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Exclusive interview: Interior designer for 2017-refitted Superyacht LUCKY LADY, Juniper Hill Furniture

July 25, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

The summer season is in full swing and in anticipation of the busiest charter period in the Mediterranean, shipyards across the globe have been active with superyacht refits to offer guests the latest in modern technology, water toys variety and interior and exterior design.

Oceanco superyacht LUCKY LADY

Oceanco superyacht LUCKY LADY

Oceanco superyacht LUCKY LADY (ex.LADY LOLA) was one such vessel that recently underwent maintenance and an extensive refit to prepare her for the summer season in the Mediterranean, and her interior design was completed by the owners’ favourite designers: Juniper Hill Furniture & Design.

Run by mother and daughter team Trish Dietze and Stacy Hernendez, Nevada-based Juniper Hill Furniture & Design sources quality furnishings from hundreds of boutique brands and renowned designers to create stylish, comfortable and cohesive interiors that follow the owner’s requirements. Trish Dietze spoke exclusively to CharterWorld to provide greater insight into the concepts that created the radiant interiors of 62m/205ft motor yacht LUCKY LADY.

Does Juniper Hill Furniture & Design have a history of working on superyacht interiors?

While we have not worked on interior designs for a superyacht before, we have done several large estates from Reno to Hawaii to Southern California, Lake Tahoe, the Napa Valley and Florida.

How did your company diversify from luxury residences to superyachts?

A simple answer is that most owners of superyachts are also owners of luxury residences. In addition to residential design, we have designed medical offices, a hotel in Yountville, Napa Valley, clubhouses and even a private jet. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some very incredible people in my life, and this has been a great example of that: I’ve worked with the owners for many years designing the interiors of several of their homes and when they purchased LUCKY LADY, they invited me to design this interior as well.

Superyacht LUCKY LADY - The main salon after the 2017 refit

Superyacht LUCKY LADY – The main salon after the 2017 refit

What were the key concepts behind the interior design for superyacht LUCKY LADY?

As a guest on several superyachts in recent years, I have seen many different beautiful styles and designs. One thing that has been an issue though is the comfort: Many of the furnishings were great looking but lacked in comfort. When the owner of LUCKY LADY and I first began working on the interior design of the yacht, our goal was to create a sophisticated yet relaxing environment.

“I would say that any designer’s style evolves with the current colors and trends to a point, but really my design is drawn from the area, owner and home that I work on. As a designer, I work by my motto, “I have only one design style: Yours.” On each design project, I work closely with my clients to create a space that is comfortable, stylish and reflects their personality and lifestyle.”

Superyacht LUCKY LADY - Fantastic views seated on the sundeck forward

Superyacht LUCKY LADY – Fantastic views seated on the sundeck forward

Did Juniper Hill Designs collaborate with any other interior designers or yacht industry professionals to complete the interiors?

There weren’t any other interior designers, but there were some yacht industry professionals that I worked with: Powless Drapery for bedding, drapery and upholstery, and Yacht furnishings by Eclipse for the outdoor cushions and awnings.

Is there anything within this project that you would like to draw special attention to?

I have always maintained that the right accessories and artwork really give a room their personality and finishing touches; we found some amazing pieces to accent the rooms with! My favorite detail is possibly the unique display of wine in the beautifully lighted wine wall.

Motor yacht LUCKY LADY - Master suite details

Motor yacht LUCKY LADY – Master suite details

How has your company’s style evolved over time?

I would say that any designer’s style evolves with the current colors and trends to a point, but really my design is drawn from the area, owner and home that I work on. As a designer, I work by my motto, “I have only one design style: Yours.” On each design project, I work closely with my clients to create a space that is comfortable, stylish and reflects their personality and lifestyle.

Each area and home have a character that we design around. For example, a home in Lake Tahoe was traditional European with many rich colors, elaborate faux painting and heavily carved and ornate details. While the home in Hawaii was more contemporary with coastal colors and natural furnishings, and another Tahoe home featured a lighter palette with Mountain Contemporary designs. I am very comfortable with any style, allowing me to draw inspiration from my clients to bring their dream interiors to life.

The recently refitted Master suite aboard luxury yacht LUCKY LADY

The recently refitted Master suite aboard luxury yacht LUCKY LADY

What makes Juniper Hill Designs stand out from other designers?

We moved to Reno from the Napa Valley 17 years ago with the goal of “bringing the world closer to home.” To us, that meant bringing the unique designs, accents and vendors we had seen in all of our worlds travel back to our store.

Our large showroom features a rich collection of items that reflect our travels and unique design sense. We have carried everything from furniture and accessories to bedding, linens and tableware: We are able to furnish a home in its entirety, from living rooms to bathrooms.

Motor yacht LUCKY LADY - Main deck aft seating

Motor yacht LUCKY LADY – Main deck aft seating

Most of our competitors are either designers working out of small studios, or furniture stores that offer a variety of items, but have no designers and very few custom choices. We are a full design studio with a carefully curated showroom to represent our vendors and feature an extensive collection of accessories.

We have a library of over 500 vendors and my design team is made up of myself, my daughter Stacy Hernandez and Leona Torres. We all work closely with each other and our clients to create their dream interiors. In addition, to stay competitive with other stores and the internet, we offer 30-40% off suggested retail on all of our items across the board and all of the time.

Luxury yacht LUCKY LADY - Sundeck alfresco dining and pool

Luxury yacht LUCKY LADY – Sundeck alfresco dining and pool

Are there any company awards, achievements or milestones that you would like to mention?

Trish’s designs have been featured in Sunset magazine, Reno magazine and Tahoe Quarterly. And if you’ll allow us a little ego, we believe we are the preeminent furniture and design source in Northern Nevada which is borne out by the broad geographical range of our projects.

Is there anything else you would like to mention regarding M/Y LUCKY LADY?

Foremost, I have to say what a privilege it was to be chosen for this project. As previously mentioned, having been a fortunate charter guest six times in the last six years, I believe we came to this project with a unique perspective. With that background, we made sure M/Y LUCKY LADY is equipped with the finest china, crystal and linens to match the gourmet dining experience and luxurious atmosphere. I hope we succeeded creating an environment with the client in mind to offer the absolute best possible charter experience.

