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88m Feadship: the latest superyacht to switch to Seahub

March 13, 2017

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Hunter Oceanic is excited to announce the recent completion of a fully supported deployment of Seahub onboard an 88m Feadship in Miami, Florida. The deployment involved a complete migration of 6 years’ worth of data from an existing system to the newly released Seahub platform.  

Installing Seahub on 88m Feadship Superyacht - Image © Hunter Oceanic

Installing Seahub on 88m Feadship Superyacht – Image © Hunter Oceanic

Seahub was compared against other major providers in the market and the decision was made to go with the Australian product based on its ease of use and comprehensive support network. “We compared a number of products available on the market, but we were looking for a more highly supported platform,” says the Captain.

The data migration and account set up process was outsourced to the Seahub installation team. Technical Director, Matt Hyde spent three weeks onboard working closely with the engineering department to deliver a concise and comprehensive deployment and training package. “The migration involved 350 components, 1000 maintenance schedules, 2500 documents and over 3000 inventory Items,” says Hyde.

Hyde worked very closely with the Chief Engineer onboard, who has been using the original system for almost 6 years now. “When implementing a new planned maintenance system one of the most worrying things is the transfer of all previous information. Matt and his team made sure that the transition toSeahub was seamless” says the Chief Engineer.

Maintenance UI - Image © Hunter Oceanic

Maintenance UI – Image © Hunter Oceanic

During the deployment, direct feedback from the engineering team was welcomed and discussed amongst the Seahub team. Where fit, suggestions were implemented and this process is still continuing today. “Whilst bringing the system online they were open to our suggestions and I almost feel like we have a system that is tailor made to our needs,” says the Chief Engineer.

Extensive hands-on training was provided to all members of the engineering team and continued each day throughout the three-week site visit. “The training and support were very clear and concise. Matt was very knowledgeable about the system and was able to give the engineering team onboard a good understanding of the inner working of the system as well as helping us getting to grips with the practicality of everyday use. This hasn’t stopped since the system was handed over, the Seahub support team are available 24/7 for any advice and assistance that is required” says the Chief Engineer.

The immediate benefits of the platform were observed first hand by the installation team. “The previous system was only available on one computer, now all 4 engineers can log onto Seahub at the same time and work independently using the new planned maintenance system. I’m even seeing an iPad used now in the bilge managing stock control”.

This Feadship is just the latest vessel making the switch to the highly intuitive and easy to use platform for managing their day-to-day maintenance and inventories. The team at Hunter Oceanic strive to evolve Seahub to meet the industry needs and will continue this for years to come.

Facilities expand to meet demand in Dutch superyacht market

June 27, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

25 luxury yacht deliveries are expected from Dutch yacht builders in 2016. In 2015, Dutch shipyards launched 22 superyachts – six more than the year before – and totalling a worth of €1.18 billion. On top of the 22 launches in 2015, members of the HISWA Holland Yachting Group also received 24 new superyacht orders, which was an increase of more than a quarter compared to 2014.

Feadship - New Amsterdam facility location

Feadship – New Amsterdam facility location

The recent increase in demand for superyachts has created an atmosphere for expansion in the Netherlands. Feadship has recently announced it will open a fourth manufacturing and refit facility in Amsterdam, and fellow members of HISWA Holland Yachting Group are finding creative solutions to the escalation in orders and deliveries.

“There are a number of key reasons why the superyacht industry in the Netherlands has come through the global downturn in rude health,” Jeroen Sirag, export director for the HISWA Holland Yachting Group, comments. “One critical factor has been a longstanding commitment to investing in the future during both good times and lean, with Dutch yards keen to ensure they retain their globally recognised lead in quality and innovation. The same applies to the Dutch equipment suppliers who consistently seek new ways to ensure their first-class products and technologies adorn the finest superyacht builds both in the Netherlands and further afield.”

