Luxury Yacht Designers

The world is currently awash with a host of extremely talented and capable luxury yacht designers. There are several well established firms that are flourishing recently with the latest in modern superyacht design and there are also a number of younger designers coming through. Yacht design is at the forefront of design and construction in general, both in terms of innovation and successful outcomes.

On the left menu there are links to information pages on the various luxury superyacht designers from around the world. Below, we have some of the latest superyacht news about luxury yacht designers, interior design, and naval architecture design companies. And, below that is a comprehensive list of naval architects.

If you are interested in digging deeper into all the information about yacht designers and their luxury yacht designs, from the last year or five, please use these links. CharterWorld News is a leading resource for yacht design as well as the other components of luxury yachting.

News About Luxury Yacht Design & Designers

Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design reveals latest commission for a 78m luxury sloop
Malcom McKeon luxury sloop concept MM78
Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design has unveiled details on their latest project: a 78m/256ft luxury sloop code-named Project MM78.
Otam unveils highly customisable 100 HT superyacht concept
100 HT luxury yacht - Aft view
Otam has unveiled the HT 100, a 30m/100ft superyacht concept created by Umberto Tagliavini that maximises guest living spaces through innovative design solutions. The HT 100 offers owners a range of customisation options for interior and exterior spaces and high performance while cruising and at anchor.
Spirit Yachts unveils largest wooden yacht concept since 1930s Shamrock V
Construction began in April on the single-masted SPIRIT 111. Image credit Spirit Yachts
Spirit Yachts unveiled the 34m wooden sloop 'SPIRIT 111' at the Southampton Boat Show - the largest wooden yacht since SHAMROCK V in the 1930s. Built for an experienced owner, the design allows for sailing without a crew and is one of the most environmentally friendly superyachts ever built.
CNC and Green Yachts collaborate on Naucrates 85 project
An additional superstructure can be added to the NAUCRATES 85
Italian design studio Green Yachts has announced a collaboration with Chantier Naval Chioggia (CNC) to create a support vessel that can be converted into a motor yacht: the NAUCRATES 85.
Icon Yachts reveals newest conversion: ‘Project Ragnar’
The conversion from SANABORG to PROJECT RAGNAR
Icon Yachts has announced its latest conversion project: RAGNAR. Originally a support supply vessel with ice-braking capabilities built in 2012, the conversion will create a luxury expedition yacht that will be able to house numerous water toys and tenders, as well as a helicopter, submarine and a luxury Ripsaw EV2 tank.
Oceania Interiors named designers for motorised catamaran The Beast
Motor yacht THE BEAST - Oceania Interiors will design, manufacture and install her living spaces
38m/128ft expedition catamaran THE BEAST will be built in New Zealand, with interiors by Oceania Marine Shipyard division Oceania Interiors.
Vripack unveils new MCP 120 luxury yacht concept
Concept design of the MCP 120 superyacht from Vripack and MCP Yachts
Vripack has unveiled its latest collaboration with MCP Yachts: a 36m/120ft superyacht designed for a large family in South America.
Amels introduces the Limited Editions 206
The Limited Editions 206 concept from Amels
Amels has unveiled a 63m/206ft superyacht concept for its Limited Editions range of superyachts. Elongating the Limited Editions 199 version which produced MADAME KATE and EVENT, the Limited Editions 206 provides even more outdoor space with the benefits of an elongated sundeck and extended swim platform.
Baltic Yachts announces build of custom 112 superyacht
Baltic Yachts has revealed it is working on a Custom 112 sailing yacht
Baltic Yachts has announced the construction of a 112 sailing yacht for an experienced client, which will be designed for sailing on the open seas and for high performance to compete in regattas.
MC155 – The new Trimaran concept from Design Unlimited
Luxury trimaran MC155 - A Design Unlimited collaboration
Design Unlimited has unveiled the MC155, a trimaran that has been designed in conjunction with McConaghy Boats and German Frers with composite materials from Pure Design.