Motor yacht LUCKY LADY - Aft deck sun lounging

Motor yacht LUCKY LADY – Aft deck sun lounging

Motor yacht LUCKY LADY will be available for charter in the Mediterranean this summer from €343,000-€371,000  per week plus expenses. Contact CharterWorld to reserve your dates, and visit Juniper Hill Furniture & Design to see more luxury interiors from Trish Dietze, Leona Torres and Stacy Hernandez.

M/Y Menorca: An interview with Mare e Terra CEO Laurent Morel-Ruymen

June 28, 2017

Written by Rachael Steele

2016-2017 has so far been a very productive period for superyacht refits, yet rarely does a classic motor yacht appear on the charter market having undergone more than general repair to wear and tear. When an extensive refit is carried out, such classic yachts tend to be split between two polar opposites: a complete restoration of the interior back to its original appearance, or a modern redesign that combines the original fixtures with cutting-edge technology and 21st Century aesthetics and textures.

Laurent Morel Ruymen - Founder of Mare e Terra

Laurent Morel Ruymen – Founder of Mare e Terra

49m/159ft motor yacht MENORCA is one such exceptional example of the latter category: Built in 1960 by Botje Ensing, her owner requested a contemporary interior from Menorca-based interior designers Mare e Terra. The result is a flawless balance between large interior space, natural materials and functionality, while doing minimal disruption to her classic fixtures and traditional layout design.

Mare e Terra founder and CEO Laurent Morel-Ruymen spoke to CharterWorld about superyacht MENORCA’s brand new interior design.

1960s luxury yacht MENORCA - Built by Botje Ensign

1960s luxury yacht MENORCA – Built by Botje Ensign

Your company is located in Menorca: Is it a coincidence that this luxury yacht has also been renamed MENORCA?

There is no coincidence here: MENORCA is named as a tribute to the beautiful island of Menorca that is the last gem of the Western Mediterranean, and our design house was chosen because of our strong links to the island. We had also renovated an old Menorcan palace into an hotel named Can Faustino, a Relais et Chateaux that stands on top of the port of Ciutadella.

MENORCA - sunset on aft deck - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA – Sunset on aft deck – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Are there any previous designs that have influenced this one? Is there any idea or object used from an older design that has evolved in this design?

As I’ve mostly sailed and am relatively new to motor yachting, I’ve sometimes thought that the bulk of modern motor yachts look a little bit like ‘plastic cathedrals’. Of course there are exceptions, for instance to my eyes the work of Martin Francis or Philippe Starck stands well above typical interior design standards and I admire their realisation; Nevertheless my vision of a motor yacht is that of a moving luxury beach house and this is what I sought to achieve when designing the refit of M/Y MENORCA; barefoot understated luxury – just what the island of Menorca is about.

With regards to the exterior I was very much influenced by the classic look of M/Y PALOMA and the modern-meets-retro flair of M/Y ALTAIR. We also kept the chimney that is reminiscent of another classic luxury yacht, CHRISTINA O.

Sunbathing in style aboard MENORCA - Photo credit Mare e Terra

Sunbathing in style aboard MENORCA – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Superyacht MENORCA is a classic from 1961: Was there anything you needed to work around or be sensitive of whilst designing and refitting?

When launched back in the 60’s for the Baron Allard, MENORCA was an important yacht for the time, and when Greek shipowner Papanicolau bought her, he went for a serious rebuild that included the addition of a series of water toys and a crane that was fitted to the enlarged sun deck, greatly increasing her weight. As a consequence, the aesthetic appearance and balance of the yacht was affected and she sat too low in the water.

During her most recent refit we removed everything, including an unattractive Jacuzzi on the bridge deck that blocked the view from the dining room. The result is an enormous sun deck ready for parties of up to 140 people, and thanks to the new reduced weight and increased balance, M/Y MENORCA now stands proudly at her correct waterline, revealing the true beauty of her canoe stern. The cut of the steel bulkhead at the aft of both the bridge deck and sundeck also allowed for a return to the classic look of the 60’s that she had once shared with her sister ship superyacht LAND’S END.

“Charter luxury yacht MENORCA in her brand new condition this summer in the Balearic Islands from €85,000-98,000 per week plus expenses and see the details of her design up close. Contact CharterWorld for more information and to secure your dates today.”

MENORCA yacht engine room - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA – Yacht engine room – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Is everything in the refit new or has anything been given a new lease of life?

The boat went through a serious overhaul but the air start Man engines from 1960 are still there; would you dare to change the motor of a Bugatti Royal or that of a post war Rolls Royce?

Any particularly challenging part of the design?

The staircase was an issue and I think that the wenge spiral staircase is a strong point in the overhauled salon presentation. Creating shade through a pergola-like structure made of mesh fabric without losing the classic line of the yacht was also a challenge, and last but not least, the choice of the colour for the hull was also challenging: deciding between flag blue white or grey there was serious hesitation, but I believe the choice of the grey was right.

MENORCA interior with a piano - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA interior with a piano – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Natural elements are a strong theme in your design ethic: what materials did you use in this design and why?

We used a carpet made of jonc de mer and white lacquered wood panelling for the beach house feel. The paint itself is an eggshell emulsion in a warm off-white, i.e. ‘Menorca white’. In order to balance these neutral tones we used a selection of tinted wenge and oak furniture in the interior. The collection of photos from French photographer Nicolas Guerin and the bespoke piano from a Belgian manufacturer also add up to the overall feeling of family summer house.

MENORCA stunning collection of African masks on the stairwell - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA – Stunning collection of African masks on the stairwell – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Tell us about the masks in the skylight: Do they have a link to Menorca’s culture?

The collection of coloured African masks belongs to one of the yacht owners; he has another set in his office in Paris that I very much like and I was very keen to have a touch of colour on these walls. There is no link with Menorca in the masks but in the corridor to the VIP staterooms we have added 4 pictures from the St Jean celebration in Ciutadella de Menorca.

MENORCA saloon with grand piano - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA Saloon with grand piano – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Is there any particular room or design element you are particularly proud of and want to draw attention to?

There are a few individual pieces and places across the decks: I really like the staircase as well as the dining room chairs that we bought at auction from a town hall in Denmark, as well as the safari chairs in the main salon.

I’m also quite taken with the wheelhouse, which captures the essence of James Bond movies from the 70’s.

