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Latest superyacht MEITOU concept by Alex McDiarmid

January 14, 2015

British Designer Alex McDiarmid based in Aix-en-Provence, France is proud to introduce his latest superyacht Meitou concept. Inspiration is again diverse and of a non-nautical philosophy, resulting in the breath-taking Meitou yacht concept, inspired by Japanese sword design, production, construction, as well as polishing.

Meitou superyacht concept by Alex McDiarmid

Meitou superyacht concept by Alex McDiarmid

Meitou Yacht Concept:

“The sword is the soul of the Samurai”

Tokugawa Ieyasu 1543 – 1616 1st Tokugawa Shogun

Meitou (名刀), literally meaning “Famous Sword” or “Excellent Sword” is not a type of sword but rather the status of a sword. The word Meitou is more of a concept than a specific meaning.

If it is used when speaking about swords it can mean a ‘fine sword’ or a ‘masterpiece’.

In Japan, this means the sword has a history and is of legendary status. The blade is normally a quality blade which stands out above all other swords in its endurance and sharpness.

The Meitou are a rare class of katana, also meaning “Celebrated Sword” or “Named Sword”. Everything a Superyacht should be.

For centuries, the Japanese samurai sword has been hailed as the finest weapon of its type in the world. Its fame derives from two qualities: its efficient functionality as a razor-sharp, durable killing tool, and its terrible beauty as a work of art. Everything a Superyacht should be.

Japanese Sword Making – A Cultural Icon:

The Kamakura period (鎌倉時代 1185–1333) is a period of Japanese history.

The period is known for the emergence of the samurai, the warrior caste, and for the establishment of feudalism in Japan. The Kamakura period is known as the “Golden Age of Sword making” in part for its highly artistic techniques.

The antique samurai sword is Japans most prized and celebrated artefact and is one of the greatest fighting weapons of all time. The Kamakura katana sold at auction for $418k but most are museum pieces, utterly priceless and banned from international export.

Perfectly engineered for close up combat, renowned for its deadly cutting edge, light and perfectly balanced it is technical excellence from the craftsmen of ancient Japan.

It is certainly an object of absolute beauty from both an aesthetic and a scientific point of view.

Lethal, yes, but the samurai sword has served as an object of sacred beauty in Japan for over a thousand years. Sometimes priced at more than $1M, it is highly appreciated by thousands of collectors around the world today.

“The sword-smith was not a mere artisan but an inspired artist and his workshop a sanctuary. Daily, he commenced his craft with prayer and purification, or, as the phrase was, ‘he committed his soul and spirit into the forging and tempering of the steel’.”

Nitobe Inazō 1862 – 1933 Author

Design Thinking: “Designed to Inspire”

The overall side profile and section of such swords are very simple yet very elegant.

A flowing form that lends itself very nicely to the profile and structure of a Superyacht.

If you look at the cross section of such swords you will see the starting point for Meitou superyacht concept.

A ‘V’ in section giving the cross section of a generic vessel. In section Japanese swords have the form of a yachts hull and superstructure.

Observing the construction of such swords we noticed the striking similarities to Superyacht construction with hull, sides, bulwarks and superstructure outlines clearly visible in cross section.

Evident from the outset was the pure craftsmanship of the very highest quality and materials often beautifully polished, engraved and decorated.

Alex McDiarmid made the following connection to Japanese sword design with Superyacht design & construction:

Ha/Cutting Edge = Silhouette

Kissaki/Point = Raked or Reverse Bow

Shinogi/Blade Ridge = Hull

Hamon/Tempered Line/Edge Pattern & Hada/Grain = Elliptical window lines along the upper deck

Shinogi / Blade Ridge, Yakiba / Hardened Edge & Ji / Sword Surface between the Shinogi and Harmon = Superstructure

Sageo/Hanging Chord = The Bridge

Tsuba/Hand Guard = Comms/Radar Mast & Retractable sun awning

Ito/Hilt Wrap & Menuki/Decorative Grip = The Stern

Nakagojiri = Aft

Nagasa = Waterline

These beautifully hand crafted swords mixed and continue to mix the highest standards of craftsmanship to give the user/owner a very personal product, much like owning a Superyacht.

The studio studied various types of sword blades and learnt about the three/3 Katana Sword Sets containing Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto:

-              Katana 刀 “sword” interpreted as The Superyacht

-              Wakizashi 脇差 “companion sword” interpreted as The Shadow Yacht (shown with Sakabatō, ‘reverse-blade sword’)

-              Tantō 短刀 “short blade” interpreted as The Limo Tender Yacht

Each sword has a life of its own, a character that emerges slowly during production.

