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December 29, 2016

Written by Maria Korotaeva

New high-tech inventions never stop to impress us. The new Mono Marine Edition car is a single-seater racing car that can ride onboard the world’s finest vessels. This time this is not just another water toy to add to a superyacht’s collection. The main idea of this car is to explore the land. Imagine how amazing this could be to cruise on a superyacht around some stunning islands, then switch to a supercar to explore vibrant life onshore. The Briggs Automotive Company’s (BAC) official product Mono is built to order. What makes the Mono Marine Edition so exceptional is the special coating that takes away the salt, a rush-resistant finish and an environmental control container featuring humidity and temperature controls for stowing on board.

The Mono Marine Edition supercar 2. Photo courtesy of CNN

The Mono Marine Edition supercar 2. Photo courtesy of CNN

This a-third-of-aweight-of-Ferrari supercar is powered by the same engine as the 2016 model of Mono, 305bhp 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. Carbon-fibre crane arm helps support the car on and off any superyacht, as well as chassis’s lifting points provide easy loading and unloading.

The Mono Marine Edition supercar 3. Photo courtesy of CNN

The Mono Marine Edition supercar 3. Photo courtesy of CNN

BAC co-founder and Mono Marine Edition designer Ian Briggs mentioned in the interview with CNN Sport: “It’s not the case of needing transport when you get to lands, as people can ring for a limousine and go around in Rolls Roys, but more about having toy readily available for you”. There are lots of people with big car collections that also happen to have yachts as well, and for whatever reason, up until now, nobody’s ever really connected them together”.

The Mono Marine Edition supercar 1. Photo courtesy of CNN

The Mono Marine Edition supercar 1. Photo courtesy of CNN

The Mono Marine Edition supercar is customisable inside and out. The price of it is just around $800,000, however, the actual value to you can be a lot more than a few thousand dollars. According to Briggs this could be a filling-the-gap in the market for superyacht toys.

Motor Yacht INTEGRITY receives innovative ceramic coating solution service by Aqueous Marine Guard

October 14, 2016

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Aqueous Marine Guard is offering an innovative solution for luxury yachts which directly challenges the present high prices of ceramic-based coatings and the need for specialist application companies.

M/Y INTEGRITY is amongst the vessels that have used the company’s services recently with Captain Brendan Furey stating: “Aqueous have applied the ceramic coating to our water line and all our exterior stainless. This amazing coating cuts days off our exterior crew polishing time. The fumes from engines and generators just fall off when wiped with a glove. And the stainless stays polished and rust free for almost the entire season.”

High-gloss ceramic yacht coating

High-gloss ceramic yacht coating

At the moment, most of the superyacht ceramic coating companies will only provide a product and application service together, and not as individual options. This can result in an unnecessarily high price to the customer.

Aqueous Marine Guard offer a new approach to the customer, making its coatings available to the professional industry, including polishers, painters, and refinishers, by providing them with an entire selection of products as well as a comprehensive technical support. In addition, crews can be also provided with full training and support.

Aqueous Marine Guard High Gloss Application

Aqueous Marine Guard High Gloss Application

The company will travel worldwide at a pre-arranged fee and offer comprehensive training in the application to their coatings. Once the training has finished, the customer will be fully certified to apply the products, leaving the product as the only cost in the future. In addition, the team at Aqueous Marine Guard will continue providing guidance and advice.

In 2016 Aqueous Marine Guard products have been used on a global scale including being applied to super yachts with remarkable results. With a growing distribution network and fully certified application partners in the Caribbean, Spain, France and Florida, why not get in touch to see first-hand the realistic prices and exceptional product performance.

Mark Childs, Co-owner and Technical Sales Director said. “We are looking to supply our coatings to the industry network of painters and polishers worldwide, with the full support of the team in application and understanding of our ceramic coating technology. It’s time that the industry is able to use this type of technology at a practical cost whilst also maintaining the quality desired by the yachts. It is our focus to offer these products professionally with the full support from our worldwide traveling team ensuring the entire range of benefits including; reduced cleaning times, chemical resistance, UV stability and protection from diesel soot staining. With already certified users on a global scale, the aim is to increase our network enabling captains / owners access to the products for their vessels. We are looking forward to the future of Aqueous Marine Guard.”

The Best Superyacht Spas

June 16, 2016

Written by Rebecca Pascoe

Not only do superyachts exude charm, style and elegance, they have many other fantastic features too. Some are large enough to have onboard gyms, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, tender garages and amazing spas. Superyacht charters offer a sense of freedom and the opportunity to spend your time as you wish. Sunbathe all day long, have a refreshing and soothing massage or sit on the aft deck with a cool drink. What could be better?