Heesen Yachts has expanded to meet growing demand from clients for larger superyachts by constructing a new 85 metre dry dock in Oss. The facility is expected to be operational by October this year. The sailing yacht sector has also seen expansion: Royal Huisman and Holland Jachtbouw have both increased their build hall capacity.

Heesen Yachts - GALACTICA STAR, launched May 2015

Heesen Yachts – GALACTICA STAR, launched May 2015

Dutch marine equipment supply companies are also making significant changes. Hydromar Marine Equipment moved to a new production facility during 2015 to strengthen its relationship with Cramm Yachting Systems as they continue to make and market superyacht hydraulics. Van Berge Henegouwen has not only moved into Amsterdam offices which include a professional workshop and testing facilities, they have also opened a new office in Antibes, France to be ‘closer to the yachts and… improve support and service for our customers’.

Van Berge Henegouwen isn’t the only company expanding abroad as Huisman Maritiem, Heinen & Hopman add offices and facilities across the Mediterranean and De Keizer opens its seventh location in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“All these new initiatives and investments showcase how the members of the HISWA Holland Yachting Group are looking to continue offering the best possible services to their clients,” concludes Sirag. “Equally important, of course, is the industry-leading experience and skills of the workforce at the various yards and supply companies. This remains the backbone of the Dutch superyacht cluster and the number one reason why Holland continues to rule the waves.”

Press Release: Announcing the Argos 305 rib tender

June 15, 2016

Written by Rachael Steele

A new luxury rib tender has been designed by Facheris Design and developed in collaboration with Argos Nautic. The first of a series is the Argos 305. The following is a Press Release from Facheris Design and Argos Nautic.
Press Release
Announcing the Argos 305 rib tender
Facheris Design has collaborated with, Argos Nautic, a company headquartered in Miami, FL to develop a new line of luxury rib tenders.
Facheris Design & Argos Nautic tender

Facheris Design & Argos Nautic tender

The Argos 305 rib tender is the first of the series. The 10′ center console model has seating and legroom for four, yet is compact enough to fit in to most mid-sized yacht garages. The aesthetic, ergonomics and details make this new tender a standout in the rib tender market. The tenders can be coordinated to match any yacht and are fully customizable, with no detail over looked.
Facheris Design & Argos Nautic tender

Facheris Design & Argos Nautic tender

They are lightweight and can also be used as toys. Argos will offer accessories including headrests and wind screens in the future. A 13′ model is already in the works and should be in production by September, and there will be more to come in the future. Facheris Design was responsible for interior and exterior styling as well as naval architecture.
Contact Argos Nautic for details.

54m Luxury Yacht BURKUT receives upgraded Veritais Audio Visual Equipment

August 10, 2015

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The impressive 54-metre motor yacht BURKUT has recently received a new audiovisual upgrade carried out by the leading supplier and consultancy of audio-visual equipment for super yachts – Veritais. Veritais surveyed the previous systems aboard BURKUT yacht and created detailed recommendations before continuing with the upgrade of all systems.

Motor Yacht BURKUT

Motor Yacht BURKUT

As a result, superyacht Burkut has an up to date audio visual and remote control system which uses the very latest technology and is extremely easy and convenient to operate from anywhere on board. Wi-Fi function was also optimised.

Burkut superyacht, previously known as Baraka, is a stunning 54m motor yacht, custom constructed by the Italian shipyard Baglietto, designed by Francesco Paszkowski and launched in 2009.

Replacements and upgrades by Veritais have included fitted iPod and iPad docks in the gym, main saloon and sky lounge, along with Apple TV with Optical Audio converter in all three areas, as well as upgrades to the main Creston System, which gives full access and control to the onboard systems.

Additionally, the Owner suite has received a full check of the Crestron system and all lower guest staterooms have been fitted with new processors and cabling to improve functionality. Each guest cabin has received a new remote control handset with dock. As in the rest of the yacht the handsets control remote functions to TV and audio.

All the yacht’s audio visual functions have been fully integrated using two VLAN network connections to allow the AV to be operated much more simply, and the wifi to be fully efficient and optimised.

