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Luxury resorts, villas and hotels may also be booked through CharterWorld as ...
Luxury Resort - Monaco

Luxury  Resorts

Luxury resorts, villas and hotels may also be booked through CharterWorld as well as private charter jets.  Our service includes professional organization of your complete luxury travel vacation, door to door. We hand all your luxury travel needs. Your vacation may include a yacht, a villa, a private jet, a luxury resort or any combination of these. If you would like to find out more about our selection of luxury resorts, hotels and villas please use the brief enquiry form below.

There are many different types of luxury resorts available in many different locations around the world.  We are aware of all the well respected resorts and can advise the best time of year to visit each one.  While the a Caribbean island resort may offer the ideal  vacation to escape the winter, you may instead prefer to embrace the season and enjoy an Aspen ski resort. Similarly, the summer may draw you towards  the cultural splendor of the Mediterranean coastline or  you may prefer to relax in a South Pacific paradise or an African safari.  It is this diversity of choice the world offers and a knowledge of the best time to visit each location that makes our experienced luxury travel consultants an important part of your ideal vacation.

Here is a brief synopsis of what the world has to offer you:

Health Spas and Wellness
Over the last decade several notable heath spas, meditation and wellness retreats have been established in Europe, North America and Asia.

Private Tropical Islands
Private Islands can be hired in a way similar to chartering a yacht where the whole island and staff are included and many guests can be accommodated.  Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s favorite hideaway, would you like to see if it will become yours too?

Skiing Resorts
North America and the European Alpes are well known for exclusive ski resorts. What is the best place to go and where is the best snow each season?

European Castles & Villas
There has also been an increasing trend in the most magnificent European castles, manor houses and villas being offered discerning clients for weekly rent. These homes offer a truly amazing experience from French Chateaus to English Manor houses to Mediterranean waterfront mansions.

Beach Resorts
Water is the most popular medium for luxury travel because it offers natural and healthy activities and relaxation.  There is something for everyone. Where is the cleanest water, best beaches and most luxurious accommodation and service?

Chic City Hotels
Everyone has heard all about London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. What are the very best hotels each main city has to offer?  How can you organise travel from your door to theirs via private jet, and chauffeured transfer – all through one company and one contact - all without paying more for the service?

Golf Resorts
Nature Resorts & Safaris
Luxury Lodges

Please use the very brief and simple contact us form below to have your perfect luxury vacation organised completely, professionally and easily:

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