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MC155 – The new Trimaran concept from Design Unlimited

August 17, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

Design Unlimited have worked in conjunction with McConaghy Boats and German Frers to create a 47m/154ft trimaran design ‘pre-engineered, developed and ready for construction’.

Luxury trimaran MC155 - A Design Unlimited collaboration

Luxury trimaran MC155 – A Design Unlimited collaboration

German Frers was responsible by the exterior styling and naval architecture, while Design Unlimited have produced the interior. The engineering for all on-board systems has been taken care of by McConaghy Boats and composite engineering will be completed by Pure Design.

Superyacht MC155 - Main deck aft concept

Superyacht MC155 – Main deck aft concept

The main deck salon has a 11m/36ft beam and is connected to a spacious exterior aft deck, where the large outdoor area features a pool, a bar and an extensive choice of seating. The transom lowers to become a spacious swim platform, offering easy access in and out of the water and an excellent sunbathing spot.

Luxury yacht MC155 - Master suite located on the upper deck

Luxury yacht MC155 – Master suite located on the upper deck

The owner’s suite will also have a walk-in wardrobe, an en-suite bathroom and a gym. Its upper deck location has the additional benefit of leading out onto a spacious private aft that can be used as a helipad.

Trimaran MC155 - Formal dining area concept

Trimaran MC155 – Formal dining area concept

Tank test results show that the MC155 will have reduced running and maintenance costs due to its low resistance. She will be capable of a top speed of 24 knots and have a range of 2,500 nautical miles while cruising at 14 knots.

102m Trimaran Superyacht by Echo Yachts & Sorgiovanni Desing

October 12, 2016

Written by Maria Korotaeva

One of the world’s largest trimaran concept has been revealed by the Australia-based trio of Echo Yachts, designer Sam Sorgiovanni and One2Three Naval Architects. Featuring striking and progressive contemporary style, innovative interior layout, multihull platform and outstanding performance, the 120-metre project is believed to be a real breakthrough among trimaran concepts. 

Sorgiovanni, the luxury yacht designer is known for attention to detail in designing truly bespoke luxury design concepts, and this new project, indeed, adds to it. Incorporating sleek lines, commanding heavy form and much elegance, the new trimaran is designed to make a statement.

102m Trimaran Concept Echo Yachts

102m Trimaran Concept Echo Yachts

The design layout represents spacious rotating master stateroom selection, a large cinema and separate outdoor area for the owner with private swimming pool, gym, spa and an outdoor dining area for up to 26 guests.

102m Trimaran Concept Echo Yachts

102m Trimaran Concept Echo Yachts

A touch-and-go landing pad on the foredeck and an additional sundeck helipad are one of the significant exterior design features. There will be a vast amount of space provided for the owner’s toys and tenders in a large garage.

102m Trimaran Concept Echo Yachts

102m Trimaran Concept Echo Yachts

The trimaran superyacht will be equipped with a hybrid propulsion system, which will allow a top speed of 20 knots and a range of 5,000 nm. A significant reduction of the amount of roll and movement on board will be achieved due to at-speed ride control and at-anchor gyro stabilisers, providing a smooth ride. Her multihull platform will provide ocean going capabilities.

102m Trimaran Concept Echo Yachts

102m Trimaran Concept Echo Yachts

Echo Yachts is now working on a construction of its 84-metre trimaran White Rabbit, which is due to be launched in 2018.

Exciting New 100M Trimaran Concept with landing deck for a plane by Winch Design

January 14, 2016

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The multi-award winning London-based studio, Winch Design, has unveiled the exciting new 100m (328’) trimaran concept. The impressive 21-metre beam of this unique superyacht provides the landing deck for the Agusta Westland 609, and especially enough volume to also allow for a hangar to store this aircraft.

100m Trimaran concept by Winch Design - Profile

100m Trimaran concept by Winch Design – Profile

The AW609 Tiltrotor revolutionises flying. It uniquely combines the attributes of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. The speed, the range and ‘above the weather’ capability of a fixed wing turboprop is coupled with the take-off and landing versatility of a helicopter. In addition, the plane has a pressurised cabin and is twice the speed and range of a typical chopper.