MENORCA wheelhouse - Photo credit Mare e Terra

MENORCA Wheelhouse – Photo credit Mare e Terra

Charter luxury yacht MENORCA in her brand new condition this summer in the Balearic Islands from €85,000-98,000 per week plus expenses and see the details of her design up close. Contact CharterWorld for more information and to secure your dates today.


Interview with the Owner of Sailing Yacht Q: What Makes this Charter Yacht Highly Successful?

May 05, 2017

Written by Maria Korotaeva

The highly popular charter sailing yacht Q was built in 2009 by Alloy Yachts.  Specifically designed for long voyages, Q provides total comfort and luxury to her charter guests and boasts incredible interior design by bespoke Reymond Langdon.  With lavish accommodation for ten guests and a variety of opulent amenities, Q has become one of the most admired charter yachts. What makes her so successful in the charter market, Roxanne Hughes found out in the interview with the owner of sailing yacht Q, Kim Vibe-Petersen.

Sailing Yacht Q - Exterior - Photo by Quin Bisset

Sailing Yacht Q – Exterior – Photo by Quin Bisset


Interview with Kim Vibe-Petersen, the Owner of the 52m Charter Sailing Yacht Q

Written by Roxanne Hughes of Breed Media

When Vibe-Petersen presented his latest purchase, the 51.7m sailing yacht Q, to the charter market, his intention was to inspire people: “People see me aboard with my family and how we’ve put our soul into this yacht and they say ‘Ah, I would love to do the same with my family’. We have become an advert for how the yacht should be used.”

Having completed a full interior refit, giving this 2009-launched Dubois design a new lease of life with Scandinavian style, Q has been quickly booked up and this summer is now back-to-back with charters.

SY Q - Salon - Photo by Quin Bisset

SY Q – Salon – Photo by Quin Bisset

SY Q - Master suite - Photo by Quin Bisset

SY Q – Master suite – Photo by Quin Bisset

“Myself and the family haven’t had much chance to use her yet! But we have a week or two planned – we may go to New York later this Spring, then on to Bermuda to watch the America’s Cup, but after that she’s straight into the charter season. When my last boat, Parsifal III, was launched, we had bookings for her a year in advance and with Q it’s basically the same, that’s seldom seen these days.”

Sailing Yacht Q - lifestyle shot - Photo by Quin Bisset

Sailing Yacht Q – lifestyle shot – Photo by Quin Bisset

Vibe-Petersen describes Q as the ultimate holiday home or summer house, highlighting her adaptability between blue water cruiser, regatta racer, luxurious home and even nightclub – recently illustrated at the St Barths Bucket where many guests partied the night away on the yacht’s large flybridge during the event’s ‘Yacht- Hop’ evening.

SY Q - Aft deck - Photo by Quin Bisset

SY Q – Aft deck – Photo by Quin Bisset

Q is an award-winning sailing superyacht that can accommodate up to 12 guests in five luxurious en-suite staterooms. Q’s spacious cockpit can be opened to the sunshine and breeze or protected from the elements with a fully retractable window system that encloses the area at the touch of a button, whilst retaining 360-degree views.

“It’s the joy of superyacht charter; if you don’t like the scenery today, you can make it different in half an hour – just move the boat to another anchorage. Move from St Barths to New York – go and see the Statue of Liberty, sail around Martha’s Vineyard, or go to New Zealand! Be wherever you want to go. Go around the world and take Q with you – she’s the optimal summer house.” – Kim Vibe-Petersen, Owner of 51.7m Q.

SY Q - Transom - Photo by Quin Bisset

SY Q – Transom – Photo by Quin Bisset

On deck, Q boasts a large flybridge with a comfortable seating and dining area and a large Jacuzzi on the foredeck, surrounded by sun pads.

S/Y Q credit Quin BISSET

S/Y Q credit Quin BISSET

Q is available for charter in the Caribbean this winter, and in the Western Mediterranean for Summer 2018. Rates are from €180,000 per week. Contact CharterWorld brokers for more information and to make a booking.

Exclusive Interview: Luxury Superyachts, Water Sport Stunts, Entertainment and much more at DIBS 2017

February 21, 2017

Written by Maria Korotaeva

Dubai International Boat Show 2017: Speaking to Trixie LohMirmand Senior Vice President, Exhibitions & Events Management, DWTC

Dubai International Boat Show

Dubai International Boat Show

The annual Dubai International Boat Show is fast approaching. The event, first held in 2008 is steadily gaining in popularity, year after year. As organisers, what are your expectations from the 2017 show in terms of attendance and business opportunities for the exhibitors?

“The Dubai International Boat Show is a key date for many of our local and international exhibitors as it gives them a unique opportunity to not only target new business leads and generated sales but to also have face to face time with their current clientele.

As an international hub, Dubai serves as a melting pot for a range of different nationalities and cultures. This gives international exhibitors exclusive access to potential clients from all over the world, something they may not experience at other shows.

While we have a big focus on audiences that are yacht and superyacht buyers and aficionados, we also host a range of activities and have a number of exhibitors in different areas of the industry. We want to provide a range of experiences for our visitors to enjoy no matter what their interests are.”

Trixie LohMirmand

Trixie LohMirmand

How many yachts can we expect to see at this year’s show? Can you name a few of the most impressive ones?

“Some of the most impressive launches from the yacht manufacturers will take place on the first day of the show, and while local and international companies plan their launches for this year’s edition, they like to keep everything under tight wraps until then to ensure the ‘wow’ factor for their reveals.

With the running total at 40 confirmed launches already, 2017’s edition is shaping up to be another successful year.

We’ve seen some amazing superyachts launches in the previous editions and we are very excited to see what everyone has planned this year, and visitors can expect to see a full marina of boats moored in the marina and showcased on the show floor.

With that in mind, we’ve had confirmation from BehneMar that they will be bringing the Silver Fast superyacht to show, measuring up at a staggering 77m.”

Superyacht SILVER FAST

Superyacht SILVER FAST

What about the exhibitors. How many exhibitors will be displaying and what type of products can we expect?

“845 companies and brands from 60 different countries will be represented on the show floor and, on top of the superyachts manufacturers displaying their latest luxury vessels; we aim to provide a holistic experience at the show. Regardless of visitor’s budgets, the experiences at the show are designed to appeal to a wide variety of people.

