Castiglioncello Yacht Charter

The idyllic town of Castiglioncello is a popular luxury yacht charter destination in Italy. It is part of the province of Livorno and lies within the region of Tuscany along the western section of Italy, where the Tyrrhenian Sea hugs its coastline. Located some 80 kilometers off the southwestern end of Florence, Castiglioncello appears to be a separate island as it creates an imposing presence within this part of the Mediterranean.

This charming superyacht and charter yacht destination boasts of relatively calm weather for the most parts of the year, and seasoned sailors and repeat visitors cannot seem to get enough of the indescribable experience of the island’s natural treasures. Sailing to the island, you will get a breathtaking view of the lush vegetation of the island’s landscape, which features deciduous and pine-covered forests enmeshed with amazing rock formations jutting upwards in varying angles.

Yacht Charter Holiday in Castiglioncello

The town of Castiglioncello boasts of rich tradition and history. It was established as an important port town during the Etruscan times. It was the favorite watering-hole by the notorious Medici family. The significance of the town of Castiglioncello during the more recent times can be gleaned from its strong influence and its marked inspiration for known painters and artists that are identified with the Macchiaioli movement during the 19th century.

This idyllic town also has its effervescent side, and tourists and yacht charter enthusiasts who are looking for some action and adventure can sample an assortment of water sports activities. First time visitors will also find the nightlife in Castiglioncello exhilarating. You will also find a lot of shopping opportunities as well as delectable food treats and exquisite Italian recipes in several restaurants and other food outlets that line the streets of Castiglioncello.

Appeal and Allure of Castiglioncello

Known in the tourist circuit as Tyrrhenian Sea’s “La Perla,” Castiglioncello is indeed a priceless treasure of Italy. It beckons and attracts a diverse crowd of sailors and tourists who want to experience only the best during their Italian jaunt. In fact, it counts among its regular visitors or occasional residents known personalities like Vittorio Gasman and Marcello Mastroiani. Most of these known personalities have already built their own vacation houses in Castiglioncello so that they don’t miss a beat when they want to catch the splendor and charm of the Etruscan Coast.

Because of its storied and illustrious origin, it is already a foregone conclusion that Castiglioncello would become an important and significant fixture in the local tourism industry. In fact, this charming Etruscan village has evolved into an upscale holiday destination for the nouveau riche and named personalities.

The town’s harbor is not just an important attraction as it also has substantial maritime importance. It serves a significant number of ferry boats and charter yachts of seasoned sailors and tourists who visit this idyllic town from all points of origin, including those within Sardinia and as far as Corsica.