A & M Gamage
A Antoniou
A Group Monaco
A Pulitzer
A Von Lindholm
A Vuyk & Zonen
AB Holms
Ab Yachts
Abc - Bilgin Yacht
Abeking & Rasmussen Inhouse naval Architects
Abu Dhabi Mar
Advanced Yacht Technology & Studio Zuccon International Project
AE Payne
Aegean Yacht
AG Mcilwain
Aicon Style Center
Al Jadaf
Al Shaali Marine
Alan Boswell
Alan Deane
Alan Muir Designs
Alan Warwick
Alan Woods
Albert S Cheseborough
Albert Svensson
Alberto Ascenzi
Alberto Mercati
Albina Engine & Machine Works
Alcide Sculati
Aldo Cichero
Alex Richardson
Alfred Mylne
Alloy Yachts
Almaz Central Design Bureau
Alpha Marine
Aluminium Boats
AM Dickie
Amels Inhouse Design Team
Amels Inhouse Design Team Holland BV
Anderson Yacht Design
Andre Mauric
Andrea Bacigalupo
Andrea Vallicelli
Andrew Winch
Angelo Lavranos
Angus Edwards
Anthony Needhall
Antonio Capasso
Antonis Ploutis
AR Cunis
Arthur De Fever
Arthur Defever
Arthur Holgate
Asselem & Karstens
Astilleros Construcciones Vigo
Astilleros Mcies
Astilleros Unidos Do Ensenada
Astondoa Engineer
At & Ch C Auroux
Ateliers Et Forges De L' Ouest
Athos Malliris
Austal Inhouse Yacht Design
Austin & Pickersgill
Australian Government
Awad Zangeer
Azimut Yacht Design
Azzura Marine
B Kervarec
Baglietto design
Bahattin Ylmaz
Bakewell-White Yacht Design
Bannenberg Designs
Bannenberg Designs (Hull)
Barbee Marine Yards
Barracuda Yacht Design
Bath Iron Works
Beliard, Crighton
Benetti Yacht Design
Beril Yatcilik
Bernard Olesinski
Bernie Cohen
Blohm + Voss Inhouse yacht Design
Blue Fin Yachts
Bmt Nigel Gee
Bob Johnstone ?
Bob Salthouse
Botje Ensing
Breaux Baycraft
Bremer Vulkan
Briand Yacht Design
Brilliant Boats
British Admiralty
Brodogradiliste Iii Maj
Brodogradiliste Korcula
Brodogradiliste Titovo
Brodoprojekt Rijeka
Brooke Marine
Broward Inhouse Yacht Design Team
Broward Inhouse Yacht Design Team Design Team
Bruce Farr
Bruce King
Bruno Benetti Yacht Design
Burger Design Team
Burness Corlett - Three Quays
BW Donovan
C & E Nielsen
C & R Poillon
C Luhring
C Raymond Hunt
Camper & Nicholsons Yacht Design
Canadian Coastguard
Canadian Government
Canadian Navy
Canadian Vickers
Cant Nav Del Tirreno E Riuniti
Cantiere De La Monica
Cantieri Di Pisa Yacht Design
Cantieri Navali Felszegi
Cantieri Navali Lavagna (Cnl)
Cantieri Navali Lavagna (Cnl) & Studio Bacigalupo
Cantieri Navali Riuniti
Cantieri Navali Rizzardi
Capello Nv
Captain Hoss
Carl Gustav Pettersson
Carlo Alberto Sforzi
Carlo Galeazzi
Carlo Riva
Carlo Sciarrelli
Cassens Werft
Cerri Cantieri Navali
Chantiers Augustin Normand
Charles D Mower
Charles E Nicholson
Charles E Robertson
Charles Wittholz
Chenus, Presles Et Associes (Cpa)
Cheoy Lee
Chris Afroudakis
Chris Baker
Christensen Shipyard Inhouse Design
Christian Bolinger & Professor Clemens Dransfeld
ChrL Johansen
Chuck Payne (Original) Rockland Marine
Cihan Marine
Claudio Zampetti
Claus Kusch
Clm Engineering
CMN Yacht Design
Cnl & Studio Bacigalupo
Cobra Yacht Design
Cochrane & Sons
Codecasa Yacht Design
Colin Mudie
Commercial Iron Works
Cor D Rover Design
Cosbey Bros
Costaguta Idrodinamica
Cox & Co
Cox & Stevens
CRN Yacht Design
D Anastassiades & A Tsortanides
D Francisco Diaz Madarro
Daniel Goodman
Danish Navy
Danish Royal Dockyard
Dave Warren
