Pacific Ocean Yacht Charter

There are many known and less known islands to discover on a Pacific Ocean yacht charter. The Pacific, as a yacht charter destination, can be divided into different areas, such as the Pacific North West, which includes the spectacular Alaska or South Pacific represented by such major yacht rental destinations as Australia and New Zealand. These islands are considered as prominent luxury yacht vacation areas and staging points in the yacht charter circles for their amazing scenery and provision of professional yacht charter services. Some of the major harbours in the Pacific Ocean that also serve as yacht charter getaway points are Pusan, San Francisco, Yokohoma, Hong Kong, Seattle and Manila. The Pacific Ocean is so huge that it covers almost one third of the planet’s surface. The total length between the farthest points of the Pacific Ocean is 14,800 kms. The farthest points are taken as Antarctica on the southern side and the Bering Strait at the northern end. There are numerous outstanding Pacific charter yachts available these days, from motor yachts and sailing yachts of all sizes, to exceptional luxury expedition or explorer yachts and mega yachts.


Photo 1: Woman from the Solomon Islands - Image credit to Solomon Islands Tourism Board; Photo 2: Fiji

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. Some of the important access points of the Pacific Ocean are Tsushima, Torres Straits, La Perouse, Taiwan and Singapore. These points are in the northern hemisphere while the important destination in the South Pacific Ocean is Australia. The Pacific Ocean is home to about 30,000 small and big islands, and these islands are grouped in 3 main island clusters. The 3 island clusters are Black islands called Melanesia, Many Islands called Polynesia and Small Islands called Micronesia. Apart from the natural beauty that the Pacific Ocean has, it also holds prominence because of being an important component of the maritime trade. It aids transport linking from the east to the west and vice versa. The Pacific Ocean also boasts of teeming marine life and it has some of the largest reserves of oil and gas in the ocean bed.

Thousands of Small Islands to choose from when setting off on a the Pacific yacht holiday

There are about 20,000 islands and islets in the Pacific Ocean and this leaves a lot of opportunity for yacht charters to choose their itineraries. There is something different to see in every Pacific Ocean yacht charter itinerary and hence it is better to customise your itinerary depending on your likes and interested. Apart from the island above the ocean surface there are the submerged islands as well such as Aleutian and British Columbia. These are some of the favourite destinations in the Pacific Ocean for yacht charterers. The Pacific Ocean is a rich treasure of teeming wildlife and there is a broad range of activities to consider. The ocean is known for its natural wonders as well as rich history and cultures along the coastal lands. The friendly people along the coast are easy to mingle with and you will come to know a lot about their way of living.

There are several islands that are known in the yacht charter circles as Island Arcs. Some popular group of islands from where you can begin your Pacific Ocean yacht charter journey includes Cook Islands, Polynesian Island and Society Island. Most of the islands in the Pacific Ocean have warm climates and clear blue skies which are perfect for sailing. Only the Norfolk Island has a cooler temperature. The average temperature on the Pacific Ocean in the winter months is around 20 degrees while in summer it is 28 degrees. 


Photo 1: Prince William Sound - Photo by Chris McLennan - courtesy of Travel Alaska; Photo 2: A spectacular yacht charter destination, New Zealand


The Pacific Ocean luxury yacht charters have a big variety when it comes yacht charter itineraries. There are so many attractions to go to and so many activities to do. Guests on Pacific Ocean luxury charter yachts have plenty of opportunities to dive, swim, snorkel, surf and fish. On the islands you can go for nature trails and hiking. Or you can simply laze around on the pristine beaches. The island people have a lot of stories to tell you and they are very warm towards their guests. The island resorts are a perfect getaway to relax after a tiring day at sea.  

Below you will find a selection of Pacific Ocean luxury charter yachts – for more information on a specific destination in the Pacific, additional yachts or questions related to yacht charter, please contact our experienced brokers here.

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