There will be a range of exhibitors displaying a variety of products that encompass every aspect of the marine industry. From sailing, scuba diving and water sports organisations to the more niche products, such as personal submarines and ‘aquabatic’ submersibles; the show really will have something for everybody.”

Dubai Marina. Photo credit Mattharvey1

Dubai Marina. Photo credit Mattharvey1


Can you name a few of the most important industry players showcasing their goods at the show?

“UAE based companies Gulf Craft and ART Marine have been long-standing supporters and exhibitors of the show, and it’s been great to see them grow over the years into successful international brands.

The show also has continuing support from the Superyachts Builders Association (SYBAss) with their international members Amels, Baglietto, Benetti, CRN, Feadship, Fincantieri, Heesen, Lürssen, Mondomarine and Oceanco joining us on the show floor this year.

Big players in the marine equipment industry such as Brook Marine, Exalto Emirates, Raymarine, Unichem, Dual Docker and Amro will be out in full force, showcasing the latest technology for in and outboard engines, water filtration systems and marina services.

Outdoor displays will have some incredible pieces of machinery on display, and a big feature will be the Kormaran K7, a uniquely designed boat capable of transitioning between different configurations thanks to its world-first patented transformation technology.”

Dubai Marina photo by Rita Willaert

Dubai Marina. Photo credit Rita Willaert

What can first-time visitors expect from the show and are there any novelties for those returning?

“The show will have water sports stunts put on by hydro watersports; an entertainment hub on the club’s private beach which will provide food, beverages and live music amid a serene beach setting; a supercar promenade featuring some of the most luxurious cars from around the globe; and a retail village showcasing the latest in marine fashion.

Another prominent feature of the show will be the various watersports sessions visitors can participate in and gain valuable knowledge on the best and safest ways to get on the water. Activities such as stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing and kayaking are all on offer, and each session will be accompanied by a team of trained professionals.

Dubai International Boat Show has witnessed an amazing growth in consumer demand for the latest small to medium sized boats, and the show has expanded to cater for this increase, offering a wealth of products from 60 different countries.

The event will also house some of the latest in underwater tech with Ortega’s three-man submarine, Powervision’s fishing drone; PowerRay and Kormaran’s transforming boat, the K7.

For those with a desire to get into sailing, the show’s hands-on boating experiences will educate visitors on the basics of operating a boat, from the safety equipment to rope work and basic knots.

Visitors can also experience luxury on different levels with our new exclusive art gallery which will be featured in the VIP lounge. On display will be marine-themed paintings, sculptures and one-off pieces from international artists such as Igor Lobanov, Jaroslav Proek and Naiel Mulla.

As well as the art gallery, the show will once again host the supercar promenade which will highlight some of the world’s fastest and most luxurious cars.”

In terms of luxury yachting in Dubai and the Middle East, how would you describe the current situation and what is your vision for the upcoming 5-10 years?

“Sentiments for luxury yachting both in the Middle East and abroad are looking positive, with Boat International listing a total of 362 superyachts sold worldwide in 2016 and 30 already sold in 2017.

Of course, with the completion of the Dubai Canal Extension and the recent announcement of the marine mega-project Dubai Harbour, we’re expecting a surge of interest from individuals and business looking to capitalise on what will become the region’s largest marina.

With the Dubai International Marine Club playing an integral part in the Dubai Harbour project, the show will develop alongside, attracting and educating visitors on the maritime industry.”

Dubai Marina photo credit Roberto Piesio

Dubai Marina. photo credit Roberto Piesio

In addition to attending the Dubai boat show, which other nearby destinations to explore would you recommend to visitors arriving on luxury yachts and staying in the area for a few more days?

The Dubai International Boat Show is strategically positioned in the heart of new Dubai, surrounded on all sides by world-class hotels, restaurants and other amenities that cater to international visitors.

Dubai also offers a host of beachside and water-orientated activities for residents and holiday makers to enjoy which include waterparks, SCUBA diving, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, and flyboarding.

For those seeking a more luxurious experience, hotels and private beach clubs offer their guests five-star treatments providing spa treatments and lavish food.

Even those out for a thrill won’t be disappointed. The nearby Skydive Dubai allows adrenaline junkies the unique opportunity to see the Marina and Palm Jumeirah while jumping out of a plane.



This fantastic event returns to the Dubai International Marine Club from 28 February to 4 March 2017. To buy your ticket online and save 15% click here: DUBAI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW

9 Things NO ONE Will Tell you about Professional Superyacht Photography

January 12, 2017

Written by Maria Korotaeva

Lots of incredible things happen around us in the world. Being able to see them is easy; being able to capture them is the art of photography. Being a good photographer is not easy; but being a professional photographer is an adventure, challenge and lifestyle. We have spoken to one of the greatest photographers in the superyacht media, Quin Bisset from Q&K Media. In between sailing, surfing, mountain biking, travelling and professional superyacht shooting, in this exclusive interview, Quin told us about his profession, passion for superyachts, and some challenges behind his very successful assignments.

Exclusive Interview with the Professional Superyacht Photographer Quin Bisset

Superyacht OKTO. Photo credit Q&K

Superyacht OKTO. Photo credit Q&K

Starting at the beginning. When did you realise you wanted to become a professional photographer?

I had a keen interest in photography from a very young age and never really considered it to become a profession. It was a natural progression from becoming an assistant while studying film at Canterbury and being based near the stunning backdrop of the Southern Alps of NZ. I don’t think there was any other option for me than to become a professional photographer as it combined my love of travel, storytelling and need to share my experiences.

What brought you to the world of yachting and what was your first assignment in this industry?

 My first real yacht shoot was during the last Americas Cup challenge in New Zealand and I filmed and photographed a superyacht which was in NZ to spectate the racing and charter the coastlines. I have always had a passion for sailing, the ocean and it was like a match made in heaven.
The Dubois Cup. Photo credit Q&K

The Dubois Cup. Photo credit Q&K

What are the challenges when it comes to photographing luxury yachts?

 There are many challenges when it comes to luxury yacht photography, first of which would be weather and weather is rarely perfect. You have to be able to adapt quickly and use the conditions to your best advantage. When you have a multi million dollar yacht made available for you and a big yacht crew waiting for your direction you can not start scratching your head :). Another challenge can be logistics on location, if the yacht is in an isolated area and you need to coordinate a helicopter which could be coming from another country or island and there may only be a rock to land on.

