Skippered Charters

Skippered charters are essentially bareboat charters with ...

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Skippered Yacht Charters

Skippered charters are essentially bareboat charters with an experienced qualified skipper provided for some or all of the charter. The charter party and guests gets professional guidance but is still involved in the sailing and crewing of the yacht. The charter party will normally need to organize the catering for themselves and the skipper.

There will be an extra cost for the skippered charter, usually between 80 and 150USD per day. Just remember, when including this cost some of the fully crewed charter options start to look very enticing, as they may not cost too much more.

On the other hand, using a skippered charter can be a very flexible way of getting everything you need. You can have someone experienced aboard who knows the area and can go directly to the best spots; afloat or onshore. A skipper can also make the decisions while you relax, learn and gradually warm to the task of sailing a particular charter yacht in a particular area. You can take over as skipper part way through, or become the skipper from the outset on the next charter you go on.

If you are interested in a local experienced skipper for all or some of you bareboat yacht charter please let our consultants know and they can organize it.

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