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Anacortes & San Juan Yacht Charter

For yacht charter, The San Juan Islands, south of the US/Canada border, are the "Virgin Islands of the North". You can board your yacht charter vacation in Anacortes, the crown jewel of Fidalgo Island, easternmost of the San Juan Islands. Accessible by road, Anacortes is the jump-point to the rest of the archipelago. The San Juans offer a broad palette of natural beauty, short port-to-port passages and a great variety of onshore entertainment. The sheltered body of water is a protected cruising ground for bareboats and powerboats in particular. Whatever your preference we can provide it, from bareboat sail charters to luxury crewed power boats. The facilities available in the San Juan's provide just about everything a yacht charter guest could ask for, from resorts, marinas, shopping and craft markets, to museums, art galleries and waterfront restaurants. The main islands of interest for yacht charters are Orcas Island, San Juan Island and Lopez Island, but there are half a dozen smaller islands that are worth a visit. For nature lovers there's also the 113-acre state marine park nearby.

The extensive facilities on Orcas and San Juan tend to make these the most popular islands with yacht charters. The mountainous island of Orca is fortunately, also considered by many, to be the most picturesque. San Juan Island offers charter boats many opportunities. Roche Harbor Village, in the north, is where the marina, restaurants and shopping facilities are located. Stroll through beautiful Victorian gardens or pay tribute to the historical site of confrontation between the British and Americans in 1859.

Lopez Island is where most of the action happens. The island is still largely devoted to agriculture, which means its terrain is carpeted in a lush green. If you have the time, pull you charter boat into the harbor for a taste of the weekly markets in Lopez village. Here you'll find everything from the fantastic local produce, to New Age jewellery, aromatherapy compounds, crystals, and home-smoked salmon, sold by the slice.

The San Juans are slightly protected from the rains by the Olympic Mountains, but it can still be showery any time of year. Wet weather gear is essential. If you like things warm, book your yacht charter in the summer months, although you'll find crowds at their highest, and of course, there are no guarantees that the sun will always shine. If you're willing to take a slight risk, avoid high summer and organize a charter boat for early June or September: The weather will be nearly as good, and you'll have a much better choice of charter boats.

The types of yacht charter available in the Anacortes & San Juan Islands are all the main types including motor, sailing, bareboat charter, skippered, crewed yachts, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, luxury yachts and even super yacht charter.

The San Juan Islands are a great place to relax, and a great place for a yacht charter. You can do as much as you like, or as little...........just wait and see how the wind blows.