Each blade, each harmon, each sword is unique. No two are the same. Much like a Superyacht.

Could yacht design and building learn anything from sword making in terms of evolution or revolution?

Time will tell.

Technical/Principal Characteristics:

N/A – not applicable.

Luxury yacht Meitou is a concept as the name suggests and is solely “Designed to Inspire”.

Meitou superyacht is an explorative study focusing purely on design elements, design language and form and only in the studio’s inimitable style.

Video of Asia Superyacht Rendezvous

January 14, 2015

The Asia Superyacht Rendezvous represents an exclusive gathering of sail and motor boats over 100 feet, annually held in the fabulous Thailand yacht charter location – Phuket from 16th to 18th December. The fleet of the 2014 event featured some of the most impressive motor and sailing yachts, including the 73-metre charter yacht Titania, joining for the first time, as well as the iconic 50-metre charter yacht Northern Sun, which assumed the role of committee boat for the two days of races. Below is a video showing the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous, made by Phuket Gazette/Phuket Today and published by Asia SuperyachtRV.

Video of Storm motor yacht S-78 lying at anchor

January 14, 2015

Dutch shipyard, Storm Yachts, has released a video showing their motor yacht S-78, while lying at anchor. The first concept unveiled by the builder, the striking 24-metre superyacht S-78 is currently under construction.

The all-aluminium fast displacement motor yacht S-78 has all the assets that brought the Storm brand to the world’s attention:

-          The S stands for speed: The S-78 can reach 24 knots thank to her innovative Volvo IPS 1050 drive technology;

-          Her patented FDHF hull shape guarantee excellent sailing characteristics and significant fuel savings;

-          A strikingly different exterior profile;

-          A significant interior volume that optimises comfort;

-          Cutting edge technology;

-          Premium Dutch standards of finishing and detail inside and out;

-          A wealth of customisation options.

With her wide-body design, the S-78 yacht offers her owners ample accommodation space, unknown in this length-segment. With an aft-deck and main lounge worthy of a superyacht, there is a great deal of space for all the guest. The flybridge area also provides a superb al fresco environment for sunbathing, dining or raising a glass to another top day of cruising.

Technical Specifications of Storm S-78 Yacht:

Length overall 23.60m

Water length 23.31m

Beam 6.54m

Draft 1.40m

Displacement 55.000 kg empty

Fuel capacity 6.000L + 3.000L (Option)

Water capacity. 2.000L + 1.000L (Option)

Water maker/Ballast 1.159L

Black water tank 2 Tanks / 960L

Construction of Storm motor yacht S-78 well underway

January 14, 2015

Construction of the new motor yacht S-78 is currently well underway at the Storm Yachts shipyard in the Netherlands. The focus is presently on preparatory activities that precede the fitting of the S-78 yacht interior.

Luxury motor yacht S-78 at Storm Yachts alongside S-65 Yacht

Luxury motor yacht S-78 at Storm Yachts alongside S-65 Yacht

The high-quality insulation and floating floor with integrated heating have already been installed in the luxury yacht S-78’s saloon, allowing its impressive size to truly come into its own. Thanks to the use of exclusive materials with highly effective acoustic properties, this living space is already characterised by impressively little noise pollution.

The area below deck, where the cabins are located, will also feature a floating floor with integrated floor heating. But, first, the shipyard will apply to the walls a soundproof substance that is highly resistant to vibrations. This will reach up to just above the waterline in order to eliminate the sloshing sounds produced by waves.

Meanwhile, the extensive piping for the supply and removal of fuel & water, aeration, etc. will be installed below deck. All connections will be welded directly onto the relevant tanks in the highly accessible engine compartment without (PVC) swivels, elbows or taps. This will ensure that there are no leaks during the S-78 yacht’s entire lifespan and the technology substantially improves the resale value of a Storm yacht!

Storm S-78 Yacht - Saloon

Storm S-78 Yacht - Saloon

Modification to the S-78

The manner in which Storm yachts are built allows a great deal of flexibility for interim adjustments or improvements to be made. For instance, the decision was made last month to upgrade the layout of the aft deck by creating more living space.