A central laptop controls remote access to the Creston and LAN management which will be controlled by the ship’s engineer.

Veritais is a UK-based company, with the company’s engineering teams operating on a all across the globe. The Burkut yacht upgrade has taken place pre-season in Genoa.

“As with many of our projects, it was not just a case of providing equipment,” comments David Milner of Veritais. “Burkut’s original system needed extensive review and diagnosis to consider what improvements and replacements were needed. Following on from that we designed a new package of solutions and considered the best products for easy and reliable functionality.”

A new Yacht Management Software introduced by Deep Blue

July 01, 2014

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Deep Blue Software introduces a new, innovative and easy to use Yacht Management Software created to facilitate the important administrative workload of Captains and Crew, Yacht and Superyacht management companies and yacht owners. Actually over 40 yachts and several yacht management companies have already installed this unique software to solve daily yacht management hassles.

Deep Blue Yacht Management Software

Deep Blue Yacht Management Software

The international software development company Deep Blue Soft Ltd introduced on the market an innovative yacht management software whose primary purpose is to facilitate the workload of crew members and yacht management companies – during and after the yachting season, offering tailor made tools to deal will all aspects of daily Yacht operations.

In order to build up a truly valuable yachting software, in 2011 Deep Blue gathered a pool of contributors dedicated to that development. A pool composed by experienced super yacht captains but also other crew members (first officers, chief engineers), yacht managers, financial officers and owner representatives.

The company designed Deep Blue software with a “KIS” approach (keep it simple). A solution hosted in the Cloud on secured servers with permanent access over Internet, user-friendly interface and specific modules designed to be used daily by the entire staff working around the Yacht and not only by captains or chief engineers. The Software is therefore also designed for Yacht managers and owner representatives wherever located around world.

Yacht Management Software introduced by Deep Blue

Yacht Management Software introduced by Deep Blue

Being under development since more than three years, the beta version has been released early 2013, and after extensive and successful testing, the released candidate V1.0 was launched in June 2013 to selected clients. By May 2014 Deep Blue reached the release V1.1.3, with an installed base of more than 40 clients, yachts over 30m and several yacht management companies which operate Deep Blue for the management of their fleets.
Deep Blue Management Software offers 24 applications able to meet the all needs of potential users at 360° around the Yacht.

Deep Blue Yacht Management Software Example

Deep Blue Yacht Management Software Example

These applications are divided in specific areas concerning “Crew management”, “Crew & Guests lists”, “MLC requirements”, “Accounting & Financial reports”, “Yacht inventory”, “Yacht documents”, “Maintenance & Engine logbook” “charter management” and many other applications in which users can manage contacts, calendar, backup and get help.
Deep Blue allows a continuous flow of information in real time between the yacht and the management company, in full transparency and with professional accuracy, allowing Captains and Managers to significantly reduce the administrative workload but also to make sure that the Yacht and the Crew are perfectly matching all regulations ruling the yachting activities (MLC, Class and Flag requirements among the principals)

New C-Explorer 3 submersible for Super Yachts by U-Boat Worx

June 16, 2014

Written by Eva Belanyiova

U-Boat Worx, a company that is actively becoming an extremely intricate assistant to helping revolutionise new and innovative Superyacht Designs, is proud to unveil its new, C-Explorer 3 submersible for luxury superyachts and mega yachts.

