Luxury Expedition Yacht Charters with Explorer Superyachts

Here are the explorer or expedition superyachts currently available for luxury yacht charters worldwide. In addition, please see below for an interesting sample selection of currently available expedition and explorer motor yachts.

Explorer Yachts

Luxury expedition, or explorer yachts, offer superyacht owners the ultimate in self sufficient world exploration together with sophisticated and comfortable accommodations. Luxury yachts provide fantastic freedom and flexibility to move about in comfort while exploring the vast and beautiful waterways of the world. Explorer yachts are becoming ever more popular and there are many yachts for sale.

Expedition yachts, by their very nature, are inevitably powerful and rugged superyachts on the outside, so they can get the job done safely and efficiently. Nevertheless, their interiors are usually opulent, stylish and refined. Luxury expedition yachts can provide unsurpassed luxury and comfort. They come fully equipped with amenities as electronic entertainment, Spa Pool pools, an array of tenders and other sporting craft, lavish owner suits and abundant living spaces inside and out.

Self-sufficient adventure is perhaps the greatest appeal of the luxury exploration boat. When considering rising diesel gas prices expedition yachts are ideal for those seeking adventure in luxury and comfort. Built for safety, endurance and performance luxury expedition yachts are designed to give the ideal combination of comfort and adventure. What more could you want in your yacht?

Remote and ‘unexplored’ cruising destinations with bountiful natural ecologies are beckoning the adventurous amongst us who want to see first hand what may some day be lost. A tough new breed of remote exploration capable luxury yachts has emerged in recent years. These luxury expedition yachts are ideal for exactly this type of offshore adventure.

The key features and benefits of expedition or explorer yachts:

They get you where you want to go:

Whether your dream is to find the best fishing and diving in the world, meander your way through jungle rivers or encounter whales and penguins in the Arctic, luxury expedition yachts have the range, safety and reliability to comfortably explore every corner of our world. Because of their fuel efficiency, their range for world cruising is unrivaled, enabling you to explore remote exotic areas of the globe unreachable by any other means.


By their type and design explorer yachts are high volume with plenty of space. This makes them comfortable to live aboard during extend exploration cruising. Typically, both guest and crew accommodation is larger and more spacious. Essentially these yachts are designed and built (or rebuilt) with extended cruising specifically in mind, so living space and comfort is a distinct consideration. It is not unusual for an explorer yacht to have an owner’s suite, as opposed to merely a stateroom. A suite will essentially include a private area of the yacht and will not only house the master cabin, but will also commonly include an office area and even a private owner’s saloon or sitting area, and can also include a private owner’s deck. Such separation and spaciousness becomes more indispensable on longer voyages.


Explorer yachts, especially luxury ones, are comfortable because they offer more space. They are also more stable in adverse conditions. At the same time they often have the same interior luxuries and stylish décor as a traditional superyacht as well as great deck space and Spa Pool pool etc.

Extra Equipment & Toys

Larger hull volume corresponds to more space to store specialised equipment and water toys. Many expedition yachts are customised by their owners depending on the owner’s interests and hobbies. A keen fisherman will commonly install a large specialised hard sided tender to embark on side-excursion fishing voyages. These can be over 30 ft in length and be craned up onto the mother ship’s deck.

Some owners enjoy marine ecology and their yachts boast a comprehensive array of dive compressors and equipment, as well as small submersible submarines. Those who enjoy flying may install a heli pad so that they can explore the ocean and coastlines from the air.

It is not unknown for expedition yachts to have a huge array of toys and gadgets onboard for terrain exploration or sailing yachts for a spot of racing between guests. As with traditional luxury superyachts, explorer yachts will normally house all the usual water toys, from towable toys, to snorkeling gear, to jet skis.


Explorer yachts are typically built strong and are designed to be stable in large offshore seas. Deep displacement hulls mean these boats are more stable. This is the case whether they have been designed and built with exploration in mind, or whether the yacht has been converted from a commercial vessel. When the later is the case the type of commercial vessel used is often a deep sea ocean going workhorse, such a survey ship, tug or even deep sea trawlers.

An eploroer yacht is safer and more stable in ocean conditions and sometimes a explore yacht is an ice breaker with a reinforced hull. It is not unusual for an explorer yacht to have commercial grade safety equipment, fire system, as well as heli touch pad for emergencies and supplies and reinforced windows on the bridge.

Fuel efficiency

Because explorer yachts are designed to be long range cruisers, fuel efficiency has usually been taken into account. A displacement hull also means these boats are much more fuel efficient as smaller engines are required. Less horsepower equates to less fuel consumption. An expedition yacht will cruise at hull speed and often have specialised propellers, stabalisers, engines and hull shapes for optimum efficiency.