David Pedrick
David Stephenson
David Tseng Van Lieu
Dbr Huisman
Ddr Navy
De Biesbosch
De Boer
De Voogt Naval Architects
De Vries Lentsch
De Wachter
Dejong & Lebet
Delta Design Group
Devonport & Laurent Giles
Diana Yacht Design
Diaship Design
Dick Bolger
Dick Boon
Dick Carter
Dick Lazzara
Dijkstra & Partners
Dittmar Donaldson
Dixon Kemp
Dixon Yacht Design
DMR D'istra
Dominique Presles
Don Brooke
Don Francisco Diaz Madarro
Don Jones
Don O'keeffe
Don Shead
Donald L Blount
Donald Starkey Designs
DottIng Mario Carnevali
Doug Peterson
Douglas Chiasson
Doulas Creighead
Dr Lee
Drammen Slip
Dubois Naval Architects
Dubois Naval Architects & Gca Arquitectes
Duncan Muirhead
Durukos Tersanesi
Dutch Navy
Dwinger Marineconsult
Dykstra & Partners
Dynamic Sea Craft
E Malatyali
E Sclano
Earl Edwards
Ed Fry
Ed Monk Yacht Design
Edgar Andre Werft
Edi Frommenwiler
Edward Richard Bradley
Edwin Monk Jr
Edwin Trist
Egon Palsson
Elsflether Werft
Ercument Kafali
Erdal Kilic
Erkin Yaocy
Ernest Brierley
Espen Oeino
EW Hopkins
Exequiel Cano Lanza
F Dicaltaldi
Fairfield Shipbuilding
Falcon Yachts Service
Farr Yacht Design
Felix Buytendijk
Ferguson Industries
Ferretti Group Engineering Division
Fipa Italiana Yachts
FJ Stephen
FJD Marine
Flensburger Schiffbau
Fontaine Design Group
Forges Et Chantiers De La Mediterrannee
Foster & Partners
Fr Krupp Germaniawerft
Francis Design
Franco Anselmi Boretti
Franco Harrauer
Frank Mulder
Frank Neubelt - New Cruise
Frank Walker
Franz Kluhspies
Fratelli Benetti Yacht Design
Fratelli Rossi
Fred Elliot
Fred Walker
Frederick R Parker
Freeward Marine
French Navy
Fuat Turan
Fulvio De Simoni
G & H Bodewes
G De Vries Lentsch Jr
G Diedrich & W Duing
G Frost
G Ovrevik
Garland Rotch
Gary Grant
Gebr Boot
Gebr De Windt
Gebr Kroger & Co Kg
Gebr Van Diepen
Geerd N Hendel
George Roddan
George Sutton
Georges Auzepy-Brenneur
Gerhard Gilgenast
German Frers
German Navy
Gianluca Caputi
Gibbs & Cox
Gilles Ollier Design Team
Gilles Vaton
Gino Morrelli
Ginton Naval Architects
Giorgetti & Magrini
Giorgio Chiappara
Giorgio Vafiadis
Giovanni Arrabito
Giuseppe Casa
Giuseppe De Jorio
GL Watson
Glade Johnson
Government Of Sweden
Graham & Sons
Grant Robinson
Gravdals Skibsbyggeri
Greg Elliot
Greg Van Leeuwen
Gregory C Marshall
Gulfport Boiler & Welding Works
Gulport Shipbuilding Co
Gunnar Stromberg - Nautical Designs
Gustav Junge
Guy Couach
Guy Ribadeau-Dumas
H Appelo
H Hansen
H Robson
H Schouten
H Van Duyvendijk
Haglund Boat Works Inc
Halter Marine
Haluk Kaya
Hannus Jacobs
Hargrave Yacht Design
Harland & Wolff
Harry Jorgensen
Havilah S Hawkins
HC Wintringham
HE Scarr
Heesen Yachts Design Team
Heinrich Grube
Helge Johansson
Helsingor Vaerft
Henk Lunstroo
Henri Rambaud
Henry Doelger
Henry Gruber
Henry J Gielow
Henry Reynolds
Herve Devaux
Herward AH Oehlmann
Higashi Marine
High Modulus
Hijlkema & Zonen
Hjorne & Jacobsen
Hoek Design
Hoek Design Naval Architects
Horizon Yachts
Horst Stichnoth
Houma Iron Works
Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft
Howard Apollonio
Howard I Chapelle
HT Stow
Hugh Mclean & Sons
Humphreys Yacht Design
Husumer Werft
HW White
I Ozyurt
Ian Mitchell
Ibrahim Karatas
Idronautica Costaguta
Incat Crowther
Ing Heiko Buchloh