C-Explorer 3 at Sea

C-Explorer 3 submersible by U-Boat Worx at Sea


Occupants – 1 pilot + 2 passengers

Maximum operating depth – 100 metre/330 feet up to 1,000 metres /3,300 feet

Operational Autonomy – up to 8 hours, optional up to 16 hours

Type – Dry, 1 atmosphere submersible

Classification – Germanischer Lloyd

C-Explorer 3 Ambiance Dark Duo

C-Explorer 3 Ambiance Dark Duo


Dimensions LxBxH – 385 cm x 375 cm x 210 cm

Storage Width – 290cm (deflated tanks)

Weight (ex passengers) – 4980 kg (salt water)

Maximum allowable payload – 350kg (salt water)

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx


Pressure Hull Material – Acrylic

Hatch Type – Top-Hatch

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx


Propulsion type – Electrical

Propulsion Horizontal – 2 x 2.0kW Thrusters (upgrade to 5.0 kW available)

Propulsion Vertical – 2 x 2.0kW Thrusters (upgrade to 5.0 kW available)

Propulsion Lateral – Optional: 2×1.2 kW Thrusters

Surface Speed 4 knots

Underwater Speed 3 knots

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx - Cockpitview

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx - Cockpitview

About U-Boat Works

“When working close with a designer and a builder, together we see many opportunities to step back from historically dominating conceptual theories. We get the amazing chance to remove our traditional ideas, replacing the dry space with creatively advanced delivery and recovery innovations. No more just figuring out how a toy boat can fit into an owners play box. Moon pools, versatile loading ramps and multi positioning lifting technologies take a big designing stance in our intimate relationship with a customer, designer and/or builder.”

But even more adventurous, UBW is pushing the electronics and battery industry to the brink of new discovery. Ground-breaking design solutions and an out of this world systems orientation has become even more of a diversified factor than ever before.

Imagine a high production space ship manufacturing facility. Though still on planet earth, UBW is colliding universes together in a Dutch submarine assembly ballet. Large clear spherical domes are seen floating around a 3D work space with internal and external supporting structures piercing through like vertebrae in an acrylic bubble. All the while, advanced navigation, communication, and life support systems are being compacted together in a 360 degree robotic overcoat wrapping.

Without compromise, UBW takes superyacht designing to an entirely new level. If a new concept designer wants to win awards, new concepts need to now account for a submarine to be integrated onboard the vessel. Finite Element, fluid dynamics, stability, weights, space, communications, air compression, charging and accessibility all need to seize the front seat of primitive thinking. But as each opportunity lends a hand to the others advancement, continuous growth in education and knowledge in our applications, exponentially drives Superyacht designer’s diversity deeper into unexplored yet highly sought after territory.

Though, the most rewarding part about working within a Superyacht specification is that U-Boat Worx helps designers bring the sailor back to the sea. Positioned high up in a superstructure is now being quickly balanced out by the ability to safely dive below the surface upon call and without limitation. Taking into account the customers conformability in advancement, many inventive solutions can be exposed through taking on the management of a submarine operation. Once committed to subsea exploration, new products and systems development truly takes the helm of maritime resourcefulness.

“Superyacht Designers have opened up their vaulted doors and combination locked procedures to our submersible ideas, as it’s every designers dream to create the unimaginable. And since we are leaps and bounds ahead of all others in this very specific market, our collaboration in the superyacht industry has become a true test of one’s design potential. With four new DNV-GL certified C-Explorer 3’s currently in a full production swing and another 4 heading on to the manufacturing line later in the year, we see an entirely new market place developing beneath our feet.”

As new design challenges are being addressed on a daily basis, U-Boat Worx is continuously put in the position of personalization. While most other products can be viewed as typical yacht based merchandise, our submersibles become closely connected and intertwined to the owners overall personality. It’s the adventurously creative superyacht owners that becomes the full supporter of our design improvement.

“From here forward we only get deeper into design perfection. From this point on we see all superyacht designers having to make a defining choice between yesterday’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunity. When our submersibles are being considered for a new superyacht project, we do not see limitations in design; instead a whole new world of possibilities can then be opened up.”

The next generation of designers will inevitably see the company’s efforts as a necessity to diversity. They will ultimately attribute its first steps in this industry as the corner stone turning point on the international Superyacht stage. U-Boat Worx are continuously reminded that their dedication today is tomorrow’s invaluable future to design, originality and market transformation.