For instance, this yacht can cruise at 10 knots using just over 100 liters per hour. This yacht which is of a similar length (yet far smaller volume) by contrast can use up to 10 times the amount jetting between coastal anchorages.

Long Range

Just as these yachts offer fuel efficiency, they also typically enable long range cruising. Efficiency means more miles between refueling but explorer yachts have a long range also because tend to have larger tanks. As well as giving the yacht a longer range between refueling this also means yachts can stock up on duty free fuel more easily and also cruise areas without reliable refueling ports.

On average these fuel efficient boats have between a 4,000-6,000+ nautical mile range. Hoverer, some larger yachts can sail from the Bering Straight to rounding Cape Horn in one go - 13,000 nautical miles at 11 knots without having to re-fuel.

Reduced maintenance – increased use

Robust steel hulls and often aluminum superstructures of expedition yachts can mean there is less maintenance necessary. There is a minimum of teak to varnish or fiberglass for the crew polish. This gives you more time to enjoy your adventure and the crew more time to ensure you do.

The following explorer motor yachts are available for charter expeditions in worldwide locations:

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Latest Expedition Superyacht News

Cantiere delle Marche to premiere three luxury explorer superyachts at Cannes Yachting Festival 2015
Nauta Air 90 super yacht NOGA
Next week's Cannes Yachting Festival will be marked by the worldwide premiere of three luxury explorers, built by the Ancona-based Italian manufacturer Cantiere delle Marche: the Darwin Class 86’ super yacht STELLA DEL NORD, the shipyard’s flagship Darwin Class 107’ yacht, as well as the Nauta Air 90 motor yacht NOGA.
New 103m Explorer Mega Yacht SEA HAWK project to be presented by Hawk Yachts at MYS 2015
103m explorer superyacht SEA HAWK project by Hawk Yachts
The all-new 103m explorer superyacht SEA HAWK project will be presented by the newly established yacht design company, Hawk Yachts, at this month's Monaco Yacht Show.
Cantiere delle Marche to launch new Darwin Class 102’ Yacht this month
Rendering of Darwin Class 102' Yacht
This month will see the launch of luxury explorer yacht Darwin Class 102' at the Cantiere delle Marche shipyard in Ancona, Italy. The vessel will comfortably sleep its guests in 5 lovely cabins.
First 42m Sanlorenzo Explorer Yacht 460EXP to debut at Monaco Yacht Show 2015
Sanlorenzo 460EXP Yacht
The next month's Monaco Yacht Show will be marked by the world premiere of the first 42m explorer superyacht 460EXP, built by Sanlorenzo to a design by Francesco Paszkowski.
Highly innovative 36m Motor Yacht FX 360 concept by F.O. Design
New 36m explorer yacht FX 360 concept by F.O. Design
Italian design studio, F.O. Design, has unveiled the all-new 36-metre superyacht FX 360 design. This offers long range cruising possibilities, as well as five deluxe cabins for traveling in maximum comfort.
Impressive 75m Explorer Yacht EXPEDITION concept by Andy Waugh Yacht Design
75m mega yacht EXPEDITION concept by Andy Waugh Yacht Design
The breath-taking 75m mega yacht EXPEDITION concept has been beautifully designed by Andy Waugh Yacht Design. This eye-catching explorer boasts a wide range of special features, including a full size, permanent helipad and heli-garage able to host the Eurocopter 135.
New Mondomarine Super Yacht M40 Explorer with delivery in early 2017
A video of the new 40-metre expedition yacht M40 Explorer, currently in build at the Mondomarine shipyard in Italy. She is due to be handed over to her new Owner in early 2017.
107M Explorer Yacht ULYSSES arrives in Germany for final outfitting
107m Expedition Yacht ULYSSES (hull 366) – Photo by Martin Hauge-Nilsen and Kleven
The massive 107m explorer mega yacht ULYSSES (hull 366) reached Bremerhaven in Germany yesterday, on August 4, 2015 to undergo final outfitting at the Stahlbau Nord Shipyard.
New Explorer 40M Wide Bow Superyacht Design by Andrea Borzelli & Sara Berta Architetti
New Explorer 40M Wide Bow Superyacht Design by Andrea Borzelli & Sara Berta Architetti
Andrea Borzelli & Sara Berta Architetti have revealed the all-new motor yacht Explorer 40M Wide Bow, boasting a uniquely developed bow section and taking inspiration from military vessels.
Massive 107m Kleven Explorer Yacht ULYSSES to undergo outfitting in Germany
107m Expedition Yacht ULYSSES (hull 366) - Photo by Martin Hauge-Nilsen and Kleven
Launched by Kleven this year, the robust 107m explorer yacht ULYSSES (hull 366) is believed to have exterior finishing as well as interior outfitting completed in Germany. The vessel bears exterior design by Marin Teknikk.