Your professional equipment must be pretty impressive. Those readers with a passion for photography will surely find interesting to know what type of camera and lenses you use most of the time.

I travel with mostly Canon bodies and lenses. I have a Canon 1DX and 2 Canon 5D mkIII in case of breakdown. My go to lenses would be 24-105mm, 16-35mm, 50mm and a 300mm which covers most requirements on location. I now also travel with a drone which can be very useful in very remote areas. Oh, and an underwater housing and moonlight flash kit.
Q&K-5314-credit Quin BISSET

Luxury Lifestyle. Photo Credit Q&K

Do you usually work alone or have an assistant(s)?

 It depends on the size of yacht and requirements of the shoot whether or not I use assistants. I have a small number of people that I trust to work with and can be considerate of the yacht and her crew. If working with models it can be useful to have someone shooting second camera or concentrating on details.

How long would a typical mega yacht shoot last? Can you describe, in a few words, what does an average superyacht shoot entail?

A typical yacht shoot takes anywhere from 3 -10 days depending on logistics. The average shoot requires photographing the interior, exterior, lifestyle and toys. In an average day I could be underwater capturing diving, in a helicopter for aerial running and location shots or in a galley with the chef at work. The day generally starts pre dawn and finishes well after sunset.
Photoshoot from a helicopter. Photo credit Q&K

Photoshoot from a helicopter. Photo credit Q&K

 What was your most memorable assignment and why?

 Thats a tough question as there are so many. I have photographed from a parasail in Egypt as it was illegal to fly a helicopter, captured sharks swimming under the yacht as a model sits on the swim platform. Last year I was hired to photograph a maxi trimaran breaking ocean records and ended up sailing with the team and capturing 3 World Records myself including Newport to Bermuda and the Transpac overall speed record from LA to Hawaii.
Q&K-9834-credit Quin BISSET

Superyacht Bacchus. Photo credit Q&K

What do you love about your job?

I love everything about my job but especially the ability to capture a moment which comes together with team work from the crew and having them getting as excited as I do about the result. It is constant travel and problem solving which is not for everyone but luckily it is what gets me excited.

What would you recommend to photographers wanting to enter the world of superyacht photography?

 I would recommend to just get out there on the water, even if its a fishing boat, dinghy sailing or photographing superyachts at anchor, it is all experience and will help you discover the light, lenses and conditions that start to prove your craft. If you can its always good to try assisting as its not just being a photographer it is learning how to work with people.
About Q&K
Q&K Media offer professional filming and photography of superyachts and yachting events. In addition to that, the company provides printing services with a thorough selection of printing papers and textures that best suit to exemplify style and quality of everything from business cards and brochures to invitations and books. Q&K also specialise in website design and have already won the hearts of some bespoke companies in the industry proving incredible and fast loading websites.

Asia Superyacht Rendezvous 2016 to be hosted by SALA Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thailand

December 07, 2016

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Exclusive Interview with Mr Nicolas Reschke and Mr Jon Ashenden of SALA Phuket Resort & Spa ahead of the 2016 ASR

Less than ten days left until the opening day of the 2016 Asia Superyacht Rendezvous in Phuket, Thailand, organised in collaboration between Asia Pacific Superyachts’ General Manager, Gordon Fernandes and Charles Dwyer, former captain of the striking sailing yacht Yanneke Too. The prestigious, invitation-only sailing yacht regatta accompanied by an entourage of beautiful motor yachts will be hosted by the SALA Phuket Resort and Spa for the first time this year, offering participating guests unprecedented luxury and deluxe services during their entire stay at the resort. We have spoken to SALA’s Group Director of Business Development, Mr Nicolas Reschke and the Regional General Manager, Mr Jon Ashenden about their new and exciting collaboration with the most distinguished racing event of its kind in the South Pacific.

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa - Rooftop Dining

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa – Rooftop Dining

SALA Resort and Spa has been announced as the new home for the upcoming 2016 Asia Superyacht Rendezvous. This must be very exciting for you and the entire resort. How did the collaboration with Asia Superyacht Rendezvous initiate and what made Sala resort to decide to host ASR guests and the event?

We have been approached by ASR on a possible collaboration and soon saw the potential this Event can have for the SALA Phuket Resort and Spa. Both ASR and SALA Phuket cater to the same lifestyle, combining a relaxed but sophisticated approach on daily life with love towards the Sea and Beach. Elements like Design, exclusivity, privacy and exquisite hospitality are common terms for both ASR and SALA Phuket Resort.

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

What are your expectations from the event?

We aim to expand our reputation as a leading Hotel on beautiful Mai Khao Beach with an emphasize on privacy, great food, design and true Thai Hospitality.

Are there any special events that will take place during the three days of the rendezvous?

There will be the ‘Opening night cocktail party’ on the Dunia Baru superyacht on Friday evening of the 16th Dec followed by the ‘Benetti Challenge’ cocktail party & model boat-building races held on the Hotel premises on Saturday 17th Dec. Final closing will be the ‘VIP Gala Dinner’ on Sunday 18th Dec for owners & captains at the SALA Phuket Resort.

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

When it comes to the high-end, luxury tourism on the island of Phuket and in Thailand in general, how do you see the situation now, as opposed to the past 5-1O years? Has there been an increase in demand for luxury services and quality accommodation?

We think there will be always a demand for high-end tourism. However, everything became more volatile compared to 5 or even 10 years ago. Traditional strong markets have disappeared or shifted to other areas within Thailand. We experience a complex mix of external factors including financial, political or ecological aspects. For Mai Khao the area has seen multiple changes over the past years but we are confident that due to an appropriate infrastructure the area will further increase over the next years.

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

Are there many guests arriving aboard superyachts coming to your resort in general and how do you see the future when it comes to this type of clientele?

This is a relatively new and exciting opportunity for us. We already have experiences in this area, but feel that there is a perfect match in the making, hence our engagement in the ASR.

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

What special services could guests visiting Phuket aboard luxury superyachts enjoy at your resort, given that they are most likely to spend the night aboard their motor yacht or sailing yacht?

We are proud to offer facilities boasting a very high standard. For example our award winning Spa featuring Clarins trained staff and products. Or our SALA Restaurant which with our Executive Chef Davide Pritoni, hailing from Italy, has received countless accolades over the past years. In general we feel that to be on a boat is one of the most beautiful places to be, but there is always time to experience something new and SALA Phuket offers just that in Mai Khao.