Successful MYBA Charter Show 2014

May 22, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Having hosted 54 of some of the world’s finest superyachts available for luxury yacht charter and 64 charter related exhibitors, the MYBA Charter Show once again proved to be a busy and successful event. Taken place over a slightly shorter period of four and a half days between 28th April and 2nd May, the event was held in the Porto Antico, in the lovely Italy yacht vacation destination – Genoa, along both Marina Molo Vecchio as well as Aquarium Quays.

2014 MYBA Charter Show

2014 MYBA Charter Show Photo Credit: Photo Motti

Indicative of the reputation of this long-standing ‘trade-only’ Show, it was quality and variety which described the assembled fleet – comprising 49 motor yachts and 6 sailing yachts, wherein 60% of the total fleet were ‘first time’ attendees of the Show.

Replacing the traditional Tuesday evening Gala Reception, this year’s less formal Show Opening Cocktail party – held on Aquarium Quay and across the water from the main registration area – proved popular with everyone and was co-sponsored by Maltese fine wine and yacht provisioning company, No.12. Later that evening, with the crowd in good spirits, a pre-coordinated merger with the Aquarium Quay yacht hop made the evening an even more vibrant and successful occasion than expected!

At 73.60 metres length and pointing her bow out furthest from Marina Molo Vecchio, charter yacht NAIA (ex.Pegaso) was the largest yacht present. While further along the quay, a stalwart of the very early days of the Charter Show made a welcome reappearance in the form of motor yacht Fair Lady, a 36.9 metres Camper & Nicholsons yacht, built in 1928, fresh from a major 6 month overhaul last year including a repaint, and looking her absolute best alongside more recently constructed yachts.

2014 MYBA Charter Show from Molo Vecchio Quay

2014 MYBA Charter Show from Molo Vecchio Quay Photo Credit: Photo Motti

With charter management responsibility of four significant yachts present at this year’s Show, Vesa Kaukonen from KK Superyachts confirmed: “In terms of presenting our products to the global charter market the Show worked well for us – we had good feedback from the crews and have generated numerous charter leads with doubtless more to follow in the coming weeks.”

Co-sponsored by MYBA, Global Services and new associate sponsor, ‘Events by Zoom’, an amazing end-of-Show ‘Super Heroes’ Crew Party – held for all the hard-working yacht crews present at the Show – proved a spectacular highlight. ‘Events by Zoom’ flew in two international DJs for the event, which took place at trendy new venue, ‘BICU Restaurant’.

Pleased with the party feedback, Chair of the MYBA Charter Boat Shows Panel, Jacqui Lockhart, said: “Most brokers agree the single most important aspect of any successful charter is that provided by the captain and crew and why the crew party is intended as a big thank you to crew who make our Show possible, and as MYBA celebrates its 30th birthday this year, we wanted to share the occasion by making this year’s party the best ever!”

2014 MYBA Charter Show night view

2014 MYBA Charter Show night view Photo Credit: Photo Motti

Reaffirming their sponsorship support, Global Services (Europe) Ltd, 2014 said: “We would like to thank all involved in making this year’s crew party another amazing one including all who attended. A great effort on the fantastic costumes and see you next year!”

Once again coordinated on behalf of MYBA by charter broker, Sarah Sebastian, and supported by SuperyachtWorld magazine as main media sponsor, and further sponsored by Genoa International Supplies, Yachting Matters magazine and with additional prizes courtesy of Y.Co, YPI and Northrop & Johnson, the Chefs’ Competition made a welcome return.

An ‘International Brunch with Baked Goods Basket’ theme provided the main challenge, and Chefs were divided into three categories based upon yacht length. A second ‘Yacht Service Award’, sponsored by media partner Yachting Matters and wine supplier Vins Sans Frontières, recognised the welcome offered onboard by crew and the ability to work as a team when presenting and serving the food and drink.