This was made possible by applying the same solution as on the X-65, and resulted in 2.5 m² of additional living and relaxation space on the motor yacht S-78. The seating has been moved further aft and the railing design has been streamlined.

This was quite an operation and entailed a delay in construction. Storm Yachts accepted this gladly as the adaptation provides an essential contribution to the perception of comfort and feeling of space onboard the yacht.

Motor Boat Award 2015 for luxury motor yacht Princess S72

January 14, 2015

The all-new luxury motor yacht Princess S72 by Princess Yachts has recently won the 2015 Motor Boat Award for the over 55ft category. Following her successful launch early in 2014, Princess S72 yacht has received much acclaim.

Princess luxury yacht S72

Princess luxury yacht S72

In a recent test, Motor Boats Monthly Magazine said; “The proportions are absolutely spot on and it manages to be sporty and aggressive while maintaining Princess’s timeless look.

The S72 yacht is the first of the new S Class Sportbridge yachts and combines the sleek lines and performance of a true sports yacht with the space and practicality of an upper helm position and large tender garage.

S72 Yacht - Saloon

S72 Yacht - Saloon

S Class design features include dark wraparound glass and angled hull windows offering uninterrupted views. While inside, exclusive materials, detailing and bespoke contemporary furniture offer a new level of luxury and modernity that is only enhanced by Princess’s classically toned leathers and herringbone linings.

The S72 Sportbridge yacht exemplifies all the ability, quality and design expected from Princess Flybridge and V Class models while injecting a new level of performance, style and on-water attitude.

Princess Yacht S72 - Master Stateroom

Princess Yacht S72 - Master Stateroom

Below is a selection of the luxurious charter yachts built by Princess.

World premiere of new 22m motor yacht Sossego Comfort 22 at HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show 2015

January 14, 2015

Gebr. van Enkhuizen in Makkum, the Netherlands is currently working on the construction of the first motor yacht Sossego Comfort 22. The luxurious and elegant 22-metre all-aluminium Sossego Comfort 22 yacht will be presented as a world premiere during the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show, running in September 2015.

New 22m motor yacht Sossego Comfort 22 by Gebr. Van Enkhuizen

New 22m motor yacht Sossego Comfort 22 by Gebr. Van Enkhuizen

The interior of Sossego 22 yacht can be customized to specific wishes of the owner. The interior is semi-custom built, and separate from the owners cabin. It has one or more spacy quarters for the guests. In addition, the vessel boasts generous deck space – ideal for day trips with family and friends.

Luxury yacht Sossego Comfort 22 at full speed

Luxury yacht Sossego Comfort 22 at full speed

Luxury yacht Sossego Comfort 22 has been designed to achieve an impressive maximum speed of 38 knots. The yacht is equipped with two 1550hp MAN diesel engines.

Sossego Comfort 22 Yacht - aft view

Sossego Comfort 22 Yacht - aft view

The Sossego Comfort 22 yacht is the third ship in the Sossego-line: Gebr. van Enkhuizen in Makkum has already built two Sossego Sport 23 yachts with a top speed of 43 knots.

Sossego Comfort 22 Yacht - Exterior

Sossego Comfort 22 Yacht - Exterior

Technical Specifications of Sossego Comfort 22 yacht:

Designer Mulder Design Benschop

Interior design Mulder Design Benschop

Shipyard Gebr. Van Enkhuizen

LOA 22m

Beam 5.80m

Draft 1.10m

Engine 2 engines 1250 Mann.


Sunseeker to attend boot Dusseldorf 2015 with 5 motor yachts on display

January 14, 2015

Sunseeker will be attending this month’s boot Dusseldorf, running from January 17 to 25. During the event, the prominent UK builder will present the German debuts of the 86 Yacht, the 75 Yacht, the 65 Manhattan and the 57 Predator, as well as one further craft from the current range of motor yachts: the 55 Manhattan.

Sunseeker 86 Yacht

Sunseeker 86 Yacht

Sunseeker 86 Yacht

For the first time the 86 Yacht will be presented on German ground. With a length of 26,70 meter it will definitely be one of the largest boats at boot 2015. This yacht will not only convince you because of its length but also because of its distinctive hull design and spaciousness of its interior. For sure the 86 Yacht will turn out to be a real darling of the public, it is recommend to make an appointment before!

Sunseeker 75 Yacht

Also the little sister of the 86 Yacht, the 75 Yacht, which also will be presented on German ground for the first time, will attract many visitors: her elegant design with her striking big hull windows and the optional carbon-hardtop will stand out from the crowd. Comfort and performance are two important additional properties of this breath-taking yacht.