What are the busiest time of the year and the best time of the year to visit Phuket and the surrounding areas?

We consider the period from November to May the best season considering the weather. As such, this is also the busiest time of the year. However, we also see a growing trend in visiting Phuket during the so called green season. Which comes with the occasional rains, but less crowded areas across the island.

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

Why is SALA resort special and what makes her stand out amongst other luxury resorts on the island?

This luxury resort in Phuket provides the best accommodation, which combines rare historical Sino – Portuguese architecture with luxury hotel facilities, in one of the most dramatic settings in Phuket. Located on pristine Mai Khao beach in Phuket’s northwest shoreline, our luxury Spa Hotel is only 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport along with nearby Blue Canyon Country Club and famed Phang Nga Bay. 63 out of 79 rooms are villas featuring private pools and privacy in a marvelous setting.

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa


About Asia Superyacht Rendezvous

The upcoming ASR will take place from 16th until 18th December 2016 in the enchanting destination Thailand, on the island of Phuket. Main sponsors of this event are Benetti and AsiaPacific Superyachts


Benetti Official Sponsor of Upcoming Asia Superyacht Rendezvous in Phuket

December 01, 2016

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Insightful Interview with Benetti Chief Commercial Officer, Fabio Ermetto  leading up to the ASR in Phuket

The renowned and respected Italian luxury yacht builder, Benetti has announced its sponsorship of the upcoming Asia Superyacht Rendezvous to be held in the breath-taking settings of Phuket in Thailand from 16th to 18th December. We have approached Mr Fabio Ermetto, Chief Commercial Officer of Benetti to talk to us about their upcoming sponsorship, their decision to expand to Asia, current trends in yachting on the Asian market, as well as his opinion in regard to the local yacht charter market in the present and in the future.

Mr Fabio Ermetto, Benetti Chief Commercial Officer - ©Ameller

Mr Fabio Ermetto, Benetti Chief Commercial Officer – ©Ameller

Benetti has a very important position when it comes to the European market and as a brand, it is well known throughout the worldwide yachting industry. When did the decision to expand to Asia come up and what was the main reason?

We set up our office in Asia since 2010. It is estimated that only 4% of super yachts are based in Asia where we have 2/3 of world’s population living and probably 2/3 of world’s wealth so market penetration is very low. Typical profile of a yacht owner is a centa-millionaire entrepreneur, who has other luxurious assets several expensive homes, a private jet and someone who likes the sea and sea sports. Also they tend to be family oriented persons with more than an average large family. Singapore for example is the region’s established base for luxury yachts, but limited cruising opportunities have seen interest spreading to neighboring countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia that have more potential because of pretty islands, yacht clubs, strong tourism industry as well as a strong expat community with a history of yachting. Andaman Sea around Phuket, Phuket-Krabi area, Indonesia’s 17000 islands, Burmese islands are all yachting jewels yet to be discovered by Asian and ROW clients.

Of course China is our strategic market in the region, we make Hong Kong as our regional headquarter since it is Asia’s financial hub, as much as NYC and London are for the American and European market. We have sold 16 superyachts in Asia of which majority was sold to Chinese clients. Benetti is very optimistic about the Chinese market for a plethora of reasons, of which two are unique to China: one is that China has overtaken the USA in the number of billionaires, and Beijing has also overtaken New York City as the city with most billionaires.

Above all, we see very good potential for us to develop market in Asia.

What was the motivation behind Benetti’s decision to sponsor the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous event?

The decision to sponsor the Rendezvous is a reflection of Benetti’s commitment to bring the authentic superyacht lifestyle and culture to Asia. This is one of the few regattas in the world that allows both motor and sailing yachts (75’ and longer) to participate alongside each other, with sailing superyachts racing on a course marked by power superyachts. Along with the organizers, Benetti will present a magnificent selection of superyachts to fans from the across the region.

There are numerous outstanding superyachts taking part in the race, are there any Benetti yachts participating in the event?

We haven’t confirmed the participation of the Benetti yachts as the owners are committed to other occasions since it’s holiday season. However, they appreciated the kind invite.

What do you expect from the ASR?

The Rendezvous is one of the most exclusive events in the world superyacht sector. With the increasing popularity of yachting in Asia, Benetti will be available at Rendezvous to speak and advise attending partners and boating enthusiasts.

Asia Superyacht Rendezvous racing

Asia Superyacht Rendezvous racing

How do you see the Asian luxury yachting scene developing over the next five to ten years?

Superyacht ownership is a relatively new area of interest for Asian billionaires and mega wealthy, after villas, sports cars and private jets. China has now surpassed America as the country with the most billionaires in the world, and that an increasing number of wealthy individuals in Asia are now pursing an ocean lifestyle through the use of superyachts.

Despite the positive outlook, there are also some critical challenges confronting the industry’s continued growth and development. There are not enough marinas and piers for superyachts to anchor in Asia overall. Moreover, Asians regard superyachts as a tool for business, more than they do a leisure product, which indicates Asians are still not used to a yacht lifestyle. The lack of qualified and experienced skippers and sailors, along with an underlying culture of diligence and frugality, also hinder the wider popularity of superyachts.
Reflecting on these issues, we believe this situation is slowly changing, as the next generation of Asian wealthy come through with a more willing attitude to accept a superyacht lifestyle.

We need to work closely with our agents in different markets to cultivate the yachting lifestyle and culture in Asia as well getting closer to our customers to meet their needs. For example, Asian wealthy care more about the interior of a superyacht, as opposed to the outdoor activities. We also help to work with regulators and sector participants to improve the environment and conditions for super yachting in Asia in terms of infrastructures and talent development.

56m Benetti Motor Yacht Lady Candy - credits Jeff Brown

56m Benetti Motor Yacht Lady Candy – credits Jeff Brown

From your experience, are Asian yacht owners willing to offer their yachts for charter or are they more inclined to keeping their vessels for private use only?

Asian yacht owners are more inclined to keep their boat for private use or corporate functions. Owning a yacht is a status symbol, yacht is the most luxurious of assets and used not only for leisure and family, but also for corporate entertainment use. You can choose destinations, crew is yours, and basically it is your asset and you can dispose with it as you decide.

