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The Cayman Islands (“the Caymans”, “Caymen Islands”, or just "Cayman") is a wonderful yacht charter destination in the Caribbean Sea.

The Cayman Islands are a cluster of small islands that are a British overseas territory located in the Western Caribbean Sea about 150 miles from the southern end of Cuba, 180 miles northwest of Jamaica and around 480 miles south of Miami. The yacht charter destination of the Cayman Islands comprises of 3 mains islands which are Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Island. The Cayman islands were initially named “Las Tortugas” by Christopher Colombus after the numerous sea turtles who inhabited the island.

The Caymans island chain in the Caribbean is a great charter destination for both business and pleasure. As well as the Cayman Islands being recognized as a leading offshore financial center and a renowned location for yacht and ship registration, the Cayman Islands are also regarded as one of the globe’s premier scuba diving and snorkeling destinations because of the crystal clear warm waters and shallow reefs. While exploring the islands on your luxury charter yacht you are also sure to come across many exotic species such as the Cayman Brac Parrot, Blue Iguana and Redfooted Booby population.

Grand Cayman is the most developed island in the chain in terms of resort facilities and other tourist facilities.  Georgetown has a harbor which can accommodate yachts and superyachts up to 150 feet in length and it is also possible to find safe anchorage just off shore. Grand Cayman also has an International Airport which also offers connecting flights to sister islands.

Grand Cayman also boasts five star resorts such as the Ritz-Carlton or Hyatt Hotels which are just steps away from the Seven Mile Beach.

A diver explores the vertical distribution of corals on a Pacific wall - Image courtesy of  Deb GochfeldNatural Wonders

A typical Cayman Islands yacht charter vacation is a rich mix of the azure seas, the bright sun and the most beautiful natural surroundings that you will see in the Caribbean. The region is also known for its rich cultural heritage and history, various art galleries with local exhibits and fine arts. There is a little bit of everything for everyone.

While visiting Grand Cayman Island on yacht charter, be sure to visit ‘Hell’. Hell is an ironshore landscape where black limestone formations are scattered all over a piece of land roughly half the size of a soccer field. About a million years ago, the sea level used to be higher and the Cayman Islands were submerged under the water. As soon as the water level receded, limestone-based structures and coral formations were exposed, giving birth to what the locals now call “Hell”.

The island boasts diverse yacht itineraries to choose from with a lot of things to do while on your Cayman Islands yacht charter vacation. Grand Cayman charter attractions include Boatswain's Beach — Cayman's premier attraction featuring the world-famous Cayman Turtle Farm as well as a one of a kind marine park spanning 23 acres and the Mastic Trail, a hiking trail leasing through the forests in the centre of the island and the world-famous Seven Mile Beach on which a number of the island's hotels, resorts and condominiums are located. Seven Mile Beach is regarded by many as one of the best beaches in the world.

Art and Culture are other features of the Cayman Islands that attract international attention. The National Museum and National Gallery preserve contemporary and dated art works of local and international talent. The Gallery sponsors eight exhibitions every year and is located in the Harbour Place in George Town.

The Cayman Islands is also regarded as one of the world's best SCUBA diving destinations because of its crystal-clear waters and accessible wall dives that draws many luxury yachts offering diving yacht charters. The waters are distinctively azure and the yacht charterers can engage in coral and wreck dives. In Grand Cayman, the popular Stingray City gives snorkelers a thrill by enabling them to swim with and feed relatively docile Southern Stingrays. Little Cayman is also frequently chosen as a favorite dive destination and there are two shipwrecks off the shores of Cayman Brac, including the MV Keith Tibbetts.

Stingray encounter in the Cayman Islands  - Credit Ty Sawyer

The 'Sister Islands' of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac supply their own unique charm and a more relaxed pace with no crowds. On Cayman Brac, nature trails, rock climbing, exploring the Bluff's caves, a lighthouse and a few local museums draw tourist and charter yacht guests. Little Cayman offers abundant wildlife including the Red-footed Booby and the endangered West Indian Whistling Duck.

Weather and Climate in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is in the northeast trade wind belt of the Caribbean and enjoys a stable climate with consistent weather throughout the year. Cool winter nights and hot summer days are the year-round norm, influenced only occasionally by winter storms known as Nor'westers, or, a tropical storm threat every few years. Summer humidity can be uncomfortable, but the cool sea breezes during the night usually bring relief. Rainfall is seasonal, from May to November, with May/June and September/October typically being the wettest months. The driest months are usually February and March.


The total area of Cayman Islands is 197 square kilometers. One major attraction to be noted is the North Sound. This is the islands only protected reef lagoon and it makes for a wonderful sight. The major districts in the Grand Cayman Island are North Side, East End, Bodden Town and George Town. The Cayman Islands yacht tourists come to these attractions to see the various festivities and carnivals such as Pirates Week and Batabano Carnival.

The Cayman Islands Map

Yacht Destinations

Cayman Brac is located about 89 miles off the northeastern side of Grand Cayman. Cayman Brac is 5 square miles and island’s topography consists of spectacular limestone formations which taken time of more than several thousands of years to form. The island is easily accessible by yacht and some of the major attractions on the island are Stake Bay, Spot Bay and Watering Place. The Little Cayman is located about 5 miles on the western side of Cayman Brac and it covers an area of 26 square kms. The island has a total of 490 historical and natural sites to discover. 

The Cayman Islands are fantastic yacht charter destinations to visit because if it’s beautiful natural, historical and cultural attractions. Climate is warm throughout the year and you can fully customize your Cayman Islands yacht charter itinerary according to your interests. The optimum months to book a yacht charter to the Cayman’s is December through May. The Cayman Islands was awarded with the Traveler’s Choice Award for 2011.

All of the usual luxury crewed charter yachts are available in the Cayman Islands including sailing yachts, motor yachts and superyachts. There are also several yachts based in the Caribbean that will visit there throughout the charter season. Contact the CharterWorld team for further information or view more Caribbean charter yachts here.

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