2014 MYBA Charter Show Chefs Comp Winners

2014 MYBA Charter Show Chefs Competition Winners Photo Credit: Photo Motti

With a well attended MYBA Members’ forum having taken place at the NH Marina Hotel and trade seminars including a MYBA E-Contract Q&A session sponsored by MTN, and a Destination Seminar sponsored by CN Marinas, the business focussed nature of the Show didn’t disappoint and was praised by, among others, David Price from Hill Robinson who claimed this year to be his ‘best ever’ MYBA Charter Show.

MYBA Charter Show Chefs’ Competition Results:

Yachts 36m and under Chefs winners for the International Brunch
1st Leonardo Chef Giles de Cambourg
2nd Heliad II Chef Antonio Fernandez Figueras
3rd Baltazar Chef Barbara Fanera

Yacht Service Award
SUNLINER – Chief Stewardess Sha Mariemuthu
Honorable Mention to chef and Crew: SULTANA

Yachts 37 to 49 Chef Winners for the Internationals Brunch
1st Zoom Zoom Zoom Chef Micail Swindells
2nd Roxane Chef Matthew Sumner
3rd Sirocco Chef Jochen Provoost

Yacht Service Award
Roxane Chief Stewardess Mikaela Marinova
Honorable mention to chef and Crew: Eleonora

Yachts 50 + Chef Winners for the International Brunch
1st Galaxy Chef Cameron Davis
2nd Polar Star Chef Pepijn Mittelmeijer
3rd Turquoise Chef Graham Dutton

Yacht Service Award
Auspicious Chief Stewardess Marie Cupang
Honorable mention to chef and crew: Galaxy

Seatorque contributes to exceptional performance of MCP motor yacht Raffaella II

October 18, 2013

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The Brazilian builder of luxury superyachts,  MCP Yachts has credited Seatorque Control Systems for contributing to the exceptional performance of its latest launch – the Hemisphere 140 motor yacht Raffaella II. Including Seatorque’s one-of-a-kind enclosed drive shaft system, the 43-meter aluminium yacht, powered by twin Caterpillar C32 1825 HP engines, reached a maximum cruising speed of 22 knots during sea trials with an 85 percent load and 167 metric tons displacement, as announced by MCP’s president Manoel Chaves. Superyacht RAFFAELLA II features a pair M3-400 single-piece Seatorque shaft systems, each 22 feet in length, accommodating the vessel’s four-inch diameter shafts.

Hemisphere 140 motor yacht RAFFAELLA II

Hemisphere 140 motor yacht RAFFAELLA II

“The vessel’s light weight, propeller design and shaft system all add together to make a huge difference,” said Chavez. “In all my years on the water, I have never witnessed a vessel this size with a comparable power package to cruise at this speed. Thanks to Seatorque’s enclosed shaft system, the vessel achieved maximum horsepower, experienced zero shaft noise and vibration, and produced very little wake.

Hemisphere 140 superyacht RAFFAELLA II by MCP Yachts

Hemisphere 140 superyacht RAFFAELLA II by MCP Yachts

Launched in July, Raffaella II yacht is the largest yacht built in Brazil to date and the largest aluminium yacht ever constructed in South America. The vessel was designed by MCP in collaboration with Vripack and built at the MCP shipyard in Guarujá . It is the third vessel built by MCP Yachts to include the Seatorque Enclosed Shaft System.

Seatorque Control System - Hemisphere 140 luxury super yacht RAFFAELLA II

Seatorque Control System - Hemisphere 140 luxury super yacht RAFFAELLA II

According to Seatorque executive vice president Jana Stolper, the Seatorque Enclosed Shaft System is growing in popularity among superyacht builders, as evidenced by the 2012 installation on the highly-acclaimed McConaghy Yachts Adastra trimaran, designed by John Shuttleworth. This futuristic 140-foot trimaran, powered by a single Caterpillar 1,000 HP C18 engine, features an Seatorque ST-300, 32-foot, one-piece enclosed shaft system.