Charter market is also at embryonic stage and destinations are not promoted as they should by major brokerage companies. We don’t have exact figures for Asian charter market but an educated guess would be that it is a minuscule 1% of the worlds charter market. Stricter rules apply to commercial yachts than yachts that are used privately. Private yachts are used solely for the recreational purposes of their owners and guests, while commercial yachts are intended to carry for reward a maximum 12 to 36 passengers, the number depends upon the registry, and are subject to stricter safety requirements. Moreover, commercial superyachts must be in Class and comply with Commercial Yacht Code Regulations, in accordance with the chosen registry, and International Conventions and Regulations (ie SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line, STCW 1995, ISM…..) and minimum safe manning requirements. Owners of such commercial yachts navigating in European waters would also need to appoint Fiscal representative or agent in the several countries where the yachts start their charters. As an owner you can change your mind but it will be more costly than at the outset of the building process.

About Asia Superyacht Rendezvous

Organised by Asia Pacific Superyachts‘ General Manager Gordon Fernandes and former superyacht Captain Charles Dwyer the event will be hosted by SALA Phuket Resort and Spa offering luxurious accommodation and services for the attending guests with swimming pools in 63 out of 79 villas and suites. The invitation-only event will start on Dec. 16th with an ‘Opening Night Cocktail Party’ for owners and captains aboard the beautiful traditional phinisi-style sailing yacht Dunia Baru. The two-day regatta will culminate with the awarding of the ASR Race Winner’s Cup ceremony at the closing VIP Gala Dinner.


Traditional Sailing Yacht DUNIA BARU to host opening cocktail party at Asia Superyacht Rendezvous 2016

November 29, 2016

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Exclusive Interview with Mr Mark Robba, Owner of Sailing Yacht DUNIA BARU

Asia Superyacht Rendezvous, the most important superyacht regatta and event in South East Asia is to start in less than a month, bringing together a fleet of beautiful sailing and motor yachts for three days of relaxed socialising, fun activities and most importantly friendly sailing races in the beautiful Andaman Sea. Taking place from 16th to 18th December in Phuket, Thailand, ASR’s opening ceremony will be hosted by the traditional Phinisi-style sailing yacht DUNIA BARU, which is available for unforgettable charter vacations in South East Asia. Leading up to the opening cocktail party, we have spoken to Dunia Baru’s owner, Mr Mark Robba to find out more about the ASR as well as their decision to participate in the event.

Dunia Baru - Photos by Dennis Anderson

Dunia Baru – Photos by Dennis Anderson

DUNIA BARU is a beautiful traditional phinisi-style superyacht and second to none when it comes to South East Asia charter vacations. What made you decide to join Asia Superyacht Rendezvous this year?

We have wanted to join the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous for a number of years but our schedules have never before matched. However, last year we had such positive feedback from our clients in regards to chartering in the Mergui Archipelago, we decided to come to Thailand earlier this year, lending us the opportunity to also join this prestigious event.

What are your expectations when it comes to ASR?

Our first expectation at the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous is to have a really good time. We also hope to let others experience what makes Dunia Baru so special – the quality of the build, the level of detail and the maintenance that goes into Dunia Baru – keeping her in truly Bristol condition and maintaining her reputation as an exceptional yacht.

In addition to your participation in the event, DUNIA BARU will also host the opening cocktail party. I am sure the crew is already organising and planning for the event. Are there any highlights expected for this event?

In preparation for Asia SYR the crew has been busy ensuring the boat is in as-new condition. Our customers frequently comment they have never seen a boat as clean as Dunia Baru – our crew prides themselves in having the best-maintained yacht in SE Asia!

We have also upgraded the sound system on Dunia Baru for the opening night party – we want to emphasize Dunia Baru is the boat to be on when you really want to have a good time! Whether that be world-class diving under the watchful eye of our European Padi Dive instructor, eating the finest food prepared by our talented western chef – Tom Brett, use one of of wide selection of water toys – or turning the boat into a floating nightclub for party nights onboard.

Tom has also been working with Udin, our Indonesian chef, to create a mouth-watering selection of western and Asian appetizers.

Mouthwatering dishes aboard DUNIA BARU

Mouthwatering dishes aboard DUNIA BARU

When it comes to the charter market in South East Asia how do you see the future in terms of growth and popularity? Do you see an increase in requests and interest in more exotic, adventure-styled charters in the recent years?

It appears that people are getting tired of the crowded harbors of the Med and are seeking out remote areas where a wonderful anchorage can be enjoyed with no one else in sight. Last year we cruised in the Mergui Archipelago and saw one other yacht in the course of a seven day trip, while on a recent trip in Indonesia we didn’t see a single other yacht over the course of the ten day trip!

While it does take a bit more effort to get to SE Asia – people are finding out the extra effort is well worth it. Spending a day on a remote secluded beach, for example, with fine white sand and crystal clean water is always a special experience.

We are finding more and more requests to go places where there are no other boats – people want authentic adventure experiences.

DUNIA BARU - anchored at night

DUNIA BARU – anchored at night

What are the main cruising grounds DUNIA BARU is available at and what would be the ‘highlight destination’ on your itinerary?

Our cruising grounds include Raja Ampat, the Forgotten Islands, the Spice Islands and the Kai Islands of Eastern Indonesia – The Komodo National Park to Bali. Outside of Indonesia we venture as far north as the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, the Western Coast of Thailand and the Andaman Islands of India.

DUNIA BARU - foredeck

DUNIA BARU – foredeck

What can the guests expect from a vacation onboard Dunia Baru? What sets her apart from other vessels in this area?

Charter guests on Dunia Baru can expect to have a great time. The vessel was built as family yacht and not for charter business. The quality of build and attention to detail shows this, and sets Dunia Baru in a class all her own!

Mr Mark Robba - Photo credit Mark Eveleigh-DuniaBaru

Mr Mark Robba – Photo credit Mark Eveleigh-DuniaBaru

About Asia Superyacht Rendezvous

Asia Superyacht Rendezvous is a prestigious invitation-only regatta, organised by Gordon Fernandes, General Manager of Asia Pacific Superyachts and Charles Dwyer, former superyacht Captain of YANNEKE TOO. It will take place at the beautiful SALA Phuket Resort and Spa, with the main co-sponsorship by Benetti and Asia Pacific Superyachts.