Lady Britt's Spa

Lady Britt’s Spa

1. Lady Britt’s On-The-Water Spa – if you want to pamper yourself while on vacation sailing to exotic destinations, use the beautiful spa onboard this spacious superyacht. It has a magnificent Finnish sauna which opens out on to the ocean so you can take a cool swim in the sea. Why not have your hair cut and styled in the hairdressing salon? Or for the more energetic, work out in the well-equipped gymnasium. There’s also a huge spa pool on the sun deck.

Serene’s Spa

Serene’s Spa

2. Serene’s Snowy Spa – as the name suggests this superyacht has a snow room as well as a sauna. The snow room is an innovative addition to the Serene and is a winter oasis where guests can escape from the hot sun. A thermal suite is kept between -6C and 0C, with powdery snow and even has occasional snow flurries throughout the day. Guests can benefit from this unique snow room, the low temperature increases the blood circulation in the body to strengthen the immune system.

J'Ade Megayacht

J’Ade Megayacht

3. J’Ade’s Spa – the J’Ade has one of the top spas ever created onboard a superyacht. This beautifully stylish spa offers an absolutely amazing Turkish Bath for relaxing your mind and body. With bright green mosaic tiles, reminiscent of some of the most exclusive baths in Turkey, the bath onboard the J’Ade is a place where you can go to indulge yourself in sheer and blissful luxury.



4. Moonraker’s Spa – luxury, peace and tranquility are words that spring to mind when using Moonraker’s Experiential Spa. Beautiful colors and aromas exude from this delightful spa along with programmable water jets in the shower. The water jets can alter your mood and energy ready for an enjoyable evening dining on the aft deck, having a drink or two with friends or family.



5. The Solandge – this luxurious superyacht definitely has one of the top spas. It features a sauna with a custom-made glass wall, beauty salon, massage room and a hammam. Unwind, relax and enjoy every moment onboard the Solandge with a spa that has everything you could possibly wish for and more.

Sherakhan’s Spa

Sherakhan’s Spa

6. Sherakhan’s Mosaic decorated Spa – expect to be awe struck when you first visit this spectacular mosaic decorated spa onboard the Sherakhan. With hand-crafted mosaic walls next to a cold water tub, a glass bottom spa pool that seats 18 people and a Finnish sauna, this spa is just awesome. Spend time in the spa to refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body, it really does work!

If there’s a feature that you want that will absolutely make or break your holiday, let CharterWorld find it for you and source the best luxury yachts to meet your specifications. Contact us with your requirements and we will be in touch.

NEW Sailing Yacht Swan 115-03 to feature 51m mast by Hall Spars & Rigging

February 04, 2016

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The end of December 2015 saw the team at Hall BV in Breskens, Holland send two masts totaling over 100m in length to Nautor’s Swan. The larger, a 51m mast for the new sailing yacht Swan 115-03, headed out with the boom and SCR rigging to follow for the start of this year, while the smaller mast was destined for the Swan 68-09, built in 1995.

Transport of two masts to Nautor's Swan

Transport of two masts to Nautor’s Swan

Currently under construction, the third Swan 115 represents the new flagship of the SwanLine, with exterior design by naval architect German Frers. Being built from a female mould and of pure carbon (pre-preg), the Swan 115 features a lifting, T-bulb keel and twin rudders.

Rendering of Swan 115 - Image credit to Nautors Swan

Rendering of Swan 115 – Image credit to Nautors Swan

The interior configuration of the Swan 115 is extremely flexible, with the owner’s cabin aft or forward, three or four guest cabins and designated crew quarters for up to six.

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Marina di Varazze – Great Starting Point for Liguria and Italy Charter Vacations on Superyachts

January 28, 2016

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Marina di Varazze, currently exhibiting at the Boot Dusseldorf until 31st January, represents a great staring point for guests wishing to explore the beautiful Italian region Liguria as well as the neighbouring region of Piedmont. In addition to her already great services, Marina Varazze, starting with the upcoming season, will offer a completely personalised ‘Luxury Concierge’ service to suite the lifestyles and vacations plans of customers owning any kind of vessel, including sailboats, motor yachts or charter superyachts.

Marina Di Varazze  - Italy - Western Mediterranean

Marina Di Varazze – Italy – Western Mediterranean

Marina Varazze is situated in an elegant setting surrounded by the luxuriant nature of the Ligurian coast. It has become an important destination for both private and charter vessels wishing to enjoy life freely without worrying about how their boat is being handled. The marina is located only a few kilometres from the international airport of Genoa, an ancient Maritime Republic, where every lane way conceals centuries of history with a recently renovated port that now serves as a leisure and entertainment centre boasting such attractions as the Aquarium and the Naval Museum.

