Portorosa Yacht Charter

Portorosa is the perfect choice of yacht charter holidaymakers who prefer to spend their Mediterranean holiday in a modern and cosmopolitan tourist destination but still want to savor the nature allure and rich cultural tradition of Italy and Sicily. Dubbed as the top notch getaway to Sicily, Portorosa was developed with the superyachts and luxury charter yachts in mind.

This is the perfect place to spend your yachting holiday if you want to have convenient access to essential services and amenities that you would expect from a favoured tourist spot while revelling on the marvels and panoramic views that is typical of authentic and unspoiled Sicilian countryside.

Yacht Charter Holiday in Portorosa

This exclusive tourist enclave along the Sicilian coast is nestled between Milazzo and Tindari. Portorosa is a high-end Mediterranean holiday resort  in this region.

Just like with the other popular Sicilian cities, Portorosa can be conveniently accessed by air through the Airport terminal in Catania. From the airport, tourists and yacht charter enthusiasts take A18 or A20 to reach Portorosa. You should take the Falcone exit to get to your final destination.

There is also a train service that links with Portorosa, and travelers should take the train ride at the Barcellona PG Station or the Furnari Station to reach their destination. For yacht charter aficionados, the best way to reach Portorosa is by accessing its marina on board their luxury yacht.

The Allure and Splendor of Portorosa

Portorosa is set on an idyllic countryside that is teeming with verdant vegetation, which is typical of the best places in Italy. The roads leading to Portorosa hug the coastline, and this provides tourists with the best views of the local landscape as well as the amazing view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

While Portorosa may not have any important archeological landmarks and old structures with historical significance to talk about, tourists and yacht charter enthusiasts can convenient visit nearby Milazzo, Catania or Sicily to catch a glimpse of the rich history and culture of old towns in Italy.

Still, there are several important attractions and interesting places within Portorosa like the Aeolian Greek Theater which is located in Tindari, Mount Etna and Taomina. Suffice it to say, this bustling and contemporary tourist destination is tops when it comes to dated services and amenities for yacht charter aficionados. Portorosa boasts of a slew of fine restaurants, cafes, bars and other food venues as well as piano bars, clubs and several sports facilities.

The specialty of Portorosa is Sicilian food, and this is what you will find in the best restaurants and other food venues in the city. Of course, Italian dishes, like pizza and pasta and seafood dishes are also the regular fare in the best restaurants in the city. And to complete the gastronomic treat, you must sample the finest Italian wines that are being served in bars and clubs that line the streets of Portorosa.

Portorosa has a lot of things to offer to tourists and yacht charter enthusiast, and once you experience its unique charm and appeal, you will definitely fall in love with it.