Eidsgaard Design on recently launched 66m Mega Yacht VANISH by Feadship

February 12, 2016

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Last month saw the launch of the brand new 66,25m mega yacht VANISH by Feadship, which took place on Kaag Island in the Netherlands. This spectacular, pure custom vessel is the result of a close collaboration between the shipyard and Eidsgaard Design. CharterWorld spoke to Ben Harrison, Creative Director of Eidsgaard Design, who unveiled more details about the breath-taking VANISH.

66m VANISH by Feadship and Eidsgaard Design - Image credit to Eidsgaard Design

66m VANISH by Feadship and Eidsgaard Design – Image credit to Eidsgaard Design

Starting with the question what in his opinion makes the new VANISH different from other mega yachts currently on the market, Ben told us: “Vanish is the perfect family yacht! The spaces on board have proportions that remain cosy without becoming squeezed. There is such a strong relationship between decks that you can happily feel connected to activities happening on the water but feel sufficiently removed to sit and relax in peace.

The aft end of the yacht is designed as a series of terraces staring with the sheltered transom bathing platform. The idea here was to create a place whereby you feel connected to the water, whilst remaining protected and sheltered. The hull sides sweep down to the transom surmounted by stunning solid teak capping rails perfectly sheltering this area from the wind, especially when at anchor, it also has a great connection to the beach club and spa adjacent.

Arriving on main deck there is a raised seating area with glass skylight down to the spa area below, again reinforcing the connection between decks. Internally the main saloon opens up to the formal dining room on port side, and stunning solid marble atrium stair to starboard. Clear sight lines of over 20m through to both spaces coupled with the full height glass windows make for an incredibly light and airy interior space with a great connection to the world outside. The stunning solid marble central stair is more like something you would expect on a 90m yacht, and has the unique double height glass atrium wall which only heightens the drama of this space.

Luxury Yacht VANISH - Image credit to Eidsgaard Design

Luxury Yacht VANISH – Image credit to Eidsgaard Design

The VIP cabin forward is detailed in such a way that it can be transformed into two guest cabins, but in such a way that all mechanisms and partitions are totally invisible so you would never have the idea that this stunning suite can be divided in two.

Having all the guest cabins on Main deck is also something very special when comparing this yacht to other of a similar size on the market. Up on Bridge deck you have a full beam Owners suite with its own private extending balcony that slides out from the yachts superstructure and elevates to give a perfectly flush floor finish from interior to exterior.

On sundeck you have a gym, dining aft, and socialising area forward with enormous exterior dismountable cinema screen. Overall the perfect yacht to enjoy with friends and family with worldwide cruising capabilities.”

According to Ben, this yacht would be also suitable, should the new owner decide to enter the yacht charter market. “Should the Owner wish to enter the charter market I believe that the full range of toys, spa, cinema, accommodation potential and relaxed ambience and Feadship quality would make her exceptionally popular. Sadly for your readers she will not be for charter from these Owners..!”

In response to our question as to which main features would most likely appeal to a discerning yacht charterer, he replied: “I think that the combination of formal, and informal spaces coupled with the huge inventory of toys carried onboard would make this an ideal yacht for most discerning charterers. There is spa, internal and external cinema, private Owner’s deck, and guests all on MD, all wrapped up in 66 sexy meters..!”

Finally, we have asked Ben if they are currently working on any other new superyacht concepts that he could share with us: “We have a number of yachts currently in build ranging  from 50 to 100m and a number of serious enquiries also in this range…sadly none of which we can publish at this point…you will have to wait..!”

Pininfarina and Fincantieri on NEW 85m Superyacht Concept OTTANTACINQUE

February 09, 2016

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Following the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show we have published an article about the new 85m superyacht concept OTTANTACINQUE, which was unveiled at the show by the prestigious Italian shipyard Fincantieri and renowned design studio Pininfarina. Today, we are publishing a short interview with Mr Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina – Italian Design and Engineering Company, and Mr Marco Mazzù, Head of Origination Strategies and Market Development of Fincantieri, to learn more about this exciting concept.

Ottantacinque by Pininfarina and Fincantieri

Ottantacinque by Pininfarina and Fincantieri

CharterWorld: What brought Pininfarina and Fincantieri Yachts to the decision to collaborate together on this exciting new concept?

Mr Pininfarina: We have a very established partnership with the Fincantieri team. Our first project was the Destriero, in the early nineties: this vessel won the transatlantic “Blue Ribbon” award and became very popular at that time.

After several years Fincantieri and us discovered to have the same objective: to design and build together a super yacht in the range of 85 meters. Fincantieri has a very strong experience in bigger boats, recently we designed a number of smaller boats; so we found the perfect meeting point.

CharterWorld: The concept was launched at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. Have you had any feedback since the event and interests from potential customers?

Mr Mazzù: We cannot disclose current client discussion. However, we can confirm that the design and the collaboration raised a great interest among brokers and potential clients. There has been an unanimous appreciation on the style and on some of the innovative features and solutions included in the design.

CharterWorld: In your opinion, what makes the new OTTANTACINQUE different from other mega yacht concepts currently on the market?

Mr Pininfarina: The movement of the dockhouse volume from the bow to the stern of the boat has made its design very different from other designs in the same class.

CharterWorld: What type of Owner is the new 85-metre mega yacht concept suitable for?

Mr Pininfarina: The end user will have to be a fan of innovative design. Since most of the buyers in this market are still quite conservative the customer will probably be younger than the average, “a special owner of a special boat”.

CharterWorld: How suitable would this yacht be, should the new owner decide to enter the yacht charter market?

Mr Pininfarina: The boat has been conceived to be functional and user friendly, so it will eventually be perfect for the yacht charter market, too.

CharterWorld: Which main features would most likely appeal to a discerning yacht charterer?

Mr Mazzù: We have two different GA (general arrangement) configurations to suit slightly different expected lifestyles onboard. In common, as most relevant features for yacht charterer, they have the twin pools, which grant an enormous flexibility in the utilization of the main deck space aft, the ample beach club to grant a seamless experience with the sea, and different areas of aggregation for family and friends.

CharterWorld: How long would it take before the yacht could be delivered to her new owner?

Mr Mazzù: We expect we can deliver the current configuration in 39 months.

CharterWorld: Are you currently working on any other new superyacht concepts that you could share with our readers?

Mr Pininfarina: We are presently focused on the promotion of the Ottantacinque.