Marsala Yacht Charter

The town of Marsala is known as the wine country of Sicily and its worldwide popularity can be attributed to its famous wines. Still, this Italian yacht charter holiday region has got a lot more things to offer and these include a glimpse at the rich Italian history, idyllic rural landscape, and delectable cuisine and, of course, one of the best yacht charter holiday options in all of Italy.

The port of Marsala is located in the farthest end on the western side of Italy. The town’s name was derived from the Arab term “Marsa Allah” which literally means “Port of Allah.” This name was given to this port city to emphasize its enormous size and maritime importance.

Marsala stands on the spot where the ancient City of Lilybaeum once stood. To this day, we can still find several remnants and evidence of the glorious existence of this old Roman City. In fact, the existing architecture of the town of Marsala shows the clear imprint of Roman influence. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Holiday in Marsala

The appeal of Marsala is not just about the famed bars and cafes that litter this place, although these are more than enough reasons for you to include it in your crewed luxury yacht charter holiday itinerary. This is the perfect place to take a breather after a hectic day covering important places and popular attractions within the region. It is in Marsala where you can see most yacht charter travellers and crews spend time relaxing in cafes and bars after a tiring day.

The marina in Marsala is strategically located in the central part of town, and it offers a lot of holiday options. This makes the town an ideal stopover and important destination for sailors and other yacht charter enthusiasts.

Aside from the attractions and important landmarks that appeal to those who want to explore and discover the rich Italian culture, Marsala also features bustling shopping centres, a wide range of restaurants, cafes, bars and other food venues. You can also find complete facilities for a wide range of water sports. Indeed, this is perfect place for those who want to experience some fun and adventure during their holiday in Italy.

The Appeal and Charm of Marsala

Popular landmarks that you should check out during your stay in Marsala include the Convento del Carmine, a monastery which was converted into an Italian Art gallery, the Piazza della Republica, which is Marsala’s main market and where the Marsala Cathedral is situated.

Marsala is also the ideal base for sailors and tourists who are spending their Italian holiday onboard superyachts and want to explore other popular tourist destinations in the region. These include the islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa. If you are planning to extend your holiday and visit Tunisia and Malta, then Marsala is the best jump-off point when sailing to these tourist destinations. 

The nightlife in Marsala may not be as effervescent as you would expect it to be. Marsala still endeavours to maintain its old and Idyllic character and put paramount importance to culture and traditions. However, yacht charterers and superyacht guests can still find several cafes that remain open way past midnight.