100m Trimaran concept - aft view

100m Trimaran concept – aft view

The striking 100m trimaran concept also provides excellent performance and is very efficient. The estimated speed of this striking yacht is expected to be 26 – 28 knots, using standard diesel engines that would not achieve these speeds on a monohull vessel of this size. Moreover, the vessel hosts large tender garages and interior spaces.

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A pair of unique trimaran expedition yachts unveiled by Nigel Irens Design

January 14, 2016

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Nigel Irens Design is thrilled to unveil a pair of the breath-taking new trimaran expedition yachts, designated the ORIGIN 575 and XPLORE 70. Boasting an exciting new style and offering the ultimate experience for the adventurous owner, these unique explorer concepts, with their very impressive, but in essence, simple technology allow rapid ocean passage to remote destinations at reduced operating costs.

ORIGIN 575 design

ORIGIN 575 design

Developed in partnership with CMN shipyard and French designer Christophe Chedal-Anglay, this amazing fusion of design and naval architecture follows the successful launch and sea-trialing of the three OCEAN EAGLE (OE43) series power trimarans.

ORIGIN 575 - Deck Exterior

ORIGIN 575 – Deck Exterior

Nigel Irens comments: “Having applied what we had learned through the development of offshore racing trimarans to their motor-driven equivalents some 25 years ago it’s exciting to see how successfully that technology has now been passed on to the three OCEAN EAGLE 43 Patrol Vessels produced by CMN. I have had the pleasure of travelling many thousands of miles in powered trimarans and am passionate about sharing that experience with owners who want to be part of this exciting development.”

ORIGIN 575 - Lounge

ORIGIN 575 – Lounge

With a firm emphasis on comfort, speed and ocean crossing capability, the new trimaran configuration is notably more efficient than a conventional monohull at a given speed, leading to improvements in both fuel consumption and range, as well as an amazing level of comfort – even in moderate to rough sea conditions. The vessels can easily reach an impressive maximum speed of 28 knots and have a range of between 4,000 and 5,000 nautical miles at 18 knots.

XPLORE 70 design

XPLORE 70 design

These true ‘travelling machines’ mix up explorer facilities with superb, understated interior and exterior spaces. This unique capacity to cross oceans at speed and in comfort combines the pleasure of the voyage itself with the excitement of reaching new destinations in such a way that they blend into a single seamless experience.

XPLORE 70 design - front view

XPLORE 70 design – front view

The interior arrangement of the 57,5m ORIGIN 575 design can be customized to meet owner’s needs and requirements. Accommodation is provided to up to 10 guests and 8 crew. In addition, there is deck space for a mini-submarine and a 4,5m tender, while the stern garage can comfortably store a 6m tender and personal watercraft.

XPLORE 70 design - aft view

XPLORE 70 design – aft view

Measuring 70 meters in length, the XPLORE 70 design naturally offers a larger platform with enhanced capabilities, additional space and further range. There is a helicopter deck, as well as space for larger tenders and a mini sub. The additional deck space can host containerised units ideal for rapid role enhancement whether it is a research laboratory, aquarium or a dive-centre.

Autonomous Yachts

November 30, 2015

Written by Eva Belanyiova

What is the future of luxury yacht charter when it comes to autonomous superyachts? Will autonomous yachts become a reality in the world of luxury yacht vacations? Do superyacht captains have to worry about their positions in the industry? These, and many other similar questions come to mind when talking about the future of superyacht technology and autonomous yachts – wether in the sector of private yacht ownership or luxury yacht charter.

100-foot MARS research vessel - an autonomous trimaran

100-foot MARS research vessel – an autonomous trimaran

Driverless cars have become a reality, with Google currently testing its Google Self-Driving Car (SDC), a new concept that has neither a steering wheel nor pedals, which Google plans to make available to the public possibly next year. But how long will it take for completely ‘driveless’ superyachts to become an everyday reality? Mike Blake, president and founder of Palladium Technologies and a driverless car fan, spoke in front of a large audience of superyacht professionals at the 2015 Superyacht Forum, addressing the subject of autonomous yachts of the future. “I see full automation – that is, with no captain on the bridge – as a reality in four or five years.” Said Mr Blake in an interview with SuperyachtNews.

So, what would happen to the Captain and the crew aboard? Will there be no need for a Captain? There is a steady decrease in navigation-related tasks aboard superyachts, as the on board technology, such as autopilots, become more and more sophisticated. Perhaps superyacht Captains won’t ever be made redundant, but their roles could change to accommodate the requirements on board these futuristic vessels.