Marina di Varazze manager Giorgio Casareto says, “We’re firmly convinced that the way to strengthen the marina’s prestigious positioning and continue to manage it in the best possible way is to offer yacht owners the optimal quality/price ratio, worthy of a large, well-equipped marina set in a location of truly unique beauty and offering modern logistics, convenient connections, and every possible service.”

The new customised service, represented by an entire team dedicated to Luxury Concierge, will help customers organise tours and make the most of their free time, ready to respond to all their requests, from transfers and transportation to every little details of life aboard.

Marina Varazze offers great gastronomy, culture, natural beauty, entertainment, nightlife, relaxation, wellness – from hot springs to sports – and the most adventurous travel itineraries. All this makes up the Italian lifestyle for which Italy is famous around the world: a one-of-a-kind rich combination of ingredients that makes this country, and the quality of its service, an experience to be lived and enjoyed down to the tiniest detail. Marina Varazze’s strategic location, allowing the utmost ‘freedom of movement’, is certainly one of our key points, but it’s definitely not the only one. Feel free to contact Marina Varazze for more information. Should you like to enquire about chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean Italy and discover its Ligurian coastline, don’t hesitate to contact our team of brokers.

NEW Wider 150 M/Y GENESI fitted with TEAM Italia I-Bridge®

January 12, 2016

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Wider Yachts has chosen TEAM Italia I-Bridge® for the all-new Wider 150 M/Y GENESI. Thanks to this innovative navigation system, the wheelhouse of this striking, brand new vessel is unique in terms of design and integration.

W150 GENESI - Wheelhouse

W150 GENESI – Wheelhouse

The consolle enables users to choose from a variety of settings depending on the navigation context in which they find themselves, thanks to the use of mechatronic technologies which have been specially studied and designed for this superyacht.

WIDER 150 GENESI at launch

WIDER 150 GENESI at launch

Besides contextualisation of the navigation equipment for the various possible scenarios, such as deepsea/bluewater, mooring, docking, etc., the configuration also provides for variations in the ergonomic settings of the entire dashboard. User friendliness and integration are made possible through TEAM Italia’s MULTICONTROL System, and the bridge was built at the TEAM Italia DEVELOPMENT CENTRE.

Raytheon’s 100th Superyacht Integrated Navigation System (INS) for AMELS 188

December 17, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

This year’s Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) saw the German navigation system specialist Raytheon Anschütz announce that their 100th Integrated Navigation System (INS) destined for the superyacht market will be delivered to the all-new Limited Editions AMELS 188.

A scale model of the new AMELS 188 on display at MYS 2015

A scale model of the new AMELS 188 on display at MYS 2015

“We are very proud to be selected by such a prestigious shipyard and look forward to contributing our solution to the new Limited Editions AMELS 188,” Raytheon Anschütz’ Sales Manager Arno Nommensen said during a jubilee ceremony at the AMELS’ stand in Monaco. “A significant milestone, our 100th INS sold in the superyacht market is a confirmation of our commitment to excellence and our dedication to maintaining our high level of quality and customer support.”

During the jubilee ceremony, Raytheon Anschütz’ Arno Nommensen hands over a certificate about the 100th Superyacht INS to AMELS’ Victor Caminada and Martin van Heulen

During the jubilee ceremony, Raytheon Anschütz’ Arno Nommensen hands over a certificate about the 100th Superyacht INS to AMELS’ Victor Caminada and Martin van Heulen

AMELS Victor Caminada on the new Limited Editions AMELS 188 superyacht: “The AMELS 188 is a new milestone for our company. Here at the official introduction at Monaco Yacht Show, we have received great interest for this new design. It will be equipped with most modern and high-end superyacht technology; including the Raytheon Anschütz Integrated Navigation System.”

AMELS 188 will boast the latest in integrated navigation systems, supported through the entire project and lifecycle. The world’s first INS in compliance with IMO’s INS Performance Standards, SYNAPSIS consists of a suite of multifunctional consoles which provide access to any function from any place. A central software framework as part of each console takes over system-wide tasks and services, such as consistent data distribution, central target management and intelligent alarm management. The scope of supply also includes network-based radar scanners, the entire sensor package, autopilot and steering control, as well as radio communication systems.

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Hybrid Motor Yacht NOVA developed by Huisman Etech Experts and Heesen Yachts

December 08, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The opening day of the METS 2015 in Amsterdam saw Huisman Etech Experts, the company specializing in building all e-related installations aboard luxury vessels, sign an agreement with Visedo Marine to deliver all e-drives and inverters for the all-new motor yacht NOVA (project name), representing the first Heesen hybrid.

