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Why a bareboat charter? A bareboat charter is convenient. Gone are the days when you have to sell the house, buy a yacht and set sail for years to discover the best sailing grounds in the world. Now you can easily choose from many worldwide yacht charter locations, with the help of Charter World, jump on a plane and experience the best bareboat cruising grounds and be back home in 3 weeks.

Also, if you are a long time boat owner you can organize a bareboat charter yacht in your desired location, without the need to somehow get your yacht there.

Bareboat charter: captain's experience/qualifications:

All bareboat charter companies will require a captain have some experience relevant to the type of bareboat yacht charter and charter boat. After all, this is sensible for the safety of the charter party and the charter boat.

If no one in you party has enough sailing experience to be captain this does not prevent you from discovering a new coastline, cruising area or country by yacht. Instead you can employ a skipper to take the helm and the day-to-day responsibility of running the yacht while you and your fellow guests relax and enjoy the surroundings. You can also call on your skipper’s knowledge of yachting or the best local attractions.

If you are not sure of your captain's competency it is easy to organize a professional skipper, if only for the first day of your bareboat vacation. This way the captain can refresh his or her knowledge and become more familiar with the area. As with most marine related decisions it is often easier, not to mention safer, to be sure.

If you are the nominated skipper you will be responsible for the yacht and crew's safety. You will also be in charge of food provisioning, whether the bareboat charter company supplies it or you buy it yourself. That said, before you leave the quay you will receive a technical briefing about the boat, chart, and charter area to help you plan your itinerary. This is a practical time to ask questions about anything you are not quite sure about. Most bare boats will have documents detailing location and ship system information.

Please contact a CharterWorld consultant if you have any more questions or comments about bareboat yacht charter in general or exactly what to expect on a particular charter vacation. A CharterWorld charter consultant will be more than happy to help you.

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