Ultimately, it might come down to the owner to decide what type of vessel he or she would like to build. What impact could it have on the world of superyacht charter, where guests are used to constant attention and impeccable service, and most of all the sense of safety and security achieved by the presence of a captain? We think, this change is inevitable as the world continuously develops and becomes more and more automated. Only the future can give us answers to all these questions once the various theories are put to practice.

We know that other industries, such as the aviation industry and train transport already use autonomous technology in their vehicles, so it is only a matter of time before we see luxury superyachts cruising without captains’ intervention as a ‘normality’.

Autonomous Boats a Reality?

One of the autonomous superyacht-sized vessels currently under development and construction is the 100ft MARS – The Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship. The futuristic new trimaran developed by Shuttleworth Design in partnership with the Plymouth University, will sail across the Atlantic Ocean completely unmanned. It will be equipped with number of drones, enabling it to conduct experiments along the route. The Atlantic crossing is scheduled for 2020, marking the 400th anniversary of the original Mayflower sail in from Plymouth to the North American continent.

There are a number of smaller autonomous boats either in development or under construction, however we hope to see new and exciting autonomous superyacht designs and concepts come to light in the near future!

New 282’ Trimaran Mega Yacht KOMOREBI concept unveiled by VPLP at MYS

September 25, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The currently running Monaco Yacht Show saw the French design studio, VPLP, unveil their latest 282-foot trimaran mega yacht KOMOREBI, a Japanese concept representing the time when nature is enhanced by the sun’s rays. Superyacht KOMOREBI is an efficient and highly stable vessel, capable of crossing oceans, but agile and shallow-drafted enough to enter small places.

New 282' trimaran mega yacht KOMOREBI concept by VPLP

New 282′ trimaran mega yacht KOMOREBI concept by VPLP

The fully automated wings of luxury yacht KOMOREBI concept are powerful enough to drive her at 15 knots with 20 knots of wind with no engine on and save at least 30% of fuel on hybrid mode in a crossing.

Superyacht KOMOREBI concept - aft view

Superyacht KOMOREBI concept – aft view

Luxury yacht KOMOREBI concept - Exterior

Luxury yacht KOMOREBI concept – Exterior

KOMOREBI yacht concept boasts an elegantly muted styling and ultra-open layout, providing fantastic views and plenty of private areas throughout the vessel. This Hybrid trimaran is the perfect answer to comfort at sea, space, stability, low running costs as well as a big step towards a clean wake.

Luxury yacht KOMOREBI concept underway

Luxury yacht KOMOREBI concept underway

Mega yacht KOMOREBI concept

Mega yacht KOMOREBI concept

Openness inside the vessel as well as out is reflected in the design of KOMOREBI superyacht, flooded with natural light. Each particular area of the vessel is designed to suite a special moment of the day, offering privacy, as well as conviviality for everyone on board. Moreover, there is a wonderful selection of large tenders, submarine, sailing boats, and much more on offer.

Super yacht KOMOREBI concept - Interior

Super yacht KOMOREBI concept – Interior

As stated by VPLP: “We believe designed elegance is not only a question of style, balance of proportions and harmony of lines it is also related to coherence and cleverness. Don’t we use the word “elegant” for a smart solution to a problem? Despite her length we want KOMOREBI not to appear dominant and overwhelming – we want a sweet giant who we can all love.”

Take a look at the striking and impressive 282′ Hybrid Trimaran KOMOREBI concept in the beautiful video below, released by VPLP Design:

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Sunreef Yachts to promote its Luxury Catamarans and Superyachts at Monaco Yacht Show 2015

September 18, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Sunreef Yachts has announced their presence at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show 2015, running at the Port Hercules in Monaco from September 23 to 26. During this prestigious event, the company will promote its superyacht concepts, including the latest and revolutionary power catamaran 115 Sunreef Power project, the 210 Power Trimaran yacht, as well as superyacht Sunreef 156 ULTIMATE, the latter awarded in 2014 by Robb Report China Magazine as the Best Sailing Yacht in the World.

