7 Volcanic Islands that are named after the ancient God of Winds: Eolo.

What better way to explore the Eolian Islands of northern Sicily than in your luxury charter yacht?

DAY 1: Embark your luxury yacht for charter in Potorosa (close to Messina) and cruise to Alicudi, the smallest of all the islands. With just 20 inhabitants, it is a wild and peaceful island where you can enjoy tranquility and astonishing sunsets.

DAY 2: Filicudi, the islands with the riches source of fish in the islands. Enjoy freshly caught fish, fresh oysters and exquisite crab.

DAY 3: Salina, the most fascinating islands, offers a variety of liquerous wines called Malvasia and the best fruit granite in the whole of Sicily

DAY 4: Panarea, the glamorous island where all the movie, fashion and TV personalities meet. Beautiful white cottages host the trendiest disco in the archipelago.

DAY 5: Stromboli – This is an active and spectacular volcano. For those looking for nature in the raw, you will appreciate this amazing force.

DAY 6: Lipari – The largest island and perfect for souvenir shopping. It’s also a haven for health and beauty addicted wanting to rejuvenate in the natural hot mud springs.

DAY 7: Tidari, a long tongue of sand and a natural harbour that encompasses a couple of cute small salt lakes. Here you can enjoy a spectacular last-light horse ride.

DAY 8: Return to port and prepare for disembarkation from the yacht.

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