Seatorque Control System for  Hemisphere 140 yacht Raffaella II

Seatorque Control System for Hemisphere 140 yacht Raffaella II

The Seatorque Enclosed Shaft System is a self-contained, oil filled, shaft and thrust bearing assembly designed for yachts of all sizes. The system is supplied as a single unit from the propeller end to the engine input coupling accommodating any length shaft and diameters up to seven inches. Operating as a self-contained unit, the Seatorque system allows propeller thrust to be fielded by internal bearings and delivered through the shaft’s mounting system supported by the structure of the vessel, rather than the vessel’s engines and isolators. This reduces vibration and noise and increase the life expectancy of the engines and transmission mounts. The Seatorque system connects the shaft to the engine using flexible universal joint assemblies. This eliminates leaking stuffing boxes, seals, cutlass bearings and associated shaft wear. The use of universal joint assemblies also eliminates damaging engine-to-shaft misalignment and reduces installation and alignment time by more than half. The elimination of cutlass bearings and stuffing boxes results in an average eight percent increase in horsepower, allowing for greater fuel economy and range. In addition, water flow is undisturbed by the non-rotating casing of the shaft assembly, allowing clean water flow to the propeller. This translates into an increase of thrust arc around the propeller, contributing to the efficiency of horsepower delivery.

“The Seatorque system replaces the traditional multiple-component shaft system with a single piece of equipment that is simple to install and improves the performance and efficiency of any vessel, while greatly reducing shaft noise and vibration,” said Stolper. “These are very important benefits for yacht owners, especially those accustomed to long-range travel.”

NSSLGlobal’s Cruise-IP Coverage Expands to South Atlantic and Indian Ocean regions

October 18, 2013

Written by Eva Belanyiova

NSSLGlobal Ltd, the independent service provider of satellite communications, has reported the further growth of their VSAT Ku-Band network, which now incorporates an additional two satellite beams covering the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean region.

NSSLGlobals Cruise-IP Coverage Keeps Extending

NSSLGlobals Cruise-IP Coverage Keeps Extending

These two beams were active as of the 15th October, combining with the current VSAT coverage offered by NSSLGlobal, creating the world’s most comprehensive VSAT Ku-Band network in the industry.

Current and new customers on commercial vessels and Super Yachts will benefit from the additional beams which come via Intelsat’s Rugby based Earth Station.

The first beam utilises Intelsats IS21 satellite and is primarily aimed at the commercial maritime sector. The satellite is positioned 58 degrees West, with a large proportion of the beam covering the South Atlantic; south of South Africa across to Buenos Aires. This beam compliments the NSSLGlobal TL11 North Atlantic beam that is already part of the global coverage offered by the company.

The second beam, MID-IOR, covers the Maldives and Seychelles area with the primary customer base stemming from the Super Yacht community.

Sally-Anne Ray, Managing Director of NSSLGlobal, said: “With the most extensive coverage offered in the industry these new beams are another indication of NSSLGlobal’s commitment in providing a premium satellite communications service to our customers.”

Marine equipment by Allufer Tempesta for new sailing yacht

October 18, 2013

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The Turkish luxury yacht manufacturer, Cyrus Yachts, has chosen Allufer Tempesta from Italy for one of its sailing yachts currently under development at its facility in Antalya. The company will provide the yacht with the Companion Way, the engineering for the Anchor Chain as well as the supply of Brackets for the Transom Hatch/Bathing Platfrom.

Cyrus Yachts chooses Allufer Tempesta for its new sailing yacht

Cyrus Yachts chooses Allufer Tempesta for its new sailing yacht

About Allufer Tempesta
Allufer Tempesta is an efficient, organized and solid company, specializing in the production of equipment for marine industry since 1972. The company’s mission is to conciliate the craftsmanship experience with the most advanced technologies in the manufacturing of excellence.

Continuous research, innovation and distinctive competencies have enabled the company during years to create and offer wide and complete line of solutions for naval industry, ranging from bright accessories, to portholes, hatches, doors, till leading automatic solutions, all for Yacht and Vessels of different dimensions and uses.