Sunreef Yachts Announces its Presence at the Monaco Yacht Show

Sunreef Yachts Announces its Presence at the Monaco Yacht Show

Since 2002, Sunreef Yachts has managed to build over 80 fully customized sailing and motor units, including such beautiful superyachts launched in 2011 as the Sunreef 114 charter yacht CHE and the Sunreef 102 charter yacht Ipharra, representing two of the world’s largest multihull – yachts.

During the event, Sunreef Yachts will on hand on Stand QAA52 at the venue, which will be located at the Port Hercules – QUAI ANTOINE 1ER A.

More charter yachts built by Sunreef.

New Luxury Trimaran DRAGONSHIP 25 launched by PI Super Yachts

July 07, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

PI Super Yachts has proudly launched the new luxury trimaran DRAGONSHIP 25, boasting a highly innovative charging autosail technology, ensuring near silent eco-friendly running. Measuring 25 meters in length, luxury yacht DRAGONSHIP 25 belongs to a new range of sailing trimarans, destined for the luxury end of the yachting market. The flagship of the fleet is the 80m mega yacht DRAGONSHIP 80, unveiled in 2014.

New 25m luxury trimaran DRAGONSHIP 25 by PI Super Yachts

New 25m luxury trimaran DRAGONSHIP 25 by PI Super Yachts

Superyacht DRAGONSHIP 25 offers a total of 291sqm of sumptuous luxury living space and incorporates the very latest technology. She is designed to easily sleep up to 10 guests and four crew members for extended cruising. The master stateroom can be found in the main hull with fixed portlights in the transom.  Four ensuite guest staterooms are positioned on the main deck, while the twin crew cabins are situated in the amas. There are also vast dining and lounge areas at the aft cockpit, as well as salon and flybridge which has port and starboard helm stations. An extended deck hosts a 5,2m tender and hydraulic crane. Each ama houses a lazarette with fold-down swim platform aft, storing a wonderful selection of water toys.

Luxury sailing trimaran DRAGONSHIP 25 from above

Luxury sailing trimaran DRAGONSHIP 25 from above

“At PI Super Yachts, we pride ourselves in providing creative solutions to the design, usability and environmental issues that our clients face.” The “Baby-Dragon” as CEO and founder Will O’Hara likes to call the DRAGONSHIP 25 yacht is ‘carbon free’, with electric propulsion and solar PV panels on the coach roof and integrated into the Autosail wingsail. This results in zero carbon fuels, zero emissions and almost silent running on full power, providing owners with a truly ethical sailing experience with zero impact on the environment.

DRAGONSHIP 25 Yacht - aft view

DRAGONSHIP 25 Yacht – aft view

Boasting durable design and top quality materials for environmentally ethical sailing, all of the Dragonship range of vessels incorporate British design, Autosail technology and ecological blue sky thinking mixed up with the company’s ‘blue sea ethos’.

Rolex Fastnet Race 2015 to host a record-sized fleet of yachts

May 08, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

August 16, 2015 in the enchanting Solent yacht charter location, will be marked by the start of the Rolex Fastnet Race, the world’s biggest offshore race. This year’s regatta is expected to host a record-sized fleet of as many as 350 offshore racing yachts.

An impressive sight as The Rolex Fastnet Race fleet heads out of the Solent in the last race © Rolex Kurt Arrigo

An impressive sight as The Rolex Fastnet Race fleet heads out of the Solent in the last race © Rolex/Kurt Arrigo

The 603 mile course will once again take the fleet west along the south coast of England, across the Celtic Sea to the Fastnet Rock off the tip of southwest Ireland, south around Bishop Rock and the Scilly Isles and back east to the finish in Plymouth.

The Rolex Fastnet Race also represents one of the most popular events in sailing: the original limit of 300 boats racing for the overall handicap prize under IRC was increased to 340 in 2013 due to the increased demand. When registration opened in January 2015, all 340 places were filled within just 24 minutes!

This year’s race for monohull line honours will be attended by two brand new American maxis, both launched late last year: George David’s 88ft sailing yacht Rambler 88 and Jim Clark’s 100ft superyacht Comanche.

George David's Rambler 88 in the 2015 RORC Caribbean 600 © Tim Wright

George David’s Rambler 88 in the 2015 RORC Caribbean 600 © Tim Wright/

This year’s battle of the multihulls will include the world’s fastest race boat – the 40m (131’) trimaran Spindrift, skippered by Yann Guichard and Dona Bertarelli. In 2009 this superyacht covered 908,2 miles a day at an average speed of 37,84 knots and has been first home in the last two editions of Rolex Fastnet Race.

