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A Galapagos Islands yacht charter is a divine South American holiday destination. The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, 972 km (525 nmi) western side of continental Ecuador, of which they are a part. The Galapagos Islands chain lie across equator and comprising of 61 volcanic islands covering a total area of 1,740 square miles. The Galápagos Islands official name is the Archipiélago de Colón and is sometimes referred to by its Spanish names the Islas de Colón or Islas Galápagos. The principal language on the islands is Spanish. The active volcanoes in Galapagos are Sierra Negra and Isla Isabela which have had major eruptions in the last ten years.

The islands are geologically young and famed for their vast number of endemic species, studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle. His observations and collections while sailing though the Galapagos Islands contributed to the inception of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

The Galápagos Islands are naturally beautiful and a great place to explore while visiting on a luxury charter yacht. The Galapagos’ surrounding waters form an Ecuadorian province, a national park, and a biological marine reserve.

Galapagos is comprised of 61 atolls and islands out of which 13 are tourist destinations you can visit on your yacht charter. From Galapagos you can sail or cruise on your yacht to exotic destinations such as Pinzon, Pinta, Santa Fe, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Fernandina, Isabela and Genovesa. Apart from regular sightseeing itineraries you can also experience interesting Galapagos yacht charter nature tours.

Amazing Natural Wonders

The Galapagos in South America are one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. The islands are home to a diverse collection of exotic flora and fauna. Galapagos is one of the few resident locations of the giant tortoise as there are no predators for this creature. The islands were declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO and there is so much to do for yacht charterers in terms of sightseeing and activities. The islands are full of natural reserves and attractions. The main highlights that you should concentrate on for your Galapagos yacht charter vacation include verdant flora and fauna and also the varied volcanic geology of the place. To reach the Galapagos Islands, it may be necessary to fly via Ecuador which is another fantastic tourist destination.

Teeming Wildlife

While onboard your sailing yacht or motor yacht in Galapagos, you will be able to see the teeming wildlife that comes to the surface of the sea. These species include graceful seals, dolphins and whales, while giant albatross fly over your head to catch snacks. They are also great fish hunters and they swoop down from the air in the sea to catch fish. The Galapagos yacht charter holiday can be divided into four main regions which are southern, central, northern and western. Each of these islands consists of sub groups of clusters that have distinctive features that highlight the geologic landscapes of the region. There is a lot of wildlife that thrives in these islands and you should definitely go for hiking and nature trails to see the endemic plant life and animal life. Many of these species are unique to this region and they are not found in the other parts of the world. Notable islands in the western side include Isabela and Fernandina.


Galapagos is a divine charter destination known for offering world class natural yacht charter tours. Many of the islands are renowned for whale and dolphin sightings. The islands have a wide range of plant and animal species that you can see from close quarters. Some of the important yacht charter destinations in the island cluster include Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Santa Fe, Santiago, Marchana, Darwin, Rabida and Floreana. Your Galapagos yacht charter tour is surely going to be fun and exciting.

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