

Gordon Fernandes and his APS team tightly collaborates with arriving superyacht clients from around the globe and have assisted in attracting more Superyachts to Phuket’s shores.

“Many of our clients base in Phuket and enjoy cruising throughout the Andaman waters with some continuing on to Myanmar and the Mergui Archipelago.  Superyacht captains and owners have a great deal of interest in these issues, as evidenced at the Yacht Show and the many questions asking when the changing crew visa and VAT tax regulations will be finalysed. Working closely with the government we are able to keep our clients advised of the most up to date news so they can plan accordingly”, Gordon stated.

The very first Thailand Yacht Show showed every indication of a greatly successful event with show management reporting, “Boats on the docks. Visitors on the pontoons. Cold beer and cider. Panama hats. Parasails. Charter Brokers and Dealers. Sunshine and shade (when you need it). Today at the Thailand Yacht Show (TYS) it was very much ‘business as usual’ with dealers and brokers unanimously expressing satisfaction with the way the event is unfolding”.

As the show was ending and the sun setting, Gordon said people continued to crowd superyacht decks with lively parties throughout Ao Po Marina and all agreed it was an outstanding yachting event, setting a high bar for the future.