Procida Yacht Charter

The Island of Procida is in close to two very popular luxury yacht holiday destinations being the islands of Capri and Ischia and there are many superyachts which visit all three. The diminutive attribution to Procida does not actually paint the true picture about the splendour and allure of this stunningly beautiful Italian yacht charter holiday destination. The term “Procida” is derived from a Neapolitan term which can be literally translated to mean “soft beaches.”

The island was the creation of several volcanic activities. Today, Procida is teeming with lush gardens and verdant citrus groves, making it one of the most charming holiday destinations for those who really want to commune with nature. In fact, several popular films were actually shot in this island paradise.

The Island of Procida is in close proximity to other popular yacht charter holiday destinations – the islands of Capri and Ischia. This idyllic island, while it may not be the buzzword in tourist circuits, boasts of attractions and natural assets that can rival even the most popular tourist destinations not only in Italy but of the whole of Mediterranean as well.

Yacht Charter Holiday in Procida

The southwest section of the island features pristine sandy beaches as well as the harbour in Chiaiolella. The island serves as the gateway on the northwestern side of the Bay of Naples and within the region of Campania. The only town in the Island, which also bears the same name, is located on the north-eastern section of the Island.

An old castle, which was once used as the Island’s fortress, now serves as the local prison. The island only has about 10,000 inhabitants, and most are engaged in fishing. Procida is connected with a small island by a bridge structure. This small island is a natural reserve and is teeming with exotic plants and rare wildlife.

Events and Festivities in Procida

Procida is known in tourist circuits for its solemn processions on Good Friday, a religious tradition observed in the Island since 1627. It is during the procession that the passion of Christ is re-enacted along the narrow streets of the town of Procida. The religious activity is followed by a mourning march the following day. This activity showcases fine religious relics, crosses and trumpets and these are paraded through the main streets of the town.

The local residents in the Island of Procida are not actively pursuing efforts to transform the island into a prime tourist destination. In fact, some sailors and yacht charter enthusiasts believe that local residents are in fact discouraging tourism. This is probably the reason why we can only find a few decent accommodations in the island.

Most of the restaurants that serve main local dishes are usually based in the town’s central district. Its serene surroundings and idyllic charm have made this island a favourite choice of marrying couples. The quaint and rustic atmosphere makes Procida a perfect venue for such small and very private celebrations.

Today, the Island of Procida remains off the radar range of mainstream tourism, yet crewed luxury  charter yachts know to come here. Some seasoned sailors and yachting enthusiast ascribe this state of affairs to the presence of the old local prison facility. Still, if you want to experience something that is out of the ordinary during your yacht charter holiday in Italy, then Procida could well be your best luxury holiday option.