Sunseeker 75 Yacht

Sunseeker 75 Yacht

boot Düsseldorf 2015 is open daily, from 17 to 25 January 2015, 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. Further details and entrance tickets are available in the ticket shop. Tickets can be printed out directly upon purchase and are also valid for free trips on public transport in the area covered by the local transport company, VRR, within zone D, Region Süd.

As additional German premiere Sunseeker Germany will present the Predator 57 and the Manhattan 65, both yachts are the newest products from the Sunseeker hangar in Poole. The Predator 57, which is already one of the most popular types from the Predator family, distinguishes herself by standard features like the automatic and hydraulic sunroof, hydraulic lifting bathing platform and the extensive hull windows, which will give you a total new sense of space.

The Manhattan 65 presents herself elegant, sporty and versatile – the classical flybridge Newcomer convinces at first sight with its sleek sculpted lines and its perfect finish. No less impressive than the four Newcomers is the Manhattan 55, which since her introduction is one of very popular models from the Sunseeker range.

Sunseeker partners at boot 2015

As an important regular for many years at boot, Sunseeker is part of the boat show’s success story and will also be on board in 2015. At the famous and well-known location in hall 6 Sunseeker will convince with a spectacular booth that certainly will become a constant visitor magnet at this boat show. As in the last few years, Land Rover will be also present at the booth. Both brands have more in common than their British origin: same as Land Rover, Sunseeker is one of the topaddresses since decades in its sector and is a synonym for innovative design, great interior design and fascinating products. The Sunseeker booth is therefore the perfect location for the get-together of these two companies. According to the motto “Best of British” this year Sunseeker has a new partner on board, the favourite champagne brand from Prince William and Kate, the British couple heir to the throne. Pol Roger, a champagne brand which is already famous in Great Britain, is getting more and more popular also in Germany. Pol Roger will exclusively be served in the Sunseeker Owners Lounge. As hotel partner Sunseeker is more than happy to welcome again the Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf on board. The recent cooperation with this 5-star top-hotel in the maritime environment of the Medienhafen in Düsseldorf has opened doors for more interesting cooperations.

Sunseeker at boot Düsseldorf from 17 to 25 January 2015: Hall 6 / Stand B61.

Yachts on display:

• 55 Manhattan

• 57 Predator (German debut)

• 65 Manhattan (German debut)

• 75 Yacht (German debut)

• 86 Yacht (German debut)

Below is a gallery for the lovely charter yachts built by Sunseeker.

Cerri strengthens its management and announces new order for Cerri 102’ Flyingsport motor yacht Hull no. 5

January 13, 2015

Based in Avenza, Carrara, the well known Italian shipyard, Cerri, has kicked off the year 2015 celebrating the acquisition of a new order for Cerri 102’ Flyingsport motor yacht Hull no. 5. The shipyard has also presented its new organizational structure.

Luxury motor yachts built by Cerri

Luxury motor yachts built by Cerri

After gaining solid experience as CEO of Mondomarine and Baglietto, Diego Michele Deprati, an engineer, born in 1963, is the new Chief Executive Officer of the Carrara-based shipyard. He will be supported by Guido Penco, also an engineer and Baglietto’s Technical Director, who will be leading the Technical Department, and Giulio Bertani, as Sales Manager, who will have the task of relaunching the Tuscan brand on the international market. Carlo Cerri, who founded the brand, will keep his position as Chairman. The new, strengthened team will also include Adone Pucci – the Shipyard’s Director – and Raffaella Daino as Communication and Marketing Manager, the same position she holds in Baglietto.

Immediately after being appointed, the renovated team achieved a first important result by signing a new contract for the fifth hull of the Cerri 102′ Flyingsport line yacht, which will go to an Italian owner. This new job order follows another significant achievement that dates back to last summer, when a Cerri 86′ Flyingsport (example is motor yacht Pachamama) was sold to an American owner and then presented as a world premiere at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

New management announced by Cerri

New management announced by Cerri

Thanks to the new organizational structure and its significant know-how, the Carrara-based shipyard will be able to carry on with its strategic projects: an increased production of fibreglass crafts (the brand’s core business) and an expansion of the range, which will allow the brand to step into the ‘custom’ market with 2 fully-custom lines.

