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Individual Berth Charters

For those new to sailing, an individual berth yacht charter can be a fantastic introduction into the charter industry and a great way to meet people. This type of charter involves hiring a berth (cabin) on a charter yacht for an individual or couple. This could be on a lead boat in a flotilla or aboard a larger traditional yacht. Outward bound companies, adventure travel and whale watch trips are other examples of these types of charter.

The charter yachts on individual berth charters are crewed; therefore no previous sailing experience is necessary. The charter fee is inclusive of board and all meals, prepared for you by the crew. Individual berth charters are a fantastic way to get involved with sailing and a great alternative to a large ship cruise, which can lack intimacy at times. If you'd like to help haul in the mainsheet or ease off the jib, you can. You can also do absolutely nothing and relax and enjoy the hospitality of a fully trained local crew.

Individual berth charters provide the benefits of a crewed charter, without the expense. You are not responsible for the payment of the entire boat and the crew. It's also a great way to meet new people, without out losing too much of your personal privacy.

If you are interested in individual berth charters please contact us.

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