Inigo Echenique - Acubens
ISA Yachts Design
Isaac Figee
Ishikawajima-Harima Hi
Izumi Zosensho
J & K Smit
J Beavor Webb
J Coello
J Mazzai
J Ring-Andersen
J Samuel White
J Warnke
JA Smith
Jack Hargrave
Jack Sarin
Jacob & Edward Riggin
Jacoby Bros
Jacques & Nicolas Fauroux
Jacques Fauroux
Jadewerft & German Govt
James L Rose
James S Gardner
James S Krogen
Jan-Eric Hauge
Janssen & Schmilinsky
Javier Soto Arcebal
JB Brooke
Jean Berret
Jean Pierre Bolduc
Jean-Baptiste Hubert
Jensen Maritime Consultants
JF Carver
JFH Roger
JG Hitzler Schiffswerft
Jj Coste
JJ Pattje
JJ Sietas Werft
JM De Vries
JM Soper
Joachim Kinder
Joe Fole
Joe Langlois
John Borve
John Breuer
John F James
John G Alden Design
John G Wells
John H Wells
John Howard
John I Thornycroft
John Lewis & Sons
John MC Moore
John Nylen
John Scarano
John Schubert
John Staluppi
John Ter Haak
John Trumpy
John White
John Winterbotham & Partners
Jon Overing
Jongert Design Team
Jorg Beiderbeck
Jorg Biederbeck
Jorge D'almeida Araujo
Jorge R Chediek
Jos L Meyer
JP Rennoldson & Sons
JS Figee
Juan Kouyoumdjian
Juan Kouyoumdjian (Teamorigin)
JW & A Upham
K Ljungeberg
Kanasashi Heavy Industries
Karlstads Varv
Kasia Milewska
Kasten Marine Design Inc, Usa
Ken Freivokh Design
Kenton Marine
Kerim Demir
Kha Shing
Khun Weerapong
King Yacht Corp
Kirilloff & Associates
Kirilloff & Associates, Lay, Pitman & Associates
Klaas Hakvoort
Kmc & Khmb Enkhuizen
Knud E Hansen
Knud H Reimers
Kremer & Sohn
Kuptyn & Stromenger
Kursat Erken
Kusch Yachts
L Oliver
Laan & Kooy
Langan Design
Lars Johansson
Lasse & Pache
Laurent Giles
Lay, Pitman & Associates
Lazzara Yachts
L├╝rssen Yachts
LE Geary
Leningrad Northern Shipyard
Leroy Wallace
Levent Yibur
Lexcen Lowe
Lloyd's Ships
Lodose Varv
Loring Christian Norgaard
Lubecker Flender-Werke
Luc Bouvet
Luca Brenta
Luca Dini
Luca Dini Design
Luiz De Basto Designs
Lurssen Naval Architects
M & B Benetti Yacht Design
Maclear & Harris
Mahir Bestas
Manitowoc Shipbuilding
Marc Lombard
Marc Picaut
Marc Van Peteghem
Marco Fancellu
Mares Marazul
Marine Iron Shipbuilding Co
Mark Hammond
Martin Francis
Martinolich Sb Corp
Mastership Services Bv
Mastori Yachts
Max Oertz
Mccurdy, Rhodes & Bates
Mehmet Uyav
Merritt Walters
Mesut Tigli
Michael Burvenich
Michael P Anderson
Michael Peters
Michael Turk
Michel Bigoin
Michel Joubert
Mitsubishi Hi
Mondomarine & Sydac
Monroe Boats
Moscow Shipyard
Mulder Design BV
Murray & Associates
Mustafa Ozkalay
N Martinolich
Nafpigiki Hellas
Nakskov Skibsverft
Nathaniel G Herreshoff
National Bulk Carriers
National Steel
Naval Architecture & Ship Design Consulting Bureau
Navarro Hermanos
NC Paraskevopoulos
Neta Marine Design
Neta Marine Design Office
Nevesbu, Netherlands
New York Yacht & Launch
New Zealand Designer
Nezihi Ozdemir
Nick Myers
Nicola Skaf
Nigel Irens
Nissan Design
Noel A Van Malleghem
Norderwerft Koser & Meyer
Norman Dejong
Norman R Wright & Sons
Notika Teknik
Nunes Bros
Nuvolari - Lenard
Nwbs Design
Ocean Classic
Oceanco Naval Architecture
Oceanco Naval Architecture & Azure
Oceanfast Inhouse Yacht Design
Officina Italiana Design
Ole Haktorsen
Ole Steen Knudsen
Olin J Stephens
Oliver Perry Smith
Olivier F Van Meer
Olivier Petit
Oman Rys
Orhan Celikkol
Orkan Yachting