Cerri’s 2 most successful series – the Cerri 102’ Flyingsport and the Cerri 86’ Flyingsport – will be restyled, preserving their distinctive décor features but adding a more contemporary touch, and 2 new lines of steel and aluminium and/or all-aluminium yachts will start to be built. The shipyard is indeed currently working on the conception of a range of small superyachts between 24 and 35 metres in length, and of an ‘Expedition’-style line ranging between 30 and 35 metres. This will give Cerri the opportunity to offer its international clientele a complete product range.

“I am delighted about this new opportunity – comments Mr Deprati - Cerri is still a small, Italian-style shipyard, but I think that our plans, together with the enthusiasm and strong motivation that drive our team, will soon allow us to achieve amazing results. We are entering agreements with leading designers and we are supported by a great Group, the Gavio Group, which guarantees soundness and reliability. In addition to this, I believe our long-standing experience in the large pleasure yachts sector means that anyone deciding to put their dreams into our hands can truly rely on us and be sure we’ll turn them into reality”.

Below is a selection of the lovely charter yachts built by Cerri.

Seattle Boat Show 2015 to open its doors next week

January 13, 2015

From stand up paddleboards to superyachts and everything in between, there is lots to take in at the Seattle Boat Show (Indoors +Afloat). The 2015 event will open its doors on January 23 and will last until February 1. The largest show on the West Coast, the event will once again host some 1,000 boats and yachts in two locations, more than three acres of accessories, electronics and boating gear, 430+ exhibitors, 225 free seminars, as well as advanced training classes for a fee.

Seattle Boat Show

Seattle Boat Show

Highlights this year include:

Uncorked— Opening Night, Friday Jan. 23, 5pm – 9pm

Showgoers can sniff, swirl and sip their way through the show, tasting a variety of award-winning Washington wines. Tasting stations will be set up throughout the indoor location. Tickets are $27 and include show admission, tasting tokens and a souvenir glass.

Inaugural Seattle Boat Show SUP-er Joust Tournament

Pairing one of Seattle’s most popular water sports with a medieval pastime, competitors in outrageous costumes will jab, poke, bump and shove each other and attempt to outwit their opponents and knock them off their stand up paddle boards and into the water in the jousting pool. Competitors can sign up in advance for a spot or try their luck during Open Jousting times throughout the show. The champion will be crowned on SUPer Joust Sunday, Feb. 1 and will win an adventure cruise for two in Mexico’s Sea of Cortés.

Boatless in Seattle – Free admission Monday – Thursday after 5pm

Those who don’t own a boat but would like to learn more about how to get into boating shouldn’t let the ticket price get in the way of deciding whether to attend the show. They can simply show up any weeknight of the show after 5pm, announce that they are Boatless in Seattle and they will be admitted for free.

Biggest and Most Expensive Boat in the Show’s 68-Year History

Built locally in Westport Wash., superyacht ‘Evviva’ is 164 feet of pure luxury for $25 million. She features: six luxurious suites; helicopter landing pad; elevator; hot tub; gourmet galley; marble and granite heated floors; spa tub for two in the master suite; and a yacht garage housing a 23’ ski and dive boat. Tour her and a host of other luxury boats at South Lake Union.

Super yacht EVVIVA - Photo Credit Westport yachts

Super yacht EVVIVA - Photo Credit Westport yachts

Kids Zone

There’s tons of fun for the little boaters too. Kids can enjoy time on the water using the Aqua Paddler boats, build a wooden toy boat with help from the Center for Wooden Boats and learn some fundamentals of boating while having fun with Plankton Races, Tug o’ War, the Rain Gutter Regatta and more.

Wakeboard trampoline tricks and demos

Members of the Central Washington University wakeboard team will be demonstrating tricks on a 13×13 Springfree trampoline. Showgoers can watch them do whirlybirds, 720s, grabs, glides and other impressive moves. When not being used for demos, kids and adults can test jump the world’s safest trampoline.

Most Unusual Boats in the Show

For those who have always daydreamed of being James Bond, they have a chance with two unusual amphibious boats at the show. Quadski: an ATV that converts to a jetski, is powered by a high performance BMW engine and can reach speeds of 45 mph on both land and water. (At CenturyLink Field.) Sea Legs: an amphibious 20’ dinghy that goes from land to water and vice versa with the simple push of a button and can top 60 mph on the water. (At South Lake Union.)

Is it a Boat or is it a Plane? It’s both.