The 2015 regatta will also see the participation of the three MOD70 trimarans, comprising Musandam-Oman Sail, skippered by Sidney Gavignet. In 2014, this yacht participated in an amazing Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race, setting not only a race record time, but also becoming the outright record holder for the Round Britain and Ireland course.

Eddie Warden Owen, Chief Executive of the Royal Ocean Racing Club, explains the uniqueness of the Rolex Fastnet Race:The Rolex Fastnet Race is a world classic and probably the largest, most famous of its type. This year the demand has been huge with places selling out in 24 minutes and a waiting list of over 80 boats. The challenge for many is completing what can be a very tough adventure, but also its attraction for the experienced offshore racer is that they can compete with the top professionally raced yachts and have a realistic chance of winning. In 2013 the race was won by a very experienced father and son team sailing two handed which shows that anyone has a chance of winning the most prestigious race in the world calendar.”

Fleet of multihulls to compete in Les Voiles de St. Barth 2015

March 18, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

One of the principles behind Les Voiles de St. Barth since the regatta’s introduction back in 2010 is that all the yachts, whatever their size or rating, are allowed to have free expression. In this way, in addition to the monohull craft, a number of multihulls also attend the popular Caribbean regatta, annually hosted by the lovely St. Barth yacht charter destination.

Les Voiles de St. Barth hosted by the fantastic Caribbean yacht holiday destination - St. Barth © Jouany Christophe

Les Voiles de St. Barth hosted by the fantastic Caribbean yacht holiday destination – St. Barth © Jouany Christophe

The fleet of multihulls competing in Les Voiles de St. Barth is an eclectic one, but the Caribbean Sailing Association has thought of everything. Indeed since last year its measurers have implemented a Multihull Ratings Rule. This special system for boats with two or three hulls aims to be more fair and egalitarian in its rating, since it takes into account the daggerboard and weight characteristics in its awarding of handicaps. This enables a set of very different multihulls to take the same start line, a key factor given that this 2015 edition of the race will, for the first time, play host to Erik Maris’ CG 32 Le Carré Diamond Genesis. A 32-foot foiling one-design catamaran launched in late 2012 and designed by Martin Fisher according to an idea by Laurent Lenne, it will compete alongside a 70-foot trimaran.

The 70-foot trimaran Phaedo3 will also be competing at St. Barths in April. The latter is none other than the former MOD 70 Foncia (launched in August 2011) with which Michel Desjoyeaux set the Round the Island record back in 2012 (two hours, 21 minutes and 25 seconds) shortly before winning the European Tour and finishing second in the Multi One Design Championship. Owned by American Lloyd Thornburg since the winter, the boat recently excelled at the RORC Caribbean 600.

Phaedo3 Yacht ©Rachel Jaspersen : Team Phaedo

Phaedo3 Yacht ©Rachel Jaspersen : Team Phaedo

Onboard the famous names include Brian Thompson, Sam Goodchild and Pete Cummings. Suffice it to say that in elapsed time she will be hard to beat, but victory on corrected time is not necessarily a given, far from it in fact. “For this particular boat, the courses we’ll be setting will doubtless be a bit small, so consequently it will be interesting to see how boats like Peter Aschenbrenner’s Paradox  perform” explains Poupon.

This 63-footer regularly demonstrates that she is quick and perfectly adept at reaching over 30 knots of boat speed. She really showed what she was made of during the RORC Caribbean 600 2013 whilst a certain Cam Lewis was aboard. However, neither Phaedo3 nor sailing yacht Paradox will be able to dawdle along the route if they want to offset their rating difference with regard to their rivals. Indeed, Steven Cucchiaro’s 55′ Gunboat Flow and Chris Groobey’s Tocatta 60′ won’t be there just to make up the numbers.

Trimaran Paradox © Jouany Christophe

Trimaran Paradox © Jouany Christophe

Designed in carbon epoxy to guarantee a lightweight structure, the former includes all the necessary cruising comfort without sacrificing performance in any way. The same is true for the second, built in China at Xiamen, which put in her first appearance on the world stage back in 2013, during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. You get the picture then, in this multihull class at Les Voiles de St. Barth, there is a little something for everyone and some great surprises in store!