Ortona Navi
Otto Hansen
Overmarine Yacht Design Team
Overmarine Yacht Design Team & Studio Bacigalupo
Palmer Johnson Inhouse Yacht Design Team
Pan Yachting
Paolo Caliari
Paolo Ponsicchi
Paolo Sicano
Paragon Design
Patrick J Bray
Paul Frederickson
Paulo Pimenta
PB Behage
Pb Design
Penta Ned
Per Fagerlund
Per Kavli
Perini Navi Inhouse Yacht Design Team
Peter Birkett
Peter Du Cane
Peter Ubbett
Phil Curran
Philip & Son
Philip L Rhodes
Philippe Briand
Picchiotti & Solari
Pier-Luigi Spadolini
Pierre Brenet
Pieter Beeldsnijder Design
PM Smit
President Boat International Co,
Proteksan - Turquoise Yacht
Quality Shipbuilders
R Allan
R Van Den Akker
Rasmus Moller
Ray Harvey
Ray Kemp
Raymond Hunt
Rederi Ab Linden
Renato Lev
Rene Van Der Velden Designs
Reymond Langton Design
Riccardo Benetti Yacht Design
Richard Hein
Richards Iron Works
RL Crane
Rob Humphreys
Rob Ladd
Robert Douglas
Robert Salice
Robert Van Dam
Roberto Del Re
Roberto Zappelli
Rodriquez Group
Rolland Garde
Ron Holland Design
Royal Denship
Rtc Shipbuilding Corp
Russian Government
Rustu Altunbas
Rysco Shipyard
S Bellestrini
Sam Sorgiovanni
Samuda Brothers
Scheepswerf Delfzijl V
Scheepswerf Haak
Scheepswerf Industrie
Schlichting Werft
Scott & Sons
Sean Mcmillan
Sefer Yildirim
Sensation Inhouse Team
Sergio Cutolo
Sete Yachts
Setzer Design Group
Sforzi & Manfredi
Shadow Marine
Shama Marine
Sharp Design
Sharp Designs
Sjotorps Varv
Skaalurens Skibsbyggeri
Smith & Rhuland
SN Dassiras
Southern Marine
Sovereign Yachts
Soyaslan Design
Sparkman & Stephens
Staadskanal Shipyards
Stefano Righini
Stephen R Seaton
Sterling Scott
Stirling Design
Stocznia Polnocna
Stocznia Remontowa "Baltyk"
Stolk Marimecs
Stord Verft
Stuart Watson
Studia Ruggiero
Studio Arnaboldi
Studio Bacigalupo
Studio Dellarole
Studio Lenci
Studio Neri
Studio Peterlin
Studio Scanu
Studio Starkel
Studio Vafiadis
Studio Zuccon International Project
Studio Zuccon International Project & Ferretti Group Engineering Division
Sun Coast
Sunseeker Design
Sunwalter Dorwin Teague
Swedish Navy
T Soyaslan
T Van Duyvendijk
Tage Boghammar
Tams & King
Tanju Kalaycioglu
Tarrab Design
Taskin Cilli
Ted Fontaine
Ted Hood
Ted Irwin
Tenix Defence
Theodore E Ferris
Thomas Clapham
Thomas E Colvin
Thomas F Macmanus
Thomas Halliday
Tim Borland
Tim Heywood
Todd Chaffee
Tom Fexas
Tommaso Spadolini
Tony Castro
Torlak Denizcilik
Tough Bros
Trident Yacht Design
Trinity Yachts Design Team
Tripp Design Naval Architecture
Turhan Soyaslan
Ugo Costaguta
Ugo Faggioni
Ulrich Heinemann
Ulvi Beberoglu
Umberto Tagliavini
Us Navy
Usuki Tekkosho
Vaagen Verft
Valena Yachting
Van Der Werf
Van Oossanen & Associates
Vancouver Marine Services
Vanelli Yachts
Vic Pratka
Vicem Yachts
Victor Cole
Victor Orloff
Vige Werf
Vincenzo Ruggiero
Vripack Naval Architects
W & RB Fife
W Mcpherson Campbell
W Muller
W Richter
W Starling Burgess
WA Gibbs
Wallace Shipyards
Walter Franchini
Walter Reeks
Warwick Yacht Design
Wc Storey
Weerter Scheepsbouw
Werf Gusto
Westminster Marine Railway
Willem De Vries Lentsch Jr
William Crealock
William Fife
William Garden
William H Hand Jr
William Roue & L Allen
Witsen & Vis
WJC Beck
WMcc Meek & Co
WS Kelly
Y Kose
Yacht & Powercraft Design
Yacht Projects