Rob Huisman, director of Huisman with Peter Dijkstra

Rob Huisman, director of Huisman with Peter Dijkstra

The ground-breaking concept of the new Hybrid solution allows the captain to choose from four different propulsion modes. Depending on the mode, the diesel engines, the main generators or the e-generators take a different role.

Quiet cruising mode allows NOVA to cruise at a speed up to 9 knots, and is perfect for comfortable operating inside the port or smooth sailing along the coast. In this mode solely the e-generators deliver the power for propulsion.

Heesen NOVA - Quiet Cruising Mode

Heesen NOVA – Quiet Cruising Mode

Economic Cruising mode delivers power for cruising up to 15 knots on the diesel engines. In this mode the generators for the hotel are switched off, with only the MTU motors running.

NOVA by Heesen - Economic Cruising Mode

NOVA by Heesen – Economic Cruising Mode

In diesel cruising mode the generators deliver the power for the hotel and the MTU engines speed up NOVA up to 16 knots.

Hybrid Superyacht NOVA - Diesel Cruising Mode

Hybrid Superyacht NOVA – Diesel Cruising Mode

Boost mode, just like a real Formula 1 car, allows the captain to use the boost button to add the e-power drives for extra speed. Thanks to this mode, a thrilling speed of almost 17 knots can be reached.

NOVA project - Boost Mode

NOVA project – Boost Mode

The new developed system allows a very low consumption in combination with comfort, but still provides the high speeds Heesen is known for worldwide.

In the development stage Huisman Etech Experts and Heesen found Visedo to achieve high performance coupled with less volume used by equipment. The components used are fitted into the custom-build cabinets and manifolds manufactured by Huisman.

Esenyacht Superyacht TROY with artwork by Lucio Bubacco

December 02, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Esenyacht has published a great video below, showing the magnificent superyacht TROY with artwork by Lucio Bubacco. Lucio creates unique works, combining the anatomic perfection of Greek sculpture with the Byzantine gothic architecture of his native Venice.

The 2015 sailing yacht TROY is the all-new 47-metre performance cruising sloop, with naval architecture by Dykstra Naval Architects and the yard’s in-house team. Both her exteriors as well as interiors were created by Tim Saunders. She offers deluxe accommodation to up to 12 guests across 5 superb cabins.

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Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid Yacht with hybrid power and propulsion solution by WhisperPower

November 17, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid yacht has been fitted with a hybrid technology-based power and propulsion system, delivered by Dutch power and propulsion specialist WhisperPower. The 32m Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid superyacht represents the first vessel to feature WhisperPower’s latest technology. She has recently started cruising.

Sanlorenzo 106 Yacht

Sanlorenzo 106 Yacht

The hybrid power and propulsion system for motor yacht Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid includes two 150 kW WhisperPower HyGen variable speed generators, which together deliver up to 300 kW, of which at least 60 kW is used for the “hotel load” and 240 kW is used for propulsion. More specifically, they provide electricity for two 130 kW electric motors, which are installed in the drivetrain between the two MTU 2000 kW main engines and the propeller and are used for electric sail. As soon as the MTUs are switched on, the electric engines take over the running of the hotel load from the generator.

The main objective of the super yacht Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid project was to provide the vessel with a speed of 9 knots using the electric motors whereby the vessel can cover large distances quietly and above all economically as well as being able to enter bays. This can result in a saving of many tens of thousands to more than a hundred thousand Euros per season.

Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid Yacht Engine Room - AC PowerCube by WhisperPower

Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid Yacht Engine Room – AC PowerCube by WhisperPower

A second objective was to make luxury yacht Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid  “quiet” overnight whilst still providing maximum comfort. As the onboard power supply was set up as three-phase 400 volt, WhisperPower developed a 10 kW three-phase inverter that enabled the air conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers etc to continue to run. In total, 40 kW can be loaded on to the inverter. As a backup, two 15 kW Genverters have been installed together with several DC PowerCube charge modules that quickly and completely charge the batteries either when shore power is available or via the Genverters. All components, including the non-WhisperPower products, are connected via a central CAN bus system.

“It was a wonderful experience during the sea trial with the San Lorenzo 106 to sail super silently on e-propulsion. You could only hear the water and still, we were going at nine knots. The boost function, so adding the e-motors to the MTUs also worked well. We achieved a speed of almost 50 knots. The semi-electric sailing was also a success: with the MTU on one propellor and electric motor on the other, the diesel consumption was 40 liters / hour at a fairly decent speed,” said Stijn de Wit Project Engineer WhisperPower.

WhisperPower will be attending this week’s METSTRADE, with various components of a 300 kW onboard power & propulsion system on display at their stand 09.410 in the SuperYacht Pavilion.

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