Sardinia & Corsica (Mediterranean) Yacht Charter

Suggested itinerary from Ajaccio to Olbia - 7 nights/8 days

Day 1:  Board your luxury Mediterranean yacht charter in Ajaccio, Corsica. Ajaccio is the renowned birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Set on a sunny bay surrounded by citrus groves, olive trees, and vineyards, Ajaccio is bursting with history and cultural diversity. At the heart of the city, Place Foch is a beautiful oblong square shaded by palm trees and surrounded by small restaurants. Travelers savour a bit of respite here in view of the cooling fountain.

Day2:  Continue on you charter yacht down the west coast of Corsica and anchor at the Gulf of Valinco. The Gulf of Valinco is perhaps one the most beautiful gulfs on the west coast of the island. To the north of the bay is Cappiciolo - with picturesque coves of golden sand fringed by rocks, and Porto Pollo, a sheltered little port. Corsica's origins can be traced to this small region with its large number of pre-historic sites and castle remains that date back to the time of the lords. Ajaccio to Cappiciolo: 21NM

Day3:  Continue in your luxury yacht onto Bonifaccio, Corsica, Mediterranean which sits like a masterpiece in the extreme south and is a unique place of interest. No one can resist the fascination of this old town which is dazzlingly sits perched atop a cliff, nor the appeal of its old alleys which climb up toward the sky. Bonifaccio is a town of immense charm and a wonderful place to sample some or the local bars and restaurants. Cappiciolo to Bonifaccio: 25NM

Day 4:  The La Madeline Archipelago: This is a Mediterranean national Park between Corsica and Sardinia. The archipelago is composed of Seven Isles of extraordinary beauty, all together which protect the International Park of the Bocche di Bonifaccio. Yacht Cruising 30NM - Leaving Corsica yacht charter and ariving in Sardinia.

Day 5:  Spend another morning in the tranquil setting before continuing in you charter yacht onto Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Mediterranean for the evening. Porto Cervo was originally built by the Agha Khan, as a playground for Europe’s glitterati; it’s a shopping paradise, with all the big names a stones throw away from each other. Every evening the people throng the pretty streets and restaurants to see and be seen! Head out for a night at the Billionaires Club. Yacht Cruising: 25NM

Day 6:  Awake leisurely after your night out and cruise in your yacht around to Cala de Volpe, Sardinia where you can easily spend a day. Spend the day enjoying the water toys or relaxing on the beautiful beach before heading ashore for dinner at the famous Cala di Volpe Hotel.

Day7:  Last full day on your Sardinia yacht charter - Cruise in the yacht round to the island of Tavalara, Sardinia, which is a high granite island that overlooks the east coast. After a day in the sun and sea, cruise in the yacht back to Porto Rotondo for the evening.

Day 8:  Prepare for disembarkation of your Luxury Sardinia & Corsia Mediterranean yacht charter in Olbia at midday.

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