Yacht Studio Strawinski
Yavuz Mete
Yim Ugudur
Yokohama Yacht Co
York Bros
Ystads Skeppsvarv
Yucel Koyagasioglu
Zygmund Choren

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Yacht Designer News

CNC and Green Yachts collaborate on Naucrates 85 project
An additional superstructure can be added to the NAUCRATES 85
Italian design studio Green Yachts has announced a collaboration with Chantier Naval Chioggia (CNC) to create a support vessel that can be converted into a motor yacht: the NAUCRATES 85.
Arcadia Yachts adds new Gamma FOR.TH line of yachts
FOR.TH luxury yacht concept - Aerial view
Arcadi Yachts has announced it will be increasing its current line of superyachts and a new range of steel-hulled 'Forward Thinking', or FOR.TH yachts.
110m HEMY: Innovative Superyacht Concept by Laurent Giles
110m Hemy - superyacht concept by Laurent Giles
The British studio Laurent Giles has just presnted a new superyacht concept: HEMy is an innovative and enormous luxury mega yacht with an overall length of 110 and great performance capabilities.
ERA 80 Superyacht: A unique Superyacht charter opportunity identified by Ricky Smith Designs
80m ERA motor yacht concept by Ricky Smith Designs
New charter opportunities identified in Australia, with the 80-metre Ricky Smith Designs superyacht concept offering the right naval architecture, performance, interior and exterior spaces, and luxury amenities to fully enjoy not only this beautiful part of the world but also other worldwide destinations such as Europe, Asia or America.
Western Mediterranean Charter Yacht DESTINY showcases new interiors by Laura Pomponi
M/Y DESTINY from Heesen Yachts
37m/123ft luxury yacht DESTINY (ex.ILONA) is ready for charter after an extensive refit. Now sporting brand new interiors and an exceptional sundeck, she will impress every guest and visitor with her immaculate modern charm.
9 Female Luxury Yacht Interior Designers for International Women’s Day
MADAME KATE - Main salon by Laura Sessa Ramboli
Celebrate International Women's Day and discover some of the talent behind the biggest, most prestigious superyacht interiors of recent years.
Sarp Yachts & Hot Lab Design present concept AOUDA
Turkish shipbuilder Sarp Yachts and the Italian Design studio Hot Lab unveiled their latest project. Concept Aouda has been introduced to the world of yachting and is sure to attract lots of attention and positive reviews.
Heesen yachts announces interior stylist for Project Nova
SAMURAI ONE - Skylounge by Cristiano Gatto
Heesen yachts has announced Cristiano Gatto as the interior designer for superyacht 'Project Nova', which is dues to be launched mid-April this year.
In Pictures: The Winners of the Boat International Media’s ShowBoats Design Awards 2017
Cloudbreak photo Christopher Scholey
This year a large number of young designers, along with some world-renowned shipbuilders and designers took part in the ShowBoats Design Awards 2017. Here are the winners!
Savannah: Breaking with convention for breath-taking results
Two years on from when she was built, Feadship's 84m/274ft superyacht SAVANNAH was the world's first hybrid superyacht and remains one of the world's most innovative vessels.