Weddell Sea Yacht Charter

Conditions Perfect for Weddell Sea Yacht Charter Vacation

The Weddell Sea is one of the most interesting and unique yacht charter destinations around the world. It is located between the South Shetland Islands and the continent of Antarctica. It offers a less traveled sea route, hence it is perfect choice for people who want to go for a private yacht charter vacation to these wonderful and remote parts of the world. The Weddell superyacht rent vacations offers many interesting sites that are unique to the destination, such as penguin sightings. The region is frequented by only a few holiday makers, which makes this destination a very special one and a once in a lifetime experience. 

The Weddell Sea forms a vital part of the Southern Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by land masses such as Coats Land and the Antarctic Peninsula. Furthermore Cape Norvegia, which is located on the Eastern side. The Weddell Sea offers a wonderful journey for people who are interested in seeing unique scenery, cold waters and breath-taking glaciers. The ice here is permanent, which means interested superyacht charterers can take a Weddell yacht vacation in this region throughout the entire year.

Yacht Holidays on the Weddell Sea

The Weddell Sea provides for a unique and memorable super yacht charter holiday. The Sea was named after the first voyager to the sea, James Weddell, who came to this region aboard the Jane ice brig and he successfully completed his voyage around Antarctica in the year 1823. It is only since the last few years that the Weddell Sea has become popular for its diverse ecosystems under the sea. Apart from relaxing on a Weddell charter yacht, guests can explorer the beauties of the underwater world not found anywhere else in the world. Many parts of the Weddell Sea are inhabited by remarkable creatures, many of which live in colonies. There is a vast quantity of small sea-creatures called the Antarctic krill, which are eaten by the whales, seals, penguins, squid and other sea creatures. The sight of the Blue Whale and dolphins flapping their fins in the icy waters is a true delight for charter holiday makers visiting this part of the world on their prefered luxury charter explorer yacht.

Sightseeing Attractions on the Way

One of the most memorable sightseeing attractions during your Weddell Sea yacht charter must be observing penguins get along with their life. As mentioned before, the sea is also home to a large colony of penguins that come here to mate and lay eggs. The young ones are nurtured by their fathers while the mothers go to fetch food. Once the mother penguins come back, they take the babies from their father and feed them.

Popular Weddell Sea Yacht Itineraries

Some of the most popular Weddell yacht charter itineraries are beginning the trail through the Antarctic Sound Area and proceeding towards the Weddell Sea. It is better to book your Weddell yacht holiday in advance as during the peak season there is a lot of demand for charter super yachts. These yachts then make short stops for passengers at scenic spots such as Snow Hills, Seymour and Paulet. These are also known as the popular staging attractions for seasonal yacht charterers. From these points the luxury yacht charterers move forward towards the Antarctic Peninsula, first going North and then proceeding west. They normally go towards Paradise Bay and then towards Neko Harbour. In these regions you can catch sight of the humpback whales and minke.


For those searching for a unique and memorable luxury vacation and those admiring cooler climates Weddell Sea yacht charter destination must be one of the most remarkable places to visit. Other popular superyacht destinations close to the Weddell Sea include South Shetland Islands. These islands are untouched by the rapid race of civilisation offering the most spectacular sightseeing attractions and wonders to the enchanted holiday maker. Superyacht charter guest marvel at the surroundings and natural scenery, which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The South Shetland Islands also have a bird sanctuary with amazing species like petrels, terns and cape pigeons.

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