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The main part of any definition of a sail boat is that it is propelled by the wind. Apart from that there is little common ground. Sail boats are many in their number, design and use. From dinghy’s to sloops and ketches, schooners, catamarans or trimarans, square rigged yachts and classics; they’re all sail boats. The number of reasons why people love sail boats is as varied as the type of sail boats that are available.

From the days of Christopher Columbus and James Cook, the sail boat has meant freedom and discovery. On a planet three quarters covered by water, a sail boat is one of the only ways to explore the world’s undiscovered mysteries. A sail boat charter is the perfect opportunity to get ‘off the beaten track’. Whether you love the ocean, or simply enjoy the choice of destinations, a sail boat will get you there.

If you are more interested in sail boats as a luxury past time, rather than an uncomfortable lengthy voyage, there are plenty of sail boat designs to suit. Now-days, nearly every modern charter yacht uses roller-furling technology to make sailing a more leisurely pursuit, especially if your sail boat is short handed. The most common kind of roller-furling on your sail boat charter will be on the headsails.

There is also many different types of furling mainsails on sail boats, as there are many opinions on which type is preferable. Which type you prefer usually depends on whether you are interested in getting the best performance out of the mainsail, as a full battened main allows, or you are more interested in ease of use, and don’t mind trading the battens in for a furl system and poorer performance.

Thankfully there are some great systems available now on sail boats that give the best of both worlds. The result is a virtual elimination of the necessity to furl the main. These modern sail boat main systems utilize lazy-jacks and a canvas nest. Now a performance sail with battens can drop snugly onto the boom, where it is tidy and ready for easy use, without the need for hordes of crew slipping around the deck with sail ties gritted in their teeth.

You need not be a fearsome adventurer to enjoy a sail boat charter though. CharterWorld has endless modern luxury sail boats available around the world in magnificent locations. Within hours of boarding your sail boat, you can find yourself anchored in tropical paradise. Sail boats are a superb way to really get away from the stresses of the modern world. Sail boat charters are available worldwide, which means you can enjoy a new destination, each year.

Please contact a CharterWorld consultant if you have any more questions or comments about sail boats in general or exactly what to expect on a particular sail boat charter vacation. A CharterWorld charter consultant will be more than happy to help you.

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