Bodrum Yacht Charter

Bodrum is an important and popular yacht charter destination in the Eastern Mediterranean that is distinctively Turkish. Bodrum is very well known in bareboat charter circles because it is a great place to start a cruise in Turkey, but it is also known as somewhere that the larger crewed luxury yachts visit. It is a tourist centre that boasts of rich history and cultural history and is a popular place to begin your crewed luxury yacht charter. Still, Bodrum is able to combine its ancient charm with some important modern trappings. This means superyachts and charter boats that are spending their holiday in Turkey the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Bodrum, considered an idyllic beach resort during the day and a pulsating entertainment hub by night. It is a bustling cosmopolitan holiday resort in Turkey that is regularly visited by mainstream tourists and yachting aficionados. Bodrum is an upscale tourist centre that is bristling with fun activities amid a rustic setting with whitewashed houses by the hillside serving as a backdrop.

Bodrum is set on a perfect spot on the picturesque Bodrum peninsula and features an old castle that was built during the 15th century, diverse array of boutiques and shops and fine restaurants and effervescent nightlife.

Getting to Bodrum

The local airport is situated about 35km from the town and port and its is called Bodrum-Milas. There are many flight operators flying in and for those who can’t find a connection, there are the bigger Turkish airports in Dalaman and Izmir, both about 3 hours away by road.

A Luxury Yacht Charter Holiday in Bodrum

The word “Bodrum” literally means “subterranean vault.” Historians believe that this is the reference to the ancient tombs that were built for King Mausolus during 355 BC. Declared as one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, this important archaeological artefact was ravaged by a devastating earthquake several years ago and all that exists today are a few carved portions and its foundations.

A Bodrum yacht charter is great for yachting enthusiasts who are looking for a relatively more frenetic and lively pace in their holiday in Turkey. While this tourist centre puts you on a highly-charged mode during your Mediterranean holiday, it is also not far away from quaint and laidback tourist spots where you can go if you want to break away from the highly charged and feverish pace in Bodrum.

Bodrum is a top choice for those who are spending their holiday on board charter yacht primarily because of its rich history and cosmopolitan character. There are quite a number of popular attractions and a slew of fun activities by day and night that will keep you busy for the entire duration of your stay in this lively town. There is also fantastic weather too.

Popular Things to Experience In Bodrum Turkey

Of course, the first thing that you would normally think of as soon as you drop anchor is a visit to the famed old mausoleum. But Bodrum is more than just the remnants of this magnificent marvel of its old civilization. Notable and popular attractions that you should not miss include the Castle of St. Peter, which was constructed by the Hospitaller Knights and serves as archaeology museum of Bodrum, the Windmills and the Amphitheatre of ancient Halikamassus.

Bodrum is also an ideal destination for East Mediterranean yacht charterers who are looking for some serious shopping. The shopping experience in the sublime town is a seamless mix of the old and the modern. The main streets of the old quarter of this town are lined with old shops that sell leathers, potteries and other local crafts, while the new section of Bodrum features several modern shopping facilities.