The MVP is a revolutionary amphibious aircraft that transforms from an airplane into a fishing and camping platform. When you get to a marina you taxi up, shut down the engine, fold the wings, and propel the MVP towards the slip with an on-board trolling motor. Hinged panels create a flat platform large enough for two people to stretch out and sleep in the custom tent fitted to the platform.

Women’s Day – Monday, Jan. 26

By downloading a special Women’s Day pass, women can attend the show for free on Jan. 26th and enjoy a slate of seminars designed specifically for women, by women boaters. Starting at 5 pm, women can enjoy also complimentary libations, live music and tons of great giveaways in the Boater’s Lounge.

Sails & Ales – Friday Jan. 30, 5pm – 9pm

What better combination than hops and props? That’s what’s on tap for Sails & Ales Craft Beer Night at CenturyLink Field. Attendees will be able to cruise the show with ale in hand and enjoy the best of NW beers and boats. Tickets are $27 and include show admission, tasting tokens and a souvenir beer glass.

New for 2015 – See the floating portion of the show from the water with complimentary boat rides

The 20-minute guided tours in all electric 21′ enclosed, heated Duffy boats will point out fun facts about South Lake Union and the unique qualities of the spectacular yachts in the show. It’s a great way to see the show from a new perspective. Blankets are provided for an added snuggle factor.

CenturyLink Field Event Center hours:

Monday – Thursday: 11 a.m. – 8 pm,

Fridays: 11 am – 9 pm, Saturdays: 10 am – 8 pm,

Sundays: 10 am – 6pm*

South Lake Union hours:

Weekdays: 11 a.m. – 5 pm.

Weekends: 10 am – 5 pm*

* The show will close at 3pm on Sunday, February 1st

New CEO for Blohm+Voss

January 13, 2015

The premier German superyacht builder, Blohm+Voss, has announced that Fred van Beers has been appointed as its Chief Executive Officer Management Board (CEO). As of 1 March 2015, Fred van Beers will take over from Dr Herbert Aly as CEO to lead Blohm+Voss’ growth strategy. His focus will be on developing the luxury yacht business. He will also work to reinforce the leading position of Blohm+Voss in general repairs as well as conversions, with a specific focus for cruise ships and vessels for the off-shore industry.

82m mega yacht Graceful by Blohm+Voss - Repair Lille Belt Denmark

82m mega yacht Graceful by Blohm+Voss - Repair Lille Belt Denmark

Fred van Beers (52) has held senior leadership positions in the maritime industry for more than 15 years. He joins Blohm+Voss from his current position as Vice President Services Northern Europe at Wärtsilä, the global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the maritime industry and energy markets with a presence in more than 70 countries.

Fred van Beers is a qualified ship engineer, went to sea for four years, and has led all stages of design, engineering, production and aftermarket services. He has a proven track record in delivering profitable sales growth. Throughout his career at Wärtsilä and his positions in various maritime industry organisations in the Netherlands and Europe, Fred van Beers built up an extensive international network within the community of yacht and ship owners, yacht designers, shipyards and the maritime supply industry. For the past 20 years delivery of systems and services for yachts has been part of Fred van Beers his responsibilities.

“I admire Blohm+Voss for having delivered some of the most iconic yachts over the last 80 years – ranging from charter yacht SAVARONA delivered in 1931 to mega yacht GRACEFUL in 2014. I am committed to highest quality engineering and project management. I share Blohm+Voss’ strategic vision and look forward to further developing the business with my new colleagues”, said Fred van Beers.

Dr Herbert Aly joined Blohm+Voss as a Managing Director in 2004 and became Spokesman of the Management Board in 2008. He successfully focused the business on the three areas: cruise ships, off-shore units and yachts. Dr Aly initiated the change of ownership in 2012 when Blohm+Voss’ civil business was acquired by funds advised by Star Capital Partners and the members of the management team. Under the new ownership and as part of thes trategic development of the company, the product portfolio was expanded and the sales and services business further strengthened.

Ernst von Freyberg, Head of the Supervisory Board of Blohm+Voss, said: “We welcome Fred van Beers. He is an exceptionally skilled leader with a long track record in the maritime industry. As owners, we are committed to a long-term viable growth plan for Blohm+Voss. On behalf of the owners, the supervisory board and the entire team, I would like to thank Dr Herbert Aly for leading Blohm+Voss over the last years.”

Below is a selection of other outstanding charter yachts built by Blohm+Voss: